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u/reard3n · 2 pointsr/wisp

Cellular is going to be pretty awful for gaming, but if that's the only option, then it is what it is.

If You Are Set On Cellular

If you are really set on Cellular/LTE, I like your LHG LTE idea. This unit mounted 10M high with a cheapo rohn tower would definitely do the trick. Fresnel zone is going to be BIGGER in the LTE bands than in 5Ghz (lower frequency is bigger fresnel), so you may need to go higher on the tower. I can't give you feedback here without knowing how far from the tower your friend is. IIRC most cell phones have between 0 and -3dB gain antennas, which means an antenna bringing +17db may actually get you to "four bars" at your friend's house.

There are much better LTE CPE (customer premise equipment) devices, such as this netgear integrated router. You are looking for a device with a higher category number to have the opportunity to have more throughput from your link if the carrier supports it and allows it.

You can also probably find an "unlimited" cell phone plan SIM and then modify the router to not decrement TTL on packets that it NATs. That will allow you to use the unlimited data tied to your phone SIM without the carrier knowing.

Please Find A WISP

Having said ALL OF THAT, as a guy who runs a WISP, you really should spend some time looking for a WISP. I'm not aware of any WISPs that make a habit of re-selling cellular carriers' service. Those companies are called MVNO's (mobile virtual network operators) and they are a different beast. A WISP is going to bring a lot of things to the table, including probably more speed, maybe lower latency, and maybe no data caps. As /u/jimbouse said, there's almost certainly one that services the area near your friend's house.

u/antifailraccoon · 1 pointr/wisp

I bought this package:

They work really well, but they are probably not FCC compliant. HAM license rules and such. I am in a pretty rural area and if I hear any chatter when I have them on I change the channel.

There was also an AFMUG mailing list thread about this subject recently. Some really good information there on that list.

edit: added AFMUG

u/CasumWallum · 2 pointsr/wisp

I did find this:

Which would be paired with two of these:

That's $300-$400 for a maximum of +10.6 dBi gain

Where as a Mikrotik LHG LTE kit-US is $160 for +17 dBi gain

u/occasionallylost · 2 pointsr/wisp

Udemy course
802.11 SG
I personally met GT at a Ruckus conference and the dude is sharp. Don't pay the full price (retailmenot) if you enroll. Lots of good info there. You could prob skip the AC guide since that's a little to new for it to be relevant just yet. But def look at the 802.11n literature. This will put you eons ahead of most people.

u/Unixman32 · 4 pointsr/wisp



It's the cheapest big enclosure I could find.
The water seals on the door are rubbish, but easy to replace with something else. Lots of space for a little dough though.

u/ewbernauer · 6 pointsr/wisp

Check out Never Wet. I've heard good things!

u/foreach_loop · 1 pointr/wisp

We use a company called Skyswitch.

They're really good as far as call quality. They've also had no outages in the last 4-5 years we've used them (at least in our area).

We primarily use Cisco SPA 112 as the ATA for residential customers and Polycom VVX 410/411 for businesses.

I have no experience with Google voice though.