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u/voltairebear · 1 pointr/zoloft

Same here. Chewing gum, ginger rescue chewables and beer have really helped me.

You can get Ginger Rescue at any natural grocery store. Ginger Rescue

u/durak86lol · 1 pointr/zoloft

I am on zoloft since 1 of July (33M), first week 25 mg, then 50 mg. I had problems with reaching orgasm for about two weeks (impossible during sex, 30+ minutes to get one during masturbation). Right now, 4 weeks later, it is easier to orgasm (still not the same as before Zoloft, but I can cum in about 5 minutes during masturbation and 10-15 during sex) and my libido is actually stronger than before Zoloft.

I am using Maca Root 2500 grams daily. Also, as a male, I found that Penile Moisturizer Cream ( ) is making wonders for me in terms of sensitivity. First two weeks I was having the feeling, that my junk is under anesthesia, barely any sensitivity. Right now, it is almost like pre-Zoloft.

u/lovegiblet · 2 pointsr/zoloft

You can also just get one of these bad boys and technically be following doctor's orders...