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u/ProbeIke · 2 pointsr/movies

Alright, after reading part of The Science of Interstellar apparently it's because the fifth dimension is very much compressed compared to the lower dimensions.

I'm going to type this all up, a summary of the chapter about bulk space. Gimme a few minutes.


So, first, gravity. Gravity in our regular universe decreases by the inverse square law, and you can visualize this by drawing lines out (see diagram on the left) outwards from any body with gravity, let's say the sun.

Now, if I am at distance r, the number of tendex lines over a certain area at that distance will give me the strength of gravity. This means in three dimensions, it correlates to the increase in surface area of a sphere. So, let's say at 1 meter from an object the gravity is 4πr (r in this case is 1) m/s^2. At 2 meters, it would be 4π4, or 16π, since 2^2 = r^2.

Now, since gravity can transcend dimensions, this means that gravity would also propagate in higher dimensional space. This means instead of the surface area, the strength of gravity will fade based on the change in volume of the sphere. (Integrating surface area) which would be 4/3πr^3. This means gravity would run by an inverse cube law, which means it would be incredibly weak and the planets would fly off.

So how in interstellar can people traverse meaningful distances in the 4th dimension, but not fuck up the rest of physics? Well that results in the ante-de-sitter warp of the bulk. So let's assume we go back to Romilly's paper universe, where our universe is two dimensions (paper thin) and the "bulk" or hyperspace is three dimensional. We can't have gravity escape away from the paper, so we instead only allow it to escape an infinitesimally small amount by having the amount of traversable space in the bulk decrease with its distance from our universe.

Here is a diagram of how this works. The lines are tendex lines of gravity, and the out-back direction is the direction of hyperspace. Our universe (or "brane") is the orange plane. This basically prevents the volume of the sphere being significant and prevents it from dispersing gravity.

This also presents another possibility - that the space in the bulk between Gargantua and Earth is much smaller than the distance in real space, although this is technically not a wormhole.

The distance would shrink by a factor of a few trillion, changing the distance between Coop and Earth from billions of light years to only tens of millions of miles (1 AU)

The "confining branes" 1.5cm from our universe are at the distance necessary to allow for gravity to not screw up, but allows for space to accomplish meaningful actions outside of our brane. (This is where the tesseract was located)

Therefore once the tesseract collapsed, Coop had already travelled the distance back to earth due to the excessive time dilation he had already experienced around the black hole. As a fun thought experiment, ante-de-sitter warping is actually one of the theories used to unify string theory and it's 11 dimensions and the escape of gravity as a way to account for dark energy repulsing the universe. (Gravity forces could be leaking into our universe from the bulk, and it's only noticeable on very large scales such as galaxy clusters)

tl;dr Space inside the tesseract was smaller than regular space because physics, and this with the time dilation meant Cooper was already home by the time the tesseract collapsed. Hyperbeings just needed to push him in the right direction.

Also the pictures are from a later chapter of the book that my sister got me for Christmas. Thanks Karen!

u/lightbringer1979 · 2 pointsr/movies

John Carter shouldn't have flopped, but did so because of a variety of reasons, including poor marketing strategy. To learn more, check out [John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood] (

It's an interesting read from a sincere fan of the John Carter book. But, Avatar was a successful movie by all accounts. James Cameron is a genius at building an immersive movie to a wide audience and he even created new technology to build this film. Another good book on James Cameron's approach to immersion, check out [The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories] (

Avatar was, by design, a 4 quadrant, international, immersive film. Individual tastes may vary, but this film was "universally" enjoyed...pardon the pun.

John Carter was an excellent adventure film, that did not advance the genre, but was an engaging film.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/movies

"Nolan has led to the creation of all these "pseudo-intellectuals" that consider his Batman trilogy to be at parallel with the films of Scorsese and Kubrick." Spot on.

I have to say after buying and reading this book.

I have much more respect for him. I think he should stick to what he's doing now. Making big budget epics with a sense of character development and realism. It's a saturated genre but damn is he good at it. As you said he has the best people in the industry backing him and adding to his vision.

However, in comparison to masters like the Coen brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson and Scorsese he has a loong way to go. Plot twists are great but they won't get you very far, just ask M. Night Shyamalan. I haven't seen Nolan build tension like the masters have or write amazing dialogue.

u/lethal_weapon_five · 1 pointr/movies

Hard to tell since the Bluray is not out.. but I would assume i would enjoy the movie.. that leaves 3 other discs of content. I can also assume i would enjoy the HD Free Digital download...

The digital download soundtrack would be nice on my Ipod, i would enjoy that.

I may even buy

since it contains all the Avenger Movies in Bluray

u/darthstupidious · 79 pointsr/movies

It's really not "revisionist history."

There was a book published a while back called "The Secret History of Star Wars." It goes through every incarnation of the screenplays, and includes interviews with most of the important figures behind the original trilogy (Lucas, Kurtz, Marcia, Kershner, Kasdan, etc.) and really pinpoints who inspired who and when.

Kurtz was a major influence on the early drafts. He told Lucas what would and wouldn't be possible, and gave Lucas regular tips on his screenplays (which changed drastically through every draft). Without Kurtz, the main character would be a kid named Mace Windu, Han Solo would be an alien, C-3PO would be a "used car salesman"-type droid, and there would have been a lot more political influences (Palpatine was originally heavily inspired by Richard Nixon).

