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u/HeloRising · 733 pointsr/bestof

>Neckbeard: See family situation above. Now imagine you just hit puberty and you start growing facial hair and have absolutely no idea how to shave.

Oh jesus this.

I don't care who you are, if your child is growing facial hair please help them learn to shave.

I looked so fucked up when I was a teenager because my beard grew in so scraggly and patchy but I didn't want to shave it because I was so proud of the fact that I'd grown it. Little did I realize how insane it made me look.

Might help if you tell the kid that, if they shave, it'll grow back fast and a lot more evenly and look more mature.

EDIT: I've weirdly gotten like six messages now asking about shaving advice. I say "weirdly" because I put fully the least amount of work into shaving of anyone I know.

I've been shaving for a while now and I've tried almost every method out there at least once. I've even tried fire. I...really do not recommend that method.

For me, a pair of corded electric hair clippers like these are the best. Not one like this because it doesn't have the adjustable stand-off guide.

They're cheap, dead simple to use, and they cut better than anything I've ever used. Brand is completely irrelevant just make sure it's corded and has an adjustable stand-off guide. The snap-on guides are good too and be sure you get/keep a little brush (most of them come with one) to help clean out the teeth. Shave over a dirty t-shirt to catch the hair and dump it outside.

You won't get that baby-smooth skin but a neat, maintained 5 o'clock shadow is better than looking like you just got out of jail.

The stand-off guides also mean that even if you jam it into your skin it won't cut you. If it starts pulling out hair, you're going too fast (same applies with electric shavers too).

I actually hate electric razors because they're so fussy, they break so quickly, and you have to spend twenty minutes unclogging them to get them working. Fuck that noise. One set of electric clippers lasts me 3-4 years with basically zero maintenance and I get a nice, even shave every time. I can shape, layer, and shave almost smooth with the same set of clippers.

I maintain a decent beard and I put in maybe three minutes of shaving every two weeks and I'm solid. And yes it's even suitable for shaving your junk. How? Carefully and with the stand-off guide adjusted for safety. I have never cut anywhere I've shaved with electric hair clippers.

u/Rawtashk · 301 pointsr/funny

Fellow balding brothers, there's hope for you yet. /r/tressless

"What do I do? Do I have options??" Yes, but you really only have 1 option....."Do 'The Big 3'".

1: Propecia

2: Rogaine

3: Nizoral shampoo.

Get generic Proscar (have your doctor write you an RX). Proscar is 5mg of Finasteride (propecia is 1mg of Finasteride) used to treat BHP. Get a $3 pill cutter from walmart and cut them into quarters. This means $9 for 120 days of propecia, whereas getting actual name brand propecia is around $70 or so a month. Tell your doctor that you can't afford name brand, and that Proscar is LITERALLY the exact same thing as Propecia, just a 5x stronger dose. Most people can be sympathetic towards wanting to save money. Just be upfront and honest with him. If you don't have a doctor, PLEASE DO NOT GET GENERICS ONLINE!! Pay for one doctor visit (or a dermatologist visit) and then get the RX for Proscar. You will STILL pay less overall for that than you will getting generics online. Source? I did generics for 4 years before I wised up. I think I paid around $30-$40 a month for generics. You'll save money in the long run, so long as it's not $400+ for one doctor visit.

Get generic rogaine from walmart. Start with 1 month of the liquid and see how it works. Only get 1 month to start because it MIGHT irritate your scalp (PPG is the delivery vehicle, and some people get really itchy where it's applied [I had a horrible itch]). If it doesn't bother you, then after a month get the 3 month supply (I say liquid because it has a slightly better rate of growth than the foam). If it bothers you (either because it's itchy or because it feels like it makes your hair too greasy), then get the 3 months supply of Rogaine foam.

Nizoral is hard to find these days, but what you want is a shampoo that has at least 1% KETOCONAZOLE as the active ingredient. Keto has been shown to have anti androgen properties. By itself it's not going to do much, but it helps in conjunction with the other things. It's usually back on Amazon for about $14. Another option for Keto shampoo is Regenepure DR. I haven't used it, so I can't attest to it, but many others have said it worked well.

I also use Bosley Revive for my normal shampoos. It SAYS it's suppose to help with thinning hair. I have my doubts, but I like the way it makes my hair feel. It's much more manageable and better looking when I use it. It's not super cheap, but buy the liter bottles and they'll last you for at least a couple months, if not closer to 3 or 4 months. You need to get 2 kinds, cleanser and scalp therapy. Buy them both, then just buy them individually as needed.

Propecia: Some people say that taking propecia makes them kinda tired for the first few hours after they take the pill. I think that's kinda bogus, but I always take mine right before bed...just in case.

Rogaine: Take a shower in the morning, towel dry your hair, then put the rogaine in and let it sit while you get dressed. After that, style your hair as usual. Put it in again before you go to bed (needs to be in 2x a day), but do it as the FIRST thing before your nightly ritual so that it sits on your head and can be absorbed and not run down the side of your head when you're sleeping.

Nizoral/Nioxin: You want your hair to be somewhat clean from normal oils so that Nizoral will suds up and hit your scalp. I use generic T-Gel from walmart for the first round of hair washing. Rinse, then apply Nizoral. After you do that, then start washing yourself off. Get all sudsy and clean, then rise your hair out (you do this to let the Nizoral sit and soak your scalp for a while. DON'T RINSE OFF YET!). Next you use the Nioxin cleanser. It doesn't have to sit, so just lather up and rinse out. Now for the Nioxin cleanser. It's basically a conditioner, so put it on and let it sit while you rinse off. You want it to sit on your head for about 2 minutes. After that, rinse off, get out of the shower, towel dry your hair, then put on your Rogaine.

Source: I've been doing this for about 6 or 7 years.


7 years ago

7 years ago with totally dry/no product hair ("That's not so bad!!!" I know, it wasn't THAT bad, but it had gotten to that point in about 2 years, and it was only going to get worse. Imagine what it would be like after 7 additional years)

4 years after starting

4 years after starting, with wet hair

2 year frontal difference

Still from a short film I was in. Outside in the bright sun this Feburary

Modeling gig I picked up, with a bright flash from my right (about 2 months ago)

u/BrianWayneFoster · 159 pointsr/criticalrole

It's all in the cut, really. I have a fantastic friend named Bethanie who does both mine and Ashley's hair, along with many of our friends. She cuts it in a way that makes it really easy for me to whip it together. The secret is to not wash it every day. I know some people might "eww" at that, but every great stylist I've had has told me it's not great to wash your hair every day. So I blow dry it after I get out of the shower, into the sort of position where I like it (lots of innuendo here), then I use a tiny amount, like dime sized, of this stuff: Mostly the blow drying gets and keeps it in position, the clay just solidifies the goodness.

u/clearcasemoisture · 102 pointsr/awfuleverything

Excuse my potentially unwanted advice, but this scrub brush has been a real game changer for my seborrheic dermatitis.

u/Connguy · 41 pointsr/malehairadvice

You have a LOT of options for this one, since it's pretty simple.

He has a little shine in it, so a water-based pomade/cream would work. I use this one per my barber's recommendation.

If you already have shiny/oily hair though, you don't want to add to the slickness. So use something with a medium hold and a matte finish, typically a clay or wax. I've heard good things about this one..

There's always American Crew Fiber too, if you want to keep it generic.

More importantly, not everyone can work this hairstyle. It's relatively short on top to be lying flat and soft like that; some people need more length to achieve that. If your hair is thicker/more rigid like mine is, trying this haircut will always fail and turn into a messy bedhead look to hide the cowlicks.

Ask your stylist if it's possible with your hair, and show them a picture of what you want.

u/MistThePerfume · 35 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

You need spin pins! These hold better than any rubber band/bobby pin combo and when you take your bun out at the end of the day, you have lovely curls.

u/SugarSugarBee · 35 pointsr/confession

I'm not trans, but I have short hair that rarely grows. So I got a wig on a whim off amazon.

This is what it looks like

Second pic

I went to a party with this wig on, and to the mall. Everyone commented on how much they loved my hair and totally shocked it was a wig. Look up ways to make wigs look more realistic (powder, maintenance, etc).

Seriously, wigs are totally fine and there's a TON of them out there that look super realistic. Plus, there's many reasons people wear wigs other than balding issues, so it's nothing anyone would likely call you out on.

This was the wig I bought. Only 17 dollars on amazon. I had to style it a bit, and give it a big haircut (I'm really short, this was really long). There's a lot of great ones out there that aren't terribly expensive, and if you want to super invest, there's real-hair wigs as well.

It's never EVER too late. And transitioning before puberty would, unfortunately, not have stopped the male-pattern baldness enough. So take this chance to be exactly who you want to be. You only get one life, so live it exactly the way you want to.

u/NomNom83WasTaken · 21 pointsr/BravoRealHousewives

Sure looks like a keratin treatment is part of it but genetics, water and the right shampoo/conditioner can go a long way.

Related: I have big hair. Frizzes easily. Spent years and $$$ on anti-frizz serums and shampoo/conditioners. Turns out all that noise about ionic blah blah and ceramic this and that, um, well it actually works. This is my new religion and I'm evangelizing about it to anyone who suffers from big hair like me:

u/Nick9933 · 20 pointsr/malehairadvice

Your hairline looks fine rn man. You're practically at the end of the awkward medium-long hair phase so I think you should just keep growing it out. Long hair is in, and it's getting even more popular every year.

Im growing mine our right now and every 10 weeks or so since April I've gotten:

A trim up (~1/2 cm off the ends) +

blended around the crown a little +

Shape up the perimeter and shave my neck

Sometimes mine gets flat looking like yours but that's easily fixed by reducing how often I use shampoo and apply a little elbow grease (mouse, blow dry, hair spray, etc)

Days I don't feel like putting that much effort into it I just tie it back or throw on a hat or bandana.

If your worried about your hairline that much then:

  1. Minoxidil foam (generic name of drug in Rogaine) twice a day

  2. Buy a nice anti-breakage/'anti hair loss' shampoo like this for example.

  3. Take a pic of the sides every Sunday
    3b) If it's not going back noticeable every month then stop worrying about it. Those two alone will take care of it enough that you can stop worrying about it. You're too young for that and have better things to worry about.

  4. If it does noticeably recede after 1 - 2 months (get other people to look at it and agree) then ask your doctor about Finasterside and do your research before you take it.

    Obviously if you're worried about it only blow dry with low/no heat and don't use a lot of force when you comb and style it.

    I mean that's literally just worst case scenario information. From that pic your hairline looks fine.

    You can have some dope flow if you don't give up. There are people that are here for you if you too.
u/BobbyMcWho · 15 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Back to School shopping list:

This, This, or This depending on your hair type/style you want to achieve.

These Converse or these Vans depending on which style you like better. These are going to be your most versatile shoes for "every day" wear.

Assorted Crew or V-Neck Tees, depending on your preference

A good fitting pair of dark jeans, I linked 511's, but those may not suit you depending on your build. Try some pairs on, take pictures, and post them in the Outfit Feedback threads if you're not sure of the fit.

For dressing "up":

Two pairs of well fitting khaki's/chinos in different colors such as these in grey or these in khaki. Again, I linked slimmer fits, as that is what I wear, but you may need to change depending on body type. Posting in the feedback threads is encouraged.

One or two decent Oxford Cloth Button Down collared shirts that fit you well, in light blue and white.

Those should cover your bases as a freshman, as you're not likely going to have to dress super formal.

Note: Because you're just a freshman, you will most likely be hitting many random growth spurts. Try not to spend too much money on clothing, as you will likely outgrow it.

u/Hatben · 14 pointsr/malehairadvice

Something heavier than this stuff?

Also I made another comment where I mentioned the full routine (guessing I wasn't done typing it when you posted) but I do comb it.

u/irregularheartbeat · 14 pointsr/malegrooming

First, you've got a good head of hair my man! You've got the foundation for a barber to do their thing!

My suggestion is a typical one found here, but you could rock pretty much any cut where its short on the sides & longer and styled on top. Here are a few photos for inspiration:

Side Part Comb Over

Fade with Sweep Back

Relaxed Brushed Over

It might just be the pictures you posted, but it doesn't look like you use any product in your hair. I would buy some product and test out different styles.

Here are a couple products (low to medium price range):

American Crew Forming Cream

Bed Head Matte Separation Wax

My personal favourite Fatboy

Hope this helps! You can always try /r/malehairadvice as well! Good luck!

u/ZeeBail · 14 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Not AB, but I learned of it here- the scalp master shampoo brush. It's under $4, easy to keep clean, and my scalp feels so much cleaner.

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, Purple

u/hoodoo-operator · 13 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've been thinking about picking up this based on something I read on SUFU. Has anyone tried it? I was wondering how it compares to american crew fiber, since that seems to be the standard.

u/Ealle · 12 pointsr/HaircareScience

My hair turns out like hay too if I don't use a heat protector spray and a high heat from the blow dryer. My hair is naturally curly/frizzy. The high heat + the heat protector (I use Tresemme) is the only thing I've found that will get my hair silky smooth. I think the barrel brush also helps to smooth out the hair cuticles cuz I don't get the same silky smooth result from straightening my hair.

Also, my blow dry savior is this thing from Amazon. I was dubious at first, but omg. This thing is my bestie now. Probably the best $50 I spent all year.

u/EvanTheDork · 11 pointsr/malehairadvice
u/raisinflan · 11 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I use the mens. The women's formula did nothing after 3 months. One month of the men's gave me an explosion of baby hairs and I stopped shedding like crazy. After 5 months I have enough hair to put it up without having awkward bald stops.

I think the main cause of the mustache is that I've been putting it in my hair immediately after I get out of the shower, rubbing it in my hair, and then doing my skin care/make-up. I wash my hands, but maybe I need to be completely hands off my face for an hour after putting it in.

In case you haven't been warned- it also causes dandruff like crazy. I've never had dandruff until I started using it. Nizoral is amazing, and I only have to use it twice a week.

I'd also recommend using Target's brand of Rogaine. It's half the price and works exactly the same.

I hope I didn't scare you off. My stache isn't as luscious as Freddie's. The hair didn't turn dark, it's just longer and there's more of it. It's obvious in some light and not too noticeable in other light.

u/JaganBSlamma · 10 pointsr/uglyduckling

Not OP, but I can recommend a few things:

  • Do NOT towel dry your hair, get a decent blowdryer with changeable tips.
  • While blow drying your hair, run your fingers or a comb through it repeatedly to keep it up while drying. You should notice after it is pretty much dry that it should stay up pretty decently without any product (but you will need some for it to stay like that all day).
  • Don't cheap out on hair product! You don't need to go insanely crazy on hair product, but paying a bit more for a product from a salon vs. a drug store is well worth it. You typically have to use less (so it lasts longer) and doesn't leave residue or such things. I personally use TIGI Bed Head Men Matte Seperation and love it.
  • Don't use shampoo everyday (Depending on your hair, this could be one of the most important things). I personally use Shampoo every fourth day, after about two to three weeks, your hair doesn't look greasy/oily anymore at all and it gives your hair a ton of volume and styling capabilities. The day I have to use shampoo is actually the day my hair looks the worst.
u/ILoveLamp9 · 10 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've used American Crew's Fiber, then moved to the Forming Cream, and now to Suavecito Pomade.

In that exact order is probably the ease of applying the product. Fiber holds pretty well and gives it a much more matte, natural hold. It doesn't feel like you have any product in your hair. Forming cream, to me, was much easier to use and apply because it was softer and more liquidy (if that makes sense). Similar hold to Fiber, but probably not as strong. Still a matte finish as well.

Sauvecito probably is like the combination of the two, but with more of a shine. I actually prefer this more than the other two now because it's easier to apply and kinda gives it a slicker look (if that's what you're going for). It has a real nice hold and is water-soluble as well.

u/PM_ME_TSUNAMIS · 10 pointsr/blogsnark

Oh yeah no, please don’t buy the Dyson— it won’t be able to make a dent in hair that long.

I have a conair Revlon brush dryer, too, a giant “volumizing” one, and it’s the best I’ve tried. I also have to get my hair mostly dry with a regular dryer before I use it, but honestly the results with the Conair brush are as good or better than the results I got with the Dyson round brush attachment— in half the time or less.

And the Dyson curling attachments won’t even begin to work on your super long hair, no way. They’re too short to fit any hair on! Especially if it’s hard to curl? Forget it.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

u/IHateDolphins · 9 pointsr/santashelpers

Is my daughter your sister? Seriously. My daughter is 11, but everything you said is identical to her all the way down to the damn Guinea Pigs! I can give you some ideas from her Christmas list. Of course there's the gallon of glue for slime - clear, not the white. She specifically asked for this Slime accessory kit off Amazon.

At that age she is probably just getting into makeup so those kits such as this one are perfect for experimenting.

Wireless headphones are this year's big gift so I don't have to listen to her stupid Tik Tok videos.

She's been asking for her own electric toothbrush for about a year now so she's getting one.

She loves using tools to do her hair and all of my friends have talked about this tool and it has incredibly decent reviews (I have that on my own wish list, but I know my daughter would be jealous).

I got her a subscription to Muse magazine that's for kids 9-12 that are interested in science or crafts. Order it from their own site if you want an extra issue to actually give her at Christmas.

This particular umbrella because all girls this age love the Eiffel Tower for some reason and having their own umbrella is a big deal I guess...

A gift card to a makeup or jewelry place would be loved as well as cool gel/liquid/retractable highlighters.

If you need any more ideas I'm sure I can pull some more stuff out lol

u/dialmformurderess · 9 pointsr/curlyhair

You may want to look into getting a scalp brush for your dandruff shampoo - it really scrubs the flakes and dead skin off your scalp. It also allows you to scrub your scalp extremely thoroughly, section by section, without your hands getting tired

Here’s one on Amazon that I recommend ($7):

u/madbotherfucker · 9 pointsr/howto

This shampoo really helped me. I used to have a bad dandruff problem, and I had to take a shower minimum every other day or my scalp itched uncontrollably. I noticed an almost immediate improvement with this shampoo.

u/TVops · 8 pointsr/malehairadvice

You have a textbook bowl cut. Looking young we can't do anything about. You'll grow out of that (sooner than you think). Looking weird? Now that's where we can help.

You need some style. Style is going to require product. Not gel though. This isn't 1998.

Look through this link from the sidebar:

Look through the shorter cuts, get something short on top with a fade on the side. Check it

You're going to need some product. I personally like using clay or wax. Just depends on that you can afford/get your hands on. The shorter your hair the less "hold" you'll need, for the most part. One of the big things is get the hair off your forehead. That's a big part of looking younger.

Try this:

It's what I'm currently using, though I try something new every few months. It has good hold, little goes a long way, and it's pretty cheap.

TLDR: Get a shorter haircut, preferably a fade and a bit longer on top, use a clay or wax product and keep your hair off your forehead.

EXPERIMENT! Your tastes and style will change and that's fine. Just gotta start somewhere.

u/HeCallsMePrecious · 8 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Depending on how thick your bangs are cut, you can backcomb them just a bit on the underside to add that lift. I greatly recommend Sexy Hair Powder Play as a volumizing product! It has worked very well with my fine, limp hair and let's me keep volume all day. It can make your hair feel dirty though.

u/Neofrog · 8 pointsr/curlyhair

Mine where so damaged for so long I forgot that my hair could look as healthy as what people post here.

I think what helped the most was frequent moisturizing. They’ve gained some of the shine and definition from years before I allowed salt water to destroy them.

I also found experimenting was essential into finding the perfect technique that somewhat worked for me.

In the end, what I think helped the most for me was a descent big bowled diffuser along with additional moisturizing with jocoba oil.

This is the diffuser that changed everything!

All that being said, you are beautiful.

u/shyykat · 7 pointsr/beauty

I have thick but fine curly/wavy hair that is pretty much completely unmanageable most of the time and the BEST thing I ever did was purchase a Revlon One-Step Volumizer/Hair dryer. Its basically a hair dryer that is a big round brush and it gives me a smooth salon blowout every time. It makes my hair silky and straight and I never have to use a straightener and although after a couple days my hair will go a little wavy again the smoothness stays and makes your hair so manageable until the next time you wash it. I ordered mine off amazon but I think you can find them in walmart etc. I would suggest watching some youtube reviews of it to see how its used and the results, I got the hang of it quickly and found it easy to use. I also HIGHLY recommend pureology shampoo + conditioner..even though its pricey its 110% worth it and I honestly don't think I'll ever use anything else.

Hope this helps :)

Revlon Hair Dryer:

u/One_of_a_Kind · 7 pointsr/curlyhair

Two tips for curly hair and updo's: try out spin pins, they're bun pins for curly hair. I find them super comfortable. My hair is about belly button length.

Another idea for keeping it in place is to literally sew it. A super blunt needle (I use big plastic ones) and some yarn. There's someone on the /r/weddingplanning sub just today who's hair was done like this.

If your hair is braid-able, you can braid a circlet on the top of your head to keep things looking pretty and under control. Like this

Edit: I forgot to add my favourite updo/bun method: use chopsticks!

u/yu94 · 7 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

This is the one I use. It’s pretty drying so I skip face wash when I use it. When I feel like I need it, at night I wash my face with water and put a layer of the shampoo on mainly my forehead and leave it for 15 minutes. Then I wash off and continue routine.

u/Pat_ron · 7 pointsr/malegrooming

I've shaved that before, I am not tremendously harry myself but enough for it to bother me... Anyway, the problem with shaving is that hair starts growing back SUPER quick and it is prickly as hell, trimming might be a good way to go. Trimmers are hair trimmers/clippers ==>> [LIKE THESE] (

Also, wet wipes are WAY BETTER than any TP you could think of. Check out Costco's

u/nontheistzero · 7 pointsr/CasualConversation

I have been shaving consistently for about 8 years or so.

I'm pretty serious about it, so I invested in a Safety Razor with some good blades. My older Wahl is much more powerful than the Conair, even though they cost about the same.

I have a very old Wahl Color Pro and a newer Conair clipper for cutting my son's hair. His hair is very thick and the Conair just chokes on it. I'd spend some time looking for a good quality clipper in your price range.

First clip your hair down with the clippers as tight as you can go. I know a few guys that do this about once a week or every two weeks so all they have is stubble. They don't use a blade like I do.

Then use a razor of your choice. If you're intending on using a multi-blade (like a Mach 3) you'll probably find that it gets clogged with a lot of hair gunk pretty quickly and can be difficult to get the hair out of the blades if your hair was too long when you started shaving. It is for this reason that I use a safety razor as you can simply spin the head and rinse it out in a matter of seconds. It takes me no more than 3 minutes to completely shave my head.

Also, check out /r/shaving for further tips.

u/elasticthumbtack · 7 pointsr/amazon

There appears to be a shipping exploit that hasn’t been fixed yet. Someone pointed this out on hacker news

Try adding this to your cart ($0.01 and Free shipping), but upon checkout it lists $9.98 in shipping cost. A 1-click order would charge you the extra $10 and you wouldn’t notice unless you checked the past orders:

u/dare2smile · 6 pointsr/Psoriasis

What other shampoos are you using?

I used to have that tight feeling, and would scratch myself till I bled. The biggest amount of relief I found was switching to shampoo that is paraben and sulfate free as my daily shampoo. Personally, I use L'Oreal Ever line for my daily, and twice a week I use Jäson. Once a week I use a coal tar shampoo (can't get away from the chemicals on that one), and this seems to maintain it all without causing any pain.

The other thing I use is this weird thingie. It brings up all the flakes so they can wash out (I use it in the shower), and if you've got long hair like me, it helps get some of that shampoo down to your scalp. Plus it feels kinda good. :)

u/derrhurrderp · 6 pointsr/minimalism

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T

I bought this kit seven years ago and it gets used about twice a month for haircuts and a couple times a week on my beard. No complaints.

u/jik0006 · 6 pointsr/malehairadvice

Baxter of California clay. I have a similar hairstyle with similar results. Just be sure your hair is 95% dry or blown dry before applying.

u/tkinthewoods · 6 pointsr/AskWomen

When necessary I use Neutrogena T/Gel and a scalp brush (via Amazon: Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, Purple 1 Count

u/crixusin · 6 pointsr/steroids

To combat MPB, you need to cover all bases. MPB is caused by a couple different things:

  1. Tightening of the galea, the muscle above the eyebrows.
    As it gets tighter, oxygenation of blood goes down. This is confirmed by many studies (men with MPB have 43% less oxygenation of scalp blood than non balding men). T converts to DHT in low oxygen environments. This is why DHT levels are higher in the scalp of MPB patients than in non MPB patients (serum DHT levels are the same in both groups though).

    This is the toughest one for people to take. They've been told for a very long time that its (all genetic). While its true, it may very well be genetic, that's not really an acceptable answer as to why some people lose their hair and others don't. Everything is genetic. In the case of cancer, that's a purely genetic disease. Yet they didn't just give up trying to fight cancer because its "genetic."

    There is some truth in the genetic theory. Some people have more Androgen receptors (there's 2 types in the scalp i think) in their scalp. But when they tested MPB patients, those who had more androgen receptors due to their genetics were still in the minority (around 35% I believe).

    Also, if this genetic theory were completely true in that hairloss is not being caused by some outside force, then there would be no pattern. The pattern disproves the genetic theory immediately, since all the hairs on your head would minaturize at the same rate.

    This doesn't happen though, and there is a distinct pattern.

    The same people who believe the genetic theory do agree though, that the miniaturization is happening because of DHT. Since there is a gradual pattern towards the center of the scalp, we can agree that the DHT accumulation is happening gradually towards the center. This conflicts with their being an end all be all genetic issue.

    This gradual DHT accumulation supports the tight scalp theory.

    Also, they've had an 80% success rate growing hair back in balding patients by using botox in the muscles around the scalp (nail in the coffin).

  2. Fungus. Yes, that's right, fungus. One of the best remedies for MPB is an anti-fungal called ketoconazole. Certain organisms that live on our skin actually can cause sebum (oil) buildup, and its speculated that this buildup may contribute to DHT accumulation in the scalp.

  3. Genetic hormone levels: it could just be caused by some people creating more DHT than most people. This is very rare though.

  4. Fungal shampoo. Use every day (don't use any other shampoos):

    This is a great one. Keep it on for 5 minutes, then wash it out really well.

    I really like this one. Makes your hair super soft. It says leave it on for 2 minutes, but I leave it on for 5.

  5. Minoxidil. Minoxidil 5% works well, but there's different blends of stuff. The best one is the one with retinol. There's only one company that sells it with retinol (retinol is used to speed up cell division. Clinical studies show that minoxidil with retinol is far more effective.

  6. finasteride. Just get a perscription. Buy it from india on the cheap. Not a great solution, but right now, its the only mainstream way.

  7. Rosemary oil: use this as conditioner and rub it in. Great for regrowth.

  8. RU58841 : experimental androgen inhibitor. Works really well. Buy it from

    You can find my progress pics in my history to see my results.
u/surf-actant · 6 pointsr/curlyhair

Looks SO great! Gold medal to your stylist, for giving you great advice. She's a keeper.

I, like you, shower etc. at night. Now that I CGM, I try to make sure I do all this business pretty soon after dinner, so that I have a good 2-3 hours dry time. Also, do you have a diffuser that attaches to your blow dryer? If so, use it. If you don't, or don't like the one you have, the xtava black orchid diffuser was a game changer for me!!!

Diffusing upside down will give your hair, esp w/your short, layered haircut, lots of volume.

I sleep in my crunch, and when I wake up, there are usually only a few curls/waves in the front that need sotc.


u/twospoonsforme · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

Loved my bob cut and was thinking of cutting my hair again. I used to braid my hair down two sides to catch all the hair. Those little elastic rubber bands for hair are amazing but will end up everywhere. Also, these are amazing if you want to do two little buns. They stay put much better than bobby pins.

u/AutomaticRegret · 6 pointsr/UIUC

Get this product called Nizoral shampoo (linked below), it has ketoconazole in it (you can read up on it) which doctors prescribe similar stronger ketoconazole products to people with excess dandruff that cannot be controlled. Use it like every two or three days for about 6-8 weeks, you can use conditioner every day though. After that, I would recommend a natural shampoo and conditioner that contains a lot different oils such as argan oil.


Also really important, people who shampoo their hair everyday especially with products such as Head & Shoulders which contain ingredients such as sulfate (which is terrible for your scalp, companies just use these ingredients because they are cheap. They couldn't give a sht about what happens to your scalp.) are stripping all the natural oils which your hair/scalp needs at least a little bit of, drying your scalp excessively which also causes dandruff, and also making yourself more prone to baldness. Read up on the no shampoo method which is basically you use shampoo ever two or three days, but you can still use conditioner every day. I've linked a page below if you're interested.


