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u/l_one · 3 pointsr/zombies

For the machete a Cold Steel kukri is an excellent option.

Field strip the MREs: here's how.

Get the Chinese military shovel instead, it's really awesome. Here's one link to buy it.

Would advise a Camelbak or other mini-backpack style hydration bladder, much better for mobility.

For the rope: get milspec 550 paracord.

Gorilla brand duct tape is advised.

For the multitool either SOG or Leatherman are excellent choices. A couple of good picks from each: SOG PowerAssist and PowerLock as well as the Leatherman MUT and the Charge TTi.

Check out 4Sevens for excellent quality flashlights - really these guys are among the best in the flashlight market.

For the gun I would advise a Ruger 10/22 with a folding stock for compactness. Add some 32 round interlocking magazines and a box or two of ammo (.22LR is cheap, they come in boxes of 500 or so).

I would also recommend a Red Cross multifunction solar/crank radio.

The SAS Survival Handbook and of course the Zombie Survival Guide would make good additions.

u/rightc0ast · 2 pointsr/zombies

The Living Dead. There are like 25 stories in the book IIRC. I'd say 22 of them are "good", and at least 5 are pretty great. The non-Romero style many stories have may turn some zombie fans off, but I liked the book a lot. A couple of the stories are real standouts. It's hard for me to pick a favorite. I liked Dead Like Me most, or maybe the schoolhouse one I suppose. Dead Man's Road was good too, maybe that was my favorite, heh. I liked the last rambling one too though, where the guy explains how his town falls to the dead as it happens. The Stephen King one was actually better than I figured too.

Book of the Dead is a great anthology too. Maybe even better, but I liked both since I really like short stories for some reason.

u/Ilsensine · 1 pointr/zombies

Here are some off the top of my head I can remember liking:

Day by Day Armageddon: The first book is amazing and it trails from there.

The Stain Trilogy: Again the first one is awesome, then they fall fast to the point I stopped reading the third one for a couple weeks, before I finished.

The Passage: A Novel This is a huge book, that spans a large timeline. Like most modern "huge" books there is some slow reading and some boring parts but over all I liked it, there is a second one, but I haven't started it yet.

I know some will think the Stain and Passage don't belong here due to the fact they are not zombies, but if you want stories about monsters that eat people and society collapses, then that's what they offer.

LZR-1143: Within, and LZR-1143: Perspectives are two free short stories that are intros (bait) for the real series of LZR-1143 books. I just finished Within last night and after reading the two free books, the rest of the LZR series will be next.

Sawkill Stories: The Silver Tower This is another free intro book, I liked the story and the writing style, and will get around to reading the main book, I hesitate because there are plenty of typos in the free book, and the reviews of the main state the same thing.

u/Ch0b0r0 · 1 pointr/zombies

You might want to read some of the amazon reviews of recent zombie novels and look for common complaints.

I recently read Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End and really enjoyed it. The author kept it simple with a small cast of well developed characters.

My biggest complaint in zombie books is that a character's history before the outbreak is poorly developed and generally only mentioned as an easy plot fix. I think that after the outbreak people who just met would be mentioning what survival skills and talents they had (if they were not trying to kill each other for their stuff). For example a buddy of mine has ridden motorcycles as his only means of transportation for the past several years and a couple of times a month goes to a batting cage because he misses playing baseball; these two hobbies give him an excellent chance of survival in a zombie outbreak (head to foot protection and the ability to swing a baseball for a long time). My past of childhood/teenage pyromania has given me an uncanny ability to make fire which transitioned nicely into many, many restaurant jobs so I can take care of food and almost anything that needs to be sharp. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a third friend who is actually good at finding food so we will be reduced to raiding after a very short time. Basically, I think a person's past would be the main thing keeping them alive and not the stuff they manage to loot. Walking Dead is one of the best at avoiding my biggest complaint even though, I think it could do much better.

u/tombibim · 2 pointsr/zombies

World War Z was good, but I found Day by Day Armageddon (and its sequel) and Ex-Heroes to draw me in a bit more. I don't read very often at all, but I could not put down those last two books.

I liked Day by Day because it was somewhat of a first person, diary type book. The second was pretty good too.

Ex-Heroes was good because it was a bit different. It revolved around super heroes trying to deal with the zombie apocalypse and protecting the last of the normal people. Of course, not all super heroes are immune to the zombie disease. A new one called Ex-Patriots just came out, which I'm going to start soon.

u/DoctorDeath · 23 pointsr/zombies

Words to get killed by.