Seriously, go check it out. It's a great book, and highlights that Lucas had a TON of great ideas, but he (self-admittedly) had trouble translating them to paper. He hated writing, and Kurtz was one of his major encouragements to keep at it.

I think Lucas is/was a genius for creating SW. I adore the man. But I also recognize that he had a lot of help, and - just like the story of the main characters - SW was a saga of many moving parts. It was Lucas' grand vision, yes, but... without Kurtz, Kasdan, Kershner, etc., Star Wars would be very different from what it is today.

u/_TillGrave_ · 2 pointsr/movies

It's not well known but this specific version of the movies:
Has the original versions included on the 2nd disc as a "bonus feature"
Well worth the price, especially if you can find it used somewhere.

Edit: I'd still love to see the original unmolested versions of episodes 4-6 remastered on blu-ray

u/blucthulhu · 2 pointsr/movies

Here you go. Just read scripts from movies you love and/or admire. You'll be more engaged. Maybe look for ones that have won awards. This is one of the few categories the Academy doesn't fuck up.

Also, listen to this podcast.

And read this.

u/4Darco · 1 pointr/movies

I would recommend almost everything in this thread, but I'd like to suggest Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut. It is one of the greatest interviews with one of the greatest filmmakers, any aspiring filmmaker MUST read this.

u/TheCheshireCody · 1 pointr/movies

As mentioned by /u/hereisatoptip , Prometheus, Avatar and LOTR are positively stuffed with goodies. The Alien Anthology and Star Wars complete saga box sets are amazing, although navigating the bonus material in both is a bit of a PITA. The Star Trek 'classic films' box set actually included some great bonus features, even though the remasters of the films themselves left a bit to be desired. Also, the Blade Runner five-disc Collector's Edition has pretty much everything a BR fanatic could want, including the original workprint and the tremendous 'Strange Days' documentary.

u/makesumnoize · 1 pointr/movies

>Why do people always say this? How did Lucas become what he hated or like the empire at all? I really don't understand this."

Sorry, but your position is uninformed.

Let's begin with George Lucas in 1970, a fresh USC grad about to begin work on THX-1138 with Francis Ford Coppola. The movie ultimately flops badly. He then moves on and tries to get American Graffiti made, but no one wants it. Even after it's a surprise hit, it's still hard to get his dream made, Star Wars, because no one believes in Sci-Fi films because of Ed Wood (among other reasons). Lucas, then, was much like Luke Skywalker, the underdog taking on the big studios in order to score a Death Star-sized hit. He was passionate about his films and getting them made and nothing else, at least professionally.

Star Wars eventually gets made by Fox and is a hit. The rest is history and the franchise generates nearly $30 billion from 1977 to 2012, before the Disney deal. To get there, Lucas signed multiple deals with multiple gigantic corporate conglomerates to pimp out the franchise and grow Star Wars into the consumerist wet dream it is today. As one example, of many, in 2012 (before the Disney deal), VW ran a Superbowl ad that featured a cutesy Darth Vader kid trying to use the Force. Want to know what else the company was doing at this time? It has something to do with violating the Clean Air Act and deceiving the American people into believing their cars were environmentally friendly.

Star Wars, under Lucas, did promotions with nearly every big company you have ever heard of. The list of affiliations and partnerships and tie-ins with companies that have done horrible things in the name of profit is endless. Star Wars-themed products, under Lucas, have ranged from toilet paper to Jar-Jar Binks lollipops. And all of those decisions go back to Lucas, who acquired the merchandising rights to the series back before A New Hope was made, by giving up $500,000 in directing fees to Fox.

Ultimately, Lucas WAS Star Wars until he sold it off to Disney (he would later seemingly regret the decision in an interview with Charlie Rose and refer to Disney as 'white slavers').

Lucas did help make the Indiana Jones series with Spielberg, but he never made another film until the prequels because he was busy maintaining the empire he had built through all of the toys, promotions and tie-ins. Lucas had successfully turned his beloved property into a cash machine.

Yes, he was also expanding ILM and Skywalker Sound at this time (with SW money), and while expanding your vision and making sure your creation stays in your hands (until Disney calls with $4 billion), is admirable, especially in this day and age of no-shame franchise movies, Lucas became the worst of that extreme. Filmmaking is widely referred to as a collaborative process by those who know it best, and Lucas, during the prequels, exercised complete control. He did not listen to (or did not hear) any suggestions from colleagues, who were too scared to question the giant. And look how those films turned out. The Secret History of Star Wars reportedly details how this came to be, speaking to George's discomfort with Irvin Kershner's handling of ESB and the effect this had on him not taking anyone else's opinion in the future. Hence the flaws of Return of the Jedi and the prequels. It's also worth noting that ESB was the film Lucas was furthest removed from, and it is commonly acknowledged as the best Star Wars film. Lucas, on the other hand, believes it's the worst Star Wars movie ever made, including the prequels.

To add to the list, try to find a home video release of the originals. They don't exist. Why? Because Lucas believes his crummy special editions are superior. All of the films have been re-released multiple times in both theaters and on home video, but never in their original forms, save for some Laserdisc bullshit and a re-release on the special edition DVDs that featured low-quality audio, perhaps on purpose.

