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u/nope_nic_tesla · 8 pointsr/wsgy

In Germany there's a great mixed beer they make called Bananenweizen that is a hefeweizen mixed with a few tablespoons of banana nectar. If you can find this brand of banana nectar in any stores near you, try it out sometime if you like hefeweizen in general. It's one of my favorite things now, especially delicious on a hot summer day. Very refreshing taste.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/wsgy

not really

i don't like music for "structure" or anything either i always find that reply funny

also i think stuff like this is really ad hoc and i do not find it impressive

tbh i have mostly been listening to pop for the last 2 weeks tbh i did not like math until i was 17 or so and found proof based math and started programming tbh i still think i like music more

u/Coltrane23 · 3 pointsr/wsgy

epic this is a very nice beginners cooking set if you want something when you move away from home. i got the similar one from target about 15 years ago and it lasted me for about twelve. it tells you to not put it in the dishwasher but i did and it lasted me that long. it was on sale last week in one of those amazon gold box deals or whatever or a prime deal i think.

u/CannotStopEver · 2 pointsr/wsgy

Actually been partial to this one lately:
Like a a tabasco, but thicker, fruitier, and way hotter.

u/Archangellelilstumpz · 2 pointsr/wsgy

That really sucks bro.

If you want something decent to hold you over, try this Sony MDRV6. The quality is very nice for not much money. I have a pair myself.

u/King_of_lemons · 6 pointsr/wsgy

hey keller, not sure the exact grade but I know its titanium and for the price I paid its probably not the best quality. the stone im using is this thing:

u/ThatsNotFroot · 11 pointsr/wsgy

i got pished a couple nights ago while watching She's All That and after it ended made this long rambling thread on a pro wrestling message board about alt righters and how much trump cancer pisses me off, and then completely out of impulse bought this

i deleted the former but the book has been dispatched, so i guess drinking to forget is sort of a lost cause.