Oh one more thing....
For the love of god, please stop using two in one shampoo and conditioners because it doesn't work! Think about it, shampoo is supposed to strip stuff out while conditioner is supposed to put nutrients back in. How the f
ck can one product do these two things at once. It's obviously just a way for the company to scam you into buying that product because you think you are getting the better deal. Just buy separate shampoos and conditioners, I've linked below the products that I'm currently using if you want some reference. You could buy that or other products that have similar ingredients.


You can ask me any questions if you have some.


If you follow what I've written here, I expect you to come back in a few weeks in order to thank me for giving away all my secrets and for changing your life for the better.

u/hometownwarrior · 5 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

TIGI bed head

amazing high/medium hold with a super matte finish. im not a fan of pomades with shine

u/whtthfff · 5 pointsr/OneY

Yeah man definitely go to some actual salons if you want a good haircut. But I don't think most of them are really "for women" at all anyway. Basically with one exception, every hair place I've been to clearly catered to male customers as well as female. I used to feel a little self conscious when I first stopped going to crap cheap places, but it's never been an issue so I just stopped feeling weird about it.

Also if you are looking for hair styling suggestions, bed head matte separation wax is the best I've every found, and I've tried a LOT of different ones. Like it says though it's a matte finish, won't work if you want a shine.

u/nuthanielz · 5 pointsr/malehairadvice

Thanks! Asked for a 2 on the sides, blend the back upwards starting at 2 on the bottom, and I think the top is around 3-5 inches. My hair is super straight naturally. For styling, I towel dry damp, add heat protection, blow dry everything downwards, curl / wave hair with flat iron, work this stuff in, and finally comb it up into the direction I want. This method is pretty lightweight and doesn't make my hair greasy with product but it may damage your hair over time.

EDIT: damp

u/Blanchetastic · 5 pointsr/wedding

You could save yourself nearly $600 by just getting some of [these] ( and some of [this] ( and doing a sleek updo.

I have awful thin/fine hair, too. I'm doing something [similar to this] ( except at the bottom, the hair comes up from the bottom over the bun thing, and then my veil goes over top of that. I did a rough trial run and my flat, sad hair was big and fabulous with these things! That, and some volume powder and a little back combing, and voila....

Good luck with whatever you decide, though!

u/cardoorhatchet · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have a pixie cut, so vary lengths of bangs at any point - I twist my bangs back in small sections (like this but smaller sections) and then pin it with bobby pins in an "X". My hair is kind of fine with little texture, so I use a little bit of texturizing powder to help out.

u/pepperjackplease · 5 pointsr/AskWomen

To all my bun buds: spin pins changed my life.

u/IzzyTheAmazing · 5 pointsr/FancyFollicles

I just recently started wearing wigs regularly, so here's what I have to offer that I've learned recently.

First of all, you'll need a wig comb and cap, so be prepared to have one of those. I put my hair in pin curls under the cap, then put the cap on so that my hair doesn't look like a wild mess when I take the wig off.

Kanekalon is the best wig fiber, and it's not expensive. The one I'm wearing now is one I got on Amazon for less than $20, and everyone compliments me on it.

So things you should know:

  • The hair on a wig is meant to be cut and tailored to your face, so there's more hair than you'll need and it'll look weird. It won't ever look like the pictures, so be prepared to style it a little.

  • This shit tangles easily, so be really careful and have a wig comb handy.

  • Don't use regular hairspray or products on it. This is a fiber, not hair, so don't use normal hair things, or treat it like hair at all.
u/imabratinfluence · 5 pointsr/curlyhair

Hi! Don't feel bad about all those years of shampooing and not conditioning. I was raised female, and still made that mistake. I'm 29 and didn't start conditioning until April of this year. I thought I was too greasy for conditioner!

On to your questions!

  1. Nizoral is the bomb! I have scalp issues too-- my scalp gets super greasy, and I have eczema. Grease + sweat and dirt and debris = major issues with scalp eczema. If you want to pick it up at a store local to you, I find it's usually in the Beauty section. It's the only shampoo that's helped with my scalp issues, and the one sulfate in it is low on the list. Before I went mod CG, I loved the way my hair felt after washing with Nizoral, and hadn't had that kind of luck with a shampoo in a long time, despite trying all the usual dandruff shampoos (and some odd ones).

    If you want to totally ditch sulfates but still take care of your dandruff, you can experiment with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle, Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat, or Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I'm pretty sure there are more CG options I'm forgetting, but those are the ones that I remember off the top of my head. I've been experimenting with the Giovanni TTTT, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It seems fine with my hair, but my scalp seems to have issues in general with every tea tree product I try. It's often paired with mint/mentholatum, which is a skin irritant.

  2. You can dry your hair with an old t-shirt (the softer it is, the more absorbent it seems, to me). You can scrunch your hair with the towel, and Curly Penny gives a pretty decent demo of this. You can also use a hair dryer, and the general consensus seems to be: use a finger diffuser (also called a bowl diffuser), use low speed/air, and low-medium heat and don't dry all the way with a blow dryer. You can also use a microfiber towel (the ones in the automotive section are cheaper, although they're smaller). Experiment to figure out which method works best not just for your hair, but for keeping your routine manageable.

    I get the best results with using a t-shirt to get my hair just dry enough not to drip, and then air-drying. But if I need my hair to be dry for some reason, I do break out the diffuser.

  3. A lot of people swear by using a wide-tooth comb, with their head upside down, in the shower, with their hair full of conditioner. The conditioner does help, by providing slip so tangles come out easily and gently instead of causing hair to break or rip when you detangle. A wide-tooth comb reduces the likelihood of breakage as well.

    A Denman brush is this. As near as I can tell, it just means the bristles are spaced further apart, again to help prevent breakage and further tangling when you detangle-- but bear in mind that I don't really understand the Denman brush thing, either. It just looks like a brush to me. A wide-tooth comb has the bristles or tines spaced further apart as opposed to a fine tooth comb. I like a comb that has the tines almost chopstick-width apart. You can also just comb your hair in the shower with your fingers and your conditioner-- I like using a comb better because it feels more effective, to me.

    The other reason we don't comb after showering is because it breaks up clumps-- you want clumps if you want strong curls and good definition. Otherwise it can look stringy. I recently read someone talking about curly haircuts saying "ends need friends"-- and so they do, for curls to look right.

    I think this stuff is hard, and a lot of us just don't get good info on hair or skincare. Good luck to you.
u/ibdx · 5 pointsr/motorcycles

Sounds like the helmet only made you aware of the dandruff. Get some nizoral

u/succubamf · 5 pointsr/butchlesbians

It's going to depend on what style you want! Most products are categorized by two parameters: hold and shine. For example, if you want high shine you're going to look at things like pomades and/or gels. Hair gel is usually high shine and high hold (think those punk rock spikes or the spiked up hair that was popular in the 90s) while things like fiber and cream can give you various types of hold with a low shine or matte look.

What kinds of products have you started looking at? I personally use the Gatsby Moving Rubber line (the green one) but a good beginner product is American Crew Fiber. It has good hold, matte finish, it's fairly cheap and can be found in any drug store.

u/Cre8iveThought · 5 pointsr/tressless

I do. Just a tiny bit on my fingertips, then style:

u/po2gdHaeKaYk · 5 pointsr/MotoUK

Unlike a lot of people here, I'll actually give some good advice.

People who say "quit being a bitch", obviously never rode regular rides with women. My girlfriend does like to ride pillion, but she does complain that it's hard to look good for an outing. The helmet messes up her hair, makeup, etc.

I have a Coolmax Skull Cap or helmet liner that I bought from the US a long time ago for a tenner. It looks something like this. I like it a lot. Look for helmet liners that cyclists use. For girls with longer hair, they may prefer a buff. In particular, my girlfriend wears stud earrings, and the buff is nice in that it covers her ears. She does look like she's wearing a hijab when she puts it on though.

None of these are really going to perfectly preserve your hair. It's best to also try a better hair product. I haven't used gel for literally decades since it's too crunchy and shiny. For me, gel is a very school-boy thing to use. Wax is too shiny. The best hair product I've used is American Crew Forming Cream which does well in helmets.

u/milkshake125 · 5 pointsr/curlyhair

This is what I got!

xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser For Curly and Natural Hair - Professional Blo...

u/zippyelf · 5 pointsr/Hair

Revlon makes this dryer, and it has saved my naturally curly life. I cant give myself a blow out worth anything but this makes it sooo easy.

u/Cleodora · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

The Revlon One Step Dryer was recommended on here and I looove it. It’s a round brush combination dryer. You can look up YouTube reviews for more information.

u/BadassUdotNET · 4 pointsr/NoFap

It also seems to slow down or stop hair loss. Some guys even claim regrowth.


Here is some more information for those curious.

The ones that experience regrowth are usually doing at least one thing to treat their hair loss (besides NoFap).

You really have just three options: Rogaine, Propecia, and ketoconazole (usually in a shampoo).

Rogaine works by speeding up the growth cycle, but it also adds more DHT receptors to the hair follicles (that is why you lose a lot of hair once you stop). It is also a heart medication, so it might mess with your blood pressure.

Propecia works, but it can mess with your hormones. The first day my friend took it, he got like instant man boobs (they got all swollen). He stopped immediately and, thankfully, they went back to normal. I read it can become permanent if you keep using it.

Ketoconazole works and doesn't have many, if any, drawbacks. It does the opposite of Rogaine and reduces the number of DHT receptors on the hair follicles over time. And since it is applied topically, it won't mess with your hormones like Propecia.

(Please don't waste your time reading more random articles on the internet for the balding cure. Trust me, this is everything you need to know.)

Some people advocate doing all three at once, but I think that is messing with your body chemistry too much. And I think you're being a little too vain / anxious about it if you do all three.

Personally, I would just buzz it short (think Jason Statham). If it looks good, you have nothing else to worry about.

(I really like this quote by him about working out.)

Plus, girls don't seem to care as long as you aren't trying to hide your balding.

But if you want to try it, here are the more popular brands when it comes to ketoconazole shampoos: Regenepure, Lipogaine, and Nizoral.

Besides all that, make sure you lower your stress, get plenty of sleep, and, of course, NoFap!

u/IcemanBlizz · 4 pointsr/curlyhair

I haven't heard of a T3, who makes it? One of the best diffusers I've seen is the Xtava Black Orchid for $15. I got a cheap pipe coupler here to adapt it to a Devacurl dryer.

u/WeAreStarless · 4 pointsr/curlyhair

>I don’t blow dry my hair. I should start.

not necessarily, you can just air dry. diffusing will speed up your drying time and also prevent the weight of wet hair from weighing your curls down, but you don't need it

>What blow dryer do you have? Does it even matter?

honestly, the kind of blow dryer doesn't really matter. i just bought one that would fit my diffuser. i do like that mine can do medium and cold air though, and not just hot

>I don’t have a diffuser. I lost that part... lol.

i see some people here pooling their hair in a strainer/sieve and then just pointing the blowdryer at it, so maybe that could work lmao

>Do you wear protective hair styles? If so what do you do to protect your hair?

personally, not really, although i wear my hair in a high ponytail on top of my head when i go to sleep so i don't smush my curls flat. i also sleep on a satin pillowcase

>How often do you wash your hair?

i wash mine once a week but this will be different for anyone you ask. everyone's hair is different; some people's hair needs to be washed every day. so this is for you to figure out

>How do you know if it’s “approved” it doesn’t have silicones or anything like that in it.

run the ingredient lists through curlsbot and/or isitcg

u/rosierj · 4 pointsr/curlyhair

One thing to consider is that you need to rinse out the NoPoo really well. Also, now that I'm using the NoPoo I use a handheld silicone head scrubber thingy. Someone else on this sub mentioned it and it really helps!

It's like this:

u/Kheldarson · 4 pointsr/curlyhair
  1. On washing: when I switched over, it took about 2-3 weeks for my hair to stop feeling extra oily. I'm now on month 3 and on day 4 hair today (my sewer line is backed up again, so avoiding the shower; I normally wash every 2-3 days) and my hair feels like my day 2 hair used to before CGM. So it's a process. But as others have said, as long as you're using a CG-approved shampoo and conditioner, it's okay to wash every day! You could also do just water washes, if you think that doing too much cleanser will hurt your hair.


    You might also include a shampoo brush in your routine (I just bought this: It can possibly give a deeper massage and leave you feeling cleaner longer (it has for me!)


    I also don't like hair touching my face on general principal. Even on day 1 hair, I pin my hair back. But for later days (like today), I just bought these: Less damage on my hair and I don't have to deal with the limp curls going everywhere.


  2. On sleeping: So, I've got long hair. Like mid-back length. Just mentioning in case your hair is shorter. I do a pineapple bun with satin sleep cap for sleeping. The bun is the basic pineapple method, but I don't pull my hair all the way through the scrunchy. I also use a little Argan Oil (I may be switching to something for more moisture since this doesn't seem to be working for me on containing frizz like it said) on my hair as I put it up.


    Then, in the morning, I spray my hair with a mix of warm water and Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Milk and Curl Smoothie. I basically spray until damp, S2C, and I've started diffusing since it's so cold now. I don't bother with this if I'm just going to do a bun or ponytail though.
u/many_dongs · 4 pointsr/curlyhair

I had my stylist give me an asymmetric cut where I buzzed down my hair at the area where it naturally parts... to make the curl come out, I dry my hair out of the shower and use a round bristle brush to tease it out. I notice the more I try to "flatten" the curl with the brush, it ends up bouncing back even more after it dries. The movement of the curl is great, but product is needed to keep it in place (relatively speaking, not rock-solid-can't-move) so...

I used to use TIGI separation wax ( to keep it in place but I made this post because I just discovered Kevin Murphy's Killer Curls today randomly ( and the anti-frizz property of the product works great! Very much prefer the asymmetric wave look when the end curl isn't frizzing so this was a big deal for me.

u/KestrelLowing · 4 pointsr/femalehairadvice

I think what you need, more than anything, is to get some volume in your hair!

Try out some different methods of styling your hair and some different products. My go-to products for adding volume are mousses and those volumizing powders. Big sexy hair has one that I've used and like but there are many other brands as well. I also use not your mother's texturing spray and like that a lot to give my hair a bit more grit to be a bit more likely to hold volume if I do something like tease it a bit.

Also, I'd try to put some texture in your hair.

How much styling do you want to do? I think you'd look cute in a cut like this maybe, but that texture is key! If you've got any natural wave, you can use sea salt spray to pump up that texture, if not you'll probably have to resort to heat styling with either a curling iron or straightener.

If you'd like to go a bit shorter, maybe something like this.

u/lartar · 4 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I'd get some of those twisty bobby pin thingies. I have a bob right now, but if I have some curl in my hair, I can just kind of roll and twist my hair at the nape of my neck and insert two of those bad boys. Secure any strands that fall out with extra (regular) bobby pins. Cute and effortless looking with minimal effort (especially if your hair naturally has some curl to it). If you don't have any curl in your hair, I'd definitely add some product and maybe run a curling iron through your hair first.

I also like to gather strands on both sides of the front of my hairline and either twist or braid them back on super lazy days.

u/sewsewsewyourboat · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I use these pins to wrap my hair into a bun. No elastic band, is actually very secure (I use these to run, too beverage my hair week often fall out of elastic bands), and doesn't cause breakage because it's not really putting any force on your hair. You can also adjust how "loose" it is to your head so it doesn't give you a headache.

u/GoldenBeaRR6 · 4 pointsr/beards

I just had this one delivered today:

No complaints.

u/DKhanB · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Hey if you're wanting advice on changing hair, definitely check out /r/malehairadvice! They are a great community that will answer your question down to a single hair.

I recommend you go to a stylist/barber and show them a picture of this look. They will let you know whether your hair can do that cut, how to style it, and which products work best.

What I would personally do is use some pomade (I personally like Suavecito) and shape your hair into that style. Some people say dampen your hair a bit, others say make sure it's dry - I blow dry mine and then shape. If it doesn't work on the first try, you need to keep doing it everyday. Hair remembers the shape it takes.

Anyways, check out /r/malehairadvice and go see a stylist.

Good luck!

u/gravybby · 4 pointsr/NoPoo

Hah! I actually took that same photo to my barber when I got my last haircut. I use a product called Suavecito. It's a water based pomade, so it's not gunky and comes out easy in the shower. Smells great too!

u/moesickle · 4 pointsr/curlyhair

This is CG Friendly Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo 12 oz

u/dcntrliz · 4 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

My first experience with naturopathy was when my daughter had an ear infection and we were fed up with the normal Doc. I took her to an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) and she gave us garlic-mullein oil to put in my daughters ears. She went from not wanting to do anything at all, to up and playing in just a few hours. I took her back to the ND the two days later. The doctor scoped her ears again and she was 100% better. Since then I invested in The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and have used it for many common illnesses.

Next, I've had seasonal allergies really bad for years. To the point where I would wake up sneezing over and over again until I could take claritin and wait for the effects. Knowing how well my daughter's naturopathic cure worked, I decided to try that approach. I did some research and I found Stinging Nettle capsules and QBC plex. They seriously changed my life. I would take the QBC plex everyday during allergy season and the Stinging Nettle anytime I really had it bad. Eventually I didn't have to take either and I could go outside without sneezing and all the fun that comes with allergies.

Finally, I've also struggled with dandruff for much of my life. I searched high and low to find a natural cure and I eventually found Jason's Dandruff Shampoo . It works wonders and I noticed huge improvements after only a couple uses.

Overall, I'm so glad I lived in a place that was able to open my eyes to naturopathy specifically. It has enabled me to be more self-reliant and more skeptical of pharmaceuticals.

P.S. I would love to see this thread used more as well. Thank You.

u/piccolo1228 · 4 pointsr/Psoriasis

I agree with acronymopolis. Shorter hair helps with the flaking. I use tea tree shampoo and it helps a bit.

I also have several other shampoos that are prescription and OTC. I used the T-gel stuff with coal tar, but that didn't work for me. A shampoo with salicyclic acid is pretty easy to find in the grocery or drug store. This is the one I use. I use that in rotation with this shampoo as well. Then I also have clobex, but that is a prescription.

I've heard that some people rub oils and whatever into their scalps. You could research that. Join up and get some heathcare and make an appt with a dermatologist. Better to catch it early.

u/Billy_Brubaker · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

As others said, American Crew Fiber is very good. I prefer Baxter of California Clay Pomade though, it's got a very strong hold and a great look. Also next haircut, make sure you get the barber to thin it out a bit; you've got a lot of hair, thinning it will definitely help with the poofiness.

u/Evanngelos · 4 pointsr/malehairadvice

I have a similar hairstyle to yours except slightly shorter and more slicked back. The product I’ve found to work best is Baxter of California - Clay Pomade. Works great for all sorts of hair types and has great hold with a matte finish.

Also you should look into this youtuber called The Pomp. He makes great product review videos and in that one he’s using the product I mentioned.

If I were you I’d ask my barber to just trim about an inch or so off the top and blend the long top with the sides. Keep the part where it is in the photo and just slick everything back. You can try blowdrying the front to give a little more volume. Dry shampoo can also be good to add volume. Either way, you’re not far off!

u/Silver_kitty · 4 pointsr/CasualConversation

I use this hard plastic one, but my boyfriend thinks it's too scratchy and he picked up this silicone one instead.

u/babiesloveboobies · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I find that it gives my hair an oily appearance. My favorite is this asian stuff called Gatsby.

I use a fairly small amount and it just gives my hair a little bit of shape without looking like there's anything in it.

u/fineday · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Gatsby works pretty damn well.

u/Xaneran · 4 pointsr/malehairadvice

This hair styling technique is good for guys with thicker, medium length hair as the picture shows.
I use TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Clay Wax and it has a strong hold with relatively minimal use. I do essentially this same hairstyle but with shorter sides(@ me okay).

  1. Wet hair, usually conditioned VERY well in the shower as a wax product may make your hair look dry.
  2. Lean over and blow-dry your hair downward so that gravity works with you and gives you the volume you want, make sure to blow-dry in the general same direction.
  3. Once mostly dry take only a fingertip full at most(this product really works), and rub it all over your fingers and palm, then run your hand through your scalp and generally the base of your hair.

    EDIT: Actually I should have mentioned I always style my hair before bed and then in the morning I use a little bit more product for the perfect look.
u/lo_dolly_lolita · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

I use this shampoo once a week and it helped immensely. After shampooing I just put conditioner on the last few inches of my hair.

u/TimberVolk · 3 pointsr/ftm

How short are you wanting your hair? If you'd like it pretty short and you feel up to the challenge, it might be worth it to invest in a pair of clippers ($15 for these badboys) while your mom won't stop outing you and stylists won't listen.

If that's not something you feel confident/comfortable doing, maybe ask your mom to take you to a barber shop? IME barbers are waaay more likely to listen to your request than a stylist; I stopped going to stylists because I got tired of my hair looking like something out of the latest issue of Lesbian Weekly, haha. In any case, good luck! Just try to really drive home the fact that you want a masculine haircut. Not "femme masculine" (e.g. pixie cut), just masculine.

u/methyltransferase_ · 3 pointsr/ftm

I bought the standard Wahl clipper kit (it's less than $20 on Amazon) several years ago and it works just like new.

u/Jaha13 · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I started about ten years ago when I was in college. My hair grows fast and I like to keep it short. I cut my hair every other week. I've saved untold thousands. I used to do a high-and-tight, which I mostly learned through internet tutorials and trial and error (if I screwed it up, I just shaved it to one shorter length and tried again two weeks later). Now, my hair is thinning and I do it all at a 1.

The clippers I use are:

I bought my first pair of Wahl's and they lasted about five years before the motor was starting to go. On my second pair now and I think they've got another year left. $20 every five years is just fine for me.

u/Chipchipcherryo · 3 pointsr/FindItOnAmazon

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

17.99 (PRIME)

Costco has a good set for under 30 bucks that I have been using for over a year. If you are close to a Costco I would check it out.

u/teehawk · 3 pointsr/malegrooming

Here are some things that I have found help for me at least:

1.) The biggest one is manscaping. Honestly. I bought a $20 set of clippers from walmart, and it has worked wonders. My pits are the biggest offender, so I use a #1 guard on the clippers, and take care of them. Less hair means less surface area for bacteria to grow an cling to.

2.) When showering, is use a basic shower brush. It is abrasive enough to feel like it is really clearing everything away, with the added benefit of exfoliation.

3.) Using a moisturizing bar of soap. My normal process is: rinse, soap, brush, rise, soap, brush, rinse.

4.) Others have mentioned Certain Dri which you apply at night before bed, and works wonders. I also rotate between 3 different deodorants/antiperspirants from day to day. If I only use 1, it is like my skin develops a resistance to it. My brain wants to say that is total crap, but I get better results by rotating. I then hit my chest with a light spray of body spray, like Axe. A little goes a long way with these. Srsly. After I am dressed, I use one squirt of cologne and I'm good to go.

Hope some of these help. Hang in there brother!

u/eggaccountt · 3 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

I actually have hair a little longer than that! maybe like 1 1/2 inches long. ive been growing it out from a buzzcut. what I do is brush my bangs out kinda like this but the bangs are less sparse. if you didn't use a razor id recommend ordering this razor and give yourself an even shave. it might be necessary for you to get some hair gel as well. im so sorry and good luck!

u/oneeasypod · 3 pointsr/Birmingham

You'll want to invest in one of these skip the brauns and conairs. I used those for a year apeice, the wahl is night and day.

Ive cut my hair for about 9 years and saved a ton of money. I cut it myself in the backyard. The haircut your describing is what I have and is incredibly easy. Skip using the guard, unless you like the crew cut look. Just by sliding your fingers through your hair at desired length and cutting across the top of your knuckles it is pretty easy to layer and judge length. You may need some help getting the back of the neck straight at first, but everything else is a breeze. Use scissors to do sideburns and ears.

IMO it is way easier to cut your own hair with a trimmer than walk someone else through it. I actually just cut my hair today, but you are welcome to watch and learn next time it needs a trim. I would reccomend trying to give yourself a small trim first to see how easy it is though. Go slow and never touch the trimmer directly to the scalp without your hand in between, until you do around the ear and back of neck. Start slow and take a little at a time. You'll get the hang of it.

u/emanwelsch · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I used an Amazon card 2 Christmases ago to buy a basic set of hair clippers with a bunch of different sized adaptors: (on mobile, hope the link works). I couldn't be more pleased with them. They're cheap enough right now you could probably fit in a paperback book or some other small recommendation from this thread, and you save yourself money going forward.

u/beylan · 3 pointsr/Frugal

Excellent suggestion. I use this one for $18.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_RATTIES · 3 pointsr/personalfinance

Ok, so there are some areas you can trim, some you can't. The big budget buster line items I see from a monthly cashflow perspective are rent, preschool, child support, and your car costs, most of which are extremely tough to adjust at this point. I would definitely recommend looking for another job as well- 5 years, stagnant, with no significant chance to move up in the short term is not a good spot to be in, especially in sales.

Now, some specifics that might help on the spending side:

  • Insurance. That number strikes me as very high for a single car and renter's insurance. I've got two cars with collision/comp and pay about $130/month, and my homeowner's insurance is $135 (and that's the thing that, you know, rebuilds my entire house if the worst happens) for a combined total of $265; your renter's insurance should be way less than that. Unless you have some old accidents/tickets on your record, you need to shop around for a different insurance company- it sounds like you're getting hosed.

  • Cell phone. This is really, really high; a good per line estimate is under $50, since most MVNOs can get you there with unlimited talk, text, and a healthy data limit, while being on a major carrier's network. You can get by with an older phone for a bit while you get your finances under control, so find a way to switch your current phone over to an MVNO that can take it without requiring you to get a new one.

  • Child Support/Preschool. If you're paying for child support, why are you also paying for sending your son to preschool? Is there another kid involved, or is this a 50/50 custody thing and your ex is also dropping him off on days she has him? I would expect it should be one way or the other, and it might just be my assumptions regarding how the split worked as the custody case moved forward, but I'm surprised that it's this skewed. Is this locked in by a judge yet, or is it something you can petition for a re-evaluation of since you are covering preschool costs? It may be worth sending your son to daycare instead as you are money tight, but let's see what we can scrounge back for you first.

  • Work lunches. If you company isn't buying, neither are you. Time to brown bag that. You can eat well for <$50 more in groceries, saving you another $50/month.

  • Groceries. This is actually fairly reasonable, given the need to balance work, time with your son, and cooking. You can probably drive it a bit lower with the help of /r/EatCheapAndHealthy and /r/MealPrepSunday, but I wouldn't be going crazy about that number and trying to take it to the "only beans and rice" extreme.

  • Haircut. Unless you have something crazy complex, can you buy a set of clippers off Amazon and have your girlfriend cut your hair? I spent $18 on a decent Wahl trimmer (now $20) about 3 years ago and have maybe gotten three haircuts not from my wife since then, saving me ~$300 already. I spent another $10 on a giant bottle of clipper lubricant that I'll probably still have after the clippers die off to make sure it keeps working well and a couple bucks to get some longer attachments (Wahl will sell you up to 1.5" attachments). First couple cuts were "meh" quality, but my haircut isn't too complex and the quality has improved over time. Spent another $5 on a cape to keep hair off me and everything else has been smooth sailing. So, entry fee is the first haircut, extras are covered by the second, and then you just start saving money.

  • Rent. If your girlfriend moves in, I'd recommend she work and split rent and utilities instead of caring for your son. There are a few reasons for this. First, your son is only going to be in preschool for 1-2 years, and then she'll need to find work anyway. Not having a gap in her work history will make that easier, and she may score a couple raises along the way. Second, your son being cared for by your girlfriend does not accomplish the socialization you want. Third, if you live together, she cares for your kid for a year or two, and you split up, she may be entitled to palimony (she sacrificed her career to support your son, so that's a fairly easy argument to make). Plus, she's now behind in her career, making life tougher for her to get her feet under her.

  • Cigs/vape. This needs to go ASAP. I've heard vaping is cheaper, so if you can switch to 100% vaping, that should help bring the cost down while you work on reducing the cravings.

  • Credit card. This needs to go away. Every day it sits there, it's draining money from you that you need. Every big commission check goes to this. Once it's gone, you can feel free to celebrate with a nice bottle of wine (limit $20) or six-pack of craft beer to go with a fancy dinner (made at home, limit of $8/person).