Look, I like the guy. Star Wars is my favorite thing. I think he was noble in his intentions of wanting complete control, but I also think, somewhere down the line, this got the better of him and he, at very fucking least, sold out.

So, um, yeah... that's why people always say this.

u/TVpresspass · 8 pointsr/movies

So, I feel that some movies really benefit from detailed explanations. Primer being one of my favorites. When you start to look at the layers and causality in Primer, it becomes a better film.

For me, The Fountain is better experienced as is. I never ask "What is really going on?" during any particular scene, I just accept it all as part of the experience. And I very much enjoy the overall tale it weaves.

Same thing when you look through the book Aronofsky put together for The Fountain.

The only additional interpretation I would layer on to the Fountain is loosely based on Tibetan Buddhism, but articulated best for me by Laurie Anderson in her film Heart of a Dog, which is:

"Death is the release of love."

u/Paul-ish · 9 pointsr/movies

I think The Fountain is a much better movie than people give it credit for. After watching it and reading the graphic novel I think that The Fountain tells a great story in an novel way. It could have been better, but it was still pretty good.

u/latenightnerd · 2 pointsr/movies

Structure. After reading a few books on writing (most notably [Save The Cat by Blake Snyder(, I notice structural and pacing in blockbuster movies a lot more. It also lessens the impact of independent movies as they usually don't follow a rigid structure in the storytelling. It has made me more judgemental of movies I would have thought better of before knowing about structure and pacing. On the upside, good movies are made better after knowing how they are written.

u/slick8086 · 1 pointr/movies

I have worked it out... well I googled it and now my popcorn tastes like it was fresh popped in a theater.

You need to:

  1. cook in coconut oil
  2. use Flavacol salt added to the oil before popping

    There is special coconut oil but I just use plain the special stuff is just colored.

    I use a fancy schmancy popcorn popper that lets the steam out but you should get excellent results following this advice (but still add the Flavacol to the oil with the kernels)
u/FerretforSkippy · 1 pointr/movies

The Kid Stays in the Picture Saw the documentary and liked it. Haven't read the book.
The Man Who Heard Voices If you're a fan of Shyamalan, you may like it.
If you saw Natural Born Killers then read Killer Instinct. A great book by the producer Jane Hamsher.
While obtaining Amazon links I came across these titles, which I haven't read. You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again and Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.

If you want fiction with a 'behind the scenes feel' I rec Time on My Hands and Wild Horses

edit: putting John Cater on my goodreads To Read list, thanks.

u/urbanplowboy · 1 pointr/movies

The Collected Works of Hideo Miyazaki - although you can probably buy all these movies individually for cheaper.

Stanley Kubrick: The Master Collection - doesn't include some of his earlier films, unfortunately.

Universal 100th Anniversary Collection - just a lot of great films from a wide range of genres for the money.

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy - self explanatory

Indiana Jones: Complete Adventures Collection - comes with a free Indiana Jones 4 coaster!

u/skarter · 1 pointr/movies

For black hawk down, no, sorry.

For blade runner I have a two disc blu ray version, there is the 5 disc ultimate one but I didn't get it.

edit: this will be available in two months, those blu ray digibook editions look great

edit: what kind of movies do you like?

u/xenobuzz · 15 pointsr/movies

The look on Rick McCallum's face is priceless.

Also, I LOVE the Plinkett reviews.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?!" I couldn't stop laughing. I spit out this line every now and then as a reaction to something minor, and it still gives me a good giggle.

BTW, I would heartily recommend "The Secret History of Star Wars" by Michael Kaminsky:

It's a superbly researched and annotated book that focuses specifically on just the writing and production of the first six films. Kaminsky's prose is concise and dispassionate, and really just lets the facts stand by themselves.

I read it in less than a week and it's one of my favorite books of its kind.

u/gypsybiker · 1 pointr/movies

Well If you can't tell The General apart from Keatons earlier work, and you don't recognize Leone's influence, I don't think anything I say may convince you. So as far as Easy Rider goes, I suggest you read this (a jolly good read):

u/TheGeorge · 1 pointr/movies

You're currency is worthless compared to the mighty Great British Pounds Sterling, conversion rate of 1.48 usd per 1gbp.

Luckily most graphic novel are sold worldwide at a price that's fitting to the wrecked economy of the country.

There's a reason many in the UK often import high cost (triple figure+) items from USA, even with postage, they often end up cheaper. Of course low cost items like this the difference is negligible, and ends up more after postage.

u/bdorman01 · 2 pointsr/movies

How to Write Movies For f̶u̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Profit
By Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant

Great look at why movies can be crappy, but also how to exploit that to get money and do the things you love.

u/SirLied · 0 pointsr/movies

Oh you haven't heard? Hank Green already solved this problem to save the day long ago :)

u/egurre · 2 pointsr/movies

There is a comic Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero where, if I remember well there is a explanation about why they need two pilots or why they don´t use nukes.

PD: Also it is a great choice to warm up for the movie

u/HawkinsDB · 1 pointr/movies

Yeah I looked at the link nerga provided and that would be cool to get, but I came across this one too:

BR 30th Anniversary Blu Ray Collection

Looks like it's on some kind of markdown/sale for $14.00 and is a 3 blurays edition that has all 5 versions plus the artbook.

I did a quick check of the contents looking at the back covers of both and this one seems to be the same thing packaged differently but the same content wise and a little cheaper.

