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u/Airmigo · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

This is the one i ordered from amazon which i can confirm works fine.
SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A2 App Performance + Rescue Pro Deluxe, Up to 160 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30

If there are cheaper sdcards that work though i would be interest to find out although i probably will still order the sandisk as i kniw for sure they work lol

u/mozziemozz · 2 pointsr/yi4kplus

Here are the pictures:!AgMiZlWv6xCmiYl7_XQVaXZG6-yZMw

I needed to fiddle around with the cable position a little bit until it doesn't drag the camera down anymore. But I like this setup very much, i think it works pretty well for a Gimbal + external MIC attached. However it can still tilt your YI 4K+ Camera a little to the left but i can live with that.

I ordered the screw off some Swiss Photo Gear Shop so I don't think this will help you much. But if you also want to use the YI Selfie Stick and a Rode Mic the Screw you want to get is "Connection Screw" 1/4" UNC to 3/8" UNC (Unified Coarse Thread).
This one should work:

Please exuse the blurry pictures, I took them with my YI 4K which has a PixAero Lens (Manual Focus) installed. The Lens is great but it can be a little hard to get the photos sharp since the display is so small. I hope that this helps.

u/idrinkforbadges · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

get one of these kits after you get the waterproof case:

You could find them for less than $10. I;'ve uses the floaty for snorkeling, I've used the chest mount as a 3rd hand, I've used the suction cup in the car with a gimbal, all that stuff is very useful and cheap.

You probably want to use a gimbal on the slopes to get steady video, unfortunately you can't use a waterproof case when using a gimbal. Probably not a good idea when it's snowing

u/ggoldfingerd · 2 pointsr/yi4kplus

I'm using a Samsung EVO Select 512GB microSD card in mine. It works perfect.

u/FinTheMurloc · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

I just got the Samsung EVO Select ( and it works fine @ 4K/60.

u/ragstostitches · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

To follow up I just got home and opened up the mic adapter. Plugged it in I have this microphone and when I recorded it didn't import in as one channel. This is a good sign I think (I'm very limited in my knowledge. I will try to get access to an actual stereo mic soon and report back.

u/create_destroy · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

I didn't realize that it was proprietary. I would have picked a spare up early on. I did find a Canadian Amazon one that says in stock

u/not_like_this_ · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

Total shot in the dark here. Wondering if this adapter paired with the YI microphone adapter would work? Not sure of these 2 items are available in your local Amazon or not however.

u/jer2much · 2 pointsr/yi4kplus

Reporting in with my experience. Not sure why other people have issues with the samsung cards. So YMMV. I have this one:
And was able to run it on my Yi4K+ @ 4K 30fps using the bitrate mod to record @ 150mbps for around 45 minutes straight breaking it up with 4GB files. It has not failed me yet (knock on wood) and I've recorded at least 20 Volleyball games ranging between 2.7K30 @ 100MBs and 4K30 @150mbps with an average length of 45 minutes. I record using an external battery attached to keep the heat down. I've ordered those U3/A1 sandisks and they work fine (4K30 and 2.7K60) but max size 64GB. I am sometimes worried about the fakes floating around on Amazon for Sandisks. Last sandisk U3/A2 I ordered, the card and packaging had different A ratings. Card had A2 but packaging had A1. The card speed was slower than my older Sandisk cards using a benchmark app. I read somewhere that the Green Samsung sd cards are sold by Amazon only and that they are the same as the red version. So I tried it out and it worked for me. Maybe this will help with your decision.