    So, what are your next steps? I recommend you get one month's worth of bills into your checking account so that you stop stressing about paying the bills each month (last month's pay covers this month's bills, this month's pay covers next month's bills, etc.), then wipe the credit card the hell out. After that, you should build up about $1k in an efund, and evaluate where you are financially. You have a car lease; that will be coming up for turn in, so how much longer will it have? Are you likely to owe mileage? What's your next vehicle choice? While I want to tell you that you should pay off your medical bills next (assuming they aren't passively by then), it may be better to plan for the next car purchase instead. Feel free to post a follow up and ask for more advice at that point- we love hearing about progress, and people are quite willing to help with more feedback around here.

    Good luck!
u/projhex · 3 pointsr/AskMen

The crew cream is the only thing that doesn't flake in my hair. It's expensive (for such a little jar), but takes a very small amount if you use it while your hair is damp.

It doesn't dry hard either.

u/genteelblackhole · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Most of the time I tend to use American Crew Forming Cream, but on a whim I decided to try out By Vilain Gold Digger because I'd seen the blokes that make it had a YouTube channel where they use it a lot, and the stuff is like bloody cement. It holds really well. I don't know if I'd buy it again simply because it's quite expensive with shipping costs, but it really is great stuff. I tend to use the Gold Digger if my hair's misbehaving, and the Forming Cream does the job when it's cooperating.

I think a high hold wax might not work for hair that long though, so in that case I'm just vouching for American Crew. I used their Fibre in the past as well and that was good too, so I don't think you'd go wrong with one of their products.

u/LeMisery · 3 pointsr/malehairadvice

Try using American Crew products to style. I'd take a look at their forming cream.

u/AshNazg · 3 pointsr/arabs
u/Merelka · 3 pointsr/tressless

It's this:

It removes dandruff as you shower. Pretty much required on minoxidil to be flake free, too.

u/thesoundsyouknow · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

I have been having the EXACT same issue so I'm definitely interested in hearing what others have to say.

I have been using this ( and it helps somewhat but not 100%.

When it gets really bad I use T-gel shampoo (not cg friendly) and it stays more under control for a few days after that.

These help but I would love a better solution

u/bruskisbud0901 · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

You should alternate between the shampoos (T gel, selsun blue, and nizoral).

Also, the biggest help for me was buying a scalp scrubber to use when I shampoo- looks like [this] (

I found mine at a Walgreens for less than a dollar, and it's made a huge difference. I would recommend this and using a different shampoo each time you wash.

u/Addest3 · 3 pointsr/Psoriasis - Nizoral - T/Sal (AVOID T/GEL!!!) - Scalp Brush

u/goodglory · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I have oily hair, and I started really going at my scalp like they do at a hair salon. I massage it and really make sure the hair at my scalp is getting clean. I also have one of these which helps with any build up on my scalp. I try to use it once a week. I use it on my hair when it's dry, but also works when wet!

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'm partial to Gatsby.

u/arsenicelite · 3 pointsr/rawdenim

Haven't seen it mentioned yet, but I use Gatsby (either the pink or the grey one). It's a japanese hair product, basically its wax/paste that has a fruity apple scent.

There's a variety of colors that correspond to specific style/length (chart) with each having unique attributes (graphic here). Both the pink and the grey provide stronger holding power with little to no shine, ideally for "shorter" hair.

Links: Pink (Spiky Edge) and Grey (Grunge Mat).

u/super_uninteresting · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I use Gatsby Moving Rubber. I apply a dab of yellow, spread it over my hands, and stroke my fingers through my hair and try to reach every area. The yellow lasts an entire day, and holds bunches of hair in the right place.

After that, I apply some [pink Gatsby] ( to do the details. It's really good at holding smaller bunches of hair, so I use it on the front and on the sides to keep my sideburns from sticking out in awkward directions.

It also helps to shower and blow dry in the morning. I shower every day, but I rarely use shampoo. 2 applications of conditioner seems to do the trick--it keeps my hair nice and soft and shiny all the time.

u/HiveJiveLive · 3 pointsr/gifs

Are you male or female? If female, I may have some suggestions for you. I've found a few little things that are really helpful. I desperately wish that I'd discovered them years ago before I lost half of my hair volume.

Followup: Hello ladies!

I did some research into female hair loss (reading published medical journal articles, etc.) and found out some of the skinny.

Most female hair loss is related to hormones (Sigh. Isn't everything?) and so to change the loss pattern the hormone receptors in the scalp must be targeted.

For me it is a combination of peri-menopause, being a chubby bunny and extreme stress. The body fat thing is actually quite interesting. Fat cells make and store estrogen, and excess estrogen is converted to androgens by the body, leading to Androgenic Alopecia, ie, Lady Balding.

So how to tackle?

The first and most significant thing that I did was get this nifty shampoo .

Within the first week I noticed a significant lessoning of hair loss (I was coming up with lots in the shower and while brushing. ). I was so excited that I started using the shampoo as sort of a leave-in mask overnight and wash it out in the morning.

I applied it to the "Jean-Luc Picard" area of the scalp, ie the front and top of the head that you see on balding men as those are the most sensitive to the hormonal signals, and ignored the hair itself; remember, hair is dead and there is no point wasting expensive product on something that cannot be changed.

As the shampoo was working so well I went ahead and sprang for this . It's pretty pricy, but based on my research it really does have the most bang for the buck. Again, I use it only on the scalp, and then I use a regular conditioner on the hair itself. It's not greasy at all and doesn't leave the scalp or hair feeling heavy or lank. (As an aside, it is one of the few products that contain caffeine, which has been proven to stimulate hair growth. And the caffein has to be topical. Sorry- a Starbucks Trenta won't work.)

Next, I thought about strengthening the hair itself through better care and found out that using plastic brushes and combs actually weakens and damages hair, leading to breakage and splitting. In the manufacturing process of plastic hair implements molten plastic is forced into a mold and when the plastic has cooled, the mold pulls apart to reveal the bristles/teeth. The means that each and every part has a tiny but significant seam where the two halves of the mold met. This seam acts just like a dull blade and shears along the side of the hair as it passes through, thinning and damaging the shaft. Not cool.

The three best choices for hair brushes/combs are a wooden bristle hairbrush (get the German one; they are better quality), a wide tooth wooden comb , and a boar bristle brush.

Now, if you're going hard core, you can also try microneedling . It increases effectiveness of any scalp application and also just helps to increase blood flow, which in turn gives more nourishment to the hair roots. I'm not gonna lie- it's ouchy, but not unbearably so, and the tenderness fades in a day or so. I do it one a week or so to help with the penetration of the stuff I've spent so much damn money on!

And there's always Rogain/Minoxidil. It's over the counter and they have it at Target. They make both a male and female strength, so read the label.

With all of this stuff I have seen a significant improvement, both in keeping the hair I have and in new growth. I have a weird but wonder layer of about two-inch long baby hairs filling in all over now, and by baby I mean new, not weirdly fine or something. This crap really works!

There are a few more little things, like de-stressing and taking multi-vitamins, plus there is a low-dose old-school blood pressure medication called Aldactone that helps interrupt the DHT receptors and so is good for hair loss, acne, and is a diuretic, so helps with bloating. Your doc may be willing to proscribe as it is sometimes used to treat our other favorite problem, Lady Beards!

Hope that this was helpful, and good luck!

u/ceebee6 · 3 pointsr/amiugly

I'd look into DHT blocking shampoo like this and taking biotin to help. You can't outrun nature, but it can help stave it off for a while.

u/Pwning4ever · 3 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

When I saw stressing out from school, this seemed to stop thinning right in it's track. Takes about a month to actually work though.

u/Twistee_Licks · 3 pointsr/malegrooming

I use Pura D'or Premium organic hair loss shampoo with Argan oil. Leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse it out. it's only been a few months but I notice my hair getting thicker finally. All natural too and no side effects. Here is a link to Amazon if you're interested.

u/Caisha · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

It's just the type/brand of diffuser!

u/dodoconundrum · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

Pretty much always recommend the Xtava diffuser. Now it doesn't it most blow dryers which is the trickly part - it's too small for most driers. I have the BabylissPRO Nano Titanium and it fits. According to the reviews Rusk Speed Freak also fits. I think if you look through the reviews and questions/answers section a lot of people mention which dryers fit and which don't.

u/BonhamsFourSticks · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

The Deva Curl diffusers DO look like a creepy hand! LOL

My favorite diffuser for my fine, medium density 2B-3A waves/curls is the Black Orchid. The DC type diffusers are great for the roots, but the rest of my hair does better piled into the Black Orchid for pixie diffusing.

u/texastica · 3 pointsr/femalehairadvice

Get you one of these, it will make a blow out much easier.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

u/knitmybit · 3 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

Absolutely! I bought mine at an Ulta Store. I had not seen the new style of air dryer in person or known anyone personally that had used one yet, Otherwise I would have ordered mine from Amazon!

There was the other brand I wanted to look at too by BabyBliss. The main difference in the two (other than $10-15), was the BabyBliss version had a self-turning button, clockwise & counterclockwise. I was thinking anything more to help, right?!
The reviews were mixed, with the largest complaint being the brush stopped turning. Second complaint was that strands of hair would get twisted into it causing them to be pulled from your head.

All in all, I’m beyond thrilled that I was only able to purchase the Revlon brand at the store!
Best of luck, hope it helps you!

u/silvanaavalos96 · 3 pointsr/beauty

The twice a week wash is gonna do great, since the natural oils on your hair helps it grow. Still, I’ve also been trying to grow my hair as fast as I can so here’s what I’ve been doing: I do Castor oil soaks the night before I decide to wash my hair. I just rub it all over my scalp, put my hair in a bun and cover it with something while I sleep with the oil on. When I wake up I wash it (just shampoo, no conditioner since the oil conditioned it already) but I do have to warn you though, that castor oil is really thick so I use this to take it all out:

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

(Also helps with hair growth, since it helps blood circulation on your scalp)

I also take biotin and collagen, (collagen mostly for my skin) and brush it every night before bed, and avoid as much as I can heating tools.

You also wanna take a good look at which shampoo and conditioner you’re using, in the long run, it’s better to spend a few more bucks and get a better quality haircare kit.

u/KareBexar · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

As a reminder shampoo is to clean your scalp. Any run off from your scalp is enough to clean the lengths of your hair. I also use a shampoo brush like the other comment mentions and this definitely help me to feel like I was getting the job done with the lack of suds.

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

u/lurkface · 3 pointsr/NoPoo

Hi- I have similar issues with my scalp. I have found that THIS STUFF works really well. I shampoo with it about 1x week, the rest of the time I'm water only. I use THIS THING daily to help massage my scalp and remove any debris.

u/HyperbolDee · 3 pointsr/curlygirl

I bought this scalp massager on Amazon for less than $7. When I get flaky, I use this in the shower to loosen things up or really make sure that my shampoo/cowash/whatever is reeeally getting in there.

I will also add that a month or two into CGM, my scalp got super flaky and I almost gave up, but I stuck with it and it went away. Just a few weeks ago, I started getting dry and flaky again, and now I know it’s probably more likely to be environmental than CGM-related. Just a thought!

u/PrincipleSpittle · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

this is totally anecdotal, but in the past couple of months I've been using a shampoo brush and I swear that thing has made my hair grow much faster than normal.

u/zanyzanne · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

A "shampoo brush" cured my scalp condition I've had for years. This one. I have 3b-3c, so I use it while co-washing in a straight line pattern (circular motion would cause tangles.) I co-wash the top, rake it front to back, then flip my hair and co-wash the nape, raking the shampoo brush from nape to crown. I also use it a bit while I'm rinsing. Cured a very bad scalp (with open sores/ scale/ horrible itching& burning) within weeks of purchase.

u/ambyance · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/flat_beer · 3 pointsr/malehairadvice

yep. Don't use gel. Use a wax.
This stuff is miles away better than Crew Fiber product.

u/guyfromschool · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've tried lots of things like what you're looking for and a lot can come down to genetics. I like a low shine, medium hold and matte finish. I've been using TIGI Bed Head for the last few weeks and I like the texture and hold I get from it and it doesn't break the bank

u/tapeface · 3 pointsr/malehairadvice

I use this stuff which has a strong hold and no shine. It is cheap and available on Amazon Prime which I dig. Not sure about the UK, but check it out.

u/LetThePinsBegin · 3 pointsr/steroids

Have you only used norzal (however it's spelt)?

If so know that there are other keto shampoos which are far less harsh and contain stuff to make your hair overall healthier.

REGENEPURE - DR Shampoo, Hair and Scalp Treatment, Supports Hair Growth, 8 ounces

This feels way different in the hair and had three same keto. Worth a shot.

u/treelets · 3 pointsr/AsianBeauty

  • Usually I have a hair oil blend massaged into my scalp and left there for 2-3 hours before I shower. It's a mix of castor oil, grapeseed oil, rosemary, lavender, cedarwood, and thyme essential oils. Once a week I skip that and instead do an all-over hair mask with coconut oil, neem oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil.

  • First I gently use a dry brush, all over, before getting into the shower.

  • I use Pura d'Or shampoo or Regenepure shampoo every other day. Otherwise I just massage my scalp gently with warm water. I have short hair and use hair oils, so I don't use conditioner.

  • I use Acure Organics Coconut Pumpkin Body Wash (I like all their body washes) if I'm feeling dirty, otherwise mainly just a konjac sponge and water, or I scrub my shins, feet, etc with a Salux cloth. I use zinc soap on my upper arms, shoulder blades, and upper chest. I used to use CeraVe Foaming Cleanser as a body wash but now I just use it as a hand soap.

  • Out of the shower I use Acure Organics Cocoa Butter + CoQ10 Ultra-hydrating Unscented Body Lotion and Andalou Naturals Lavender Shea Hand Cream though I'm not particularly loyal when it comes to body moisturizers.

  • Once a week I use Japanese bath salts for relaxing in the tub. Once every three months or so I use Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peel.

    As you can see, there's an absence of Asian beauty products simply because I'm on a "naturally-derived" kick again and when it comes to body stuff I like it to be inexpensive and easily accessible. All the Acure Organics and Andalou Naturals stuff I get I can buy at a local grocery store. Special stuff like bath salts or treatments I like to order since Japanese bath salts are always the best.
u/Bot_Metric · 3 pointsr/malehairadvice

Thanks! Asked for a 2 on the sides, blend the back upwards starting at 2 on the bottom, and I think the top is around 7.6 - 12.7 centimeters. My hair is super straight naturally. For styling, I towel dry, add heat protection, blow dry everything downwards, curl / wave hair with flat iron, work this stuff in, and finally comb it up into the direction I want. This method is pretty lightweight and doesn't make my hair greasy with product but it may damage your hair over time.


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u/makeitorleafit · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

Ooh! For a comfy bun- Goody makes these spin pins that have saved my life! I love the shorter ones cause my hair is thin and makes a tiny bun.

u/cheshire06898 · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have long (boob length), wavy hair that is thick, but the individual hairs are fine (i just have a lot of them).I find for my hair if I wear it up, I need a quick mist of hair spray or sea salt spray to give my hair some tack so it doesn't just slip out. I have also found that these spin pins are fantastic for really anchoring down a bun to your head. I also like styles like this that look complicated, but really hold all of the hair together and stays in place (I use the spin pins to anchor down this style as well).

u/SlamielTosh · 3 pointsr/femalehairadvice

My hair is similar to yours, and about 7 months ago I got really tiered if my go to dos "down and natural," messy bun," and "sleek sock bun." I also got really tired of every morning trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my hair, so I decided to have a hair "uniform." Every work day my hair is the exact same.

I part to the left (always have), twist the right side (bangs) into kind of of a Dutch twist and bring that back to a low ponytail behind/below my right ear. For the left side I just smooth it back and join it in to the low pony.

From here I'll braid the pony tail and roll it up into a bun and secure with a spin pin

This works for me as a simple, quick, everyday, professional look. I felt like my hair was too long for the look I wanted to present professionally and made me look much younger than I am so an updo was my best option.

I do also love a sleek sock bun

Good luck!

u/SaltyBabe · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I have the worlds finest hair. 5 minutes in a pony tail and its like I've got a permanent line in my hair until I wash it even though it won't hold a curl to save my life.

Use this. It says use two for a bun, my hair is so fine I can use one even though my hair is so long it goes to the small of my back. If you put some product in it and do a spiral bun while its damp it actually looks really sexy when you take it down after its dried. Typically I can go 4-5 hours with out adjusting the pin but if you use two they lock each other in place, I just can't fit them both in my bun.

They're worth 10x their weight in gold, buy some and try it out. It took me a while to figure out just how to get them to work for me but it was beyond worth it. They're my go to hair tie when I need to go out and about. Won't work for sports/working out or sleeping unfortunately.

u/cup-o-farts · 3 pointsr/beards

I'd say first take a military style brush to it, something like this. Something with stiff bristles. See if you can tame it a little with that and some oil.

If it doesn't help I might go ahead and trim the cheeks a little but the rest looks ok and will probably look better with a little more growth.

u/Retsejme · 3 pointsr/AskTrollX

Leave a note in his stocking telling him to look behind the ice, behind the ice have a small bottle of his fav alcohol and a note that tells him to look on top of the blue cabinet. On the blue cabinet have a beard brush and a note telling him to go to the next place. Alternate between bottles and presents. The last note tells him to look on the couch, where you give him a kiss and a short shoulder massage.

small gifts:
any kind of multi-tool knife thingy
flashlight for keychain/glove box
portable battery

u/thatsjustdandy1 · 3 pointsr/beards

It does make a difference. It helps keep the follicles moisturized, preventing your beard from getting dry and brittle, but also keeps your beard soft and more manageable. The different scents they come in are very pleasant as well.

Along with combs, I use these daily, you'll want a good boars hair brush to evenly distribute the oil and also to exfoliate the skin underneath the beard to avoid any dry skin or dandruff.

I started using oil about the 1 month mark and I'm now almost to 5 months in. I've used oil every single day since. Hope that helps get you started at least.

u/Adrianm18 · 3 pointsr/malegrooming
u/hihochopsuey · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I was like you at one point and had a buzz cut, but I changed hair hairstyles about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. Currently, I tell my barber a number 2 fade on the sides and a combover on top about 2-3 inches long. before and after. I use Suavecito as it is water soluble and smells amazing. There hasn't been a problem and my hair is also thick. The secret is to use a comb and hairdryer to style it. I like to think that this hairstyle has given me a more professional look as I have entered the work force.

u/JustAddCumin · 3 pointsr/OkCupid

This do is fashionable, simple, and not locked to having undercut sides or a hard part, both of which might end in regret. Surf men's straight hair pics and take one to a reputable barber. With straight hair, you'll want to invest in some pomade. Suavecito smells amazing and is water soluble.

u/turtlehana · 3 pointsr/FancyFollicles
u/Koala-Girl · 3 pointsr/MtF

I ordered it here:

It's pretty long, so I got it trimmed by my new favorite stylist :)

u/Minyatur · 3 pointsr/PCOS

I am sorry for the long comment, this post speaks so much to me with my previous struggles! I have psoriasis (not sure if my scalp issue is what one redditor mentioned above), and always had flaky scalp issues.

My scalp got really bad last year, where I could peel off quarter size or larger pieces off my scalp that were as thick as sheet masks (gross, I know... The itch was even worst.😢 I was ridiculously self conscious everyday ).

I switch from Pantene, head and shoulder, aveeno, and a psoriasis shampoo (yuck!). I didnt get much relief until I tried [Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo] ( and started to see change half way through the bottle. I am pretty much dandruff free now! With an occasional issue of oily scalp (that I had before). I am not really sure if it's a short term effect, so I am a bit weary of changing shampoos now. :/

u/Bzttid · 3 pointsr/transpassing

Google it, then.

(A) Nothing, I'm not trying to attack you or anything. You asked for brutal honesty and it just doesn't help you when you're trying to pass with makeup.

(B) Moisturizer isn't going to matte your face throughout the day over your makeup. By itself maybe, but still.

Again, just CC, look how you want.

This is a bit heavy but it's your preference.

You aren't a guy, you're a girl. Literally, right now as much as you may not feel it, your hormones have made you biologically female. Also, it will be a very healthy exercise in moving past the concern of what people think of you.

After you shower, when you're getting ready, and whenever it's tangled. I don't know, just brush it? Run the comb through your hair until you don't feel resistance? Again, google it, it's something that I've been doing since a very young age so it's a bit hard to explain. It will make your hair softer, healthier, promote growth, and train it to go a certain direction rather than just going everywhere. Don't yank clumps, hold your hair between your scalp and the tangled hair and brush through. Also, go look for some sort of frizz control or detangler hair stuff. Also, conditioning will help. Price is one factor, and people's reviews are another. There is an absurd amount of info on the internet: google it. And also, Head and Shoulders is junk. If you have a problem with dandruff consider using Nizoral two times a week.

To me, it sounds like the self hatred talking. See someone, express this. You need to get past it. If anything is poisoning your mind it's yourself.

Well, if you feel like you look weird with makeup then maybe you need to take a step back and understand that what you're doing isn't working and you need to change something. Not all makeup products are equal. You need to get better stuff that fits you.

Well, you need to. And it's not even a "guy" thing to not care about skin, it's just an uninformed thing. You need to care about at least your skin and your hair. It's part of basic care for yourself. If you don't take care of your skin you get cancer, and if you don't take care of your hair it'll become matted and damaged. I get the exhaustion part, that could be a number of things. I'll reference a few of them in the next few lines.

  • First off, what's your diet like? Diet will affect EVERYTHING. Food is fuel, and if your fuel is shit, your engine is gonna run like shit. Make sure you're eating veggies, fruits, and healthy proteins. Avoid processed food like the plague. This could also potentially help your energy levels as when I used to eat like shit I felt tired ALL the time.

  • Second, do you take any vitamins? I would personally look at a good multivitamin. Go to your nearest health food store and ask for a good multivitamin (without potassium obv). Also, I would personally suggest a B-complex, which will help massively with energy and with mood. A few other good ones would be C, E, fish oil capsules (omega-3s), and biotin.

  • Third, wash your face with cleanser once a day (usually at night) and with cold water in the morning.

  • Fourth, moisturize your skin twice a day, morning and evening, after you wash your face.

  • Fifth, physically exfoliate two to three times a week instead of your night time routine, or (not and) chemically exfoliate according to the chemical exfoliants directions. ( will formulate a custom chemical exfoliant for 20$ a month, works pretty good, is what I use)

  • Lastly, get some skin masks. I love Korean sheet masks for how fun they are. Skin masks are healthy and make your skin look glow-y, but most of all it makes me feel girly and it's fun!

    Hair dryers are cheaaaap, and your hair would benefit from one. You could probably get one for almost nothing at a goodwill nearby. Head and shoulders, like I said before, is bad. All sorts of drying components to it, just not great. Like I said before, I use nizoral because if I didn't I would have an insane dandruff problem (due to serrb derm), I'd suggest it if you do have flakes, if you don't get something good and suggested by the curly hair sub I linked earlier.

    Well, I can't say much there if you don't like it.
u/HexokinaseIV · 3 pointsr/tressless


  1. 30x 1mg Fin: $13 @ Costco
  2. 1 Month Supply of Minoxidil: $6.80
  3. 7oz 1% Nizoral: $14.10
  4. 60 Day supply Biotin: $5.82

    Comes out to just under $40

    For finasteride, you can get it even cheaper by getting the 5mg tablet and splitting it into 4ths.

    Also buy a 12 month supply of minoxidil and it's even cheaper in the long run.

    For Niz, I have a prescription for the 2% and it's only $4 for a 1 month supply.

    You also really don't need the Biotin gummies. Maybe just take a multivitamin to ensure you meet your daily intake in case that's a concern.
u/HugeRichard11 · 3 pointsr/starterpacks

Could be one of the ingredients you don't respond well to it since they do add a bunch of other components to the formula. Anyways, best I can say is try Ketoconazole 2% which is prescription strength and requires you to go to your doctor. If you have insurance though they might cover the cost of the prescription for you, so it might actually save you money from having to buy shampoos yourself. It also comes in a lower strength over-the-counter in 1% where you can find it on Amazon it seems. Brand name Nizoral, but uses the ingredient Ketoconazole same as the prescription just lower strength.

u/aquajack6 · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

The only one I've tried is Selsun Blue, but a lot of people really love the Nizoral. It's hard for me to say which one would be best for you. Here's the amazon links:

So I don't know if there's any truth to this, but I have this theory that hair adapts or gets used to the shampoo I use. I like switching up the active ingredients in the shampoo. Hopefully that will help you. There's a chance you might have dry scalp, doing an oil treatment with tea tree oil might help. I've used this cheap one at Walmart before You could try buying tea tree oil and diluting it in a carrier oil. Some people swear by diluting Apple Cider Vinegar, and putting it in a spray bottle and using it on the scalp.

u/Cpt_Burrito · 3 pointsr/pics

I had bad dandruff for a long time. Head and shoulders, T-Gel etc did nothing to help. I tried every fad strategy, including rinse-only. I saw a doc about it too but none of her recommendations did anything. I figured I was just doomed.

Then I tried out Nizoral and BOOM, literally 0 dandruff since I started using it a few times a month. It's straight up a life-changer.

u/Aria77001 · 3 pointsr/PCOS

It's a fungal infection, the hair focilles become inflamed(yep, all thanks to hormones). You need something like nizoral(Ketoconazole shampoo).
It only works because of ketoconazole(it kills the fungus) so other dandruff shampoos will not work.
It should disappear fairly quickly if you use the shampoo regularly

u/Anovan · 3 pointsr/HaircareScience

He should see a doctor, it sounds like seborrheic dermatitis to me. He can try nizoral shampoo with no other products following (like conditioner), let it sit on the scalp for a minute or two per use. Here’s a link to get it off amazon.

u/Skizzy_Mars · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've found the Tigi Bed Head Matte Seperation Wax works really well for me, siginicantly better than American Crew Fiber.

u/eluss · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

I'm using some hair wax. I think it's this one.

u/eeeeebola · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Axe doesn't usually have the best styling products. If you're willing to pay a little more for really good quality products then Layrite will last a long time since it doesn't really take a lot for the hold of their products to kick in. I've used their clay in the past before switching to their pomades and it held very well and finished with a matte look.

If it's out of the budget then I recommend an inexpensive wax such as bedhead although the finish won't be as clean as Layrite, it will still have a matte-ish look and you most likely will have to use a blowdryer to get your hair up using the wax due to its low hold. Best of luck to you.

u/DrMcDreamy15 · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

BedHead Matte Separation is made for exactly that

u/TrendiestTrends · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

First picture is me, if that wasn't clear.

Here are a few more pictures of my hair at different lengths/angles. I feel like the main reason I haven't been able to achieve something like the other pictures is because my hair's fairly fine.

I've tried a variety of products, including bedhead wax, american crew fiber, mousse, hair spray, and sea salt spray. The wax and fiber leave my hair feeling like a sticky and greasy mess so I don't use them often, and the hair spray makes it look really dry and stringy.

I've had the most success with a mixture of mousse and sea salt spray, but I still haven't been able to replicate the looks of the pictures I posted.

My hair always tends to end up in more or less the same shape (as you can see from the pictures) after blowdrying.

I've tried parting it the other way, but it usually ends up looking really messy and uncontrollable, although I haven't experimented with it much.

Going nopoo has helped, but I'm still a ways away from my "perfect hair". I feel like I've tried everything and am wondering if it's even possible.

u/fiobot · 2 pointsr/butchlesbians

Mousse(tresume 24 hour body) and heat protectant. Blow it dry and up with a vented brush.

Tigi Bed Head Matte Workable Wax and then light hairspray. link to wax

The wax is the main thing where the specific product matters most.

u/Vaub · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I personally use this. Much better hold than American Crew and lets you mold very well.

u/blatopilot · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Get something matte. In other words, no where on the package should it say "shine".