I think I'm going to go ahead and get this one and "retire" my old final cut version bluray.

u/wildbore2000 · 1 pointr/movies

I love reading all these interpretations. This is one of my favorite movies and I get choked up through almost the entire film. I can't think of another story where the bond between characters is so strong. His love for her is the driving force behind his immortality and breaking the cycle of death and rebirth. The only way he can accept death at the end is to let her go.

If you are a fan of the movie, there is also a graphic novel based on the script before the movie was made.

u/stashtv · 1 pointr/movies

One story corroborating

This article quotes a book specifically about the history of Star Wars.

How about another article?

Marcia Lucas even has an Oscar for her editing of Star Wars

Marcia Lucas had a significant hand in Star Wars.

George got lucky with marrying Marcia, just as much as he got lucky with Star Wars.

If you have other links/sources that can demonstrate that Lucas was the only brains behind all of Star Wars, I'd love to see them. Until then, I'm pretty sure the books and the Academy's awards will stand.

u/gnusmas- · 39 pointsr/movies

Whether you're a screenwriter or not, this is a fun book to read

In that book, I learned:

  1. Yes. When you write a screenplay, you always have someone in mind. Whether it's "the rock", or jack black, or Will Farrell. Knowing that actor and how they speak, helps write the dialogue.

  2. Just about every A-list actor has their own personal writer (or writing team) who will re-write the dialogue once said Actor is signed on. This is to have the actor's scenes fit the actor's style/voice.
u/Meph616 · 1 pointr/movies

I don't even need to click the link. I know from the thumnail exactly what this is.

Hard Ticket To Hawaii.

And it's not alone in its batshit bonkers style. Filmmaker is Andy Sidaris, and he is responsible for this along with Malibu Express, Fit To Kill, and more. I highly recommend you spend all of $6 and buy this 12 movie collection of his work. It's the same as this previous collection I'm not really sure what the difference is between the two.

Do yourself and humanity a favor. Buy that collection of trash, grab a couple 12 packs, kidnap some friends, and start watching these.

u/clwestbr · 3 pointsr/movies

> I still like Interstellar despite the backlash

Oh fun, I have a book for you! Link to it on Amazon

And yeah, listen to the commentary Lindelof does for the film if you want to feel the urge to gouge your eyes out. The guy is super full of himself and sees his stories as infallible, but I maintain that all the answers were still there. He left very little ambiguous, the most ambiguous thing I saw was "What in god's name was the reasoning for that guy just yanking off his helmet?"

u/fallout2323 · -3 pointsr/movies

Extra salt n extra butter.

But the secret to movie theater popcorn is the bomb ass powder known as Flavacol. Instantly makes all popcorn better.

Generally it's added to the kernels before popping but I also sprinkle a little on top after too.

u/vickster339 · 1 pointr/movies

The film had some scenarios ranging from extraordinarily unlikely to fantastically hopeful, then again it is a science fiction film. Time dilation can be a property of relativistic velocities, gravitational fields, or both. Here are a few links that my or may not assist you with the concept of what you define to be "pretty lame".

For what it is worth, I am pretty much in disagreement with everyone on this planet as to the nature of black holes because I am unwilling to believe that our perceived universe is inherently irrational so much as it is not fully understood.

u/mdanko · 2 pointsr/movies

Your guess is as good as mine. If you search amazon I have found some additional information about the pacific rim universe, this book appears to be official.

And it appears there is more mecha than was actually included with the film.

This book also looks official, and interesting.

Buy it up, vote with you rdollars. Show the industry we want this and they will make more of it.

u/EpcotMaelstrom · 1 pointr/movies

That's true, his wife I think (as attributed by many associated with the film) saved the film from mediocrity.
There's a great book that includes an entire chapter about her

Theres also a fantastic article online out there about her, but I can't find it right now.

u/LeinadSpoon · 2 pointsr/movies

I purchased the my set of the trilogy on DVD last year. It was new, from one of the sellers on Amazon.

Quick search on amazon shows this, which is the theatrical version:

(check out the top review for clarification on that fact)

You don't have to spend quite that much though, I'm pretty sure. I paid a little over $100 for mine last year, so probably you could get a lower price with a little more searching.

u/manticore116 · 1 pointr/movies

What kind of popper do you have, a kettle, or an air pump? If you have a kettle, you're in luck. What you need is some butter flavored coconut oil, some flavacol seasoning salt, and some butter topping!

Paragon Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil (Gallon)

Gold Medal Prod. 2045 Flavacol Seasoning Popcorn Salt 35oz.

Paragon 16-Ounce O'Dells Supur-Kist II Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping

u/bobafett18 · 2 pointsr/movies

There is actually a DVD copy of the films in their original form. The DVD comes with two discs and one is the special edition and the other is the original release. Here is the one I bought. I found it at a local used movie store and got it for $3

u/grewapair · 30 pointsr/movies

It's called flavacol, a salt that sticks to popcorn better, and you can buy it on Add it to Snappy white popcorn and you'll have something better than the movie theater.

u/TheePony · 2 pointsr/movies

I recommend you read The Science Behind Interstellar book as well, it goes into much greater detail of Kip Thorne's research than the choppy documentary did.

u/derpepper · 2 pointsr/movies

I heard Tales from Year Zero is a pretty good prequel. Haven't read it yet myself, though.

u/Machina581c · -8 pointsr/movies

Not at all, that's the fun of the movie. There was a book published on the science of Interstellar. I recommend you check it out! amazon link.

u/liamemsa · 2 pointsr/movies

10 year theater veteran checking in...