"Organize before they rise" - Being prepared is one thing, but organizing some sort of zombie-fighting, apocalypse-surviving group of people are only going to make you seem like a bunch of idiots. Not to mention you'll most likely worry your life away about something that will never happen. It's better to just be prepared for any kind of natural disaster/civil uprising... that way you've pretty much got everything covered.

"They have no fear, why should you?" - Because if you aren't scared of an undead horde of flesh eating zombies that want nothing more than to tear you limb from limb and eat you alive... then you've got a serious mental disability and you probably won't last long.

"Use your head, cut off theirs." - Except that a decapitated zombie head is still dangerous if you are talking about Romero zeds or even Brooks zeds. Better to crush the skull and/or destroy the brain. And better to use something that has a better-than-arms-reach length.

"Blades don't need reloading." - True. But they do need sharpening. Better to save your blade for when you actually need to cut something and bash in their brains with something that is designed to do a lot of smashing, such as a good long framing hammer, war-hammer or a mace. These things exist and are MUCH easier to find than Brooks' mythical "Monk's Spade". Besides, it takes almost no training whatsoever to swing a hammer/mace type bludgeoning weapon.

"Ideal protection, tight clothes, short hair." - Only really works if they actually get their hands on you. For that matter, a leather jumpsuit and a helmet would serve you better. They can chew on the leather while you bash their brains in.

"Get up the staircase, then destroy it." - Seriously, this is one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. First of all, do you have any idea how incredibly hard it would be to destroy a staircase in most modern homes or apartments? Impossible. And even if you could, then you are trapped upstairs waiting to die of hunger or dehydration? Might as well lock yourself in the tool shed or jump off a bridge. The best way to get away from the unstoppable hordes of the living-dead is to KEEP MOVING. No "fortress" is ever safe, especially from Romero-type zeds because anyone in your group that dies will come back as a zed... then you are trapped inside your "fortress" with one.

"Get out of the car, get onto a bike." - This may work for a congested city area, but once out of the city, I'd much rather be in a large truck... with maybe a bike rack on top. Like I said, you're gonna want to keep moving and getting away is your best option. Unless you bike on a constant basis, You're gonna get tired as hell after a few miles, then you are gonna have to stop to catch your breath and drink lots of water. Not that great of a scenario in any kind of populated area.

"Keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, keep alert." - This is the first thing he's said that's made any sense to me.

"No place is safe, only safer." - Again, this is actually good advice. As I said above, No "fortress" is 100% safe in a Romero-style zombie situation.They will eventually find you because they NEVER stop. And if someone in your group dies. They're a potential zed.

"The zombies may be gone, but the threat lives on." - True. Especially in a Romero-type zed situation. Nobody knows what causes it, but anyone who dies from then on becomes a zombie. Friend, family member or not. It never ends as far as I've ever seen.

  • As a side note to Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, I'd like to say that a CROWBAR is NOT the perfect weapon. It's a great TOOL, but it isn't designed to HIT ANYTHING. And if you do have to hit something hard with one, make sure you've got some good, thick gloves on to help counter the bad vibrations you're gonna feel from one of those things.

    If you want a weapon that is perfect for cracking skulls, but is still a wonderfully handy tool at the same time... pick yourself up one or two of THESE... and a box of nails. That way you have a formattable weapon and a great tool for either getting into places or boarding them up for defense if you need to. They also make a smaller one, which is easier to handle. And a longer one, which has a better reach and greater leverage. I have used all three for demolition work and I can attest to their brutality.

    And if anyone ever finds a "Monk's Spade" and a Shaolin monk that will train you in it's use , let me know.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/zombies

The Zombie Autopsies is being adapted into a movie by Romero. Pretty good book - has great potential to be a great movie under Romero, even though his latest films have sucked hard.

Another movie that could be cool is Day by Day Armageddon, though maybe it might be a better tv show. Just as long as it isn't done by the people doing TWD.

u/funfungiguy · 2 pointsr/zombies

I recommend The Living Dead edited by John Joseph Adams. It's not a novel, but a rather good collection of short stories by a lot of really good authors:

Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, Neil Gaiman, Steven King...
How the Day Runs Down by John Langan is a particularly good story, I recall, with a really strong monologue at one point.

It's available on the Kindle for $2.99, which is a steal considering it's almost 500 pages in my paperback format

u/phaqueue · 1 pointr/zombies

I, Zombie by Hugh Howey...