I like this one, there are many others:

u/Sabored · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I have the same problem. This stuff changed my life.

u/unclejam79 · 2 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse

it's been thick all my life but i put this in it sometimes

u/Kalikoenig · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

I'm using this:

Took a while to find one that works for me, but this one is great. Has a great hold while not being too firm. I only put it in a couple of days a week. The rest, I simply shower, then put a brush through it and it still holds pretty well.

u/zazz · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

I've been looking into trying Ketoconazole in shampoo form, often under brands such as Nizoral or Regenepure. While an anti-fungal prescribed mainly for dandruff, it has been shown to be as effective as Minoxidil in some people. You can get the 1% without a perscription and I don't think there are harsh side effects, aside from possible shedding a lot of hair initially. Take this information with a grain of salt as I haven't tried it yet.

u/empyblessing · 2 pointsr/RedPillWomen

Just wanted to add this link. It's for THE BEST shampoo to prevent hair loss if your problem continues.

u/IttyBittyTitties · 2 pointsr/Health

I don't have insurance so dealing with similar issues (the oily amber colored scabs and problems on my face) I've tried a lot of things. This helped me more than anything else:

No promises or anything, but I thought I would share, :).

u/GabberMate · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

I like how they included the volumising powder (L'Oreal Super Dust), a much over-looked product. I swear by it for fuller-looking hair at near-30-years of age, and the hold all day is awesome. I don't use the L'Oreal kind, but American Crew makes a powder (albeit, very expensive for what you get), and we also have this here in the States. Volumising powder also helps reduce and eliminate shine from other products, depending on amount applied. You can't tell the powder is there once it's rubbed or brushed lightly through with fingers. Takes a brush well and is easy to restyle, just push in a different direction, stuff is magic.

u/IntriguedDude · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

I used to style my hair like the way your attempting. I would blow dry it right when I got out of the shower. Blow drying it all backwards while running my fingers though my hair. Once I was done blow drying, I would use Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair , applying it to the roots throughout and running my fingers through. This doesn't make your hair greasy and you won't have to wash your hands when your done. Takes a good 10-15 minutes to get it all right. Good luck.

Edit: fixed link

u/Littlemissmee · 2 pointsr/MultipleSclerosis

Have you ever tried using a powdered wax for your braids? This is the only thing that will keep mine in place, I have long find hair as well. I use SEXYHAIR Big Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder, 0.53 fl. oz.

u/GaelicforFailure · 2 pointsr/blogsnark

Same type of hair here. It's the worst name ever but - Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. I prefer it to dry shampoo. It's a powder that you sprinkle on your roots to make it more...grippy(?) and it gives a lot of volume.

u/hpsterscum · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

Sorry I am just seeing this! I use spin pins - you can twist up your hair in a bun and then screw in these pins, which are very secure! I never learned the bun-with-elastic technique. My buns look deformed when I do that.

u/fiddlinaround · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I did some googling and found "spin pins" recommended for non-achy buns, so that might be something to try out.

u/CuddleBug413 · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

I have long, super thick hair (and I'm half-black, so I have that whole thing going on, too) and Spin Pins are basically the best thing EVER. One of them will keep my hair up all day. Two of them will keep it from moving even an inch. You should check them out.

u/BujuBad · 2 pointsr/longhair

Try a Goody simple styles pin. My hair can't hold a bun without them! Maybe try two low braid buns to reduce the weight at the base of your neck?

u/lilyofyosemite · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

> I kind of worry about kinks from pinning it, but it's definitely worth a shot!

Have you tried using a spin pin? I put wet hair in a bun with one of those pins all the time and I don't get kinks, just very gently wavy hair from it being twisted. I can imagine it working well if you put it in a bun on top of your head before bed.

u/funky_fresh_kicks · 2 pointsr/femalehairadvice

SPIN PINS. They are the miracle you've been waiting for. I have mid-length thin hair, but they were recommended to me by a former coworker with the waist length, thick beautiful hair. All you do is swirl your hair into a bun and then 'screw' the twisted bobby pin through the bun. IT took me a couple times to figure out how to get a tight hold, but once you figure that out you are gold! And the best part is that when I put my hair up when its a bit wet, I have the most beautiful wavy curls when I take it down later!

The Goody brand pins are great, but expensive for how many pins you get. I only need one with my shorter, thin hair but my friend definitely used two for a stable bun. I've also bought these off-brand pins which are exactly the same thing for way less. I bought those in a gold metallic color and I haven't noticed any chipping or other aging marks on the metallic paint.

Do yourself a favor and try them out. I promise you they are magic!

u/bonaroo · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Get spin pins:

After showering, flip your head upside down and gather up hair on the top of your head like you're doing a ponytail. Start twisting hair around until it gently coils up on itself. Secure with spin pins into a bun smack on top of your head. Remove in morning to fluffy hair goodness.

u/AngelicXia · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

These things. I love them. Of course, right now I can't find any of mine, but…

u/glissader · 2 pointsr/beards

I just got a kent tiny mustache comb, which is awesome, but for getting unruly hairs to lay down boars brush is the way to go. This one works really well for distributing oil

u/von_sip · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Boar bristle brush

It's stiff enough to remove lint, but not hard enough to damage your coat.

u/se7endust1 · 2 pointsr/beards


Something like this

The balms seemed to add a nice shine when under 1", but noticed it did more bad than good.

Yep, probably half hour after the shower. Is when I took that last night. It looks similar after sleeping on it and a 10 hour day at work... probably be okay if I kept a brush with me!

u/Rotten_Chester · 2 pointsr/beards

I had this exact same problem, where my skin would get super dry whenever I grew my beard out for more than a couple of weeks. Beardruff like you wouldn't believe. So i usually would keep it pretty trimmed, that seemed to help. But about 2 months ago I decided I would give it a full-effort try. Same issue, super dry skin. Using dandruff shampoo on it kept the beardruff down but the skin was still really dry and itchy. I was about to trim it down again but then some random post brought me to /r/beards and I did some reading here. I decided to try some beard-specific products and a good brush. I ended up with Honest Amish beard balm ( and a generic boars-hair brush ( and my beard has never been better. Beardruff? Gone! Itchiness? Gone! I give my beard a good rinse every shower and wash it with shampoo two or three times a week and then brush this stuff in afterwards and its never felt better. Seriously, worth every penny.

u/Haikuyori · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Personally I use a brush vs a comb, it feels great on my skin as it relieves itchiness, straightens the beard and evenly distributes my beard oil, I never enjoyed using a comb. I bought some "nice" brush online and the bristles are way to hard and irritate my skin, until I found my perfect pride and joy, with soft bristles that pleasurably caress my beard, plus it's cheap! here

u/lonestarfisherman · 2 pointsr/beards

I use a boar hair brush with a little beard balm on it. When showering, make sure you don't use any harsh soaps/shampoos that will dry out your beard.

u/majorjunk0 · 2 pointsr/beards

Since we're talking about beard balms/oils. Give this a try, it's got a sandalwood-ish smell (some say licorice but i don't get that too much) and does wonders. I use this brush to work in the conditioner and get compliments on the feel of my beard and it removes flaky skin.

I will say OP has a nice setup, I'm just sharing what I use and like.

u/WILLYOUSTFU · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I bought the different oils separately and put it in an amber dropper bottle. I mixed the argan oil, jojoba oil, and lemongrass oil in a 20:20:1 ratio. The lemongrass is more of just a scent than a functional oil (it's very strong), so you might replace it with some other aromatic oil like tea tree, eucalyptus, or cinnamon oil depending on your SOs preference. I hope you and your SO like it! You might google around for other recipes, but argan and jojoba will make up the bulk of most recipes.

edit: and this is the brush I got, it works great

u/Rizak · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

A lot of people are recommending American Crew Fiber. I don't. I've tried quite a few brands with very similar hair to yours and now I can part it successfully.

Crew is great but it's a hassle to work into your hair and it's not going to play well with water, at least not as good as Suavecito. Sauvecito doesn't offer as strong of a hold but the plus sides are that it's easier to apply and it's water friendly. The water friendly part is the most important factor if you want your hair to be malleable.

Wash your hands, work the excess water from your hands through your hair. Make sure it's wet but not dripping. Get it as close to your desired hairstyle as possible with ONLY water and a comb

Then work some product into your left palm with the fingertips of your right hand. Use the fingertips for small tough to work areas (ie. the crease) and your palm for the large areas (ie. front and sides).

The water will dry slowly, only leaving behind the product. After a while your hair will be much more obedient :)

u/HolySheed · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I usually use Suavecito because it's water-based with not much of a gloss/greasy look to it once it's settled. But on days where I don't want such a strong hold and a more natural look I go with Clubman.

u/jtmac6 · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

I also have very thick hair. I'm not sure if it's quite on your level, but it's close.

First, I'd recommend that you trim everything down a bit. I find that my hair is often more manageable when it's shorter. I do a 1-2 on the back and sides, faded up to a 5-6 on top, and I tell them to use scissors on the front leaving it a little longer than the rest. Longer means that you have more to work with for styling, but too long gets unruly.

After you get things trimmed, I'd recommend watching this video for styling tips. They do a lot of cool stuff with a wide range of hair types.

I've been successful using some of their techniques for a few months now. Don't be afraid to use a blow dryer!

As for products, currently I use:

  1. Old Spice Cruise Control -

  2. Sauvecito -

    Cruise control is pretty good. You could probably find a lot of similar products out there, but I find that it gives me a nice amount of hold, texture and shine, without being overly heavy. I usually use this first, and then use Sauvecito to really make my hair bend to my will.

    Sauvecito is an amazing product. It changed my life. I've used a ton of different products over the years in the attempt to tame my hair. Most gels, pomades, creams, etc. are all the nearly the same and they all suck. This doesn't. It literally holds like glue, but it's also very lightweight. It also lasts quite a long time because you don't (and shouldn't) need to use a lot of it. You just need to coat your fingers and sort of push it into your hair. I think of it as a sort of container product. I try to use water, light hair spray, blow dryer, and Cruise Control to about 80% of the work towards molding my hair to a certain shape and then I lock it in by using Sauvecito on the outside.

    Anyway, I hope this helps.

u/SthrnGal · 2 pointsr/Wigs

That looks really nice on you! I suggest pulling it down a little more. It should sit at the top of your pointer finger if you put your pinky finger at the bridge of your nose.

Have you tried it with a wig grip? I find I feel more comfortable and secure when I wear a wig grip under my wigs. They are pretty cheap on Amazon. Search on YouTube on how to make a wig smaller/tighter. There are lots of tutorials that show you how to make them feel more secure.

Also, Amazon has some really nice, inexpensive wigs. I have an "It's a Wig" Konis or Justine that's really nice for $30.

This one looks similar to your picture and has good reviews.

u/xheiditvx · 2 pointsr/DragQueens

preference. I saw that my synthetic wigs/hair would always tangle, even after cleaning/shampooing them.

I usually buy from amazon off

it's good for the first month...then it soon goes down hill from there(heat,tangle,etc).

u/Cephalopodic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congratulations on all the good things! Wasting time on Reddit is good, right? ;)


u/awkwardlittleturtle · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

142 rubber bands

You could buy 142 wigs, and then give them all ponytails! ;)

u/pokeaotic · 2 pointsr/MtF
u/SloanTheSloth · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

I had two. The first one was super long and curly can be found Here

The second one was a shorter, but just as curly. Can be found here

They are cheap. So they didn't look too real, but that may be because I was used to seeing my colored hair. I'll post some pics in a minute.

Alright, here are some pics. With a few added bonuses of some coworkers wearing the long one and looking like terrible drag queens.

u/luckykarma83 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That's really bs, why do people have to be so damn rude? I hope this cheers you up. Here's my item!

u/drowgirl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have plenty of things under $5. Pretty nail gems or pretty peacock hair clip or pretty masks... whatever strikes your fancy, really.

u/claire22bahr · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How Can you not love these?

Peacock Hair Clip

What about Adelynn?

u/noodleparty · 2 pointsr/Dermatology

Nope! You can find it at a local drug store like cvs or Walgreens in the shampoo dandruf section or on amazon

As for the bra - you can totally wear one but once you do the first treatment make sure you are wearing clean bras after that. Fungal stuff is hard to get rid of 100%. But just wash everything in some hot water until the skin is clear again. Once it’s clear you can be a little more relaxed and just use the nizoral as a body wash every other day or whatever.

u/claramill · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I'm sorry you're struggling with this, I know how embarrassing it can be to have flakes and itchiness and be generally miserable about your scalp. :( I'd definitely take the advice of everyone else and ask about psoriasis, though I don't personally have any experience with the condition.

I moved to Texas about a year ago and the change in climate wrecked my scalp; I was flaking and itching constantly and it was beyond embarrassing. On this sub's recommendation I tried Nizoral A-D and saw a drastic improvement after the first wash. It's not too pricey as well. Good luck finding something that works and don't give up!

u/pizza_and_garbage · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

>On to your questions!

>1) Nizoral is the bomb! I have scalp issues too-- my scalp gets super greasy, and I have eczema. Grease + sweat and dirt and debris = major issues with scalp eczema. If you want to pick it up at a store local to you, I find it's usually in the Beauty section. It's the only shampoo that's helped with my scalp issues, and the one sulfate in it is low on the list.

That's a pretty ringing endorsement. Okay then!

>If you want to totally ditch sulfates

I've never heard of sulfates until now. I'm not bothered by them.

>2) You can dry your hair with an old t-shirt (the softer it is, the more absorbent it seems, to me). You can scrunch your hair with the towel, and Curly Penny gives a pretty decent demo of this. You can also use a hair dryer, and the general consensus seems to be: use a finger diffuser (also called a bowl diffuser), use low speed/air, and low-medium heat and don't dry all the way with a blow dryer.

Okay then. I'll have to look into that. Thank you.

>You can also use a microfiber towel (the ones in the automotive section are cheaper, although they're smaller).

Good to know!

>3) A lot of people swear by using a wide-tooth comb, with their head upside down, in the shower, with their hair full of conditioner.

Another question about conditioner: How do I apply it, anyway? Does it get rubbed into the scalp like shampoo, or just sort of slathered onto the ends of the hair? I remember reading on Reddit in another thread "Shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for the hair."

>You can also just comb your hair in the shower with your fingers and your conditioner-- I like using a comb better because it feels more effective, to me.

>The other reason we don't comb after showering

Okay, so...combing in the shower is okay with the conditioner, but combing after isn't?

>I think this stuff is hard, and a lot of us just don't get good info on hair or skincare. Good luck to you.

Thanks. I'm kind of intimidated. Part of me want to get a crewcut again and be done with it...:P.

EDIT: Is that why the downvotes? My dumb joke?

u/dc041894 · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Visit /r/tressless and do some research. The "big 3 for hairloss are Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Nizoral. Keep in mind some people respond better to these than others so your results will vary. If you want a temporary coverup, use a concealer like Toppik or Cabooki

u/gooseandteets · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

A few things that worked for me.

  1. Get a scalp massager . I got this one on Amazon and I use it with my shampoo.

  2. Buy Nizoral and use every few days.

    3: Always blow dry your hair and never go to bed with a wet scalp.

    Doing this combination helped me and I no longer have any flakes! Good luck!
u/tonufan · 2 pointsr/eczema

It depends. They have different antifungals. Some infections are weaker to certain antifungals than others. Nizoral Shampoo with Ketoconazole 1% is one of the best ones you can get for most fungal infections.

u/EvolveFX · 2 pointsr/Supplements

I've only used the Nizoral branded one. I think it is the most commonly suggested since it was one of the first. You can find it on Amazon and I think I've seen it at places such as Walmart as well. I alternative between my normal shampoo and this one.

u/lilyliveredhappy · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Nizoral has worked very well for me.

Its a little pricey for the small amount, but a little goes a long way

u/MUZZYGRANDE · 2 pointsr/tressless
u/Purpleandbrown · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

> I have this same thing. I used to have a bald patch at the back of my head but it eventually grew back. It's completely normal now.

Just for clarity you excessively scratched the crown of the scalp for a year or two (?) but eventually grew back? Hopefully that patch behind your ear grows back like your scalp did though.

> What kind of oils helped you, if you don't mind my asking?

For sure! The oil I use is called fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% topical oil. Additionally I was prescribed ketoconazole 2% shampoo. I don't use the shampoo anymore as it was only prescribed to be used 2 times a week for 4 weeks. My scalp still doesn't itch as much even without the ketoconazole. Also, the ketoconazole I was prescribed is Nizoral AntiDandruff Shampoo but 2x stronger.

u/rbusiness · 2 pointsr/FierceFlow

I had the same issue last winter. I tried coconut oil and showering with cold water and showering less often, but nothing seemed to help much. Then I just started using head and shoulders and it helped a lot. I was still having some issues so I got this shampoo that has a different active ingredient than head and shoulders:

I use it maybe three times a week and don't have itchy scalp anymore. While going for an all natural solution is nice, I found this to be way easier and more effective. Good luck hope this helped.

u/imlookinup · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

Looks like something I had under my breasts a while back. I think it was a fungal infection...possibly yeast? Things do get sweaty and moist in those regions.

It was flat and did not feel itchy. It seemed to spread slightly, but very slowly.

I used a ketoconazole shampoo (specifically Nizoral) on the area. I lathered up the shampoo, rubbed it in the affected area and let it set for a couple minutes before rinsing it off.

I think I did this three days in a row before it went away completely never to return again. Before treatment the “rash” had been there for months, so I’m pretty sure that’s what cured it.

Best of luck.

Edit: Shoot. Sorry I’m not a doc. Forgot what sub I was on.

u/little_chopper · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

So, you use no product, and you hair just looks like that? Very nice. Also, for you dandruff, may I suggest the AMAZING product, Nizoral.

u/albusrhino · 2 pointsr/Steroidsourcetalk

Is that stronger than the stuff I'm buying on amazon for $9.50?

u/Pikupstyks · 2 pointsr/beards

American Crew Fiber and some hair spray.

u/incubus512 · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Not sure where you are buying your American Crew, but this will have to be free if its $10 cheaper than it is on Amazon.

u/boolean_sledgehammer · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Simple old American Crew Fiber will work for most hairstyles and hair types.

u/SINK_RATE_PULL_UP · 2 pointsr/AskUK

I'm a fan of American Crew Fiber.

You only need to use a little bit & it lasts for ages.

u/JaxxedUp · 2 pointsr/manbuns

The itch is usually from going cold turkey, gotta find a shampoo bar and slowly transition, I don't think I'll ever be water only but I'm close! Get a shampoo bar from here I'd recommend the butter bar conditioner shampoo bar and then one of their conditioner creams as a conditioner. I also highly recommend their body soap especially the honey butter. Give it another shot and dive in and stick to it! Experiment a little cause what works for me may not work best for you! I've also been recommended this before

u/shizade · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have had the best results with sulphur based products. Currently, I'm using [Jason's Dandruff Relief](JASON Natural Cosmetics Dandruff Relief Shampoo, Rosemary, Olive and Jojoba, 12 Ounces

u/stitchedsoles · 2 pointsr/onebag

I've tried a bunch of different stuff and what finally helped was Jason's dandruff relief. I just needed the treatment without sulfates it silicones. I just fill a small travel size container with it.

After that I follow my shower with a bit of Argan oil on my scalp and in my hair.

u/wolf-boy · 2 pointsr/ftm

I use natural dandruff shampoo (no parabens or lauryl sulfates, blahblahblah) by Jason. It has curbed my dandruff very well but I never really had rashes, just flakes.

If your hair/scalp is particularly dry, however, I really would recommend coconut oil. Just slather it right into your hair until it saturates down to your scalp and let it sit for a while to condition, then rinse it out as best as you can. I usually end up shampooing afterward, but in your case it might be best if you didn't until a day later or whatever so it can really soak in.

Apple cider vinegar is great stuff. If you're using it externally only, I would actually recommend drinking it a little bit every day as well! Could help from the inside out.

u/Aleysia · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I don't have SD (at least, I don't think I do), but I've been using Jason's Dandruff shampoo and I've read that it's really good for SD as well. I've found it helpful for itchiness/dandruff at least.

It has SA, TTO, and sulfur in it, so do make sure to leave it in for a while to let it work, otherwise the sulfur smell sticks to your hair like glue. No idea why.

u/republican4 · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

I love this

u/Cash-Machine · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Never thought this would be a relevant product to link on FMF.

I use the longest comb [1"] for the top, and the shortest [1/8"] on the sides. 1" is probably a little shorter than I'd like it on top, but it's way faster than using a scissors and grows out to a length I like in about a week. It does help to have somebody on hand to straighten out the back, but you can get by on your own with enough time and practice.

And I linked that one for a reason. I've gone through a few, and this one is legit.

I realize that this isn't describing the cut you referenced, but I'm willing to bet you could benefit from one of these with your own style, OP.

It also bears mentioning that the 1/8" length makes facial hair look real nice, in my opinion.

u/Not-the-One · 2 pointsr/amazone

Agreed with the Wahl. Aside from that it just depends on how many attachments you're wanting.

20 piece - $17.99 multi-colored attachments

24 piece - $24.99

26 piece - $24.99 multi-colored attachments

27 piece - $24.89

u/unaccountad4 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I cut my own hair, have now for about a 2 years and a half. I have the cheap wahl color guide pair, its actually my second. My original became dog sheers, I have had no problems with either of them. If you can find someone to do it for you, good but your at least gonna have to have someone clean up the neckline. You can do it, but its gonna be a pain. I bought the #10(1 1/4") guide on amazon by itself as it didn't come with the kit) cause I like it longer on top. Watch some youtube videos to get the jest, your gonna mess up a few times. The worst that happens is you have to take it shorter so start long. The wahl one was only like 20 bucks maybe cheaper now.

u/mouschibequiet · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I use Wahl Color Pro

2 for the sides, 1.5 for a little lower on the sides, then 1 on the very bottom of the sides to taper it off at the bottom. I try and blend from the 2 going to the top of the head with the 3 and then for the whole top usually use a number 5.

My first go at it I went slow, but once you get the hang of it hair cuts are a breeze. I cut my hair once a week just so I never look like i need a hair cut. Im sure its not perfect but im 6'4 so if i ever make a mistake not to many people will notice anyway. SAVES A LOT OF MONEY.

u/dwalk51 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Sounds like OP has this:

which is coincidentally exactly what I have. Especially for the price, I find it to be quite satisfactory. Like others have said, it takes practice, but I think it's worth it in the long run.

u/AlanBeforeTime · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I want an early present!

u/just_some_old_man · 2 pointsr/Omaha

I cut my own hair, with something like this:

Some folks may look at me and think "Yeah, you look like you cut your own hair", but it looks fine to me.

So, if you are thinking of cutting most of it off anyway....give something similar to the above a try. Go with the largest cutting guard and work your way smaller as you get used to the look.

It's hair, it'll grow back unless you are going bald anyway.

u/mrchaotica · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Get a trimmer kit (I have this Wahl one) and it's relatively easy. If you want your hair somewhat longer, also get longer combs.

u/definitelynotaspy · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Get a trimmer with a long guard, I have this one which comes with a 1" guard, which should be long enough, but you can buy longer ones on Amazon. Then just go over your beard and it'll help even out the length overall, so it just looks generally nicer. You still get that big, thick beard effect but it's more presentable. Think more thick, less bushy.

Also trim up your neckline, but everyone else has already told you that much.

u/danger_one · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

Cheaper than a single haircut. Number 2 or 3 guard every couple of weeks or so and I haven't had a bad hair day since.

u/gerbilseverywhere · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but these are very good clippers

u/bretstar · 2 pointsr/Frugal

These are the best cheap clippers you can get. Way more sturdy and with a better motor than similarly priced brands.

u/loser-two-point-o · 2 pointsr/CutYourOwnHair

First of thanks your response.

What do you mean "zero gapped"?

What about this one?

u/RandallisAGay · 2 pointsr/beards

I use this:

Bought it about years ago and i use it about 2-4 times a month. Its a little tough around the mustache area but i resort to scissors. Best $20 evar!

u/annagorn · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I've been using that very model for two years—it's on sale on Amazon right now for US$20 link.

I keep my hair in a mohawk, so the sides are close (#1) and I trim the center with the longer guides and scissors. It works really well, and I'm saving at least $10-15 a month on haircuts—usually closer to 40, because female hair is somehow inherently more expensive to style. WHATEVS.

My boyfriend likes short back and sides, which we do by buzzing those parts (#3) and trimming the rest by hand. It's doable yourself with a hand mirror and practice, but you can ask a special friend to touch things up once in a while.

u/Probono_Bonobo · 2 pointsr/berkeley

Bearded guy here. I'm not averse to paying someone to groom me, if that person does a better job than I can. But I've had only bad experiences. Temescal Alley, where I've gotten great haircuts, once fucked my beard up so severely they didn't charge me for the haircut either. Fellow Barber once gave me a great haircut, then as she was trimming my beard, confessed she's only done this a few times before in her life. It showed!

My advice? Get a good-quality pair of clippers and do it yourself. This Wahl haircut kit is one of the best $20 I've ever spent. Comes with a million different guards, so you can choose the length that's right for you. Do that once a week for the dapper look.

u/yayspring · 2 pointsr/financialindependence

I do the same, though I have this Wahl version. Your version is also quite a bit less expensive on Amazon, for anyone who cares.

But yeah, I've been cutting my hair for over 10 years now. If you're a guy with short hair I think it's a no-brainer. Super easy, super fast, and cheap. Over 10 years this has definitely amounted to thousands of dollars, and also allows me to have a nice hair cut length all the time (rather than have a couple weeks where I'm like "ehh...I should make time for a cut soon").

u/thehoneytree · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I agree with /u/HisSelf. Wahl's clippers are relatively cheap and last awhile. I have this clipper set which is super nice, easy to clean, and it paid for itself after one use. You could even look into some of the more expensive versions, but Wahl's tends to be a good bet.

u/Pipes_of_Pan · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Something like this:

Just put a little on your fingers and make sure to work it through all of your hair, even the back. That way it looks even. Better to use too little than too much when you've got hair your length, IMHO.

u/AlGoreVidalSassoon · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Tons and tons of DEP. Nice and crispy, just like the ladies like it.

Or American Crew Forming Cream.

u/LaunchGap · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

possibly this. it gives a medium shine and medium hold. i know it's crew and i don't use crew except for this one. for max shine and hold, i'd use pomade, but i've stopped using pomade because it's hard to wash off and creates buildup.

u/Throwitawaysrsly · 2 pointsr/amiugly

Fuck the surgery thing, that's crazy talk. I would just recommend losing the earrings (if that's what they are). I had a very similar problem as you when I was in high school. I had longer, thick hair, but I needed to find something that didn't look over the top, but still looked decent.

The top picture was me in high school (i know the picture is funny, but I didn't have a social media account back then) and the bottom is what I currently do with my hair at 22.

I found a product called American Crew Forming Cream

I like it because it doesn't make your hair hard and you can restyle it throughout the day with no issue at all. It also doesn't have a wet or shiny look to it, so it doesn't look like you have anything in your hair (which I always thought to be douchy). I just take a shower, let it dry for like 10 mins and then i rub a very small amount between my index, middle finger, and thumb and part my hair off to the side. Very simple, low maintenance and it keeps the hair out of your face while looking pretty good. Ditch the bowl cut for christ sakes! Stop trying to be unique!!! :P

You are pretty attractive, If I were you, I would get rid of the earrings, get a trim and tell the barber you want it relatively short, but want to be able to part your hair off to the side, which will leave you with bangs to do with as you please. Also, start dressing more preppy, like khakis/boat shoes, northface/columbia, just dress very conservatively and it will definitely bump your numbers up on the attractiveness scale.

u/the_human_raincheck · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

step out of shower, towel dry, then blow dry from your part over in one direction, apply this

u/Leppard6464 · 2 pointsr/PKA

I would recommend this product to anyone.. not what he uses, but I use it. It's pricey, but it lasts a while. This particular one has a high hold, low shine. If you looking for a good product, I don't recommend messing around with the cheap stuff.

u/LegoMyCraiggo · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Pay the money to get a high quality product. I know it may seem like something you might want to save money on, but you'll end up paying more in the long run.

I'm am a fan of Baxters of California Clay Pomade

It may run you $18-$20 but you only have to use a miniscule amount and one jar can last a whole year.

u/Compliant_Automaton · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

The three things you should do to save your hair and regrow some (probably around half) of what you've lost:

  1. Use Bosley shampoo and conditioner (starter kit is currently 29 bucks or so on amazon. Use a shampoo brush to properly get it in there - believe me, the difference between with and without the brush is huge. Leave the shampoo and conditioner both in for five minutes each. Do this every single day. After about four to five weeks you'll start seeing new growth - fine little hairs that will be shorter than the rest of the hair on your head. They will grow longer and thicker with time. After you've run out the starter kit, you can buy one liter sized containers of the shampoo and conditioner only (not the thickening treatment though) for about 40 bucks on Amazon. I like the thickening treatment, but I don't bother with it because it's very expensive outside of the starter kit.

  2. Use minoxidil twice daily. Every day! Skipping this is how it doesn't work properly. You can buy a year's supply on Amazon for about 50 bucks.

