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Crock-Pot 2-QT Round Manual Slow Cooker, Black (SCR200-B)
2-QT Round Manual Slow Cooker serves 3+ peopleHigh/Low cook settings, and convenient Warm settingCrock-Pot features removable, dishwasher-safe stoneware insert, and dishwasher-safe glass lidCompact slow cooker with purple polka-dot design.Recipes includedDimension(inch):9 H x 8.9 W x 7.4 D
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12 Reddit comments about Crock-Pot 2-QT Round Manual Slow Cooker, Black (SCR200-B):

u/furmat60 · 7 pointsr/vegan

Buy a small rice cooker and a small crock pot! I recommend this one:

As far as recipes, look here:

If you're not concerned about health, pasta is extremely cheap. The slow cooker is a great method or cooking beans in to make refried beans. Get a huge package or corn tortillas, make refried beans and rice, and should last you a few days.

u/fanta_romanta · 7 pointsr/Atlanta

Freezer bags, man! Portion it out into individual servings in sandwich baggies, then stick them all in a giant freezer bag.

Edit: Although tiny crock pots are totally a thing. You could buy a giant roast, cut THAT up into single-tiny-crock-pot-sized portions and freeze it with all the seasonings, veggies etc, that way you could just dump it right from the freezer into the crock pot when you want it.

u/paint-can · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

If you're flying solo usually this 2qt one is less than $9 with prime

u/snailrabbitflamingo · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Try to get in the habit of preparing food, instead of grabbing fast food while you're out. It will be tempting to just buy food while you're out, but it will kill your budget, and it's harder to make healthy choices when you're in a hurry. So try to pick out some easy meals to make ahead and store in the fridge, or things that can be thrown together and taken in a box or bag for lunch on the go. Establish food prep as part of your routine, so you don't feel like you have to find extra time to do it.

I'm sure you're on a budget as far as kitchen tools go. But if you can save up, or finagle a family member to buy you some supplies, it will help you tremendously to have some equipment. If nothing else, put them on your Christmas list and make do until then...

Food Processor - This little guy doesn't have a million and one functions, but it will pulverize rolled oats so you can have easy smoothies, and easy oat flour for muffins. You can also use it to make salsa, guacamole, hummus, bean dip. Shred veggies to make shredded salads. Mix dough for scones and biscuits. Heck, you can even make your own nut butters.

Hand Blender - Make smoothies the easy way. Blend soup bases. Puree fruits to make popsicles.

Slow Cooker - Roast veggies & meats. Make soups & chili. Bake things. Cook beans overnight. Slow cookers are awesome. You can chuck your stuff in there in the morning, and when you're done with class, you have food!

u/sugarfish7 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A crock pot is ALWAYS necessary. I've already got two so I don't need one, but having one is amazing. You can make some pretty awesome stuff in a crock pot.

u/Bohemian_Lady · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

In addition to a slow cooker/crock pot get an electric skillet. Since it sounds like your lacking basic kitchen stuff get this gadget kit while your at it.

Those are all free shipping with orders over $35, the total order would be $44 ish. You'll thank your self for spending a little more when your not subsisting on junk food.

u/box99 · 1 pointr/Cooking

I suggest you start with the simplest way to cook a complete meal and imo that is a crockpot. Buy a basic version for about $25 and a good crockpot cookbook (links below) for about $15.

Cooking in them amounts to dumping in ingredients, turning it on and walking away. Your one-pot meal or main dish is done in 4-8 hours.

u/butthaver · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Is it a space thing? They're ubiquitous in thrift stores/garage sales, or $12 on Amazon:

I got mine for $5 on black friday, probably my best ROI in history.

u/pennynoggin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love this crockpot for easy meals!

Thank you for the contest!

u/a_very_stupid_guy · 0 pointsr/blackfriday

I bought one as a gift for a friend I know doesn't have one.

It was like 12$ with amazon prime at the time

u/doggexbay · 0 pointsr/Paleo

For a non-cook, I think a good place to start is a vegetarian or vegan cookbook. Meat's pretty easy to cook. Vegetables take more technique. Just practice! :)

You don't have knives? Buy this knife. There are lots of great, expensive knives that you'll never need (I have a few). This one is the best, if you ignore the blade-heads out there who don't spend less than $150 on a knife.

Do you have a Crockpot? The most inexpensive cuts of meat require long cook times, and a slow cooker will knock that out while you're at work. If there are only two of you, a 2-qt. Crockpot runs $15.

Do some reading on paleo fats. Fat is what will keep you running throughout the day.

Enjoy your kitchen!