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Fogging Oil/Cylinder Protector, 12 oz
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u/beefcakez · 1 pointr/E30

You can buy this fogging oil to spray into your cylinders (through the spark plug hole) to lubricate the cylinders prior to startup.

I highly recommend doing this and hand turning it over a few times. Also, be sure to lubricate your camshaft as well. I like to use ZDDP additive so I coated each rocker and the camshaft lobes with it.

You can possibly prime the oil pump too, but that requires removing the cover and trying to turn the pump with a long driver that will bypass the gear on the intermediate shaft. I haven't been able to do it.

u/namegoeshere · 0 pointsr/motorcycles

I think I'd run the carbs dry. Tank your bike up and add stabil to the fuel. Now go ride it until it's almost empty (or just siphon out stabilized gas but c'mon man it's a good excuse to go ride a tankful) .. then put it on res and let it idle for a few minutes until it burns off the last bit of gas in the carbs. Spray a fogging oil or whatever you have handy inside the tank. I can usually find "fogging oil" at a marine shop or sometimes a well stocked auto place.

While you're at it you may as well spray down the inside of the engine too. What the hell.