You need both proper seasoning and a proper device to make it in.

To make the popcorn, you'll need a popcorn maker that agitates the kernels. Most have this as a manual function. That means that, yes, you have to actually turn that knob for like three minutes. However, you'll get a great batch. This is the most important piece. Every commercial movie theater popper operates that exact same way, albeit in an automated mechanical fashion.

The second thing you need is proper seasoning. You can get pretty good taste with standard salt, but for authentic flavor you'll need butter salt.

So, toss in a cup of kernels and about four tablespoons of canola oil. Then put in a spoonful of butter salt. Turn on high and agitate at a consistent speed. Once popping starts, keep agitating until there are around three to five seconds between pops. Remove from heat and place in a bowl. Enjoy.

u/LeJavier · 39 pointsr/movies

Completely untrue. It was because Lucas wanted a primitive army to defeat the technologically superior Empire, but Chewbacca had already been established as being as advanced as anyone else, so he made them tiny rather than huge. Source.

u/ohiopimp · 1 pointr/movies

Amazon Link for those interested. Not sure if it's been posted yet. If so, oh well. :)

u/disposable420 · 3 pointsr/movies

Get This edition. All five cuts. I got it for like $15 at best buy

u/snotbowst · -1 pointsr/movies

A few Andy Sidaris movies.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii comes to mind immediately.

I recommend this set. Lot of fun movies in there for $5.

u/srnull · 1 pointr/movies

If you liked this, you might like Kip Thorne's book The Science of Interstellar.

u/ZorroMeansFox · 3 pointsr/movies

Yes, Aronofsky says the illustrated version is his original script and designs --before the budget got chopped:

But it seems he always imagined the Doctor's "fantasy Zen spacecraft" as a bubbleship:

u/Jackal_6 · 6 pointsr/movies

This is the release you want.

It's Special Edition and original theatrical release. Can't believe I picked it up for $15.

u/JobaccaWookiee · 2 pointsr/movies

Theres a book called SAVE THE CAT -

This book is regarded as a bible by almost all Hollywood execs. They will go by this book page by page when reading a new screenplay,and if it doesnt match up exactly to what this book says,they'll either pass on it or order it changed. You wanna know why every movie seems exactly the same? This book is why. Its basically Script Writing For Dummies.

u/Fake_William_Shatner · 1 pointr/movies

There is a formula discovered for creating a screenplay that makes money;

Also note; almost every movie has the major action sequence at around 60 minutes in. Almost every hero is in some way an orphan. The main struggle is to redeem a shortcoming in the hero that the antagonist is associated with.

u/Morningxafter · 2 pointsr/movies

It's a touch expensive but you look at the price for buying all 8 of these movies on BluRay individually, and it's cheaper in the long run. I pre-ordered it, but if you're patient you can catch a good deal on it. A few weeks after it came out it was down to $199.

u/nampafh · 3 pointsr/movies

Kip Thorne (executive producer of Interstellar and Astrophysicist) has a book titled "The Science of Interstellar"

Going to read it after watching this movie. Hopefully it's easy to understand for those of us without a strong knowledge of wormholes, blackholes, etc.

Anyone here read it yet? Only one review on amazon.

Here it is on amazon:

u/Igotpwn3d · 1 pointr/movies

"Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero" is a prequel graphic novel. del Toro has said that he built a huge world for the movie, but obviously wasn't able to fit it all in. He said that there is a possibility to make this single release graphic novel into a series.

u/glansberg_stephen · 0 pointsr/movies

If anyone wants to read about all that went into the science of this film, I bought this book off Amazon last year and adored it:

The Science of Interstellar

u/mikeman12312 · 2 pointsr/movies

Back in 2009, I got that exact five disc set, except it was the Blu Ray, for $20 after shipping from Amazon. True story.

u/radiumdial · 2 pointsr/movies

Hitchcock/Truffaut - He really seemed to enjoy talking shop with another director

u/Captain_Midnight · 2 pointsr/movies

Sorry to see you getting downvoted, since the old executive in question literally wrote a book about the experience.

Edit: Granted, it's just one side of the story, but you're certainly not making things up.

u/scooterpie1878 · 5 pointsr/movies

Here's the Amazon link to The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy:

I've bought it, it might be interesting.

u/aghamenon · 16 pointsr/movies

The opposite is actually true. To get the time dilation they needed for the story, Kip Thorne had to go to extremes. Nearly 100% of the theoretical limit on a black hole's spin was used to achieve the needed lorentz transformation. Gravity is actually on the lowest end of the fundamental forces hierarchy.

It's a bit aggravating having the uninitiated casually dismissing the science behind the film. Some of the film was impossible and some was implausible. This is addressed in The Science of Interstellar. It's harsh to say but layman should be careful about dismissing qualified scientists' models in favor of their feelings and common sense.

u/BoothWilkesJohn · 1 pointr/movies

I'm surprised more people didn't rush out and get the two disc set that came with the original theatrical versions of the films (Amazon has Episode IV, here. It's just hanging out on DVD, waiting to be watched.

u/Sterculius · 1 pointr/movies

They got them on DVD for pretty cheap on amazon if you go with the used option. About 20 bucks a piece or less.