It's disturbing, told from the point of view of zombies, and presents the idea that they can all still think, feel, taste and everything else as they go along but just can't control themselves. It's really graphic and disturbing, but a GREAT zombie book and an interesting take...

Apocalypse Z by Manel Loureiro

He goes for realism here and hits pretty true... Solid book and the 2nd one was just translated to English

u/DGer · 4 pointsr/zombies

I agree. I think this is the best way for someone to get started on the series. It's cheap and makes a great Christmas present.

u/jreacher · 1 pointr/zombies

The hand-and-a-half sword isn't a bad weapon. It's heavy, and has a reasonably thick blade - you can swing it at something and be pretty sure it's going to fuck it up.

The katana, however, is impractical. For all the western infatuation with it there's very few people who know the proper technique: The draw cut. It is designed for slicing through material and flesh with incredible ease - which is great against humans. Against zombies that's only going to be effective if you score a decapitation every time. It doesn't wont hard enough to knock them back significantly, and a panicked flail isn't going to achieve much either. Basically: It's fantastic if you're a fucking samurai.

Of course, the biggest weakness of both of these is the lack of a practical application elsewhere. You will want to keep personal baggage to an absolute minimum, so if I'm carrying a big chunk of metal around it's going to have multiple functions. Like this.

u/scienceoffear · 4 pointsr/zombies

Can anyone give me any feedback on this? Apparently it's a collection of issues 1-48, which seems like a better buy than the volumes.

Edit: And here's the Amazon link to the same product.

Edit 2: Cheers, everyone who replied! That helps a lot. I will probably end up grabbing the trades, since I'm a fairly small person who will probably struggle to lug the omnibus around!

u/brrraaiiins · 6 pointsr/zombies

I would suggest the hardcover books, because they're not too expensive and look great. I used to download the comics when they became available, then a couple years later I bought the first 2 books. I don't remember seeing any difference between the originals and the books.

Edit: wow, it's up to 6 volumes? I need to catch up!

u/monsterflake · 1 pointr/zombies

if you're going to use a hammer, i'd suggest a framing hammer over a ball peen, which has 2 faces, a 'half ball' and a 'flat'. the framing hammer also has a claw, designed to pull nails, but would work well when you want to penetrate a skull...

one tool that's always mentioned is the crowbar, something that i'm not a fan of. have you ever tried to strike something with one? the grip is tenuous at best and would be horrible covered in gore. if the only choice i had was a crowbar, this would be my pick...

u/Sega5 · 5 pointsr/zombies

Here's some more ideas:

  • multi-purpose axe
  • a small mirror (for signalling)
  • rations (either freeze dried, canned, bars, etc)
  • a small map of your town and the surrounding areas
  • your favorite book(s) (mental well-being is just as important as physical)
  • 75+ ft rope that can support 200+lbs
  • binoculars
  • Extremely useful books that explain how to set traps and what plants are safe to eat
  • Camo/Ghillie. While this probably won't help protect you from zombies it will protect you other people (who are also a big threat). (This is pretty big & expensive...but ya know...helpful)

    There's a lot more but that's all I can think of atm.
u/aafarr2 · 3 pointsr/zombies


This is half of the series for only 35$. If you have Amazon Prime/Student, shipping is free. It would be 80$ to get the individual volumes that add up to the same amount of material.

Unfortunately, there is no second compendium yet, so you'll have to go the expensive route to buy the others. Do remember, though, that some libraries carry graphic novels, and that most bookstores will allow you to read their content in-stores without buying it. Since graphic novels read fast, this is a good way to get through material.

u/ToMakeYouMad · 1 pointr/zombies

Well I guess hammer but it has to be this Innovation Factory IF-221 Trucker's Friend USA Made All-Purpose and Survival Tool

Or another good one would be an ice axe used for ice climbing. Omega Pacific Mountain Axe, 70cm

u/odriscs · 5 pointsr/zombies

Not sure if you'd be interested in graphic novels, but The Walking Dead is a great series.

u/Staticage13 · 1 pointr/zombies

I really enjoyed World War Z, even though it wasn't nearly as fast paced as most novels in the genre, I thought the satire and the interview style gave it something you don't see in a lot of genre fiction. Not to mention the raw "sample of humanity" feel. I teach senior lit in high school, and I did add it to the list of research topics this year; should be interesting to see what I get back.

I also really enjoyed The Living Dead. Even though it is a collection of short stories, I thought the variation was kind of interesting, and some of the stories were really well written.

u/pahool · 12 pointsr/zombies

I know this isn't a novel, but The Walking Dead comics are a great zombie read.

u/camopdude · 3 pointsr/zombies

You've already read two of the better ones.

