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u/ytricks78 · 6 pointsr/whatsthatbook

Is it The Last of the Really Great Whangadoodles? I totally read this as a kid, but it's u/RiggSesamekesh's extra details that helped me find the name. I remember so distinctly the scene where he tells the kids to look up instead of looking down like everyone else, and that scene still crosses my mind when I'm walking around sometimes.

u/WhereIsShellBeach · 3 pointsr/whatsthatbook

I found it. It's "The Weaving of a Dream"

Now I just need to find that one picture. THanks a million!!

u/subjectivve · 2 pointsr/whatsthatbook

This book may be Weaving of a Dream by Marilee Heyer.

If not, this seems to be a Chinese tale called 'The Magic Brocade'.


u/OakTeach · 3 pointsr/whatsthatbook

I second Encyclopedia Brown, but it could also be Two Minute Mysteries, by the same author, but instead of having a main character like E.B., they were stand-alone stories.

u/thousandtongues · 1 pointr/whatsthatbook

This is definitely it, OP -- the story in particular is "The Case of the Home Bakery", from the first Two-Minute Mysteries.

u/fuwafuwafuwa · 1 pointr/whatsthatbook

Kind of a long shot, but is it Fire-Us?

u/MyPatronusisaPopple · 10 pointsr/whatsthatbook

It sounds very similar to Enchantress of the Stars . The author Sylvia Engdahl wrote a series in this universe,. The Wikipedia description is not super great either for the book.

Edited: it has been a long time since I read the book. The amazon description is better. enchantress of the Stars

u/briganm · 1 pointr/whatsthatbook

Found it Arrow to the Sun. here it is on amazon.

u/freypii · 3 pointsr/whatsthatbook

> Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were

You can browse inside that book at Amazon,

u/BeatleFish001 · 2 pointsr/whatsthatbook

Never mind, I found it. I guess I just hadn't looked hard enough. It was "The Outer Limits - The Vanished"

u/justanothersong · 1 pointr/whatsthatbook

Not quite what you describe, but there is a guillotine: A Deadly Game of Magic

u/MuscleAndAShovel · 1 pointr/whatsthatbook

I've read this before. Sounds similar but it has been a while since I read it.

u/GondorLibrarian · 2 pointsr/whatsthatbook

It's about the Pueblo people and not the Aztecs, but Arrow to the Sun has a very similar plot to what you described? Came out 1977.

u/natnotnate · 2 pointsr/whatsthatbook

It might be Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks.

>The first half of the book, focusing on Cadel's meteoric rise through each grade and his problems relating to his classmates is the stuff of sheer genius. Cadel's use of psychological manipulation of his classmates, teachers and anyone else he comes into contact with is purely delightful. Seeing how Cadel figures out how to disrupt traffic patterns in his first attempts at evil plots is wonderful, but the real stroke of genius is Cadel's opening an on-line dating service to draw in unwitting victims and to raise money (Cadel keeps the would-be suitors separated geographically so they don't become any the wiser that it's a scam).

u/Pelagine · 2 pointsr/whatsthatbook

In A Dark, Dark Room and other scary stories, by Alvin Schwartz. The story you want is the titular one, 'In a Dark, Dark Room.'

Happy haunting!

u/ceefrock · 2 pointsr/whatsthatbook

The Vanished (The Outer Limits series) by John Peel is similar, but it begins with a boy waking in his room, alone. I'm not sure if it was published in other languages.