But rumor has it that Disney is planning to release them on Blu-ray leading up to the debut of episode 7. That's just a rumor though.

u/joleme · 9 pointsr/movies

You can get a similar machine for pretty cheap, and just use Flavacol.

Boom. Movie theater popcorn.

u/Amillusion · 2 pointsr/movies

For anyone wondering how much this costs, (Trailers like this conveniently leave out the price) it's $219.00 "list price" and 139 on Amazon.


u/pblood40 · 2 pointsr/movies

Book is written by the script writers, and has some really good storys

u/jonfe_darontos · 1 pointr/movies

> My personal reason. My home theater falls into the category of "just good enough"

A growing issue is it is becoming more and more affordable for people to own home theater setups that surpass the theater experience. The only thing that I feel my personal setup doesn't beat is a true imax. Other than that being able to cuddle on the couch in my jammies with popcorn that cost under a dollar far beats any experience a theater can deliver.

Pro-tip: Flavacol your popcorn.

u/madison_rogue · 1 pointr/movies

The 2008 DVD release has the original theatrical releases in the set.

Currently it's on Amazon for $270.

u/dpunisher · 0 pointsr/movies

If you ever want to know how marketing can help tank a movie, this is a good read:

u/CheapAsRamenNoodles · 1 pointr/movies

Get one of these and ensure you use this with it and it's exactly the same and much cheaper.

It takes about 5 minutes to make a large popcorn that's movie theater quality.

u/McIgglyTuffMuffin · 10 pointsr/movies

Tales from Year Zero is a prequel comic book that goes into detail about the very first year the kaiju appeared.

Probably the closest we will get to a true prequel, unless the animated series goes into this sort of stuff.

u/nXthesky · 13 pointsr/movies

always feel the need to mention the graphic novel, which is stunning in its own right. now just need a vinyl release of the OST.

u/nerga · 7 pointsr/movies

Get this or the dvd version. The collectors edition has all 3 cuts of a fantastic film. Between Theatrical, Directors, and Final cut you can really see all of the different versions of the film. Plus there is a lot of cool extras.

u/Legendairy89 · 2 pointsr/movies


I think I got it for around $50 at Best Buy, but this was a few years ago.

u/-foulball- · 1 pointr/movies

You forgot nearly every movie in the complete Andy Sidaris catalogue, pretty much the industry luminary for boring jet ski and RC action scenes

For your viewing pleasure, the jet ski chase scene from the 1998 classic "The Return To Savage Beach"

u/crichmond77 · 2 pointsr/movies

I just ordered this set. Haven't watched it yet personally , but it comes highly recommended.

u/not_a_scot · 2 pointsr/movies

If you like Hitchcock, Hitchock/Truffaut, which is a collection of interviews between Alfred Hitchcock and French new-wave director (and Hitchcock apprentice) Francois Truffaut

u/Domsdey · 2 pointsr/movies

There was a movie theater employee AMA or something like that, I think they put this thing in them.

u/tommy_wright_III · 2 pointsr/movies

You can get 12 of his movies for next to nothing on this dvd set ( It is really worth it!

u/FatherMagoo · 7 pointsr/movies

Spirited Away (or any Miyazaki movie). Maybe give her The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki for Christmas.

u/enemymine · 3 pointsr/movies

I think you hit the nail on the head. Aesthetically, I never liked the film. However, it changed Hollywood by shifting power in the direction of the auteur and paved the way for Scorcese, Coppola, Lucas, Spielberg.

Great book if you're interested in reading more.

u/AppleSmoker · 1 pointr/movies

The original theatrical version of the trilogy was released on DVD. You have to buy it alongside the god awful "special edition," but it exists.

u/Ellistann · 2 pointsr/movies

Here you go. EDIT: Since I explained it wrong, here's my original source:

Found a previous comment about this and used the guy's amazon links and replicated movie popcorn at home...

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Oil - Coconut variety (don't worry it doesn't taste coconutty)

Popcorn Salt

This setup will last you forever, you'll get sick of popcorn before you get through any of these. You do need to season the popper, just follow the directions. Its a metal pot after all.

My personal was to store the oil in my pantry so it was cool and dark. I had to icecream scoop a giant dollop of it into a cup and microwaved it to be liquid. Then you pop the popcorn like usual.

Then I would empty the popcorn into a giant bowl. I would stir it around and use the popcorn salt for about half the time, and then used finely ground Walmart type popcorn table salt.

u/dtabitt · 0 pointsr/movies

> its not like writing a comedy is easy,


u/lmaocarrots · 1 pointr/movies

Do or Die by Andy Sidaris.

I've just gotten into his stuff and as a lover of B-movies he is the epitome of the stereotypical 80's movie. Long hair, unnecessary sex scenes, cheesy lines, over-the-top action.

Not my favorite of his I've watched I'd say it goes
Malibu Express>Dallas Connection>Hard Ticket to Hawaii>Do or Die>Picasso Trigger

For those interested this set is an incredible deal for $4 for 12 movies.

u/Sheldonzilla · 81 pointsr/movies

Fear not, Graphic Novels exist for this very reason!