  3. Take a Biotin vitamin supplement. It will thicken and strengthen your hair.

    You won't lose any more hair if you follow this religiously. Trust me. My entire family is a bunch of bald guys, usually total loss by 30 - I'm in my mid 30's and still have a thick, healthy crop of hair.
u/ricctp6 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Fun, thanks for hosting the scavenger hunt!

  1. Something Blue: These journals are so beautiful, and I just thought I would start the scavenger hunt out with something simple and beautiful. Is that too corny of a reason to put them on here?
  2. Summer: Summer reminds me that I will soon be in a place with sun constantly radiating down and burning my retinas. We're all gonna need some sunglasses.
  3. Unusual Food-Related Item: Kawaii Squishies are super cute, smell like freshly baked bread (or cream soda), and are shaped like foods! I had a lot of wiggle room with this category, and while I have tons of things about food in my WLs, I just think these are great to pass out to stressed friends, as well.
  4. Gift Someone Else: A Bidet for the Fiancé Kind of a silly one, but my fiancé loves bidets. I've always wanted to get him one, and so this is my ultimate "I love you" gift for him. I actually thought about getting it for him and calling it his engagement ring, in response to the one he just got me. Do you think it would make him laugh?
  5. Book!: The book Lab Girl by Hope Jahren has gotten a lot of great press, and it seems very relevant to any woman in a demanding science-related field. I think it would be an interesting, and hopefully inspiring, read.
  6. Less Than a 1$: Somehow this shampoo brush is only $.01? Is that real?
  7. Related to Dogs: I haven't owned a dog since my family's golden retriever, Max. He was such a wonderful light in our house, and I think about him a lot. I know that GSD are really smart, so I figured I'd put something a smart-alecky GSD owner might have on here. ;)
  8. Not Useful, But Awesome: I really love oracle cards. I find that they sort of get me past challenges that maybe I'm too stubborn to see for myself. I think they are a good psychological tool, but I also know most people would find them less than useful. Therefore, they are mostly just awesome, and I want them.
  9. Great Movie: I get some flak for it, but my favorite movie of all time is Coraline. I think it is just so thought-provoking and the animation is beautiful. It really has a special place in my heart.
  10. Zombies Attack!: Weirdly enough, I am in the process of creating an emergency plan and some bugout bags for my fiancé and I. It's more of a hobby than worry, but I always thought a couple of these matches would come in handy when the hammer drops.
  11. Life Goals: This one might require a little explanation. So, I just quit my career as an archaeologist to become a creative writer, and my fiancé just quit his archaeology career to become an illustrator. Together we are writing some children's books, creating a comic book series, and hosting a podcast. It has come to our attention that these endeavors require social media presence (something neither of us are very good at). Through our bumbling around, we've found that our pictures are turning out less-than-great for social media, and the problem is lighting. I think this lightbox really neat for anyone who wants to make their pictures look professional on social media.
  12. Add-Ons: Makeup Remover Cloths These are so useful, I thought about even adding them to the Zombie Apocalypse part of the Scavenger Hunt! I sometimes forget to take care of my skin. So I started leaving one of these by my nightstand just for those times when I'm too lazy (or drunk) to take my makeup off. They are lifesavers!
  13. Fandom Related: Adventure Time, come on grab your friends.... No explanation needed really. AT is amazing, and I'm sad the series is ending, but we will always have the comics!
  14. Ridiculously Priced: Okay, let's chat. This watch is over $200,000 and has 4 reveiws? 4 people bought this? Why?! If I was that rich, I'd hole up in my cool-ass movie theater and eat caviar all day. Who needs a watch for that?
  15. Shark or Unicorn: This unicorn color-changing light is on my wishlist. I want it so badly, but have no idea where I would put it. The bathroom maybe? It has to be somewhere that won't get in the way of all my other unicorn stuff. I like when people just happily stop upon a unicorn in the apartment. When they're peeing is a good time, right?
  16. Smells Great: These candles are the scents of a coffee shop and so I know everyone in my house would feel warm and welcome right when they walk in once they are lit. These are actually three of my favorite scents, so you can probably tell that I have a slight coffee-related addiction.
  17. Toy: Dixit is an amazing game. Like...I don't know how to describe it. A bunch of cards with illustrations on them need to be described by the players, and then everyone votes on which description they like the best (blindly vote). It's just a wonderful game for inspiration, and you can make it as complicated or as simple as you'd like. I really enjoy playing it with both my friends and family.
  18. Helpful for Writers: An Imaginative Workbook! I think one of the biggest things writers forget how to do is play! We spend so much time in our universe, trying to make it perfect, that sometimes we forget to just let go and have our imaginations run wild. I think workbooks like the one I just linked are perfect for when writer's block hits, or when we need a pick-me-up to remember why we started writing in the first place.
  19. Current Obsession: My current obsession has become learning how to play the ukulele. I heard on a couple of podcasts that it really boosted some people's happiness, especially if they loved music, but didn't feel like they had the time to learn to play a new instrument. I have been borrowing my neighbor's, but since I am moving soon, I've decided to purchase one from Amazon. They have tons of ukuleles on there, weirdly.
  20. Makes You Laugh: As a person who loves Wes Anderson films this coffee table book always makes me laugh.

    Edit: Finished! I love scavenger hunts; it always reminds me what a weirdo I am.
u/Tin_cup_chalice · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I love my scalp brush! I haven't seen the electric one that you're talking about, I use an inexpensive manual one that I got from Amazon. I use it every morning when I shampoo and it's fantastic. It helps get rid of debris and also gets good ingredients from my shampoo closest to my scalp. I do use it after I use the scalp scaler, I feel that it helps really get everything out well. The rest of my family got curious about it and now they each have one, too!

Edit: /u/porewhore recently posted about a scalp brush from Daiso so which looked amazing. The tines on the ones that I linked look a little harsh in the picture but they are super gentle

u/sistersiren · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I struggled for years with sebbhoreic dermatitis on my scalp, which is essentially just oily, yucky, itchy, noticeable dandruff. I had a lot of people (including dermatologists) recommend things like T/gel, but none of those types of shampoos, even the prescription ones, did much of anything for my scalp.

What DID work, after a lot of trial and error and research, was a combination of tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner and Triderma Psoriasis Control shampoo (even just for dandruff). The improvement in my life is just so huge. The latter one is a little expensive, but so well worth it, and you only have to use a little at a time. The tea tree shampoo and conditioner also tend to be cheapest at Hannaford, but you can also get them on Amazon. I also highly recommend a shampoo brush. I'll put links to all of these things below, and I truly wish you the best of luck!

u/martinibini · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ok ok I'm not in the US but this item I want and that you'd love too, doesn't require Prime as it ships from China!

It's a SCALP MASSAGER!!!! You use it will you shampoo and not only does it make your scalp super clean, but it's supposed to feel like when they massage your head at the salon. Ah man I sooooo make orgasm sounds (sorry shampoo girl) when they do that!

Becca, you will LOVE this.

On .ca :

On .com I found a bunch. This one is similar to the one I wished for :

u/Untimely_TARDIS · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Well myself I don't use any shampoo or conditioner at all. Apple cider vinegar for conditioner if I have to. Mainly just water and a shower brush to scrub my scalp. If my hair really needs it I might use some of my Dr. Bronners Castile soap to wash my hair then the ACV to condition but I rarely have to wash my hair with soap. Usually just scrubbing my scalp with this brush keeps my hair clean and dandruff free.

u/angie6921 · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

I use these scalp comb things.

I use them when I shampoo and before I shower. Then after I shower, I take a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out and then a fine tooth comb to get most of the flakes. I have thick hair that goes down to my waist so it is time consuming. I have gone to washing my hair once a week sometimes twice.

u/infiniteloooop · 2 pointsr/CompulsiveSkinPicking

Hey! I have the exact problem as you do, except probably more advanced. I'm 28 and have been picking target areas of my skin since Elementary School. I think the scalp picking happened just after high school ended for me. I remember a time where I can run my own fingers through my hair and not lift a bunch of skin off my scalp to leave terrible looking flakes in my hair... I have to basically take a very fine tooth comb to pull the dead skin out of my hair follicles that lifted off of my damaged scalp. No fun. I feel that I've picked my scalp so much that it hasn't ever really had time to heal and so I'm here with a deranged form of dandruff where the flakes are large disks and not small flecks.

So, yeah it does gets worse for you. The worst area is right at the crown of my head right at the hairline. I'll have just taken a shower, after scrubbing my scalp free of dead flakes and I'll get out to find MORE lifted up. In plain sight, for everyone to see. I have to wear certain hairstyles to hide it and know I can't at ALL touch my hair lest I release another dandruff-looking monster. And, I hope you know that any scarring on the scalp is going to be a spot hair can't grow back. So there's that, too.

I just wanted to get all my horror stories out of the way before I get into some of the whys and fixes. Compulsive skin picking is indeed in the OCD family, and part of how it works is similar to having a drug addiction. We look for imperfections on our skin, and when we give into our moments of picking we not only get a large sense of relief, we are releasing endorphins and getting a mini high off of doing it! So, just know that when you care little about the damage you cause yourself and give into the feel-goods, you're giving into your brain and body's twisted urges and it may not be a conscious choice of yours at all.

I'm still trying to find ways to heal my scalp quicker than I pick it (because we all have bad days). I need to do research on Head & Shoulders because I don't think it's as good as I was lead to believe. Sucks too, because I found a SCALP CARE version of the shampoo. I purchased a $9 tub of hair masque from a beauty store recently and I use that a few times a week when I feel I really need a 'pick me up' for my scalp. I've also just ordered a "scalp shampoo brush" and tea tree oil shampoo from Amazon, which neither I have experience with yet but have heard wonderful things, especially about the shampoo brush.

Gotta end my babble here because I have to get to work, sorry if any of this is a jumbled mess to read. Hopefully, there's something helpful in there for you. I know giving into our impulses feels great, but out body can't handle these habits indefinitely.

Scalp Shampoo Brush (there's more options too)

Tee Tree Oil Shampoo

Read the reviews and questions for more about them and how they've helped folk. :)

u/peter_n · 2 pointsr/AsianMasculinity

The first thing to know is that there isn't really anything over the counter that is going to combat thinning hair. So don't fall for any "hacks" or "home remedies" to thicken hair. If you're concerned about your hair thinning/possibly balding, I recommend seeing a trichologist (head and scalp doctor). They can figure out why your hair is thinning.

One of the most important things you can do is not wash your hair so often. Shampooing too often strips your hair of natural oils, making it weaker. While washing often doesn't make your hair thin faster, it's a good practice for anyone (thin hair or not)

My first recommendation is to stop washing your hair with any type of shampoo and see how long it takes before it gets really oily. You'll know when your hair starts to feel greasy, kinda heavy, your head gets a little warm.

Then make a note of how long that is (say it's 4 days), and start washing your hair every 4 days with a light shampoo that doesn't have harsh chemicals, like this one. Most people use way too much shampoo. You want to squeeze about an amount of a quarter.

Then use lighter hair products. Since your hair is thin, it doesn't have the structure to support heavy products. My favorite products are Sumo tech and Gatsby Moving Rubber. Always use a little (dime size) amount and work it into your hair. If you need more, do it 1 or 2 more times. This is to evenly distribute the product vs going in for a big clump on the first shot.

u/AffablyAmiableAnimal · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Do you mean you want it to look like you have no product in your hair? If so, look into waxes and clays. A good, cheap wax to make your hair look natural with no product would be Gatsby Spiky Edge aka. Gatsby Pink. Gatsby Gray Mat is even more matte, but doesn't have as much hold. Hairbond Shaper Hair Toffee has similar properties to Gatsby Pink, but is a little better in some regards and is more expensive. All these products are very popular and have reviews and videos online, so research them to see if you like them.

Also, you should try hairdrying/blowdrying your hair before applying any product with a comb or fingers to get the general style you want, then use product to get it to hold that style. You'll notice it helps a lot.

u/Ridflea · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I currently use Gatsby moving rubber and like it a lot. It has good hold and not a lot of shine.
I sometimes use Murray's pomade which has better hold, but is a little shinier and a lot harder to wash out.

u/Arcs_Of_A_Jar · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Are you by any chance Asian? Even if you're not, I use Gatsby Moving Rubber for my hair shaping needs. I actually have the exact same problem you do, with a really annoying whorl right on the back corner of my head. This stuff is tough enough to fluff up parts of your hair that aren't in shape and flatten whatever needs to be.

Bear in mind, however, it was specifically designed for use by people with east-Asian hair, which is known to be coarse and difficult to work with. It may end up being overpowering for any softer hair.

u/KrnZippo · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge (pink one) for me.

u/CTRL_ALT_PWN · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

There is a Japanese brand called Gatsby. That is also very good. The pink and the grey are the most popular, followed by the green I think.

u/There-Wolf · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Everyone has already given you some excellent tips so I'll recommend some good products. First gatsby hair products are a must for short hair. They're japanese, but you can buy them on Amazon no problem. I use this one and I love it. I also recently switched over to using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo and conditioner. It keeps my hair soft, healthy, and clean. I use herbal essence naked cleansing conditioner.

u/sleep_optional · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I'm asian and I use Gatsby moving rubber to style my hair in the morning. I'd say its been the best stuff I've used so far and makes your hair smell like green apples

u/Itistacotime · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Do what asians with asian fro do. bring in the sides and let the top grow a bit, blow dry with a comb or brush in the direction you want it to go, and style with Gatsby.

u/rolfraikou · 2 pointsr/LowStakesConspiracies

This teatree shampoo did wonders for my itchyness

And if you dandruff is more fungal in origin, nizoral is worth a shot.

u/timmojo · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I'd love to hear what shampoo OP is using, too. When I went to my derm and she told me I had the same thing (sebhorreic dermatitis), she told me to wash my face with dandruff shampoo. She gave me samples of DHS 2% salicylic acid, and DHS 2% Zinc. She told me to alternate between the two.

I also picked up Nizoral (Ketoconazole) to try it. The Nizoral has a really strong medicinal smell when using it, and it stings like molten lava is being poured in your eyes with razor blades if you accidentally get some in your eyes (which I always do). So I mostly don't use it.

u/Pink_PolarBear22 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

For thinning hair, I recommend Pura D'or Gold Label . I haven't had thinning hair yet, but my BF did/does. He currently uses this stuff and it practically halted his hair loss. Our apartment looked like we owned six black labradors because of how much hair he was losing/shedding, and now there's nothing.

I do recommend to also use their new conditioner to help with the over-drying affect that the shampoo has on the scalp for most people.

u/goodsounder · 2 pointsr/ftm

I've been using DHT preventing shampoo from amazon and its been great. It hasn't effecting my other changes (facial hair coming in strong) and I recommend it. Stopped my shedding in a big way

u/-particularpenguin- · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

ugh, that really really sucks. I was losing a bunch of hair for a while and it really really got me down. PCOS sucks.

fwiw, I don't know what you're trying but a combo of ovasitol and seems to be making my hair around my temples grow back and I seem to be losing much less. It's obviously hard to distinguish correlation from causation and it took a few months (June -> September) but figure I"d throw it out here in case it helps.

I hope you get your pos OPK!

u/Idontknowwhour1 · 2 pointsr/tressless

I always do a fakespot check for amazon reviews. It is coming up as C. Too many fake reviews in amazon not just for this product but many skincare and cosmetics are rife with fake reviews.

Link to fakespot for this product

u/masona23 · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

You're going to get a bunch of different opinions on that DevaCurl dryer. It is a reputable and well-loved brand for sure, but it has a very nontraditional diffuser (the green thing on the end) that some people love and some people hate.

Personally, I use this hairdryer and absolutely love it, along with this diffuser, and am really happy with it.

Honestly, I do not think the dryer really matters as long as it's a decent brand. There really aren't any dryers that I've found that are specific to curly hair, the difference is all in the diffuser for me personally.

u/starrkittyface · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

I have read here / seen on YouTube that a lot of curlies have success with this diffuser which can attach to this dryer. I think depending on shipping / any discounts you'd be right around $50 maybe a lil over. I think you can technically attach the diffuser to other hair dryers but may have to do some handiwork to get it secure. :-)

I got this one years ago (before I started CG) and it came with the diffuser pictured, it's still going strong all these years later and for the way I diffuse it is perfect. Gotta love the $25 price and the cold shot button.

I hope this helps! :-)

Edit: forgot words

u/lleahmurr · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

My old diffuser that came with my hair dryer is there for comparison. I learned about this diffuser from a couple of CG YouTubers and I've been eyeing it for awhile. It was only $12.99 on Amazon

I used it this morning and it definitely dried my hair more quickly and I think helped some with frizz

Fyi, it's marketed as only fitting on a 6" diameter, but it has a inner ring that is very easy to remove (which is what I did to fit it on my Revlon 1875).

u/Delfoxy · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

Can't speak for the blow dryer itself, just the weird hand diffuser that I use with my BaByliss Pro Rapido. I recently picked up the devafuser because I felt my regular diffuser wasn't quite doing enough - my ends were drying but my mid-shaft and roots were still damp even after a long while. I was 75% sure I would try it once and return it after reading reviews, people seem to either enjoy it or hate it.

I have fine hair that needs a lot of help getting definition and the devafuser does such a good job for me! It cups against my scalp better which makes it easier for my clumps to stay formed while drying. Also, unlike my regular round diffuser the Deva one has "fingers" that can be positioned right at my roots (just like if you were to stick your hand along your scalp). Doing this makes getting root volume SO much easier! It is a bit more difficult to work with big chunks of hair as they're more likely to slip off compared to a regular bowl shaped diffuser so for thick hair I feel like it would be easier to something like this. But all in all I think it does a better job getting my hair dry faster and with more volume.

I also will say like the others that investing in a quality dryer makes a huge difference. There are lots of guides and reviews out there - and don't be afraid to try something out and return it if it's not for you!

u/TrixieKixx · 2 pointsr/xxketo4u2

Have you seen the r/curlyhair subreddit? I've gotten a lot of great ideas there. I personally use the DevaCurl products...NoPoo, Conditioner, and Gel. I also spray with a leave in conditioner spray by OUAI. I get very little frizz.

Also, since I diffuse once in awhile, I bought a new hair dryer and diffuser. They make a WORLD of difference in my curls. I leave the dryer off, plop my curls in the diffuser, then turn the dryer on and leave it in place until dry. Then I turn off the dryer and repeat for the different sections. Seriously, just doing that may improve your curls. I used to leave the dryer on and just move around the diffuser. That resulted in frizzy hair.

u/mrsj74 · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I have the same kind of hair and recently got a long angled bob. I'm also terrible at styling, but a few months ago, I got one of these and it makes styling much easier!

u/gigitini13 · 2 pointsr/orangetheory

I have to wash every day otherwise it looks filthy and I have to be in ground of customers often- this bad-boy has saved me- it get my hair (shoulder length and very wavy) straight and sassy in about 10mins flat)

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

u/SingForMeBitches · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

I didn't use this guide, but it explains it pretty well. I used to dry my hair around a round brush first, then wrap the hair around a roller, but now I use this thing before setting it in rollers because it's longer than my brush and gets the job done more quickly.

u/waurel · 2 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I have this one and love it!

u/nothanksohokay · 2 pointsr/BravoRealHousewives

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer, Black

u/ParkyMeowl · 2 pointsr/rheumatoid

I totally feel this from before I started treatment - it was almost impossible to hold my hair dryer.

I don't have a suggestion exactly, but two things to consider: they have these hair dryer brushes these days (like this) which are great and lightweight, but aren't exactly a typical hairdryer. There are also hair dryer stands, which if she has a hair dryer she already likes, she can stick in in the stand on a vanity/countertop so she doesn't have to hold it up.

u/dominiquetiu · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

Can I get a quote for this? :) Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

u/liondsey · 2 pointsr/FancyFollicles

I have hair that is around shoulder length. It used to be in a bob/long bob, but has been growing out. I typically do a rough blow dry and then run over the mid-end with the straightener, attempting to curl the ends inward (toward my head) by turning the straightener. The only product I use is heat protectant (aside from shampoo/conditioner). This had been working when my hair was shorter, but since it now hits my shoulders more, I feel it is rebelling and flipping back outward. I'm asking for any advice on styling and or products. Do I need to use hairspray? Round brush? Would one of those heated round brushes (i.e. this ) help since I don't think I'm coordinated enough to use both a hairdryer and round brush? Thanks in advanced for your help and consideration!

u/bridgemixchexmix · 2 pointsr/tifu

Get one of these things! I don’t have one personally, but they are supposed to be great for really scrubbing your scalp!

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

u/AnyColorIWant · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

Okay, so "cured" is probably the wrong word there, but it's made it far more manageable than it's ever been.

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula

Scalp massager\_pop\_ma\_swf

u/jixie007 · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

A couple more things that didn't fit my last post:

  1. Scalp massage is one of the few scientifically sound ways to encourage hair growth. Use the pads of your fingers, don't scratch with your fingernails. Or use something like this (just make sure there are no rough seams / jagged edges that could catch or tear your hair).

  2. I'm a huge fan of henna as a protective treatment. It adds a smoothing strengthening layer to each strand, without adding weight. Note: It'll dye light hair "carrot-top" red (and auburn for burnettes, and add a lovely red sheen in sunlight for black hair). So cassia ("clear henna") is an option, or mixes with indigo to get brown or black. Also, some low quality henna's don't play nice with other treatments like perms, so do a test run with shed hairs from your brush first. Another warning: I personally tend to drop a terrifying amount of hair when I do the treatment, but it seems to improve the day-to-day shedding, and most definitely helps prevent split ends and breakage.

    >Is this just me getting older

  3. It certainly can be a contributing factor. Hair growth (and shedding) patterns are affected by hormones, and they do change with age. Many women experience thinning hair as they get older (usually post menopause). And of course other hormonal changes can cause pretty sudden changes (pregnancy, PCOS, etc).

  4. Extreme stress and dieting can cause a temporary hair loss. It's called telogen effluvium. I mention this because I'm on the keto sub and it comes up a lot. ("Hey! I lost 30lbs which is great, but now my hair is falling out??")
u/anndee96 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think this would really help me out with shampooing

u/letsconquermpb · 2 pointsr/tressless

This is the massager I use:

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

u/wntrdove · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

I'd lean toward the conditioner (that's what it would be with me). If you have medium to long hair just don't apply conditioner to your roots — just mids to ends. If you have short hair or can't avoid getting conditioner on your roots make sure you're massaging well — really well — especially when rinsing. And consider getting a scalp massager (the massager is the only way I can even consider a cowash).

u/TwinkleTubs · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Your scalp and hair should never squeak. It means you're removing much needed oils that actually help prevent flakes. Grab a scalp massager, it feels amazing, and does wonders for flakes and sores on your scalp. Even helped me with thinning hair.

I bought this on off of amazon. Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

It's the greatest thing.

u/dianaestelle · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

Honestly I rarely brush my hair. I use a scalp massaging brush in the shower like this one. Don't bother with the vibrating ones that are about $ waste of money.


I use my fingers to detangle and finger coil after I've put product in my soaking wet hair (dab excess moisture with a microfiber towel) OR use a wide tooth comb if you really want to 'brush' your hair and get it all in the same direction before scrunching and coiling.


I highly recommend finger coiling, not only does it dry beautifully, this will get your beaten down hair to reshape into curls until they do it themselves naturally again! So long story short, I never brush my dry hair.

u/19winterRoses · 2 pointsr/longhair

Lovely hair :)


You mention shampoo, do you also use conditioner? I second the CG method, for sure.

I agree, it is a bit of a hassle at first but once you get into the 'swing' of it - you get used to the burden (lol). You don't need the fancy products, you mentioned sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free - so it sounds like you're on the right track there! They've got a neat list for international CG approved products here:


Your hair looks wavy - go with it! I honestly think the CG method would make your hair look even greater and bring out those natural waves you've got hidden in there. Don't be afraid of too much conditioner, and try the hair gel too!

The gel will likely leave a 'cast', which can be scrunched (or however you apply it) out with some oil. I prefer to use Argan oil for this personally.

Another tip, because I also deal with dandruff, is maybe try out one of those shower scalp massager/cleaners? I just got a non-electric silicone one and I do not regret it. It doesn't take away all the dandruff, but i noticed it helps a lot in my case. ( I swear i'm not promoting, just sending over what i bought so you know what i'm talking about: )


[Also, not sure if this needs to be said BUT shampoo is to help clean your scalp, conditioner is for your hair. You don't need to(and shouldn't) condition your scalp, as it will leave build-up. You don't really need to 'shampoo' your "pony-tail hair" (anything under a pony tail), just enough to clean the scalp and hair roots. The rest of your hair will get some shampoo when you clean it out anywho. I know some might disagree, but thats what i've heard and seems to be best for me]


Best of luck!

u/tress_1 · 1 pointr/tressless

Turning 18 in about 2 months and I have noticed my hair has gotten thinner, especially around my crown area and my sides. I haven't gotten much sleep over the past 2 years, and my diet hasn't been great, however, I am improving both of these. At 16 I started to notice thinning, and I took some biotin tablets for about a few weeks, although it seemed to help, my skin got far too oily so I stopped.

My father isn't fully bald, he's about a Norwood 4 at in his early 50's, and on my mom's side, one of her brothers early 40's is a Norwood 4.5 or so, and her other brother is late 30's with no recession at all.

I went to a dermatologist mid-2018 and he said there was some thinning up top, but nothing much to worry about otherwise. He said I could start taking minoxidil, but that I was too young for finasteride. I don't plan on taking finasteride until I'm in my early 20's, or if my hair worsens significantly. For the time being, I am planning on 5% taking liquid minoxidil, - ,

using either a dermaroller

or a derma pen

Nizoral shampoo twice a week-

Biotin shampoo for the rest -

Is this a reasonable route to take?

I also had a few questions:

  1. Is it worth going with a derma pen over a derma roller, and for the derma pen are the m5 and m7 essentially the same? Also are there any good tutorials showing how to use them.
  2. Will minoxidil help grow back hair around the sides and hairline?
  3. How long does the shedding process last for minoxidil
  4. Are there any major side effects with the products I have chosen
  5. Are there any other essential products for someone my age

    Any other suggestions are welcome, I live in Canada btw so please take that into consideration when recommending products, also I will be paying for everything myself so I would like to keep things reasonably priced, thanks.

    Pics album -
u/baldingboy2016 · 1 pointr/tressless

Is there a 2%? I looked on Amazon and there's only a one percent.
Is this it?

u/kaboomachu · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

There was another thread about this recently that also peaked my interest because the description was SO similar to some things I was dealing with (chronically). I had to dig a little bit in the comments for an OTC solution, but I ended up buying some Nizoral to try as a face wash. I'm only a week in, but holy SHIT, already making a difference. I should mention that if I have this (self-diagnosing here, I know I shouldn't), it's pretty mild. Certainly not even close to what google images shows, just more like chronic dry skin in certain areas. If yours is more severe, I'd say go to a doctor to get prescription strength.

Thread here:

This is what I bought:

u/_ihavemanynames_ · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that Automod has removed your submission because it contains an Amazon referral link, which we don't allow in the sub.

Could you please edit the Nizoral URL so that everything from (and including) "tag=" is removed? That way, the product page will still be visible - but no one can make a profit from the link.

Alternatively, copy this link:

If you've done that, please reply to this message so I can approve your submission. Thank you!

u/imissedthetoilet · 1 pointr/tressless

I've been using Pura D'or for about a year and a half:

There's a lot of products out there that exploit the vulnerability of those who are losing hair and I'm fully aware of that. I'm not really convinced that anything outside of finasteride and minoxidil will really do anything in regards to male pattern baldness.

Pura d'or does have ketoconazole and claims to have 14 other natural DHT blockers.......probably bull shit. I'm curious what makes nizoral better?

Nizoral isn't even advertised as a hair loss product so it confuses me why people on this board are such huge proponents of it.

u/TomN · 1 pointr/tressless

Keto binds to your scalp and hair, so you can get maximum use out of with just two times a week. You probably don't want to use more than that because keto dries your hair so you can use a thickening shampoo the rest of the days.

You can use your shampoo as often as you want since it doesn't have keto and therefore doesn't dry you hair.

