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$50 PlayStation Store Gift Card [Digital Code]
The PlayStation Store wallet has a limit of $150Download the latest games and add-ons: Discover and download tons of great PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games and DLC content to give you moreAccess your favorite movies and TV shows: Rent or purchase the newest and biggest movies and TV shows available, and download or stream them instantly to your favorite PlayStation devicesConnect with millions and start playing: Take your PlayStation games to the next level by downloading the latest multiplayer maps, missions, and characters to play online with friends
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29 Reddit comments about $50 PlayStation Store Gift Card [Digital Code]:

u/thealienamongus · 3 pointsr/australia

Since a few people have got the PC side of things covered, if you want it on PS3 you might want to consider making a US account.

Creating an Account

  • go to the Sony Store

  • Register the new account to an UK/US/JPN etc address. Just goggled a hotel in an capital and used that address.
  • You need to use an email not already registered to an account so if necessary create a disposable or alias email account

  • Login to the Sony Store with your new login ID.

  • Create a new user profile on your PS3 and use the PSN account you just setup

    Where to get PSN cards

    digital codes are better.

  • all regions

  • US cards. You need a US address to buy the (add it via the address book and switch to an from it and your real one (once again this is ToS breaking use at own risk))

  • play-asia

  • Maximus cards

  • offgamers

    Adding Funds

  • Go to Account Management click redeem prepaid card

  • Type in the Alpha-numeric code and hit continue
u/GoodMuse · 2 pointsr/Pokemonexchange

If I spend $40, would you be able to throw in a proofed Rocky Lycanroc wifi in addition to the Victini? Can you still SR for the Victini and provide proof of redemption?

Edit: If you can also PM me the proof for the SUM2013 Dialga, I'd appreciate it. Also I see you have a Shiny Wishmaker much do you value that, and is there proof for the RNG?

Edit 2: Just making sure this would be the sort of gift card/payment option you're looking for?

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/PS4

Amazon is reliable
Is it just the multiplayer thats censored in europe?

u/Lansan1ty · 2 pointsr/PlayStationPlus

It's not possible. Did you close all of your US bank accounts before coming here? I'd recommend just buying it using your old debit/credit cards via amazon or something (They email you the code).

If you are trying to use cash here; Go to a konbini and buy some Amazon Gift cards and pick up [one of these] ( (You could scroll down for smaller values). I bought The Last of Us via Cash -> Amazon Cards.

They also sell the PS+ cards straight up, but IIRC the yen/dollar conversion is worse then just buying the PSN dollars and paying for PS+ that way.

"北米版" means North American Version. (My Kanji is kinda ass, but it's good to know for times like this)

u/SoonersOrLaters · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Registration info, prizes and other info here!

To register, provide:

  1. PSN name
  2. Region [ state (US), province (CAN) or country (EU) ]

    via any of these methods:

u/symbiotic242 · 1 pointr/mturk

PSN are the ones I usually buy:


u/HashtagDickbag · 1 pointr/PS4

I did check but the only option is to have it shipped :/

u/JRPGNATION · 1 pointr/PS4

Like buying stuff when I want. Not pending a week trying to fix it. Can't ya use amazon?

u/IceCoolTea · 1 pointr/playstation

I don't know how to fix that problem. But there is another way. You can simply buy PSN 50$ (or more) on amazon. Then enter code.

Code si digital so you will have it almost instantly.
I hope helped. Good luck

u/fiveguyswhore · 1 pointr/Scams

You can also just redeem the PSN gift card yourself if you have a Playstation/PSN Account etc. I know Amazon will not help you if you give the scammers the code and they redeem it, because Amazon's stance is "we sold you a card and you received the digital code, it's not our fault you gave it to a third party" which really makes it sting. Pretty much every 1-star review of the PSN $50 gift card at Amazon is complaining about fraud using that item.


"This was a scam! Ordered a coffeepot from another supplier and was given instructions to use this PlayStation Gift Card to complete purchase. Bottom line .. no coffeepot .. no card .. no response from supplier."

Here is the link they send you to after you check out with something in your cart: (text below):

"We have received your order and after payment is completed we'll process it.

Your sales representative is: Kelly M. Patterson

Click on the payment button below and you'll be directed to Amazon to checkout.

