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2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package with Leash, Medium (1
The Freedom No-Pull Harness design minimizes or eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape. The Freedom Harness is recommended by trainers as the "ultimate in flexibility, control, and training." Vets love the harness because it is designed to walk from the back of the dog keeping their spinal cords in alignment. Adoption groups love it because of its ease of use.Comfortable and durable! The Freedom harness has a soft Swiss velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs to help prevent rubbing, chaffing and sores that sometimes can be seen with other harness designs. All of the edges of the webbing are turned out to keep them from irritating your dog's skin. This well made harness will stand up to daily use by even the strongest dogs!Multi-functional: The harness can be used for discouraging pulling when attached to the front or for exercise when attached to the back. The double ended leash (included) can be attached to both the front and back of the harness or just the front or the back. Test it to see which works best for you and your dog! Industry leading lifetime chewing warranty: The manufacturer will replace up to two chewed straps for free, no questions asked, for just the cost of shipping.Reduces pulling! The patented action loop sits at the back of the dog between the shoulders allowing your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, while discouraging pulling by gently tightening around the chest.SIZING: Use a tape measure and measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be not pulled too tight, but not loose. 5/8" XSMALL: 14"-20" chest, 13-21 lbs; 5/8" SMALL: 18"-24" chest, 18-35 lbs; 5/8" MEDIUM: 22"-28" chest, 30-50 lbs; 1" MEDIUM; 22"-28" chest, 30-50 lbs; 1" LARGE: 26"-32" chest, 45-80 lbs; 1" XLARGE: 30"-38" chest, 75-135 lbs; 1" XXLARGE: 36"-44" chest, 125-200 lbs.
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10 Reddit comments about 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package with Leash, Medium (1" Wide), Black:

u/fwizard226 · 12 pointsr/dogs

I used to use the head collar, and I did get that reaction a lot. From people asking "Why is your dog wearing a muzzle?", to people simply stating "That dog's got a muzzle" as I pass, to people seeing us coming and quickly crossing the road. Really it doesn't bother me that much, I just think it's really silly that people think a thin strip of nylon can snap her mouth shut and keep her from biting or really looks like the least effective muzzle haha. And really it is better to have people stop and ask before just running up and petting her. But the explanation is pretty easy: "No, she's not wearing a muzzle, it's a training tool that keeps her from pulling because she just gets so excited on walks!"

I got away from using it because I think it ended up stressing my dog out more...I use the Freedom No Pull Harness now and I love it. Worth taking a look at if you haven't tried it already, IMO! It won't prevent a dog from pulling if they're determined--I use it in conjunction with training to heel and look at me--but when my dog does decide to try to plow ahead it's way easier to handle her and the pressure is not on her neck or face.

u/buildingbridges · 6 pointsr/tippytaps

I am a volunteer dog walker/trainer at my local shelter and leash biting is common. She's worked up about something and doesn't have any other outlet for her energy. If she is doing it in the same place every time try walking a different direction. She may also be doing it when you turn around to go home in which case walking a loop rather than up and down the block would help. You can also bring a toy so she has something on her mouth instead of the leash when she starts to act out and a harness that the leash clips to the back of is helpful to keep the leash out of her eye line, I really love the Freedom Harness.

u/fussyplatypus · 3 pointsr/pitbulls

It's a double-ended leash on this harness! It was a total game changer - he went from pulling so hard that I could only take him for short walks because it hurt my shoulder too much to being a perfect gentleman on leash.

u/heyjoob · 2 pointsr/dogs
  • 1" Freedom No Pull Harness (Though I think I got mine on ebay.)
  • Collar and leash are nothing special, just from the pet store. Collar is 1" flat buckle and leash is a 1" wide 6' long.
  • Crate is TBD. We had a 40" (I think) wire Kong crate, but I'm trying to find a good plastic carrier style one to replace it with.
u/jdmallard · 2 pointsr/dogs

I used the Freedom No-Pull for my setter (60 lbs and skinny). Has velvet to avoid chafing. Attaching at the chest diverts some pulling energy.

Tried a flexy, because he likes to move around, but he could rip it out of my hand if i wasn't careful. Currently use a rope with clip (gloves required).

u/Sewwattsnew · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

I completely agree with you on the head collar, but the Freedom harness the other commenter mentioned might help. It's a front-clip harness, so when he lunges, he gets redirected (from his chest, not his face) and ends up facing you instead. It also will prevent him from putting his full weight into the lunge, so you won't get hurt either.

u/textrovert · 2 pointsr/dogs

I really like Lupine collars - I have their Martingale one in peacock. They have nice basic leashes you can get to match, too - I like their padded handles. I also have a Ruffwear Roamer as an athletic leash that I use for biking or running with my dog - it's adjustable so that you can wear it around your waist or as a normal handle, and has some bungee and a traffic handle (though they have other leashes, too, without those features). I almost always put a harness on her when we leave the house - I have the Freedom one because it has both a front and back clip, but Lupine has some nice ones, too.

u/lzsmith · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

That's pretty weird. Are you sure it was a name brand (premier or petsafe) and not a cheap knockoff? That's not my favorite equipment, but they usually hold up okay.

Try a Freedom Harness (measure so you'll get the right size). They're usually sturdy and hold up well.

u/Kaleyedoskopic · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

I love and highly recommend the Freedom Harness for a front clip. It stays much more clear of the shoulder than most other front clips, fits better (has more straps to adjust), and has a clip on the back as well if you ever want to let him run around, like on a hike.

u/jclark343 · 1 pointr/WiggleButts

I use something like the Freedom harness of my aussie. I don't use the second leash option, and just keep it clipped to the front but I think the extra piece between the legs helps to actually keep the harness in position. I find that the easy walk can shift a lot or hangs low unless it fits perfectly which is hard to do.