Also, you don't have to use nizoral, there are plenty of others with keto, just look at the ingredients.

u/LongJohnSilvers · 1 pointr/tressless

Thanks for the reply. This is the one I was referring to. It definitely claims to have Keto but no indication of what percentage. I see that Nizoral says it is 1% Keto. I was also taking a 10,000 mg biotin supplement but then came across this which claims to have natural ingredients that reduce DHT. Just so much stuff out there. Most of which are probably scams.

u/SupJessica · 1 pointr/trans

I take biotin and use this shampoo, seems to be working good.

u/MattyB4x4 · 1 pointr/HaircareScience

I'm kinda in the same boat. I know it's inevitable - but I've noticed some serious thinning over the last 6 months or so.

I'm not looking to stop the inevitable - but just slow it down if I can. Rogaine sounds great, but I've read of issues if you stop. In fact, I had a buddy that was using it, ran out for a short bit and he practically shedded all his hair.

He did start taking propecia and it's helped tremendously - but....I think he's about to call it quits on that and just shave his head.

I read good reviews on these....but, it's Amazon and it's hard to tell what's real on there anymore.

Avalon Organics Biotin-B Complex Thickening Shampoo

PURA D'OR Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

I'm also interested in the Nioxin system, but - might try a more natural approach first.

u/swolesauce_ · 1 pointr/PEDs

Hey man was worried about this aswell so I picked this up from amazon really helped

PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo Clinically Tested, Infused with Argan Oil, Biotin & Natural Ingredients, Sulfate Free, All Hair Types, Men and Women, 16 Fl Oz (Packaging may vary)

u/PlaysWithPaint · 1 pointr/curlyhair

That’s the Xtava Black Orchid.

It’s awesome! Day 2 of diffusing and loving it so far.

u/soupastar · 1 pointr/curlyhair

I just had to message you again and tell you thank you! I got the peace rose and the knot today and wow! Also I got the hibiscus and cocunut curl and style milk and curl enhancing smoothie and they are just all so amazing!!!! So to repay the favor I suggest this diffuser if you ever want one

I even got the hair dryer to go with and first off the packaging is just amazing but the products are even better!!!! Here are my curls
With the products plus diffuser

It's a game changer my curls
Are curlier with it no doubt and have more volume so happy holidays and thanks again

u/TenaciousTapir · 1 pointr/curlyhair

Looking for product advice from fellow fine haired folk!

My hair: Fine, high-normal porosity (I think just high rn from heat damage), wavy, but sometimes get ringlets here and there, definitely mixes of diff curl patterns.

Routine: low poo w/ TJs Tea Tree Tingle shamp, STC w/ Sauve Coconut cond, rinse out cond, leave-in cond L'Oreal Elvive Protein Recharge, Herbal Essences totally twisted mousse, plop for 10-20 min, then diffuse to 80%ish with xtava Black Orchid diffuser.

What's working: My hair is the healthiest it's been in a long time just after following tips from y'all! Low poo is definitely working for me, and the diffuser I have is AMAZING (shoutout to someone on here who recommended it).

What's NOT working: I think I need to find a different product to put in after leave-in conditioner. I used gel on day 1 and I think it weighs down sections of my hair too much so I think I need a mousse, but the HE one made my hair look pretty shiny/made it really obvious there was product in it. Also having a hard time getting the ends of some strands to have wave.

Hair Journey: Recently moved to Seattle after being in a dry climate with hard water for 2 years. Knew that trying to straighten my hair/what I'd been doing was not going to work well for me/bring back epic hair struggles, and luckily I found this sub to help me out. While living in dry climate past 2 years, I had been straightening my hair or using a curling wand 2-5 times a week, so my hair was super damaged/always too dry from hard water and overuse of heat. I always struggled to find a way to do my hair that I actually liked growing up, and when I started using heat tools daily in high school it started to get damaged. I went to college in Seattle and the humidity here helped my hair get healthier but I spent a lot of time straightening it only to go outside and have it completely ruined in 5 minutes flat. Really hoping that CG method works for me and excited to have healthy hair for the first time in memory!!

u/volksmadchen · 1 pointr/blogsnark

Also have the CHI and it's great HOWEVER, I started using the Revlon One Step Dryer and it has cut styling time down by quite a bit. Also have thick wavy hair and can recommend. I often touch up with a flat iron at the end, but not every strand.

u/all_purple_errthang · 1 pointr/BravoRealHousewives

Is it this one? Can't afford any personal luxuries right now but I want to add it to my wishlist!

u/ilovethefall- · 1 pointr/philadelphia

This will probably be buried but, ladies...
Go buy this right now.

My hair is unmanageable. It's dry and sort of curly but not really and my default is to just brush it into a bun and leave it alone. I am so tired of dealing with it and drying/straightening is painstaking for me. I saw this advertised on the Today show IG of all places. Fuck it, 50 bucks? Sure. Amazon will take it back if I don't like it.

I unboxed it less than 20 minutes ago and wanted to just test it out of my dry, unwashed hair. I did 2 passes through one section then was able to straighten my entire head of shoulder length hair in less than 4 minutes. I swear to god. This shit is magic. This is the best beauty purchase I've made in ages. It looks like I got a blow out at a salon. I seriously want to cry because this is so great. I am going to wash my hair tomorrow so I am curious to see how fast it dries!

u/IIIRuin · 1 pointr/AustralianMakeup

I've been upping my hair game the last few months and have been overhauling everything I own. I've been trialing a few hair products.

Hair dryer/Styling Brush: Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser. Where's this thing been all my life? It's been all over YouTube and people are raving about how good it is for great blow-outs. I'm terrible at drying my hair with a round brush and this this makes it stupid easy. It leaves my frizzy, thin, fine hair so shiny and voluminous. They aren't sold in AU so I had to get mine from the UK. The ones from the US won't work here. Milabu did a great review.

Hair treatment: Olaplex. There's nothing to say aside from it's worth it. Catch occasionally have the travelling stylist kit which is far better value for money instead of constantly buying tiny bottles of Step 3.

Leave-in/Heat Protectant/Frizz reducer: Revlon Uniq One was recommended by my stylist and it's pretty amazing. I spray it on my hair after washing and it leaves it very manageable and silky. Sprayed in when dry it detangles and tames fly-aways. It's great not having to use several products.

Conditioner: Muk 1 minute treatment Another product my stylist rec'd. Myself and a couple friends all use this instead of normal conditioner. I have chronically dry hair that I could never get to feel soft. Even without heat styling it would slurp up conditoner and still feel like straw. A tiny bit goes a long way and leaves my hair so silky.

Hair regrowth: Minoxidil 5% aka Regaine/Rogaine. I lost about 2/3 of my hair volume in my early 20's and it really got me down. Rogaine is an absolute rip-of in Australia. The generic brand from Costco is AUD 40 for a 6 month supply on eBay and amazon. Labelled a 3 month supply but once a day is enough and I've had fantastic results. I'm also using it on my eyebrows to make them thicker since I always had a couple patches that never grew any hair. If you have cats make sure you keep it away from them as it's highly toxic to them.

u/Coleatemycereal · 1 pointr/SpiteChickens

I swear by this now.

I'm good- waiting for winter to be done here- we have had more snow/ice/dangerous cold days here than i ever remember having! How are you???

u/treesachu · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/towel (3) Blue Yellow and Pink

u/koipert · 1 pointr/muacirclejerk

OH sorry to bug you a day later, but I remembered something while in the shower that would have helped.

I lost a LOT of nails in the shower while scrubbing my scalp. I found out only now about these scalp scrubbers while looking for a way to stop getting my BRIGHT PINK hair dye all over my nails when I re-applied coloring conditioner. 😂

Bonus, people say it’s really exfoliating and their scalp has never felt so clean.

u/FoxInTheField · 1 pointr/beauty

I use a shampoo brush when I wash my hair and it works better than I could have ever dreamed. I have been dealing with dry scalp and flakes for years and have tried several shampoos and tonics to make it go away. This works so well for my dry scalp, I have only noticed a flake or two after about 3 days without washing my hair. I use the same shampoo and conditioner as i did before but instead of lathering the shampoo with my hands, I use the brush. And at $6 it's a less expensive item to try than a $30 bottle of specialty shampoo.

u/teenaamariee · 1 pointr/AmazonFaeries

I would love to win this scalp massager. there's many times i feel like i don't get my hair clean enough because i bite my nails so often i'm unable to really scrub well lol

thanks for the contest :)

u/softdelivery · 1 pointr/Hair


I don't think thats the exact one I use, but it looks very similar! Just so you have an idea of what youre looking for! :)

u/Grendelbeans · 1 pointr/curlyhair

Cowashing with a silicone free conditioner actually does clean your scalp, but gently. The conditioner on your scalp breaks down oil, and I use a silicone scrubbing brush like this to exfoliate dead skin. I even leave a tiny bit of conditioner in my hair to keep it moisturized. In the beginning my hair was dry on the ends and oily on the top because it was being stripped of oil from harsh sulfates. After a few weeks it stops overproducing oil and it has become extremely soft

Good luck!

u/curl_on · 1 pointr/curlyhair

OMG I had the same issue when I first started CG and I've only just found the solution.
This has been a game changer for my oily roots. When I lo-poo or cowash I use this. I rake my product in to make sure I get coverage everywhere (sometimes separating and clipping parts of my hair up to make sure I really get in there), then I use this tool and do the tiniest circular motion over and over all over my head to get it in to the roots. This isn't a brush, so don't use it like one. Just massage all over. I'll spend like 5 minutes doing this and it feels sooooo good. But I found it helped break up my worst spots (back of the head especially) where water/product wasn't necessarily coming in or going out. I didn't even realize I was missing that part of my head before! I just thought I just had weird spots on my head that would get more greasy than others. So I'd end up doing a clarifying shampoo like once every two weeks which was helping with the grease, but not the frizz and left my hair lifeless and dry. Not anymore :)

So after I massage in the lo-poo or cowash with this thing, I'll put in some leave-in conditioner, again parting/clipping up pieces of my hair and making sure I get even coverage everywhere, and IMMEDIATELY put in my products sopping wet. Agreed with some of the others, frizz means needs more moisture, but the oily bits are just not rinsing out. You have to start with an even baseline to really get consistency everywhere.

Good luck!

u/solucky0989 · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

> this amazing hair

I've had this brush for a couple of months and it's been great.

u/mountainsandrocks · 1 pointr/curlyhair

Definitely go see a dermatologist. You need to get psoriasis confirmed by a doctor, and they can give you a prescription strength product to use. I get psoriasis on my scalp pretty bad and I’m prescribed a clobetasol liquid solution that I put on my scalp 1-2 times a day when it’s bad, it’s not a rinse out thing. It works well at stopping the itching and bringing down the inflammation. When I’m in the shower I scrub my scalp really hard with either my finger nails or I have this little rubber pointy brush for your scalp to remove any dead skin build up.

u/dielawn87 · 1 pointr/tressless

This stuff is pretty good

As far as the hairloss, just make due for now. Technology should get better over the next few years. There is also the option of beard transplants which is cheaper and less demanding than a hair transplant if you are a high norwood. Just exercise, eat right, and relax. You can also try minoxidil or Finasteride. The latter has some side effects though, so be wary.

u/CrUcialCSGO · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I'd say pick up a diffuser nozzle for your blow dryer to give you more control over your hair styling.

For product, it depends on your hair type. If you have thicker hair, you may want to try American Crew Fiber. It's high hold and a matte finish at a great price. If you have finer or medium hair (not thin), like me, I'd recommend the American Crew Forming Cream. It is medium hold and medium shine, but it's just slightly more shine than the fiber for my hair type (medium thickness, blond hair). The forming cream also allows for a more "natural" feel as if you layer it correctly, you can hardly tell it's there.

u/17496634303659 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but where do you buy american crew fiber clay?? I'm looking on amazon and like theres one result :|

EDIT: Nvm... lol... is this it?

u/sensorglitch · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Like a pomade?

u/farsightxr20 · 1 pointr/sodapoppin

Rub some of this through your hair after you shower + blow-dry (when your hair is still slightly damp).

u/TooManyJohnLees · 1 pointr/AsianMasculinity

I like the haircut that you've attached. Also, I know how hard it is to style hair like yours so I am going to offer you a game changer. Use this [American Fiber - Hair styling creme] (

I use it every day and it works with very stiff hair that sticks up like yours. How do I know? Because I have the same kind of hair. I always hated my hair until i found styling creme. This is the best brand I've discovered so far

Also, as a tip, just in case you aren't sure of how to talk your barber about how to get that hairstyle, just ask for a #2 on the sides and back, straight cut up for the sides, and longer on the top and front.

Here's also a good reference for talking to your barber:

Art of Manliness - How to talk to your barber

u/sasafred · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Thanks for the feedback!

Currently I'm using the American Crew Fiber which is labeled as a creme, but it has more of a wax feel to me.

Here's a link to it on Amazon, but you might find a better deal on it elsewhere if you do choose to get it.

u/Droppin_Bombs · 1 pointr/malehairadvice


You need some shape to your hair. You also need to stop using a comb. Using a comb makes all the hairs look too uniform and will make any thinning or balding stick out like a sore thumb. Combs should really only ever be used when trying to achieve that hipster hard part/Mad Men look. I'm a big fan of more natural hairstyles. I would highly suggest growing out your hair a bit (while you still can) and using some sort of fiber or pomade product. I don't have a hair loss problem personally but my friend does and uses Rogaine and has had great results. In the long run, you may just need to bite the bullet and keep your head shaved. But for now, while you're young and in college, there's no reason why you can't try to have a good head of hair for a bit. When using either fiber or pomade, you just need to use about a quarter-sized amount in your hair. There's no real method to it. Just work it into your hair spiking pieces here and there. Maybe twisting some sections for extra texture. The longer your hair is on top, the more you can do with it. You could go with either of these and look a lot better.

Shorter Hair

Medium/Messy Hair

My suggestions for products are below.

  1. Layrite - Good hold. Will give some shine to your hair. Water based so it washes out easily.

  2. Fiber Grease - Asian product so the directions and labeling are oddly worded. But smells like apples and has very good hold with good shine. Water based as well so it will wash out easily.

  3. American Crew Fiber - Decent hold. A lot of people on this sub like this one. Provides more of a matte/natural look to your hair. It's a little more "waxy" feeling. Still washes out, just not as easily as water based pomades.

  4. Rough Rider by Kevin Murphy - Most expensive option. Probably the best hold out of all the products mentioned here. A small amount goes a long way, this container will last you a long time. More of a "clay" feel in your hands. You may want to use this in combination with a "shiny" fiber like the Fiber Grease as Rough Rider has more of a matte finish to it.

    EDIT: I agree with u/rogertaylorswift. Keep the sides clean and trimmed but leave yourself some length on top to play around with. A little product goes a long way. The key is not using too much. Then you get into the realm of seeming like you're "trying too hard" as you mentioned. All these products are available off Amazon. I wouldn't go crazy trying to find them in China when you can just get them delivered to your dorm room.
u/bj_macnevin · 1 pointr/beards

This is what I use:

And I have a boar brush. And to be honest... to keep things in place i just use what I use in my hair:

I'm sure there's better stuff, but my beard is kinda' stiff and I am not in an area with lots of options. So let me know if you find something better! :)

u/The_Guber · 1 pointr/malegrooming

I'm pretty sure what your asking for is impossible. I use this personally and it is the closest to that I've found.

I towel dry my hair so it is still a little damp, rub a little less than an olive size mound of product evenly on my fingers, apply evenly to hair, then blow dry into desired style. My hair feels different with product but I can still run my fingers through with no resistance. Not sticky unless you apply it while your hair is dry. Blow dry is absolutely crucial for hair to hold up.

u/akward_tension · 1 pointr/ParisComments

comment content: I do a few things:

-- I got a scalp scrubber from Amazon for a few bucks. Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, Purple

-- I use "-fate free" shampoos, notably L'Oreal for daily, and Jasön when I'm feeling extra itchy. It's been a number of years since I've done a tar shampoo, and the meds in the Jasön seems to work for now.
-My current L'Oreal is this one: L'Oreal Paris EverCreme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Nourishing Shampoo, 8.5 Fluid Ounce, but experiment with their line. It's been wonderful for this (also Midwest) winter, but I've also used the thickening and the color treated ones. I'll probably be going back to the thickening one after this bottle.
-The Jasön is this one: JASON Natural Cosmetics Dandruff Relief Shampoo, Rosemary, Olive and Jojoba, 12 Ounces

Just know that you might always have flakes. I'm a dark brunette and I'm constantly running my hands through my hair, picking flakes off my scalp (read: digging holes into my scalp and pulling out my hair) so that they don't fall naturally and show.

Sorry for the HORRID formatting. I'm on mobile and I've completely forgotten how to format links. ):

subreddit: Psoriasis

submission title: I know you're not derms, but any recommendations for facial/scalp sebbhoric dermatitis and psoriasis?

redditor: dare2smile

comment permalink:

u/Chicken_beard · 1 pointr/NoPoo

Edit: I did try Tea Tree oil shampoos at various times, including Nature's Gate which is pretty well reviewed. None worked well enough for me

u/Madky67 · 1 pointr/30PlusSkinCare

Your shampoo could be the cause. I would definitely start using an aha and or bha product. I would use a gentle cleanser like vanicream Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser with Pump Dispenser | Fragrance, Gluten and Sulfate Free | For Sensitive Skin | 8 Ounce then a good toner like MIZON Aha & Bha Daily Clean Toner, 5.07 Fluid Ounce there is also a different selection on this mizon toner for a aha serum. I haven't tried it but I am planning on buying it. I really love Cosrx products. I use the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, 100ml a lot because it uses a different form of salicylic acid which great for sensitive skin, plus this is moisturizing.

Edit I would also recommend Jason dandruff shampoo Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo 12 oz it has the bha salicylic acid and sulfer which help exfolites your scalp. If you do have fungal acne or are having a reaction to your shampoo this is a good choice. I have been dealing with a dry scalp and then it turns into dandruff, after 4 uses my scalp looks so much better

u/CafeRoaster · 1 pointr/minimalism

I tried a lot of things before finally figuring it out at 30 years old.

[Jason brand dandruff shampoo](Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo 12 oz

u/saxMachine · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Not AB but my go to anti-dandruff and scalp healer hair product is a shampoo from Jason. I've been using this one or twice a week since 2010. 7 Years and it's the only product that calms my scalp. However, if you're not into herbal/medicinal smell, then you won't like this. This smells like tea tree with mint and a slight hint of sulfur and can stick to the hair for a a few hours so I use it only at night.

u/heytheresmoothskin · 1 pointr/eczema

Your comment about the apple cider vinegar reminded me that I also suffered from scalp eczema in my teens. I tried ACV but the intense burning sensation wasn't worth the minimal relief it offered.
Is the shampoo by Jason this one? . I'll definitely get some and give it a try when the T-Gel stops working!

u/farmgirlfromscratch · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Sure do! :)

My derm actually told me to try coconut oil to help stretch the steroid foam she prescribed. It was a new medicine at the time and it was crazy expensive per can and she thought I'd need to refill a few times a year.

You can sub in any oil that his skin likes (olive oil, etc.). The oils help with the silvery patches.

If he has scalp psoriasis the best shampoo I ever used for it was jaason dandruff shampoo

It has a strong smell when hair is wet so I ultimately had to stop using it. The best unscented shampoo I've found is honeyskin . They also make a cream I want to try.

Snail goop has really really helped. I put it on my face twice a day and on big bites, scratches etc. I usually put recovery gel on top of snail hoop. I've used mizon and scinic snail.

For my hands I use coconut oil, followed by shea butter followed by lanolin daily.

When I have a scale forming I put snail down first.

I eat avocado a few times a week.

I'm looking at the guerisson cream but I have to research it more for cruelty/ ethical reasons. I'm already using a horse product ( kikamasamune if I read that recent post right)

For me the big things were to keep my hands from getting wet/ chapped. Every time I get s psoriasis flare on my hands it takes months to heal. I pretty much wear work gloves or vinyl exam gloves year round while I'm doing chores.

I also avoid anything that can give me a friction burn. I had a horrible psoriasis patch on my coochie once from a friction burn. Long story short we never tried that particular thing again.

The best advice I have is learn what triggers flare ups. It's taken me years to build my list.

I desperately needed to take counter actions because I didn't want to take the immune suppressing pills my derm wanted me to take. Anything that has cancer as a side effects is a last choice only in my book.

u/3rd-Grade-Spelling · 1 pointr/Dermatology

I have this problem.

I use this stuff. Works well for cystic acne as well.

u/TangiestIllicitness · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Ah. I had some issues with it on my scalp as well, and this shampoo really helped. Mine was fairly mild on my scalp, though. I've used a sulfur-based treatment for my horse's skin issues for years, yet it didn't occur to me until recently that it could help me, too.

u/Smitty89 · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Very helpful advice, don't use the olay pro x even once a week?. Any shampoo, or conditioner you recommend? I use this for dandruff.

u/RogueLeaderJ · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I bought a plastic Wahl, this one . I still use it though, just put electrical tape over the cracks. Guess I'll get one of the Pro's next time.

u/Atys · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

You don't need to go very expensive for BIFL.

I bought these 9 years ago and have cut my hair once a month with them, as well as the odd friend's hair cut. They work like new.

Regarding cleanup: I put down a few strips of TP in the sink drain and around any silicone stuff that the hair might stick to and just do it over the bathroom sink. The hair can be collected in the TP and everything wiped down pretty quick.

The other option is to just sit a chair in the middle of a room with a linoleum-like floor, and sweep up after.

u/evancommathe · 1 pointr/minimalism

I use a wahl trimmer with the basic 8 guards from 1/8 in to 1 in, and it has worked very well for the past six years. I got mine on Amazon, but you can also sometimes find it at a TJ Maxx or Marshals for even cheaper. Comes with everything you need, but you can use a beard trimmer to get a closer cut on lines. Two links below...


u/suburban92 · 1 pointr/bald
u/awfuljokes · 1 pointr/Shave_Bazaar

I have been using something similar to this without a blade for the past five years and decided to try something new. I decided I prefer the minor scruff to the clean baby face look so that's the reason for the sale.

u/BuffHagen · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I need a haircut

Woo free money!

u/aarwynn · 1 pointr/malehairadvice
u/Mispelling · 1 pointr/beards

I guess I just don't get the whole "beard" trimmer thing.

I have been using my trusty Wahl clippers for trimming my beard (when necessary), and don't recall ever having a problem. You are talking $100 for a beard trimmer? That's a bit too much for my taste. I can find something similar to what I use for $20 on Amazon. Guard sizes from 1/16" to 1".

Full disclosure: I have touted Wahl clippers before, and no, I have no connection to the business. I've also never used a trimmer designed just for the beard. Also, I guess I'm a bit of a tightwad, so that might factor into my decision.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

u/GeneralWarts · 1 pointr/malegrooming

If you want to save some money I just use a hairclippers. Something like this.

I use no accessories for neckline and usually the smallest accessory on my beard for a nice short beard. I tried electric razors once and I think my skin is too sensitive, especially the neck area.

u/Seethesvt · 1 pointr/BeardAdvice
u/RugerRedhawk · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I think the $20-30 ones are actually pretty decent. It's when you dip below the $20 mark that it starts to get shady. I have this set: and it cuts really good even in thick hair. I use a 3/8" guard, and often do my neckline in the mirror with a razor.

u/strangebum · 1 pointr/Frugal

Get yourself a Wahl clipper and trim yourself up. I bought one about 3 months ago and use it every two weeks or so to keep my head nice and trimmed.

u/reddituser6912 · 1 pointr/houston

I got this for $20 and just do it myself, paid for itself after the first use

No more waiting, no more tipping, no more chit-chat and its perfect every time. I just get my wife to do what I can't reach

u/phauxe · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

I've been cutting/trimming my own hair for a little over a year now and learned by watching a few instructional videos--mainly, this guy. It worked out the best for my hair type.

I use the Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro hair clipper on the back/sides (plus a hand mirror) with a normal hair and texturizing shears on the top.

u/man_flakes · 1 pointr/ftm

Ah yeah. Boy do I feel ya.

I learned a while ago to do my own haircuts due to fear of barbershops/cost effectiveness. If you can save up a bit there are some cheap good buzzers at Walmart/Target/Amazon. That way you can keep up with all the maintinence, personally here's my clipper.

u/Capt_Redbeard · 1 pointr/Frugal

I've had my Wahl hair clippers for close to 10 years. don't buy some fancy trimmer for just your beard and mustache. i spent $17 bucks on mine which is how much it cost to have my hair cut and have cut my own hair ever since. plus of course it does face hair

edit: buy the one that comes with the guards and you should be set.

not the one i own but the new version
the color coded thing is nice because i can't tell you how much time is wasted tryin to find the right number on an all black set inside a black box.

u/deathwish644 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I ordered a Whal kit months ago and have been cutting my own hair ever since. With their manual, it becomes very difficult to screw your hair up.


u/ImAtleastTwelve · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

> new Bluetooth headphones

I've got a pair of Jaybird x2's, and I've heard the x3's are even better. Great bluetooth buds for exercise without sacrificing sound quality. They absolutely dump on Beats bluetooth earbuds in all categories.

> Does loose skin ever tighten up?

I've heard there is some tightening over time. I know there are surgeries to get rid of the excess skin, but that's the extent of my knowledge here.

>I'm down 60-65lbs with around 24%bf

Seriously impressive, dude. Great job on that, keep up the progress.

> Hair

I've got similarly thinning hair, and I shave my head with a 1.5 length clipper every week. Shaved heads are convenient in that you don't have to style it every day, but inconvenient in that you have to cut it weekly or it starts looking pretty bad. I'd suggest keeping yours pretty short, too. Cheap clippers work just fine for me. If you have dandruff, you'll have to pay a little more attention to it to avoid the fresh snowfall shoulders. I use this and it's under pretty good control.

u/DarkRider23 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

You look like a pretty pale guy from the pics, so definitely don't shave it all. You'll look even more pale if you do. The body hair makes you seem more tan than you are. Something cheap like this should work just fine for trimming it.

u/constipated_HELP · 1 pointr/Frugal

I got this Wahl at Marshall's for $15. It's great. Check out the reviews.

The highest quality out there is Oster, but at $80 for the cheaper model (and $140 or so for the pro model) I don't think it's a frugal choice. I've had arguments with people here about it (to their credit, it usually is the one that barbers use), but my Wahl is fantastic and my dad's had a similar one for over a decade. He doesn't oil it or anything (but you should). They are veterinarians and also have a wahl they use before surgeries (admittedly it's more of an industrial model). It's been around since they opened in the 80s.

Also, I'd recommend an "Ivy League" cut over a buzz cut. At the very least, do "high and tight." After being on the swim team, I buzzed my own hair from 17-20, only stopping because I was (accurately) told I'd look better with longer hair. Eventually I got tired of always having my appearance change because I refused to shell out $15 for a haircut more often than every 4 months. Now I cut my own hair again, doing the "Ivy League." It's harder, but it looks much better than having the same length everywhere.

I use a #8 on the top (1") and a 3 or 4 on the sides.

u/piney · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Alright I know you have lots of answers here, but I think I have something to offer.

  1. Take as many showers as you want. Water does have a cost, though, and depending on where you live, it can add up. Particularly if you're paying the water bill. One shower a day is probably good, but if you want to take two a day for a while, you should do it.

  2. I find that it's best to change my razor blade every week or two. I have thick hair, and I get red bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs from shaving 'against the grain' (down to up) so I always start high and shave down. Change the blade every couple of weeks. Look for an aftershave or face lotion that does NOT contain alcohol. That will just dry your skin. When you get a chance, consider buying a double-edge safety razor like this and blades like this - in the long run it's much cheaper than a Gillette, more manly and gives a better shave. A $6 ten-pack of blades could last you two or three months.

  3. Eh, all guys are hairy. I wouldn't bother shaving your armpits unless you like the feel. I sure as hell do not. Youtube, believe it or not, has a ton of videos about how to shave properly. Check 'em out!

  4. I change underwear, socks, and undershirts everyday. I usually wear outer shirts twice or three times before I wash them - always hang them up afterwards. I wash pants only when I need to (if they're smelly or dirty), which is usually every couple of weeks. I wash my jeans every six months or so. Yes it is 'good' to wear different clothes everyday, but don't sweat it right now. Hang your clothes up or fold them right after you take them out of the dryer, and hang them up at night if you're going to wear them again so they don't get wrinkly.

    PROTIP 1: When you get a chance, consider buying some clippers like this - make sure you get some guides with it - and you can cut your own hair short, and keep your pubes trim.

    PROTIP 2: If you haven't already found them, there are a ton of helpful subreddits to check out:


    and more!

    People here are mostly super helpful. You're off to a good start!
u/farmergregor · 1 pointr/Frugal

Male here. I cut my own hair with no assistance.

The first time was horrible. I tried it with a beard trimmer and ended up with a buzzcut.

The next time I watched several "do it yourself" videos on youtube, and got myself hair clippers. Seriously, watch 5 or so videos and you will learn enough basics to have an alright cut. All you need is a good clipper, a hand mirror, a wall mirror, scissors, and patience.

My personal style is #4 on the sides and back, #3 on the edges and around the temples, #5 on the back top half, and I cut the front half and with scissors to a length that is long enough to crop up. It comes out looking something like THIS. I am no where near that handsome mind you.

I've been cutting my hair for about 6 months now every two weeks. I've gotten good enough that I think I look better than when I got $16 cuts at Great Clips. I save around $300 a year. It takes me 10 minutes now to do a simple haircut. I love it.

u/SapientChaos · 1 pointr/pics
u/stinkyfurmin · 1 pointr/CutYourOwnHair

Wahl is a great brand. This one comes with all the gaurds you would need. I dont know how to make a link lol Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T

u/Tirolabasura · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I have a Wahl clipper set like this. I've been trimming my hair and beard with these for years and as long as you keep them oiled they will last forever.

u/BuzzMaintenance · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

You these wahl clippers... They are only $20 and come with clip size half all the way up to I think 5 or 6. You would use no clip or the half. I have been using mine for 3 yrs still going strong

u/LOLBOS · 1 pointr/AskNYC
u/m007allred · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

American Crew Forming Cream. Gives a real good hold with a matte finish. You can get it cheap from amazon or have walmart price match.

u/ZaphodbBrox · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

1st you need to grow your hair to twice the length you have (maybe longer)
2nd blow dry you hair a little before you style it.
3. try putting some conditioner in your hair after shampooing, I like (the slightly homoeroticly named) woody's for men it helps weight my hair down a little so it doesn't fight against the product so much.
4. try something other than fiber or try mixing fiber with something else. My hair also fights back against product I put a little bit of American crew forming cream in my hair then blow dry it then put Baxter's of California clay pomade and style with my fingers before brushing the side with a brush to make it look even.
5. show that picture to your barber/styles't

u/kril89 · 1 pointr/datingoverthirty

what's your problem dude, like why even make the post? Just go to a barber and get a nice haircut. Have him put some product in your hair and walk around and see how you feel for a day. You don't need to buy it This will look pretty natural and will last you awhile You don't need to use the stuff every day just when you want to look good like a date or interview or whatever. This will last you MONTHS! I have a hair gel I've been using for a year that i've been trying to find things to use it on so I can use the one I linked. (I hate product also!) But the more I use it the more comfortable I become with it. After my 9 year LTR I had a buzz cut just like you and really didn't have any fashionably clothes. I worked on changing that even if I was uncomfortable wearing and going out with nice hair at first. Now while i'm not the best looking person in my social group I'm definitely the best dressed with the best hair...... while I still have it haha

u/FloppY_ · 1 pointr/Denmark

American Crew Forming Cream og STRUCTURE Paste er gode til den hårtype hvis du kan lide det lidt løst og de dufter rart.

Sidst-nævnte er bedst til det korte, mens først-nævnte nok er bedre når det bliver lidt længere. De er måske lidt på den dyre side, men man behøver ikke bruge meget, så de holder rigtig længe.

u/Sandyman99 · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Got any recommendations for a water based medium shine and hold product (that doesn't make your hair feel stiff when running your hands through it)? Fan of American Crew Forming Cream (but doesn't have the best feel) and Baxter Cream Pomade (doesn't quite have enough hold or shine)

Any recommendation would be great, as im super unknowledgeable about this stuff!

u/travierob · 1 pointr/curlyhair

Thanks for the reply! Lots of good resources.

I did a little bit of reading in the wiki/sidebar and did a quick inventory of what I've been using. My styling products are all wax based and silicone-free. The weakest link in my routine is my cheap 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (because I guess marketers assume men only care about convenience, got me). I sulfate free shampoo and conditioner from Burt's Bees and am looking forward to see how that goes over the next few weeks.

Products I'm using:


u/luopjiggy · 1 pointr/malegrooming

Yea, shave your face. You could also slap some paste in your hair and mess it up a bit. I use this.

u/ReverendGlasseye · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

For dealing with it before you go to bed, it's water-soluble so it will wash out easily with a quick shower.

However, with most gels I have experienced and by my standards, it has a pretty weak hold. I would recommend American Crew Fiber or their Forming Cream because they have a decent hold and don't get all crispy like gel usually does. Nevertheless, all of this depends on what kind of style you're going for, thickness of hair, etc.; could you please elaborate on the style you're looking for, how thick your hair is, and other general stuff about your hair?

I'm Filipino and my hair is thick and straight as all hell, personally, I use Murray's Superior Pomade and American Crew Grooming Cream, but that shit has a lot of shine and hold. Here's a picture of me when I use my products for my hair. On top of that, the pomade is a bitch to get out of your hair but I don't mind and, as I said earlier, it gives off a lot of shine which may be a good or bad thing depending on what look you're looking for.

u/ice_nine459 · 1 pointr/malegrooming

Buy it from Amazon 11-12$ vs 17. There aren't many options out there that would get cheaper.

u/gauchacho · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I have a big forehead as well, and also similar hair at your current length. What I do now is finger-length on the sides and about 2 inches longer on top. Shower/shampoo, blow dry it down, spread a dime shaped amount of product from front to back - flatten it - swoosh to one side - flatten the sides. At this length a nice, long comb is a great tool. Also, Baxter's clay is great because you can re-style with a little water throughout the day when your hair gets sad.

I hope this helps!

u/Flipnkraut · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Everyone's hair is different. I'd say try it for a week or so without shampoo and see what happens. It's not like your hair is going to fall out if you don't shampoo.

If you're finding its still leaving residue, try shampooing every 3 days or so. Or, it's a little pricier, but the Baxter of California clay pomade washes out of my hair easier.
Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl. oz.

u/bippidyboppidy · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Probably a clay since that's what my barber gave me. I got rough rider but also liked this

u/Ihavehairtoo · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

> Creams / pastes:

Tea tree shaping cream $15 on amazon: Link This post shows it in use: Link

Mr. Pompadour Moroccan Texture Paste $20 Link

> Wax:

Carter Supply Flux Strong Hold Wax $19 Link

> Clay:

Baxter California Clay $20: Link This post shows it in use: Link

Daimon Barber N° 4 Clay Pomade $24 Link

u/caramelbrownguy · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Have you tried Baxter of California's Clay Pomade? It is a wax based substance that works well on straight/thick hair, giving a high hold and a natural (matte) finish.

u/ghostaudio · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Baxter of California, it ain't cheap though.

It's what I currently use for my hair style. Try to use sparingly.

Before even using the clay pomade, it's ideal to have your hair the way you want it first. Try using something lighter before hand (a dab or more of pomade) in order to set up your hair the way you want it to, then use the clay pomade to hold it.

A blow dryer helps the process a ton (use it when styling your hair with the lighter pomade).

You can always search for hair styling tips on you tube if you want more help.

u/edwardhasnewgoggles · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

Thanks! Partly genes and mostly because I let my beard grow out for about 6 weeks before Movember. After showering, I comb it out and then comb the ends up. I don't use mustache wax but rather Baxter Clay Pomade . I feel like it gives it that good pointed look without looking totally waxed. Those little tiny scissors are also good for trimming the wild hairs / upper lip.

u/solomonj87 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl. oz.

u/Persolz · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice
u/ProcrastinatorLeo · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Baxter of California clay pomade be warned though this stuff is really strong.

u/John_Wang · 1 pointr/malehairadvice
u/JessicaMaple · 1 pointr/curlyhair

If you haven't tried it yet, Shea Moisture has an African Black Soap line for dandruff that worked really well for me. I've also had decent luck with this sulfate-free dandruff shampoo, but it was still pretty harsh on my hair and gave it that squeaky clean feel that isn't good at all. To help, I coated the length of my hair in conditioner before shampooing.

Another thing that might help, regardless if the issue is product buildup, dandruff or just not scrubbing enough is a [scalp brush](
)! I have them and love them and give them to friends.

u/westgates · 1 pointr/Accutane

Thank you thank you! I ordered that shampoo you recommended off of Amazon and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my dandruff -back to being much more manageable instead of me wanting to itch my head every 5 minutes.

I also picked up a shampoo brush which came recommended by people who bought the shampoo on Amazon and that has definitely helped too. It helps to lift the flakes and make sure the shampoo actually penetrates your skin.

u/all_u_need_is_cheese · 1 pointr/curlyhair

I use a tangle teezer, but something like this one would work: it basically exfoliates the scalp.

u/BronzeTrophyWife · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I would do gently back and forth.

This is what I used, btw, an aunt stuck it in the gift she gave me for my shower and I do the same for my friends. It was really intimidating looking at first, but I just very light/no pressure and it kept his scalp looking good.

u/atlastata · 1 pointr/roosterteeth

I've cut way back on the amount of shampoo I use and while I have no way to verify, it appears that the amount of dandruff I have has been reduced substantially. YMMV, of course. I also bought one of these shampoo brushes - seems to work better (at the very least, I get a head massage with my shampoo.

/u/hamfan has quite a few posts talking about shampoo from more of a scientific perspective - I believe that one of his/her posts pushed me towards low poo/better shampoo.

u/tacopuppy · 1 pointr/ftm

curly hair hype: I use a scalp/shampoo brush for conditioner and shampoo, and while I wash with conditioner every day I only shampoo twice a week. Keeps my hair shiny and prevents it from being frizzy. I also avoid anything with sulfates or silicones. I use Hanz de Fuko shampoo and conditioner, and their Quicksand styling product. If you have never used a shampoo brush before I highly recommend it. Life changing.

Shave soap, aftershave, bar soap, and cologne, I use products from Whoo's the Man. I cannot recommend them enough. High quality all natural products, absolutely amazing smells. It's also very affordable imho.

For my skin I use an acne fighting face scrub and day/night moisturizers from Carley's Clear and Smooth. If you struggle with acne I highly recommend this stuff.

I use a double edged safety razor and shave soap in a mug that I whip up with a shaving brush, another routine I highly recommend if you have acne or ingrown hairs. Super cheap and I change the blade almost every day.

Finally wanted to throw out a suggestion for Quip toothbrushes, it's a very affordable electric toothbrush subscription service.

u/anp516 · 1 pointr/FancyFollicles

I used to have the same problem for YEARS but I recently started using a shampoo brush and it's helped so so much!!

u/ChyloVG · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

If it works well for you, I don't think you need to change. If you're open to experimenting, I use Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge. The Gatsby product line has different waxes depending on hair length, style, hold, and shine.

u/wazzuper1 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

So uh, no reply from OP yet. Anyways, here's the video of the Gatsby Pink I was talking about from Style06com on Youtube:

You should check out more of his reviews to get a sense of what might work for you. Again, he says that he has finer hair and recommends that if you do have thicker hair, try to thin it out. Try investing in your own hair clipping kit too to maintain your hair in between cuts or to do it yourself:

Additionally, the most helpful review on Amazon is a video which really sold me on to trying out Gatsby Pink. Unfortunately, it looks like this product is now an add-on item. I was able to get my with Prime shipping before. About the same price though, I think.

u/KThxBaiNao · 1 pointr/malehairadvice


I personally use Pink Gatsby

It's really strong, and you only need a tiny bit.

I have really thick and heavy hair and it works wonders for me.

u/11ez11 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I use one index finger worth of this gatsby, spread it between the length of my index/middle finger tip and lightly run those 4 fingers (2 on each hand) over my head. I think this is a tiny amount, at the rate I go I could probably do a few years with 1 purchase. I don't touch my scalp at all but by the end of the day though my scalp feels like it's had product through it and I feel horrible if I go to sleep with it. If I shampoo it out, the scalp feels like the product combined with the water to sink into the scalp which is why I'm questioning if there's something I'm doing wrong. Because of this I rarely style my hair (once a month if not at all).

Your reminder that the hair past the follicle being dead does make me feel better though if my hair is styled, the scalp is noticeably uncomfortable at the end of the day. Do you wash your hair everyday (with shampoo) to get the product out? What does your day to day look like? I should probably visit a dermatologist too but that last one I saw was a waste of time as he didn't do anything just repeating that I'm fine

u/All_the_Pumpkins · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Asian hair notoriously suffers from the same problem. Try this:

Don't pay too much attention to the wild anime-esque hairstyle this product endorses. It can (and should) be used for traditional hairstyles as well. It's worked very well for me as a guy with thick, cowlicked hair.

u/blackandyellownut · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Both products, Perfect Hold and Spiky Edge, don't make your hair rock-hard so they won't leave any white solidified flake. You can even re-style your hair after awhile you first apply them- this may make you think that these waxes are not strong but they really are(especially the spiky edge). It's hard to describe their texture so see this video FYI:


Moving Rubber Spiky Edge is definitely on the strong side of holding. If strong hold is your priority, I'd say try Spiky Edge first. If you want natural style and yet strong hold for a day, I recommend style with wax/cream first and finish with spray.

Where you can buy:

Moving Rubber Spiky Edge:

Perfect Hold Wax Extra Hard:

u/Sc3ptorrr · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I'd suggest Gatsby (pink container). It's strong enough for me to easily mold my straight Asian hair!

u/sofortune · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

For gatsby, are you referring to this one:

Looks like at least a couple votes for Fuko Claymation.

u/Quolli · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Did you know you can just Google ingredient lists?


Courtesy of Amazon.

The only ingredient that I would be wary about is the ehtylhexyl palmitate (third ingredient) since it can potentially cause breakouts. Wouldn't think too much of it though unless you get a whole goop on your face.

u/thepoene · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Hey buddy, fellow Asian guy here.

For volumizing product, I use Gatsby.

If I know it's going to be a long day I finish the style with a short spritz of low hold strength hairspray. The overall result is a strong hold without the sheen of a styling gel.

u/helloadrien · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

I really like to use Gatsby Hair Wax, it tames my frizz, but your mileage may vary.

The colors have different holds. I like the orange and pink.

u/haploid-20 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Hap hap hello there! I am a bot and you linked to Amazon.

This comment contains 1 pricing graph(s)


Product 1: TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax, 3 Ounces (B002N5MI2S)

Imgur pricing graph

||Amazon|3P New|Used|
|Cur|$8.38|$6.05|Not in Stock|


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u/silverphoenix48 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I may not exactly have the same hair, but I have Thick and Coarse relatively straight hair (I'm asian), like coarser and more stubborn than typical asian males.

I found my perfect combo that gives a similar look, albeit my hair is a tad longer and a bit tidier for office work.

with dried hair(but not super bone dry) I work in about 2-4 small dabs of this
tigi bed head seperation wax, then if my hair is being especially stubborn and not sitting well in the back I work in a tiny amount of Crew Pomade, then I finish it with a light(very light) spray of bedhead hard head, I like this spray because it doesn't flake or crack, and a light spray remains actually pretty flexible.

u/kil0khan · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I have really wavy hair too, but with some matte high-hold type stuff an undercut looks great (my current favorite is Matte Seperation). I know you want low upkeep, but once you start doing it regularly, quick blow dry bit of product takes less than 2 minutes.

I resisted using product for a while too, but it's just one of those things like wearing decent shoes, well fitting clothes etc that once you start doing you wonder why it took you so long..

u/echo-chamber-chaos · 1 pointr/pics


You just put like a dime sized or really, even smaller dab in the middle of your palm and rub your hands together until it's all over them and run your fingers softly through your hair several times and it won't just fall over flat when it drys, when you get out of the shower.

u/Ienzo · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Thanks, there seems to be two version though. Manipulator or separator?

Edit: I'm guessing its this one

u/barney75f7u12 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice
u/cloudsandnepenthe · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

way late, but is this the tigi bedhead i feel like it's not since you said it was hard to get?

u/Narutofloss · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Been using TIGI Wax for about a year now. It's my favorite so far. Much better than Crew Fiber

u/throwaway12990 · 1 pointr/malegrooming

You can use a wax to get the 3rd picture.
Something like this.

u/monis6344 · 1 pointr/Hair

Try men’s hairwax, if that doesn’t help try hair gel. Either of these you can also find at your local grocery/drug store. Btw be careful when using these products, a little goes a long way!

u/slyweazal · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I may have been criticizing fellow barber texture paste, too much. It deserves considerable respect for being the best I've found yet. The only reason I don't think it's "the one" is because I'm still holding out for some miracle product -but that may just be unrealistic expectations lol

Without a doubt try fellow barber, you won't regret it. It gave my thin hair noticeably thicker, fuller body and the right amount of hold that kept the hair looking natural, but in place. Never had a product do all that so well before.

A big improvement came from using this shampoo/conditioner by Arvazallia. My whole life, every time I ran out of shampoo, I'd buy a different brand to test if it was better. The Arvazallia one I found by sorting Amazon results by highest rated. It's also the only shampoo I've gone back to instead of trying new ones because I liked the results so much. It's the smoothest my hair's ever been, but I wonder if it couldn't be fuller.

I just did some online research and purchased these to see how they help with thin hair, too:

u/-Lurkmeister · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I think a faded undercut would suit your semi chiseled face. I have similar faceshape and I, in my opinin rock that style like no other style that I've tried.

When it comes to product I have tried alot of diffrent but the best I've tried is the bed head matte separation. Just blowdry your hair in the direction you want it and brush it in the opposite direction at the same time. When the hair is dry apply the wax and style it the way you like it and finish off with some hairspray.

By the way mirin the hell out of your skin man! Me myself struggle with acne alot and your skin just seem so smoth, no homo:)

u/TheKibster · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I use Tigi Behead workable wax to achieve a similar sort of style, and although it is quite pricey it has a great hold and is hardly noticeable in your hair, and you don't need to use very much.

u/ItsMeCorey · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Definitely use conditioner. I live in the desert as well (AZ) and have pretty much the same hair as you (oily). I would advise you to to find a hair stylist/dresser if you don't have one and as the others have mentioned below; get it textured. I personally don't like my scalp showing on the sides so I get at least a number 4 on the sides or i have them scissor cut the sides so it isn't cut too short. Also have them razor cut/texture the top. For product's I'd suggest trying bedhead's "matte separation" or their wax stick. I've also used d:fi extreme hold too and it works great but it's definitely thick and it's hard to find as it's pretty popular here so I'd just buy it online.

Here's the matte separation:

Here's the wax stick:

Here's the d fi extreme cream:

I also put product in while my hair is dry/slightly damp rather than wet. If you're using the d:fi I'd definitely try it when your hair is a little damp because that stuff is pretty sticky. Don't be afraid to blow-dry it a bit to speed up the drying process.

It might seem like a lot of steps but it's really not bad at all, takes me maybe 5 minutes to do right after the shower. Good luck man!

u/heyheymse · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Changing the way you dress is definitely a process - I don't know if there are thrift stores and things where you are, or places to resell clothing you don't use anymore, but going through your clothes and figuring out what goes with Older More Mature You and what belongs in the past with Younger You takes some time and is a big step. Check out /r/frugalmalefashion for cheaper takes on great male fashion as well as some money saving do-it-yourself techniques.

Your hair, though, does not need to be messed with. The fly-away look can be tamed if you really want it to with pomade or hair wax (look for something like Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax or Tigi Matte Separation Wax - go for something non-shiny so it doesn't look greasy) or you can just say fuck it and allow your hair to do its sexy, bedhead thing. As long as your clothes don't look sloppy, it'll actually look really great.

And you are really welcome. Thanks for providing the eye candy on behalf of all of us at /r/ladyboners.

u/rehtlaw · 1 pointr/actuallesbians

I had very short hair for a while last year (about as short as the girl in the first picture and with very short sides). I tried Gatsby and American Crew, but I eventually settled on the TIGI Bedhead Matte Separation wax. I have thick ramrod straight hair and the TIGI wax is strong enough to hold a style and still be restyleable. I don't like overt shininess in my hair, so the matte look is great. It smells very nice, but it isn't too overbearing and it washes out easily, since it's water-based. I have longer hair now but I still use a dab of the stuff to give my hair some texture.

u/basketmonitor · 1 pointr/malegrooming
u/leftspun · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

TIGI Bedhead workable wax. Stuff works wonders.

u/fl3x0 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I've been using TiGi Bedhead Men's Matte Separation Wax for the last few years, and I love it.

u/diamondiamondiamond · 1 pointr/Hair

alright well you're going to want to start by showing your barber these pictures especially the front facing ones and emphasize that you want to keep a lot at the front to work with, as well as wispy layers for the rest of your head

now for products (i know you said your hair is thick but) you might want to try a thickening product as well just to get the style you're looking for. my salon sells this product that i've heard great things about. then i'm guessing from you getting a perm that your hair isn't naturally curly, so for the front section i strongly suggest devacurl's wave maker i have wavy to curly hair naturally and this gives me wonderfully defined curls

for styling i recommend you, a paddle brush, and a light touch become best friends. brushing away from your crown towards the front stopping before you reach where you want the curls to start. dont brush curls you'll ruin them. then for styling the sides, top and back of the hair you can either use a pomade this ones my personal favourite, or you can use a hair wax. they'll work similarly but the pomade will give you a little bit of a shiny finish whereas the wax won't. work a small amount of either between your fingers and run through your hair to give more of a wispy layered textured. again i wouldn't touch your curls except maybe with some hairspray but depending on how well the devacurl works you won't need to. the important thing to remember is don't touch what you want to curl as you'll break the curl pattern and it won't work just let it air dry no touch. if you're going to blow dry that's fine but i recommend blowing your hair against the grain back to your crown. this will give it a bit of lift. try to avoid blow drying the curly bit.

hope this achieves what you want

u/LNG · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Sorry in advance for the length of my comment but speaking from personal experience, your acne could be caused by fungus/yeast, not bacteria. It's called Malassezia Yeast and we all have it on our skin, but it can cause issues when it becomes overgrown. This overgrowth is called Pityrosporum folliculitis and looks almost identical to other forms of acne.

Other evidence that points towards fungus is the fact that you're breaking out on other parts of your body. The fungus spreads easily, especially if you give it a nice environment to thrive, like sweaty workouts!

I had perfect skin until I was about 22, and suddenly developed acne on my face, chest, and back. It was so bizarre and none of the traditional acne treatments were helping because, as I later figured out, most products are geared towards bacterial breakouts, including benzoyl peroxide. In fact, overuse of these products can cause fungus/yeast to take over the balance and cause all sorts of issues!

So, after months of research I came to the conclusion that I did indeed have fungal acne, so I started a routine to combat it. I was desperate at first, so I bought an anti-dandruff shampoo (because dandruff is commonly caused by fungus). [This one is great because its SLS free!]
( In the shower, I slathered it all all over my face and body, let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinsed it off. All of the breakouts started disappearing overnight, literally.

I felt strange using shampoo on my face so I decided to do more research and discovered that zinc is an amazing natural antifungal. So, I purchased this bar of soap, which contains 2% Pyrithione Zinc (an antimicrobial) and it was also very effective. I only use that about every three days now, and only on my body, because I have super sensitive skin and it is too drying for my face.

For my face, I now use Curology because they offer Zinc Pyrithione as an ingredient! My current formulation is .25% Zinc Pyrithione, 1% Clindamycin, and 4% Niacinamide and it is AMAZING. I'm now free of any and all breakouts.

I also use this mineral sunscreen because it uses zinc oxide - another form of zinc that is an antifungal!

For me, I have to maintain a routine or else the overgrowth returns, so I also take zinc picolinate supplements.
So, yeah, I hope this helps give some insight on your skincare journey!!


I also want to point out the necessity of being super gentle on your skin, in general. I always think "kill it with kindness" when it comes to skin issues. You definitely don't want to make things worse by over-exfoliating (chemical and physical), using harsh cleansers that strip your natural oils, and above all you must keep your moisture barrier in tip top shape because it will protect you from excess fungus and bacteria!

I decided to give you my whole routine as an example, so here it is! I focus on moisture.


u/iamgoingbald666 · 1 pointr/tressless

I think that's a better (less harsh/drying) ketoconazole shampoo than Nizoral. I use it every other day as well as Minox twice a day and don't have any issues. I also use the Regenepure Nourishing Treatment Shampoo ( which helps hair from being dried out, and also has ingredients that are more gentle on hair/scalp than typical shampoos.

u/throwalegalal · 1 pointr/tressless

> I keep seeing rumblings about terrible sexual side effects of finasteride but have yet to see anything substantiated. So I'm just going to ignore that entirely and take the plunge. Is going to a dermatologist the best route to ask about a prescription?

2% experience sexual side effects of which all have gone away on their own while continuing use or after stopping usage in scientific studies. All the horror stories I've read have been anecdotal. I spent about 6 months debating whether or not to hop on fin, only regret has been not hopping on it earlier. Derm is the best route. Many Hair Transplant doctors give free consultations and will write you prescriptions as well. Ask for generics, much cheaper.

> I read somewhere that Rogaine is only for vertex thinning- is this true? Since I don't have that issue, should I bother?

I think this is because the main study done focused on the crown. There has been evidence it can help on the temples but not as strong as the crown.

>Can I continue to use regular shampoos in conjunction with it? Are there any shampoos I should avoid? I use a soy paste product to sculpt my hair, could that be an issue? Are there any other hair products / foods / anything I should generally avoid?

Yes, many people first wash with a normal shampoo then use Niz. You can also get prescription 2% niz from derm/ht doctor which you use every other day. Keto shampoo can be somewhat harsh on your scalp/hair (dry), althought I've had no problems. is slightly more expensive but has many more ingredients to help counteract irritation and dryness.

No products you're putting in your hair are going to speed up your MPB. Shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) can be more drying than others, which can in theory make the hairs weaker which may make them fall out faster, but won't effect whether or not they regrow back as MPB does.

In terms of food - supplements such as creatine or steroids can increase DHT production and increase MPB. I've also read sorghum (a grain) increases 5-alpha-reductase and DHT, its pretty uncommon in day-to-day foods unless you're gluten free.

Some other thoughts: I've been using a volumizing mouse/shampoo and it definitely helps my hair look fuller/hide the thinning spots. You can also use something like TOPPIK to help conceal, but I've found that the brownish colors have an almost green tint to them in certain light and can be pretty annoying applying to the hairline. I think people who have black hair benefit most from hair fibers.

u/mr_bacon_pants · 1 pointr/Supplements

beta sitosterol, biotin, and MSM. MSM makes my hair and nails grow like crazy, but not sure if it helps with hair loss or growing new hair. I just have to cut my hair and nails way more often. The keto shampoo seems to help, too, I use this one.

u/Susie_QQ · 1 pointr/asktransgender

This is my shampoo BTW:
Nizoral will work too (the ketoconazole is what you're after), but this stuff is sulfate-free and doesn't have a terrible chemical smell. DHT blockers won't make as much of a difference once T gets knocked clear down to female normal, but I'll stick with this stuff anyway cause it's also great for dandruff. It's a little pricey, but my current bottle has lasted 3 months and is still about 1/4 full (shampooing every other day right now, with more growth I'll use more but eventually just twice a week - not really effective for hair growth at that point but enough to get the anti-dandruff effect).

u/jimdiddly · 1 pointr/tressless I’ve had pretty moderate dandruff since before I even knew I had hair issues, but I tried this consistently awhile back(January or so?) and it did a good job of getting rid of it. Its back now cus I ran out and $25 is a lot for shampoo lol. I don’t know the science behind this, though—I’m 19 and dumb and if it says it’s good I’ll put it on my head.

Trick for me was to make sure it got on my scalp and then leave it there for a hot minute or so

u/sefefe · 1 pointr/tressless

I'll give the coconut oil a shot for at least a month or so. I mean my hair on top isn't super long, I feel like the scalp won't be super visible once it grows a bit longer. And I tried to find Minoxidil on, and the closest thing is a shampoo with really good reviews, in regards to such a problem:

u/hair2compare · 1 pointr/tressless

On Amazon, it is appears Regenpure is cheaper than Nizoral.

Nizoral 7 oz costs $21.74 = $3.10 per oz

Regenpure 8 oz costs $18.70 = $2.34 per oz.

Anyway, it lasts a while. I started using Nizoral in April 2014 and I still have a fifth of the bottle left. Granted, I keep my hair fairly short and there was a month where I forgot to use it, but still the cost per month is pretty low.