A lot of people don't follow series via individual issues, mainly because it can cost so much the more series you follow. Trade Paperbacks are just collections of separate story arcs within a run (usually about 6/7 issues) at a lower price. This is a good way to go for reading up on Deadpool.

u/DivinityCycle · 2 pointsr/movies

Kinda embarassing, I got this 12 film Andy Sedaris collection on DVD. ($6 on Amazon, baby!)

u/Matthewsaurus · 2 pointsr/movies

I know there's a Blu-ray set exclusive to Amazon, but there's also a single-case, multi-disc DVD set.

u/clintisiceman · 5 pointsr/movies

Eh, no. Mainstream Hollywood films in the '70s were markedly darker, more artistic, more mature, and more naturalistic than the kind of things coming out of Hollywood today. Directors were in more control in the '70s, and the new crop of directors were mostly young men from the first generation of American film schools who were greatly influenced by European and Japanese cinema. It's not just nostalgia, American filmmaking was different back then, and whether or not you agree that film was better, what he's talking about is a real difference in the way films were made not just a middle aged guy waxing nostalgic. There've even been books about it.

u/Sparkle_Flippyfoot · 1 pointr/movies

I saw for sale on (and Amazon as i learned trying to get the link!) a pair of 3d to 2d glasses. I don't know if they ship to Germany, but I thought you might get some use out of it.

u/John_A_Haverty · 7 pointsr/movies

The Secret History of Star Wars by Michael Kaminski (here )
does a pretty good job of showing you that Lucas really had no plans beyond the first movie! Everything else was made up later on!

u/laffnlemming · 1 pointr/movies

Truffaut's interviews with Hitchcock.

u/gosox2673 · 1 pointr/movies

Read this book and watch all of the movies that are mentioned.

u/Surprise_Buttsecks · 1 pointr/movies


Y'know, in case you were thinking aboot buying one.

u/LeonHRodriguez · 3 pointsr/movies

In the Dark Knight Trilogy book, all of the Bane mask concepts are shown

u/Hector_Kur · 1 pointr/movies

I think they took the advice of "Save the Cat" a bit too literally.

u/mslack · 1 pointr/movies

Trilogy for $150

IV for $80

V for $40

VI for $72

The VHSs weren't letterboxed. Source: I watched them.

u/Blue_Three · 1 pointr/movies

I'd get this one. It's 3 bluray discs and the extras are on two DVDs.

u/Shamwow22 · 15 pointsr/movies

Lucas did release the theatrical versions on DVD. Here's a box set that contains both versions, but I remember getting the single DVDs from Wal*mart for a lot cheaper.

u/TheDon5 · 8 pointsr/movies

I work at a movie theatre this and coconut oil are what we use when we pop popcorn

u/krabby_patty · 1 pointr/movies

This probably wont be seen but you can buy glasses that make 3D movies 2D

Hank Green's 2D-Glasses: Turns 3D movies back to 2D

u/perogiesandkungfu · 5 pointsr/movies

I found it at Wal-mart, but try Amazon

u/PirateRobotNinjaofDe · 1 pointr/movies

> The fact you can't get an original cut of the original trilogy on anything newer than VHS just cements my not watching any of it anymore.


u/fotolyfe · 1 pointr/movies

I'm just gonna leave this here.

u/_iPood_ · 6 pointsr/movies

I remember seeing this in The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Loads of good stuff in there, anything from early concept designs of the different villains (example: Bane) to building a full scale bat-pod, and everything in between. Highly recommended for fans of Nolan's trilogy.

u/Cognitive_Dissonant · 2 pointsr/movies

Yep. It doesn't have all the extra features that the huge boxset has, but it does have all the versions and a bunch of other special features. And it's cheap as hell, it's 13 dollars on amazon.

u/dizzysaurus · 11 pointsr/movies

It's written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. The first issue has Deadpool firing at a dinosaur creature with cats flying everywhere. is the correct cover, not sure if it's just the single comic or a collected version.

u/LOVES_TO_POOP · 2 pointsr/movies

The originals still exist and you can buy them on DVD...

A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

u/WereAboutToArgue · 1 pointr/movies

While the movie has many faults, the marketing was criticized within the industry.

The marketing is a likely enough culprit that at least one book has been written about it.

u/TheGrim1 · 0 pointsr/movies

$14 on Bluray at Amazon.

Includes Theatrical release (US and International), the '92 Directors cut, the Final Cut, and a bunch of Behind the Scenes and extras.

u/TrollinTrolls · 61 pointsr/movies

> Then you have those other rumors that Nolan had no real plans for a third at the time.

This isn't a rumor, this is confirmed in the book The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

He claims he had no intention of doing a third movie unless he could find the right story.

u/Batfan66 · -2 pointsr/movies

IV for $12

V for $14

VI for $8!

> The VHSs weren't letterboxed. Source: I watched them.

If they weren't letterboxed, you are missing nearly half of the picture. You do realize that letterboxing shows you MORE picture, right?

u/YojimboGuybrush · 3 pointsr/movies

Hitchcock/Truffaut. This book is the bible for me when it comes to understanding both directors. Its a series of interviews between Truffaut and Hitchcock about every film Hitchcock made up until 1962, and they dissect everything. Truffaut fanboys out over most of the films, but there are some cases where he points out flaws. Hitchcock most of the times agrees with a lot of the faults Truffaut finds in his films.

Eisenstein at 100. If you want a scholarly in depth look at Eisensteins films.

