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Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars with Case (Black, 7x35 mm)
Fully coated optics for superior light transmissionInstafocus System for fast focus on moving targetsNon slip rubber grip pads for secure grip in all weather conditions7X magnification, auto focusing porro prism35 Millimeter lens diameter, 21 Ounce weight20 Feet close focusing distance12 Millimeter eye relief, five millimeter exit pupil420 Feet field of view at 1000 yards
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5 Reddit comments about Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars with Case (Black, 7x35 mm):

u/Utari · 2 pointsr/birding

I just recently got into birding and wanted a cheap pair of binoculars for a trip I took to Panama. I ended up with these from amazon for just about 30 dollars. I am sure there are tons of issues with them that someone with more experience would notice, but they work great for me. Focusing is really easy and the clarity honestly seems nice. One problem I had in a humid climate was fogging, but once I was out in the field for about 15 minutes, the fogging actually went away.

I plan on upgrading soon, but I am glad I got this cheaper pair to make sure I would even enjoy the hobby.

u/JamesWjRose · 2 pointsr/Cruise

I got a set on a cruise on The Love Boat back in 77 (still have them) they are like this and they were decent.

Back in Jan in Hawaii and purchased something simular to these and they are very nice. Almost the same view and smaller, therefore easier to take with you. Think of that consideration when purchasing. Are you going on excursions, can they get wet, what do you want to see.

Our trips have been in late Aug and mid Sept, so we missed out on most of the wild life.

The set I got in 77 was taken with us on our second cruise and they were very good, but the optics in the new smaller one are better.

I guess it comes down to what you are hoping to get a closer look at; Slower items like scenery or whales are not at problem. Birds are another issue.

u/Prince_Kropotkin · 2 pointsr/AnarchismOnline

Hey look, I just saved the US military like twenty million bucks.

u/stfuirl · 1 pointr/birding

This was my first pair and honestly they are pretty great for the low price point. Magnification typically runs in 7x, 8x, 10x, and sometimes 12x, so these binoculars are on the lower end. However, I think this is a great thing for beginner birding because you can more easily get a bead on fast-moving birds. The paddle makes it easy to quickly focus, and for $30 you won't be devastated if something happened to them. I've actually taken these on bird walks and found that, with a little patience, you can keep up with the birders carrying $500+ binoculars just fine.

u/ZubinJohnson · 1 pointr/preppers

Bushnell Binoculars were on sale as part of Amazon Black Friday Week. Some of them are off the deals, while other still are. And you get free shipping: