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Colorful Products Neutral Protein Filler 4 oz.
Equalizes hair porosity for even color absorption and developmentRepairs previously damaged protein bondsProtects hair against new chemical damageSeals color within the cortexAdds body, volume and a lustrous sheen
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u/cecikierk · 1 pointr/FancyFollicles

I would suggest get a bottle of super cheap shampoo or even soap/detergent and wash your hair with it for several days in a row, it can probably fade your hair color. It's not good for your hair but not nearly as bad as other options. Even if it doesn't completely fade you will still have a easier time taking out the rest of the color.

If you need to use color remover, be very very very careful and constantly check the mirror (like every minute) to make sure you don't overdo it. Unfortunately it will damage your hair no matter what, so let it lighten your hair just enough to dye over, don't let it go platinum blonde. Also avoid getting it close to your scalp.

You might also want to buy a bottle of Protein Filler (check your local beauty salon supply stores). Overprocessing your hair will result in "holes" on the surface if your hair, so any color you put in will quickly wash away. Protein filler fills in the holes and your hair color won't fade as quickly.

u/chasingethereal · 1 pointr/FancyFollicles

I've seen protein filler on amazon. It's probably marked up a lot more than in America. I do know that Sally's doesn't sell any type of protein filler aside from protein treatments (which I think is different). The sales associate recommended me Aphogee two step protein treatment for bleaching/toning my hair b/c I was looking for protein filler too.