Try Brian Keene - The Rising and City of the Dead. - a different take on zombies but you may like it

Joe Mckinney - Dead City

J.L. Bourne - Day by Day Armegeddon - it's self published, but it's not bad

Jeff Long - Year Zero - sort of zombies, plus it's really good

This one has some cool short stories - The book of the Dead

And I haven't read this one yet so I can't recommend it:

Z. A. Recht - Plague of the Dead

u/Mr_E · 6 pointsr/zombies

This is the cheapest I could find. It's 1.

Also, I've been reading since issue 1. I own 3-current in the floppies. It's really amazing how it has yet to get stale. I figured it'd end around issue 60 or so, like most 'long' continuing comics, and here we are, rounding 78, and no sign of slowing. Enjoy!

u/HgUuGiGtIaEr · 3 pointsr/zombies

I suggest reading the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant, the time period is some years after the initial outbreak, but the first book is about a brother/sister duo who are bloggers who have been selected by a senator to be his sort of unconventional personal media outlet during his race for presidency.

Edit: There's obviously WAY more to the book/trilogy than that, but that's the part that I felt was relevant. Also trying not to make spoilers.

Edit 2: Added URL to books on Amazon for those interested.

u/cool_eddy · 1 pointr/zombies

Don't really care for a bunch of those. However, you should check out Patient Zero by Jonathan Mayberry. Actually, his entire Joe Ledger series is absolutely fantastic. Also check out the the Day by Day Armageddon books, specifically the second book Beyond Exile. Very good.

u/Veronis · 1 pointr/zombies

A lot of good zombie books in here already. I also enjoyed Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Steampunk and zombies.

u/bryanpv · 2 pointsr/zombies

Day by Day Armageddon is a pretty interesting story that is done in the style of a journal. It's not a masterpiece by any standards but it's pretty decent for what it is. Except the 3rd one. That one is not good.

u/zushiba · 3 pointsr/zombies

More information on Day by Day Armageddon?
EDIT: Amazon link I'd love to hear from some zeditors who've read it.

u/RegalBeast · 3 pointsr/zombies

I've been slowly buying things for a Z.B.O.B. (Zombie Bug Out Bag)
No bag yet, but what I have collected so far:

Remington 870 Tactical shot gun
Glock 19
Ruger GP100
Ka-Bar 1282 D2 Extreme

Wrecking Bar 18"
200 ft Climbing rope
Hand powered radio
Swedish Firesteel

1st aid kit
Water purifier

I have a whole laundry list. Every payday I buy something new. Next up the Razel SS7!

Edit: for format and links

u/rbmako69 · 1 pointr/zombies

I would have been nice if the person posting that interesting piece of information would have listed the source. Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide.

u/Pepper-Fox · 5 pointsr/zombies superior, I carry one for firefighting and gets me through doors/windows/walls pretty fast when I don't have a halligan ( on hand, but for this purpose its $32 vs $250.

u/omagablade · 2 pointsr/zombies

Could happen. I'm reading the Newsflesh series and any mammal over 40 pounds will go zed after (death/getting bitten/coming in contact with even the smallest amount of contagion).

So yeah; zombie bears, zombie lions, zombie elephants

Edit: Here's a link, just in case you're interested (

u/jayhat · 1 pointr/zombies

This. That’s why I always like the first couple books in a series.

I really liked the first book and maybe the second (if I’m remember correctly) in this series. Gave me some DBDA vibes for sure. Dude was holed up in his house, scared, didn’t know what exactly was going on, making very calculated decisions, etc.

u/darthtot · 3 pointsr/zombies

I ordered the Compendium Volume One off of Barnes and Noble's website. Here's a link for Amazon.

Almost 50 issues, over 1,000 pages for only one easy payment of $34.17!

u/bluemeep · 2 pointsr/zombies

Boneshaker was pretty entertaining, particularly if you enjoy steampunk settings. A sequel, Dreadnought, was released recently but I haven't had the opportunity to pick it up yet.

u/AlphaLima · 2 pointsr/zombies

Just started Patient Zero and enjoying it.

u/Hi5GhostFaceKilla · 2 pointsr/zombies

Our library had it but it was always out. I read it when it was finally my turn. I recommend it.

u/RandomPotato · 3 pointsr/zombies

Steven Schlozman's The Zombie Autopsies was a good, realistic look at a zombie virus from the POV of doctors if I can remember it correctly. Sorry it's been a while since I read it.

u/Freelancer47 · 1 pointr/zombies

Zombie related: The Zombie Combat Manual by Roger Ma. The Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman. Zombies( by Don roff

Survival Related: The SAS Survival Guide, The Ultimate Sniper by (Ret.) Col. J. Plaster, The Emergency-Disaster Survival Guidebook.

