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Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel w/Sheath
Weight: 26.6 ozOverall Length: 19.68"Handle: HardwoodThickness: 2mm (Shovel Head)Sheath: Cor-Ex Sheath (Included)
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u/fromkentucky · 2 pointsr/Survival

Get a Cold Steel shovel.

I've tried various folding shovels and the collar never stays tight. They're a real PITA unless you're willing to cross-drill the collar and use a steel pin to hold it in place.

u/WarSport223 · 1 pointr/VEDC

If you really want some sort of defensive weapon;

  • Get a small shovel. Cold Steel makes a sweet one. I think I found one or two & keep ‘em in my trunk.
    EDIT: Here’s what I’ve got: Cold Steel 92SFS Special Forces Shovel Includes Sheath

    You can apparently get it with or w/o the sheath. W/o is about $15 cheaper. I do not have the sheath on mine nor do I really care, but if I was buying a new one, I’d prob get the sheath just because I could then more easily lash it to a bag if we needed to desert the car.

    You’ve been talking elsewhere in the thread about shovels anyway, so.... :-)

  • Get a baseball bat of whatever size you want, keep it in car along with a glove & ball.

  • Keep in mind, in some states like CA for example, carrying any sort of baton / stick / bludgeon is a FELONY.

    Hence the need to keep the ball & glove with your bat; “I like to play catch with my kids, officer.”