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u/bighunt89 · 2 pointsr/weimaraner

If you want gear to keep your pup warm while you are out hunting you'll have to make a bit of an investment, but if you're just trying to keep him more comfortable for an hour at a time in winter, these are some options that have worked for me:

Gooby Stretch Fleece Pull Over Cold Weather Dog Vest, Black, 4X-Large

Kurgo Chilli Red Outdoor Coat Loft Dog Jacket, X-Large

Zack & Zoey Polyester Fleece Lined Dog Hoodie, XX-Large, Green

The fleece vest is very stretchy/forgiving and he will wear it for a day or two straight without issue (it's pretty light). The puffy vest is great for colder weather and adjusts well to different sizes, and if it's bitter cold I might even put it on over the fleece. I wouldn't leave that one on all day though unless you need it. The hoodie is cute but the chest is more restricting than the others so I would try the other options first.

I definitely recommend measuring your dog to make sure you are selecting the right size. Ours will happily play outside in the snow for 40 mins with a vest on, but only 10 mins without. If there is no snow he will stay outside over an hour easily with a vest.

Good luck!

u/mustangjayyyme · 5 pointsr/weimaraner

I tried everything with ours....head collar, martingale, a million different harnesses...none of those worked. Best purchase I made was the prong collar. I mean they're all driven to hunt and want to chase birds, squirrels I guess you can't expect them to behave. Ha and high energy like freaking cocaine addict type energy. Here is the link to the prong collar we got. It is the only thing that has made her stop yanking like a maniac...she's psychotic but intelligent and loving so we deal with it...haha here is the link for the one I purchased. It is a great brand and wonderful quality.
Supposed to go up by their ears so it's supposed to be tight...this one is easier to put on than my last one I got. Get that size prongs...since the bigger ones are for long haired...I had no idea..figured that one out because they stuck out so far. 3.0 mm prongs. And this is not inhumane if you are is not sharp on the prongs...and it doesn't injure our dog.

u/syspig · 1 pointr/weimaraner

Mentioned it before, but I'll suggest the LED collars are a waste of money - for many reasons.

  • They do not work well at all where significant competing light exists. Unfortunately, this is often where they are needed most - busy urban neighborhoods after dark.

  • Unless you put two collars on your dog, they remove your ability to use your preferred collar type

  • Your dog is not the best location to place something for visibility given their height. Go ahead and place something reflective on them, but wearing something visible higher upon your person provides significantly better visibility.

    The solution I recommend - reflective bands. They are cheaper, waaaaay more effective in any amount of ambient light (they look like aircraft landing lights when headlights hit them, from very far away), require no batteries, are worn upon your person higher up than a collar and visible 360 degrees, and if you wish - you can loop them around your dog's collar as well.
u/Throwawayinapickle1w · 1 pointr/weimaraner

Important note: only do one ear at a time and wash you hands with warm water and a decent soap before doing the next ear to avoid spreading any bacteria.

I've always used a product called EpiOtic by Virbac ( and cotton balls. If your dog doesn't like her ears being touched then soak the cotton ball with EpiOtic and gently squeeze the fluid into her ear. It's less traumatic than having it squeezed directly from the bottle. Let the ears soak for a bit and give the ear a good massage. Their ear pockets are pretty deep so make sure you massage the cartilage part to get all the junk out (if it makes gross squelching noises then it's working). I then use a cotton ball thats got a little EpiOtic on it to clean the visible parts of the ear. Once all the visible goop is gone, clean it out with a dry cottonball. I repeat for the other ear and do this once a week if the dog suffers from goopy ears (this avoids it escalating to bacterial infections). Be prepared for a big head flap once you stop massaging the ear and all that gross stuff being spread over you and wherever you are (don't wear your sunday best)! Lol

It varies from weim to weim in my experience. I've had plenty Weims and probably close to 50% needed regular ear cleaning. Some loved it, but others REALLY hated it, so I use cheese or other high value treats to get them to submit. If your pooch doesn't like it, then start off slowly and make a big fuss with love and treats. Since she's so young and less than 16 weeks this is the critical time to get her used to you fiddling with her ears...just make sure it's a fun and rewarding experience for her.

Some just have constant issues and other none. Usually it's linked to a food or environmental allergy.

u/NickeKass · 1 pointr/weimaraner

A ranch? So lots of running room? Throw a ball for them. Get one of these to save your arm and for farther throws. It really is a game changer. I like the glow in the dark balls the best as they bunch up easier when I have to pull them from my weims mouth. Part of the fetch game with my girl is "I just got it for you, you need to take it from me."

u/MarcusDA · 2 pointsr/weimaraner

Remembered this conversation- this toy has been amazing.

She loves it but can’t chew parts off of it. She still goes and destroys the cloth toys of our old man, but luckily he doesn’t care too much.

u/bbuck2017 · 1 pointr/weimaraner

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Harness Patrol K9 Harness Service Dog Vest Military Dog Vest Working Dog Vest with Handle(Ranger Green-L)

u/ollinus · 1 pointr/weimaraner

Amazon link for those interested. It's an alternative for a cone but still could be used as a onesie.

u/jsta2 · 1 pointr/weimaraner

Check out this blog there is some good articles on separation anxiety and what you may be doing that you think helps, but actually makes it worse. There is other resources on Separation Anxiety in Weimaraners that may help.

u/yoda17 · 1 pointr/weimaraner

I know someone who used something like this on their counters (non weimaraner).

I guess it worked well, but I've heard varying things (some bad) about using shocks on dogs. I guess you have to be really careful or you can permanently mess up the dog psychologically, but I don't know anything about it/them.