As for 1% vs 2%, whatever research I've done in the area has led me to the conclusion that 2% won't make much of a difference over 1% in terms of helping your hair. In my opinion, whatever additional benefit 2% gives is outweighed by the extra expense and difficulty in getting it (2% requires a prescription).

u/redbootz · 1 pointr/FancyFollicles

I'm going to add to this. I use this stuff, (link below). My hair is super heavy anyway, so getting it to have any amount of volume previously meant tons of teasing. But a little sprinkle of this and it's wonderful!

u/celluloidwings · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Mine is the same way, and needless to say, once it got to arm pit length, I got so irritated with the knots, I cut it off to the nape of my neck. I have three different shampoos that I use: Giovanni Max 66, Herbal Essence's Body Envy, and the occasional clarify shampoo (Regis) when it starts to get really lank from product build up. Other than than, finger combing and blow drying my hair with my head flipped upside down helps a lot. Oh, and this stuff:

u/Rokets · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I'm not sure you should take my advice (newbie) but I'm trying exactly the same thing...

I use Big Sexy Hair products for volume and some texture. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner (it gives me texture), hair dryer... This product also helps me a lot, eps for volume I'm happy with it, although I still need to grow out more hair

u/RipTideRunner · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

This is currently on my shelf:

Ive had for about 6 months now and the results have been pretty consistent. The finish is totally matte, so if you want any shimmer you'll have to add something extra. I also live in Florida where the humidity really weighs on my hair. I'm still happy with how this stuff works.

Ive also used this about 2 times. Seems to work in much the same way.

Really, though, I think itd be pretty hard to go wrong with one of these. I think the formula is relatively the same across products. Just a note, this stuff is NOT water soluble, so if you're doing NoPoo or something, you may have issues.

Best of luck!

u/refuse2loseit · 1 pointr/tressless

Its a temporary effect, but it really does help if you have thin hair. Its not going to do anything permanent.

I also use a "volumizing powder" that makes it even more thick. You'd be surprised how well the products work.

u/crod242 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Second. Powder is absolute beast mode. I just started using this combined with this and the results are not only better but much easier and cleaner than messing with heavy pastes and stuff like Fiber or Mess Up, especially if you have a bit of length.

u/brittp23 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

yes! I use this every day and it does wonders with blow drying and a wax.

u/Corrray · 1 pointr/FancyFollicles

I've heard good things about volumizing powder that you put in the roots of your hair like the one from big sexy hair called power play.

u/notpandora · 1 pointr/AskReddit

If you have hair longer than chin length, then these are the pinnacle of man's ingenuity. They also come in short sizes.

Other than that, I've always wanted to buy some of this. Unfortunately it's over $10 with shipping.

u/themysticpurplefox · 1 pointr/curlyhair

I use spiral bobbypins to put my hair in a bun. No creases and you can make the bun as loose or tight as you need. I usually use 4 pins for a nice and secure bun (for top, bottom, and each side)

u/summervibe · 1 pointr/running

I have long thick hair as well! First I do a normal ponytail and twirl that that into a bun. Then I use two "telephone cord" hair ties to keep the bun shape. And finally I use two goody "spin pins" to secure the bun! I've used this for several races and long runs and it doesn't bounce or get loose.

u/railaway · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

Have you heard of spin pins? I put my hair in a high-ish ponytail, braid it, and then twist these pins into the bun. It helps my thick hair stay in place all day! You can do a regular ballet bun with them too. To give you an idea of the hold, I wear these in my hair to go run at the gym!

u/shitshiner69 · 1 pointr/StudentNurse

Maybe some of those tiny little notebooks that fit in your pocket? I use those to write down vitals and such without lugging a clipboard around.

Hair ties since she’ll have to have her hair up, or if she would like them, I really love spin pins because I can have my hair up all day and never get a headache like I do from a pony tail.

Also don’t forget lunchbox stuff could be useful too because hospital cafeteria food is disgusting and generally not very healthy. Like maybe some glass Tupperware , a lunchbox, or a water bottle/cup.

Also if your friend is like me and likes to wear makeup, she will want a lipstick that won’t quit! This stuff stays on through my 12 hour shifts and I just love it!

Really depends on how much you want to spend, but I find that that these are the things that really got me through clinicals.

u/Wtfkassiex3 · 1 pointr/curlyhair

La looks and deva curl doesn’t work for me. I use either SM momongo gel, the eco styler flax seed or SM gel with the pink label. The SM curl enhancing smoothie too.

CG approved styling foam includes creme of nature styling foam, and there’s one by styleID I LOVE bc you can use heat (I diffuse with med heat idc idc)

I use twisty Bobby pins like this and hair clips like this puff cuff like i said, great when I need a pony without the headache.

u/I_Dont_Own_A_Cat · 1 pointr/AskWomen

You can use spin pins to put it in a bun. My hair is extremely thick. Two pony tail holders or ponytail holder plus spin pins usually does the trick for a bun.

u/CrazyCatLady108 · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

these things are INCREDIBLE! best part is they don't damage hair. finally after years of wearing a bun i am seeing my short broken strands growing out.

u/soignestrumpet · 1 pointr/running

After the braid step, wrap it into a bun and secure with spin pins instead of multiple elastics. Stays put for me through running, multiple soccer games, and swimming (in the ocean without a cap). For just short runs I can skip the braid step as well. For daily life I even skip the elastic. Just twist, pin, and go.
(You can also get them CVS, Target, etc)

u/RiddleMeThis1213 · 1 pointr/Aerials

I have long dreadlocks (a little past my hips) and I flip my head upside down and twist it tightly into a bun on top of my head securing it all with an elastic. Actually I use a headband due to the thickness, but if you don't have dreads then a regular hair tie would probably work. It usually holds pretty well.

They wouldn't work in my hair, but my aerial instructor usually puts her hair in a low bun using spin pins like these

u/southwade · 1 pointr/beards
u/gonzoimperial · 1 pointr/beards

Great, well definitely get him started then. I like jojoba oil because it's cheap and doesn't have much of a scent. I use this brush and some Firehouse Mustache Wax. All the Honest Amish products have always worked well for me too, especially their balms.

u/elzombino · 1 pointr/secretsanta

also, a good boar's hair brush keeps everything straight before he braids.

u/Mr_not_Lucky · 1 pointr/beards

My beard just wants to curl up and get bushy. I find brushing with a [boards hair brush] ( first thing in the morning after I apply my oil helps to keep my curl down to a minimum and I brush it a few times through out the day. I find the wide tooth combs are only good for removing debris.

u/SlickThickRick · 1 pointr/beards

I use beard oil that I make myself, along with a boar brush to groom it. The oil gets used after a hot shower and the brush is used after the oil and also the next day in the morning after I wake up. The exact brush is the Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush. I trim every once in a while with scissors, but that is it. Am I doing something wrong? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys in advance.

u/eoddc5 · 1 pointr/malegrooming
u/thenewnum2 · 1 pointr/prettyteenagers

look into palmaid stuffs dope also

I use this

u/2cubetaing · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I've used American Crew for about a year now, but I recently switched to Suavecito and I don't think I'm going back. It's cheaper with a similar sheen and texture, but I believe it holds a little more firm. Plus it smells great.

u/OssiansFolly · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Have you tried Suavecito?

u/xNS5 · 1 pointr/AskMen

I use this. One pot lasts me 6 months to a year, depending on my hairstyle. Sometimes I shave my head as a sort of "clean slate". It smells great. Given my current hairstyle and the fat that I thin my hair out (My hair gets pretty thick), I use less product.

u/mcgillicudy · 1 pointr/malegrooming

If you don't like hard feeling hair "putty", I recommend going with something like Suavecito or Uppercut Deluxe Pomade.

I've used both of these products for hair styling, and I think they're simply in a league of their own. The Suavecito is definitely on the milder side, but I like that it doesn't make my hair firm. Walmart carries American Crew Fiber which I think is an OK alternative to the brands I recommended, but I wouldn't waste my money on it unless you just absolutely have to buy it at Walmart tonight.

Use damp hair with all these products, but make sure its on the drier side, because the two pomades are water soluble (so they wash out easy, as opposed to some pomades like Murray's which take multiple washes to get out).

While I'm going on about this, my only other advice in regards to hair styling is to make sure your hair has some of its natural oils. It REALLY helps in the long run. I noticed that most shampoos were drying out my scalp and hair, so I switched to some all-natural crap from one of those health food stores (I think its seaweed brand or something). I started washing it every other day, and my hair looks supremely better, feels better, styles easier and uses less product.

u/chase_one · 1 pointr/malehairadvice


all of those will give you the look you're going for more or less. there are super strong hold variants if you have thicker hair. they're all waterbased too, there are plenty of petroleum based options, but they are tough to wash out and i don't use them.

u/bummer_camp · 1 pointr/ftm

Some pomades, the traditional one made with waxy bases that are not water-soluable, tend to have a more waxy or greasy texture. The difference between pomades and waxes is mainly that a pomade will provide a little more "sheen" to your hair when applied (think 60's greaser style). Since they aren't water soluble, traditional pomades tend to last through a few washings and the hold is long-lasting.

Personally, I prefer water-soluble pomades. Fine hair in general, doesn't hold up too well with heavy products. A traditional pomade will definitely weigh down fine hair, and I don't like the way my hair feels with a greasier product in it. I think a benefit of pomade over a product like a clay or a wax is the pliability it offers, while still creating a strong hold. At least with my hair texture, a water-soluble pomade offers the most hold while letting my hair feel the most natural (i.e. it doesn't feel like it has product in it at all!) I use Layrite Pomade, but folks also tend to rate Suavecito very highly. I think they're almost identical products, except that Suavecito has a traditionally "masculine" grooming product scent and Layrite has a really pleasant and subtle vanilla-beeswax scent. I love it!

I'll second the recommendation for youtube styling videos, a lot of folks have some really helpful advice on there and can walk you through different grooming products and tools. You can also find good product reviews and stuff like that! I also have the tiniest head in the world (everybody loves to tell me about it too) and adding height and sharp lines to my haircut really helped make my head look normal-sized. Fading also helps too, it adds an illusion of a larger head in comparison to a haircut when your head is buzzed to one consistent length.

u/hab1b · 1 pointr/malegrooming

No problem, if you already know what you want go for it. If you are still deciding I use Reuzel Pink for volume with a dry finish. And then I use Sauvecito for a more shiny look.

Both are water soluable so you won't have to worry about getting it out of you hair.

u/Topleftkey · 1 pointr/beards

Suavecito pomade. It's the best that I can find. It holds incredibly well and it's water soluble.

Edit : didn't reply to comment.

u/Shelli_and_Page · 1 pointr/crossdressing
u/oicu81shoe · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Unfortunately I am wig-less... Though this wig looks really nice! (I've never had long hair before)
Your wig looks really nice + your eyes are amazing! :)

u/pain-and-panic · 1 pointr/transpassing

Looks good for like 2-3 months then time to get a new one. It's so cheap I don't care. Even if my real hair takes 6 months to grow in .. that's still only $32.

I also used my friends referral code to save $5.

u/thatgirljanessa · 1 pointr/traps

u/PartialAsian · 1 pointr/crossdressing
u/Sophia_Forever · 1 pointr/asktransgender

Okay, so I've got a problem. I bought a wig but had to return it because it was too small. And I'm thinking that most wigs are going to be too small (hats never fit well). Measuring from my hairline to where my skull meets my spine is 62cm. Obviously this is going to drive the price up. I'm okay with a synth since I'll be wearing it 1-3 days a week. Curly/wavy brown, about 14-16 in. This is what I bought and I liked it but it was uncomfortably small. It hurt to wear and would start moving up my head since I have a large skull. I've tried looking but most places don't have an option to filter cap size or if they do, they only carry like four different wigs.

So, do you know of a shop that caters to big brained large skulled ladies?

u/VyrCossont · 1 pointr/asktransgender

Here's the thing about wigs: pick an appropriate and realistic style, color, and length given your clothing style, face shape, eyebrow color, and skin color, and you don't actually need to spend a ton of money. If something looks plausible, most people won't give it a second thought. The catch is that you might need to experiment a bit to get the right style. Get some cheap wigs off Amazon, borrow some from a friend, mess around with PhotoShop, (or do what I did and copy your sister's hairstyle).

This is a $14 synthetic wig for cosplayers: It happens to be the one I was wearing when I went in for my first HRT consult, during which I managed to surprise both my doctor and her intern by removing what they thought was my actual hair. I assumed a trans specialist who is herself trans would have seen enough wigs to immediately identify one, but nope.

u/Thomas_A_Anderson_33 · 1 pointr/crossdressing

Thanks! I haven't advanced too far into makeup yet, so I'm just making sure I get a strong base down before trying to do anything else. My wig was from amazon. It's this one. It's been a decent wig so far. I'm saving up for a higher quality one, but I'd recommend it for a good starter wig.

u/CelticMara · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Woot, woot, thanks for the hoots!

Reddit Raffle funf

Reddit Raffle vier

Reddit Raffle drei

Reddit Raffle zwei

Reddit Raffle unf

And a Hootie in a pear tree!

u/sweetbeauty · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon






I'd love a Hootie!

u/Lauren_Is · 1 pointr/LowestPrice

Blue one. 1.60. Free shipping.

u/maggieonreddit · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon



u/carpe-tenebris · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Craziest thing was when I let a friend cut my hair in the bathroom during lunch time in high school... My father had a weird thing about never letting me have short hair when I was a kid, so as a teenager after I had asked to have my hair cut and been told no, I told my friends at school and... well, I already said what happened after that. (Yes, I did get in trouble with my dad afterward... but he never tried to force me to have long hair again, because he knew I'd cut it myself no matter what he said.)

Here's a thing

Zombie Monkey

u/JennyJoyO · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for the contest! Here is a Peacock Hair clip for 99 cents + free shipping

u/CityKat991 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Terry teeths on teeny tiny tacos. Item.

u/stillneverwrong · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's this one here. If I were you, I'd look for a little bit pricier version, though... this one was broken when I opened it. I hot glued it to a plain barrette, though.

u/Vaguely_Saunter · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hairclip~ chickencone :D

u/sylviag4949 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Pretty , exactly $1.00

When i'm feeling down my German Shepard, Chica cuddles with me.. It's a great feeling especially since I have no friends in my city. She's my best friend.

Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue

Thanks for the contest...Smile=)

u/rlblackst · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is $2.10

I'd like it cause it's pretty.

Dancing Lobsters

u/ilikesleep · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These magic the gathering cards from your wishlist $3.39 + $3.00 + 7.00 + 4.42 = $17.81 - $2.06 peacock hair clip -$7.00 = $8.75

Basically it's just a addition subtraction of prices/items off your wishlist to make the $8.75

u/willowtree197240 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this would be nice for only $1.72

u/polkadotsunday · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about this

Beer Me!

Thanks for the contest!

u/samantha_pants · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/kubunto · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

yours truly. there is one other thing coming.

Edit: Hair Clip is on its way

Edit 2: TIL non amazon supported gifts look like they are secret regardless of making a gifted post

u/just4kiks · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon - I hope it's free shipping still...

Where are you, you spongy, yellow, delicious bastards? Zombieland?

u/KinkyMcDreamy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

4:07 pm pst

this clip $0.99

And this clip $3.52

Thanks for the contest!

u/SerpentDrago · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Stop procrastinating and try to fix it , you will feel better in life and love ;0

Figure out what type you have , Dry / Itchy / Fungus

try this

fix the fungus issue first by soaking rubbing your scalp with high acidic thing like Apple Cider vineiger for 15 mins before a shower

u/mustaine42 · 1 pointr/Supplements

Just buy off amazon.

It was originally targeted at dandruff users. Dandruff users skin flaked off their scalps due to what could have been a combination of multiple factors: dryness, irritation, inflammation, dirty environment, bad circulation, dht, etc.

Eventually they found out the stuff worked great for stopping hairloss, was cheap, unobtrusive to lifestyle, and pretty much most reasonable anti-hairloss method if you dont want to create a maintenance program that takes 20 minutes out of your life everyday that might not even work.

I loss a decent chunk of hair in college. Then after trying a bunch of different things, I started using this daily. Even 1-2 times a week helps significantly. Hairloss hasnt progressed much since then. Wish I would have started earlier. The minox/fin/other stuff is too expensive (or life threatening), takes too much maintenance (I dont want to be a fucking woman) and doesnt really produce a great result for everything you put into it (fin does, but I value my life more than my hair).

u/irish_oatmeal · 1 pointr/curlyhair

The best product for dandruff is Nizoral. It's expensive, but it truly works, and if you want proof, [check out the reviews on Amazon:] (

u/Skuacide · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

If your skin hasn't responded to antibiotics, it's possible you're dealing with Malassezia Folliculitis (fungal "acne"). This guide helped me clear my skin in about two months after spending five years dealing with pimples that wouldn't respond to typical acne treatments.

Of course, YMMV, but my current routine is nothing in the AM, PM shower using Head and Shoulders on hair/body (, Pantene on hair (, and sulfur soap on my face ( Right after shower, I slap on some aloe vera gel ( followed by MSM gel ( and then Cerave Baby Cream ( Twice a week I put Nizoral ( on my face and let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then wash it off. I've run this full routine by a licensed dermatologist who told me the sulfur and Nizoral would do the heavy lifting to keep the Malassezia at bay, and as far as I can tell those two items are the keystones of this routine. Everything else I use because the sulfur and Nizoral can be very drying. All of those products I pulled from that skincare blog, so I would read through it and see if the skin condition addressed there matches what you're experiencing.

Good luck. This is the routine that made my skin do a complete 180 in February after I saw no improvement from derm prescribed antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide.

u/welp42 · 1 pointr/tressless

I do Nizoral 1% every other day because my head can be particularly itchy/dry, but some people do every few days. Before I put in my hair, I use OGX Biotin & Collagen shampoo. Don't get it from Amazon, you can get a 50% bigger bottle from Target for $6. After rinsing the Nizoral out, I use OGX Fight Fallout conditioner because Nizoral can definitely dry your hair out too much. Again, get it at Target for cheaper. Same routine applies except without the Nizoral on the other days. Make sure you let everything sit in your hair (especially Nizoral) for a few minutes before rinsing out.

I'm almost out of Nizoral and I'm thinking of replacing it with Regenepure since it's sulfate-free, so I might change up the routine then.

u/xenoburn · 1 pointr/tressless
I use Kroger generic liquid minoxidil. We have a chain of grocery stores in Colorado called King Soopers that sells Kroger products of brand name stuff. If you have a Costco membership, I heard they sell very affordable minoxidil but I’m sure you can find generic minoxidil at one of your local grocery stores if you don’t.
I haven’t tried Regenepure but was considering getting some when I was first looking for a solution to my hair loss. Thanks! I might look into getting a dermapen because the roller can be quite painful sometimes and it catches on my long hair; I’ve seen great results from people on this subreddit who’ve exclusively used it though.

u/funktion · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

That's the form I used it in. There's all sorts of other forms but I didn't bother with 'em. Pretty much just this stuff. A bottle lasts me roughly 3/4 months, depending on whether I do it once a week for maintenance of twice a week for breakouts.

u/kmoney1215 · 1 pointr/Dermatology

You could try Nizoral shampoo ( and hydrocortisone 1% ( but if it doesn’t work I’d go see at least primary care. They should be able to manage you without sending you to a dermatologist.

u/calamityjaneagain · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I second Tea tree oil. Also get Nizoral (sometimes hard to find at the drugstore, but you don’t need a prescription for it) shampoo. Eventually you only need to use it once a week to control the dandruff. Then in between you can use your curly hair products!

u/ChooseLife2017 · 1 pointr/tressless

Hey, you look great! can I just ask one thing please buddy:

I have this written down thus far:

u/QuestionQuesting · 1 pointr/tressless

Thanks for the reply, I looked up the items you mentioned and it looks like Amazon has the Viviscal for $49: , the Nizoral for $13: that shows below a bundle with two Rogaine products for 103$, and I don't know how to get finasteride after looking up the side effects. Three questions: Do I have to get prescribed by a dermatologist for the finasteride? Is this the right site/price to get these things? And what is the 1mm dermaroller?

u/medicineandsports · 1 pointr/tressless

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Oz

This isn’t prescription strength but it did the job for me (it’s 1% and prescription is 2%)

u/theboysaccount · 1 pointr/SebDerm

hello everyone!! so here is my routine (i’ll admit it’s pretty simple and mostly stolen from others on this subreddit so don’t credit me for this stuff!! just passing it along)

-First of all, this shampoo brush has been a game changer. So my basic understanding is that you really want to get those flakes off your scalp when you shampoo, but you also don’t want to scrub so hard that you scratch your scalp with your sharp nails which is why this brush is perfect. It does a fantastic job of massaging the scalp and just feels amazing. Don’t scrub too hard with it either!!


Okay so pretty much i’m alternating between three different shampoos:

  1. Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Fl. Oz

    • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

    • Right now I use this 3 times a week because it’s early on in my sebderm treatment. Pretty soon i’ll be reducing how much I use it once my sebderm is really more fully in control for a while. It’s pretty strong so you really shouldn’t use it daily which is why i’ll be switching up my routine soon. I’ll include what i’ll be changing my routine to at the bottom of this post.

  2. Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children, Treats Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis, Clinically Tested, Fragrance Free, Stops Flakes and Redness on Sensitive Scalps and Skin, 8 oz

    • Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

    • This has really become my favorite shampoo by a long shot. It’s gentle because it’s generally for babies but as you can see in the comments, great for adults too. Doesn’t strip the oils in your hair so I also highly recommend this on days you don’t want frizzy hair but feel like you should wash your hair.

  3. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Original Formula

    • Thursdays

    • So while this has helped my scalp in the past a bit, I mostly still use it because I have a few bottles left over and it’s smart to switch up shampoos so you don’t become immune to one. Someone on this sub recommended the generic amazon brand of this shampoo which i’ll probably be trying soon once I run out of the name brand stuff.

      Okay so, although I really want to nuke the shit out of my scalp, I know it’s not smart in the long term so i’m going to translation into a new routine pretty soon. The only new product i’ll be adding to my routine is:

  • Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo & Body Wash for Children, Soothes Dry, Itchy, Irritated, Sensitive Skin, Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Sulfate Free, 8 oz

    • This is just a daily, not medicated version of the Dr. Eddie’s shampoo i’m using right now.

      I’ll update if it changes but as of right now my projected routine will be:

      -Monday: Nizoral
      -Tuesday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Wednesday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated Shampoo
      -Thursday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Friday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated Shampoo
      -Saturday; Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Sunday: T-Gel

      I’m hoping even to only do this routine for just a bit if my sebderm is fully in control. My IDEAL routine will eventually be:

      -Monday: Nizoral/T-gel (Switching back and forth between these)
      -Tuesday: No Shampoo
      -Wednesday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated shampoo
      -Thursday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily shampoo
      -Friday: No shampoo
      -Saturday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily shampoo
      -Sunday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated shampoo

      Hope this helps! My sebderm and shedding isn’t completely gone yet, but it’s DRAMATICALLY improved. I honestly almost want to cry tears of joy when I run my hands through my hair without a BUNCH of hairs on my hands afterward. I’m also going to experimenting with tea tree oil on my scalp soon to retain moisture. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE SHAMPOO BRUSH!!! Let me know if ya have any questions!

      I also just want to mention that this has been after a long journey of seeing several doctors who didn’t have a clue how to help, dermatologists who claimed to know how to help, and hair transplant specialists that had to assure me I most likely did not have male pattern baldness when I was freaking out that I might. Don’t give up! Treat your scalp well and eat well! Also avoid hairloss subreddits lol even if your hairloss IS genetic lol
u/nervousdogs · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Ketoconazole helped a lot for me. I used a little bit of Nizoral shampoo ( Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Fl. Oz ) with cleanser once a day until the bumps started going away (a couple weeks?), and now I use it once every other day or two days.

u/crackercrumb · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

No problem. Another thing he might want to try is this shampoo which some people say helps stop hairloss.

u/BananaMuscle · 1 pointr/steroids

Thanks to the answers to one of my other Q's in this thread I've decided to get a shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole but I'm being much more specific with the question. Which of these do you guys like more?

Nizoral or L'emarie (or something different?)

I realize Nizoral is the most popular but I would love something less harsh on my hair and the L'emarie is marketed much differently than the "anti-dandruff" Nizo and just seems to be made by gentler people although it still says "DHT blocker".

u/Kreuzheben · 1 pointr/steroids

What compounds were you taking your first cycle? If you didn't go beyond test and an oral, your acne may have been estrogen related, in which case it could potentially be fixed by an increased AI dosage. If that isn't the problem, another user here recommended this shampoo that contains 1% ketoconazole, which they claimed made their skin more clear than any other time in their life. Personally, I'm currently on a Test/Tren cycle and have had almost no acne taking 12.5mg aromasin daily, as someone who previously got acne from test alone when my estrogen wasn't in control.

u/esselaffe · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty


If it's inflammation/or fungal based. 3 times a week to get it under control then once every 2 weeks after.

u/WebSlingerXLI · 1 pointr/BlackHair

By far the best I've used.

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Oz

I shampoo once a week and condition/moisturize everyday. But obviously do what works best for you and your situation.

I don't use this shampoo all the time though. But you mentioned dandruff shampoos, and it's a good one to have in your arsenal.

u/HighEnergyBrit · 1 pointr/FierceFlow

Have you tried just using conditioner? I had that problem and now just use conditioner and rinse it off after leaving it in for 5 minutes and no more dandruff

Shampoo made my scalp itchy and dry

You could also try Nizoral shampoo -

u/crazykoala · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I've been using the run-of-the-mill dandruff shampoos for years finally a doctor recommended Nizoral shampoo and I've had good luck with that. I use that about once a week now and wash my face and ears with it too.

However, shampoo removes the oil and dries the skin which isn't good. So I'm using a tea tree conditioner after shampooing with the Nizoral. I don't use the shampoo every day so I just use conditioner on days that I shower and don't shampoo my hair.

I also picked up a hair dryer because I learned that psoriasis is a fungus and I thought leaving my hair wet and letting it air dry might be contributing to the problem.

Anyway, that's what I've done to get my psoriasis/eczema under control.

Some folks recommend jojoba oil in the hair to restore the oils that shampooing removes. I tried it for a couple of weeks but my skin got red and itchy. Hemp seed oil and neem oil have turned up in my Amazon searches as antiseptic, anti-fungal treatments but I haven't tried those yet.

The Nizoral shampoo definitely helped tho. I'd recommend that for sure.

u/SuperSaucyBiscuit · 1 pointr/tressless

Although I haven't started Rogaine yet, I ordered this cause I saw another comment saying it helped with the itching and the dry scalp.

u/FrigidShadow · 0 pointsr/bald

This is one of the best ketoconazole (anti-dandruff) shampoos. Compared to this head-and-shoulders did nothing for me.

u/suxer · 0 pointsr/beards

I bought the following:




I like all three of those, though I think there surely are better brushes.

I didnt really mind the prices, some people here will say that you can make your own oils and balms or use plain coconut butter/oil.

Im not much of a handy DIY kinda guy, so a couple of bucks on beard care product wasnt a big deal to me.

u/joekim87 · 0 pointsr/japanlife

I live in Korea and it's easily found here.

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Fl. Oz

Here is a link. Perhaps just go to the local drug store and show them a picture?

u/ameoba · 0 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Even if you're doing it at home, I'd suggest having a 2nd person do it for you.

Technically, you want to use clippers when you're buzzing your hair, a razor would be for shaving the head completely bare.

This is the #1 rated product on Amazon right now and it's pretty solid. It comes with guards that allow you to set it everywhere between 1" and 1/8".

Stick with something that plugs into the wall - cordless sucks.

u/MercifulWombat · 0 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I use one of these to shave my head. I have hair about half a centimeter long on most of my head, with bangs that pull down to just below my eyes. I mostly do it by feel, but I use a mirror for the line between bangs and shaved head.

u/Hellobooboocat · -1 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I agree that doctors / derms have been totally useless when it comes to fungus. They just don't get it, and lots of the treatments actually make it worse.

Have you tried sulfur ointment and/or oxygenated olive oil? I use them in combination with PC's CLEAR BHA and hemp oil cleansing (I either just wipe the oil off with a hot towel or wash with a very mild soap, the Kampuku beauty bar)

I had / have some on my eyebrows, nose, hairline and these two products help / cure it when I use them regularly.

also if you ever get any around your hairline, the holy grail combo for me is soaking my hair in coconut oil for at least 30 mins then shampooing with

Also the Olive Gold left on overnight as a scalp treatment / eyebrow treatment (or anything really) moisturizes and is anti-fungal better than coconut oil for me