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u/bayou_baby · 3 pointsr/xena

Are you in the US? Amazon has it with prime shipping available. Also a quick google search showed it available through a few 3rd party sellers on sites like FYE.

u/CarolineJohnson · 3 pointsr/xena

Yeah, definitely. I'm reminded of Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, which is a book of classic world mythology stories like "Hephaestus Gets Dicked Around a Lot" and "Tanukis Have Big Balls" and "This is What Tom Cruise Believes In".

u/penumbrasofprivacy · 3 pointsr/xena

Director's cut DVD

You can also find it on the DVD set for Season 6.

u/DwendilSurespear · 2 pointsr/xena

Apparently both Bitter Suite and Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire are present on the UK DVDs, so if the worst comes to the worst you could buy the Region 2 discs from Amazon UK and burn the relevant episodes on a region-free disc then sell the discs you've finished with on Ebay?

u/candrie · 1 pointr/xena

I just bought one recently...

But I want a blue ray collection.

PS a bunch of my discs didnt play, and the cases were water damaged.

The disc replacements still havent come.

Im pretty upset.