Your charge will appear as: Sony Playstation Network Card - $50 [Online Game Code]

This is normal and will allow us to process your order without any taxes and you'll receive an additional 1 cent discount from Amazon.

Click on the [Amazon checkout link here]

Follow the checkout instructions displayed on screen by Amazon and in a few minutes you'll receive an email that contains the PSN code.

Please forward it to: [email protected] .

After your email is received in under 24 hours we'll update your order status and ship your order."

u/AbstractDaddy · 1 pointr/PS4

I'm from the Philippines and here is what I do. Just change your billing address to those of the states, (I use Apple's address) and just buy the cards online.

Here's the link to the PSN cards.

u/ThisPostIsPillar · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Garry's Mod, holy flapdads, it's amazing. You just walk around and do whatever the hell you want, and there are so many mods. I currently can swing around like spiderman, have shootouts with Batman and the monsters from Amnesia, dance with Hitler in the Ed Edd and Eddy Cul-de-sac, run from Teletubbies in a haunted hotel, all while dressed as Hatsune Miku. And if that doesn't sound fun enough, there's up to 12 player multiplayer, and you can leave sandbox mode and have a really for real gun fight. Or lightsaber fight. Or Iron man suit fight. Or kill each other dramatically with the gun from the Dear Sister SNL skit.

You can do near everything you want, I can't stop playing.

If you do pre-orders, I'd love this.

If not, A PSN card will be perfect!
Then I could get Katamari for my Vita, along with Rayman origins and some other goodies :D

Thanks for the awesome contest, man. You ROCK.

u/FoN925 · 1 pointr/PS4

I've never heard of EGifter. Be careful and do plenty of research before giving payment information to a site you've never heard of or dealt with before.

Anyway, step by step for the Amazon thing:

  • Go to here and click "Reload Your Balance."

  • Select or enter the amount you want to put on your PSN account, say $50 or whatever, then click the yellow button below to continue.

  • Select the card on your account you want to use to pay for the gift card balance reload, then click the yellow "Reload $x.xx" button.

    You should then be able to go here after about a minute to confirm that the money was added to your gift card balance. Once you see that the money is there:

  • Go here and choose the PSN card value you want to purchase. All the different dollar values are available on this one page if you scroll down the page a bit.

  • Once you find the card you want, click the "Add to Cart" button

  • Now, go here and choose one of your credit cards to change the billing address to any address in the US. To do that, just click the card you want to change, then click the "Edit" button that appears beneath the card info. In the pop-up window that appears after clicking "Edit" click "Change" beneath the Billing Address, and enter the US address you found on Google and click Save.

  • Now, go to your Cart, click Proceed to Checkout, and you should see that your "Order Total" is $0.00, and that the gift card covered the entire purchase.

    Amazon should email you your PSN Store Card claim code, but you can also find it here a minute or so after placing your order.

    Just remember to go back here to change your billing address back to your actual billing address, otherwise, the next time you try to place an actual order with that card, it will be declined because your bank will tell Amazon that your billing address doesn't match what they have on file.

    I hope this helps!
u/somels · 1 pointr/Argaming

Idem, si buscas las que vende SCEA que salen el mismo precio que el que cargas en la play. Como por ejemplo este

u/Foldenfly · 1 pointr/thedivision
u/Infectedbumhole · 1 pointr/PS4

Most likely, however just to note I don't recommend doing it through PSN itself. What I do reccomend however is this:

On Amazon the purchases actually work, on the US PSN they didn't for me :(. Anyways when you buy this of Amazon they simply 'add' the code to your Amazon library and you can use that to add funds to your PSN wallet. On Amazon when you are purchasing you can see the tax they add buy going through all the buying steps but simply not confirming the purchase look the top right hand side and see the tax charge. You will need a US mailing adress. Just make one up they don't care and they don't check IP's.

Hope that helps.

u/T_K_23 · 1 pointr/PS4

$59? You should probably buy these instead:

u/-Imnus- · 1 pointr/PlayStationPlus

If you decide to get a US Account you can get the codes online at Amazon:

u/Nickspihlmann · 0 pointsr/WorldofTanksConsole
u/ArrowheadVenom · 0 pointsr/giftcardexchange

No one will want to do this, because it's already possible in a more secure way.

The key with /r/giftcardexchange is to offer less desirable items for less. Someone might pay $45 PayPal for $50 PSN, for example.