Waiting on the Weather. Written by the script doctor for Akira Kurosawa. Has a forward by Donald Richie who has done a few commentary tracks on Kurosawa films.

Phallic Frenzy. Analysis of Ken Russell films.

Accidental Genius. Analysis on John Cassavetes films.

These are five of my favourites. Most of my other ones are more film history and other biographies.

u/zgh5002 · 1 pointr/movies

No. The blu-ray copies are either a standalone final cut or the Five-Disk set with every cut of the film in it. I don't know of any other blu-rays existing.

u/ge0rge_C0stanza · 1 pointr/movies

There's also an official DVD release of the originals but it's just a shitty laserdisc transfer, so while it'll probably look better than your VHS copy it'll look worse than most DVDs

u/CheeseDogs4Breakfast · 28 pointsr/movies

Man, this brings back such memories. I worked at a local theater and we would routinely oversell Titanic by roughly 30-40 tickets (per management directive) so it was my job to tell 30-40 angry people they couldn't get in. 17 year old me got yelled at so much. As much as it sucked, I learned a lot dealing with all that.

BTW if you want authentic movie theater popcorn at home buy some Flavacol

u/WendyLRogers3 · 0 pointsr/movies

The trouble is that the studios now demand rigid conformity of screenplays to the book "Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need". It is awful, terrible and even disastrous, but they are insisting on it.

Until they break out of that rut, screenplays are just going to continue to stink, movie after movie.

u/GooseFord · 2 pointsr/movies

I'm fairly sure there's still some early versions of Empire floating around where Anakin Skywalker is a completely different person to Darth Vader. IIRC, Luke was originally going to meet up with Anakin to complete his training rather than Yoda. Even going back to the original film it's clear that when Vader is addressed as Darth that they're using his forename rather than a title, that was a later retcon.

On a similar note, when Empire was being made George Lucas was talking about making another 3-6 films (he even talked of 20 films at one point as I remember) following on from the original trilogy. Yoda's line about another would have led into the follow-up trilogy but was shelved when Lucas got burned out from filming the originals, plus he couldn't work out how to insert another jedi into the story without damaging the existing story since everyone would simply ask where they had been in the first trilogy and how no one had noticed a second jedi aiding the Rebellion.

Lucas' answer to that was to make Leia & Luke siblings, which tied up the looming plot hole. There's even some hints that Leia was already using the force without realising it during Return of the Jedi when she chokes Jabba - that chain around his neck wasn't going to be enough to choke him, but her latent powers allow her to perform the same type of force-choke that Vader does throughout the films.

Anyone who is a Stars Wars nerd to the same degree as myself might want to read The Secret History of Star Wars which goes into a lot of details about the creation of the films.

u/indyK1ng · 16 pointsr/movies

No, that one is canon within the MCU. The Hulk movie that isn't canon within the MCU is simply Hulk staring Eric Bana. The Incredible Hulk is within the MCU as demonstrated by:

  1. General "Thunderbolt" Ross is played by the same actor in The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: Civil War
  2. Tony Stark talks to Ross in the credits of The Incredible Hulk about the Avengers Initiative.
  3. A Marvel one-shot shows Phil Coulson deciding on Stark to talk to General Ross.
  4. The Incredible Hulk is included in the Marvel Phase One box set

    The reason Edward Norton has not been in an MCU movie since is that he has some disagreements on how things should be played out. In particular, he was upset that an attempted suicide scene was cut from The Incredible Hulk and replaced with the one-off "Oh crap" gag when he jumps out of a helicopter. Norton himself recommended Mark Ruffalo to take his place.
u/Psyladine · 14 pointsr/movies

The book John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood goes a long way to redeem the picture. There are plenty of terrible movies that became successes for no good reason (Twilight...), but Carter specifically suffered under what is known as the changing of the guard.

Basically, the Disney head fired Dick Cook, who signed on the project. His replacement knows, if it was a hit, the credit goes to his predecessor. But, the studio had committed to making it for political reasons (Stanton and the Pixar knot). Part of the reason marketing botched it was a huge change of the guard, think replacing the marketing guys of 20 years with a hot 20 something all into social media. The experience and institutional drop is catastrophic by itself, but at the time Disney was also shifting away from its film division (which was never responsible for more than 8% of Disney Corp's total revenue), in part towards a shift of Disney buying preexisting properties and institutions, repackaging and selling them. In other words, the trend of corporate America from creating something to being a glorified middleman, and signaled by the acquisitions of Marvel and Star Wars.

So, JC is an elephant in the room where supporting it is mandated, but if it's a success, it undermines the new guard's overall strategy. The plan, then, becomes failure by neglect. Noone "wants" it to fail, it's just that noone particularly wants this obnoxious legacy pet project of a former chief and the wunderkind who got too big for his britches and had to make the leap from animation to live action, and basically they let him have enough rope to hang himself with.

Its failure validates the new agenda, lets them cut ties and scrap future projects by example, and got them out of the mess while being able to point at Dick Cook's foolhardiness as a 200 million writedown for the company.

Lastly: the movie isn't Oscar worthy, but its visual effects are second only to Avatar, which it had the misfortune of following. And being turned from a rated R 'original Conan the Barbarian, girls nude and bejeweled' style to a kiddie Star Wars extravaganza, which made doubly redundant when Disney bought Star Wars a little over a year later.

tl;dr: politics, man, politics.