I know it's not a book. The Colony is an interesting watch if you ever get some time to sink in information.

u/CourierOfTheWastes · 2 pointsr/zombies

i actually posted about the bible.

>Ignore the bible (Unless you're religious, then add whatever scripture you like. Make sure it's waterproof or at least compact. Ill have This Book)

And you're probably right about the bible.

And cash is great in the first few days after SHTF. If stores wont take it, some idiot will. Money, even today, is only worth what we believe it is worth. Otherwise it is still cloth paper....but even after the dead rise, SOMEBODY will believe it worth something.

u/DrewMartin · 2 pointsr/zombies

Zombie Survival guide by Max Brookes ----> (although it looks like you have the same one but with a different cover)

u/Lynda73 · 2 pointsr/zombies

A friend of mine had this book and I read some of the stories. One that really creeped me out was called "The Summer Place" and (SPOILER) it had animals that were infected. Specifically deer. Maybe because they are herbivores, they didn't try to attack.

u/Rotorgeek · 2 pointsr/zombies

I added a Truckers Friend to my whish list when I saw it in a previous post

u/Davomatic · 2 pointsr/zombies

this is what i am going to use.

u/OfficialPdubs · 2 pointsr/zombies

We could do it sort of Feed (Newsflesh) style maybe? Our own personal accounts of what is/would be currently happening during the Z.A. posted via social media/blogs/etc, or in this case reddit. Thoughts?

u/boostergold · 3 pointsr/zombies

I finished Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry not too long ago, and it was fairly decent.

u/capitannut · 2 pointsr/zombies

If you can't quite decide between a hammer or a crowbar you could always go with a fubar. been a depot goon for a while, and always wanted to grab it for the outbreak.

u/hackiavelli · 2 pointsr/zombies

The Living Dead 2 anthology has a great short story in it on just that subject.

u/rountrey · 2 pointsr/zombies
  1. My AR (short to medium range)
  2. My Mosin-Nagant rifle (long range)
  3. Either my Mosin (solid wood stock and 18" spike bayonet) or my trucker's friend
  4. Stealing a good truck, whatever I can find
  5. Too many to list, we already have our pack
  6. My house in the country
  7. Anthrax - Fight 'Em 'til You Can't, or anything by Six Feet Under
  8. So, this is it then... *lights fuse
u/TripMaster_Monkey · 2 pointsr/zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I'm actually reading the book now.

u/Intrik · 1 pointr/zombies

favorite zombie books so far have been Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne and Plague of the Dead by Z.A. Recht. Adding in this album by The Gorillaz just adds on to the mood of the book.

Also being from SE Texas and driving most of the roads talked about in Day by Day Armageddon makes the book a little extra unnerving.

u/-jlm- · 0 pointsr/zombies

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. It's zombies and steam punk so how could you go wrong? I just started it and so far I like it.

u/20m613 · 1 pointr/zombies

I also recently stumbled upon Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! which was already submitted a few times[1][2].

Edit: Also found The War of the Worlds Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies. I haven't ready any of these books, if anyone has I would like to hear what they think about them.

u/robragland · 1 pointr/zombies

For an international feel, try the Apocalypse Z series. They are available translated into English from the original Spanish.

Also, again for international/wide spread zombie settings, consider Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain.

u/apox64928 · 2 pointsr/zombies

really? i would say this is a bigger bang for it's buck. i liked the survival guide immensely, but found world war z a bit laggy at times.

u/TheColonel · 1 pointr/zombies

Let me ask a simple question... how, exactly, do you intend to sever the spine or severely impact the brain of a zombie with that?

While I don't agree that the Quad 50 is the way to go, there's no chance that gun would have the firepower required to take down countless zombie hordes.

As mentioned here:
>Brooks also scoffs at my notion of using a heavy machine gun, pointing out — quite rightly — that zombies can only be killed with a perfect head shot.

That said, I'd recommend educating yourself.

u/dagtastic · 1 pointr/zombies

Read Death and Suffrage by Dale Bailey, it discusses this! You can find it in the book "Living Dead"