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HACI Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, Black, 46-Liter
Product Dimensions: 22"H x 14"W x 9"D. Volume: 2807 in3 / 46 L. A zippered top accessory pocket is ideal for easy access to liquids and other frequently needed items. Only available on Porter 65Large, panel load lockable zippered access to the main compartment provides easy and secure entry to the pack’s internal contents. One internal mesh zippered pocket and one internal fabric zippered pocket insideFoam padded sidewalls with StraightJacket compression stabilizes, protects and compresses loadsA stow away padded shoulder harness with adjustable sternum strap and rescue whistle buckle allows for comfortable, supportive backpack style carryFour reinforced cord loops on the Porter’s front panel allow for the attachment of an Osprey Daylite pack (sold separately) to provide additional carrying capacity
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8 Reddit comments about HACI Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, Black, 46-Liter:

u/explordinaire · 3 pointsr/backpacking

Osprey Port 46l Supposed to be qualified for carry on on all airlines. If you dont fill it the straps and the way the outside curves around allows you to collapse it down really well. Love the bag :)

u/Oy_Gestalt · 3 pointsr/solotravel

For my 6 week trip across Europe, I used the Osprey Porter:

I found it cheaper at a local store. It's still carry-on size, which it seems like you're going for. Plus 1 on the winter clothes comment, you're going to appreciate the extra room. I overpacked for my trip (it was my first major backpacking adventure), but for my next one I'm going to bring less and will still be glad to have this bag. Just the right amount of pockets/compartments and space. Travel cubes were also a big help:
And get yourself some camping soap for washing clothes! One little bottle will last you a long time, you don't need much.

u/polarium · 3 pointsr/onebag

Maybe this

or maybe this and this with a 20% off coupon when you register

This one's pretty functional

This one gets recommended

Last one

They're all solidly built, and if there's any problems are guaranteed.

u/nuke691 · 2 pointsr/photography

I'm just starting out as a travel photographer, but I think I have a pretty decent plan for carrying my photo equipment around. Between cities, I am using a Osprey Porter 46L backpack and in that carry-on backpack, I will have a 20L Hikpro Daypack that folds itself into a small pouch. I will also be carrying a Mountainsmith Zoom MD Case in which I will keep my Nikon D600, 30-210mm and 50mm lenses, some neutral density filters, charger, extra battery, wired shutter release, and lens paper. Lastly I'll carry my MeFoto Roadtrip Travel Tripod with me that'll be able to fit into my small daypack. I haven't gotten the tripod yet but it folds down to 16 inches and extends to 61 inches at full height and can hold a full frame DSLR so I'm pretty excited. Hope this helps!

u/callmekough · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Anything from Chrome is a classic commuter bag. You see this a lot in SF. You can definitely do overnights with the larger bags, although they're a little big for day-to-day in college, where all I really need to carry around is a laptop and maybe a notepad + pens + charger. I would recommend getting two separate bags, one for travel and one for school, because your needs are different.

For classes/everyday working, check out Rains. These are pretty fucking dope and I get tons of compliments on mine.

For general travel (but not hiking) consider the Osprey Porter. I just did a month of travel out of this bag, four different countries, and it worked great. The waist belt means you can hike with it, too -- I did a 6-day hiking trip through the mountains of japan and didn't have any issues at all. Load distributed perfectly. I was sore, but not because of the bag.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a single bag for the combined price of those ($200) that's great both for travel and for school.

u/JamesMercerIII · 2 pointsr/backpacking

I've had an Osprey Porter 46L for almost 3 years and it's served me quite well in essentially the same role. It's been with me through Europe and quite a bit of Asia and has held up great. It is made with similar specs, maximum legal US carry-on size. I've carried it on many Chinese airlines and other international flights. Only time I had a problem was on a flight from Madrid to Dublin (slightly too big, agreed to gate-check it but just ignored the staff at the gate and carried it on).

Most times if it's on your back the staff won't care or even think about it being too big, especially on a Chinese airline. The "foreigner card" will get you far in Asia--stuff like having an oversized carry-on gets ignored because the locals are too timid or embarrassed to engage or confront foreigners.

The Porter has straps for compressing the size and it's really sturdy. Highly recommended.

Edit: Just read your posts denouncing Osprey. It's true the straps go right across the front pouch. I've just stopped using the pouch all together! :-D I have an older model of the backpack and the front pouch isn't as fancy as in the new model.

u/manchild_star · 2 pointsr/backpacking

If I had to choose, I would go with the North Face. This is mainly because of the hip belt. Your shoulders can get sore very quickly, even with what would be thought of as minimal weight. Not only will the hip belt take some stress off of your shoulders, it will allow for quick access to desired items. Personally, I would check out what Osprey has to offer. The Manta may not be advertised for Backpacking through Europe but I could see this being a sweet setup, especially with a Sawyer in line water filter. Plus they have lifetime warranties and make amazing gear. Any osprey pack will last beyond your Euro trip. Check out a few that I think could work you for you.

( the video)




u/PedroDaGr8 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

By the way, both Amazon and eBags have the Porter 46 on sale today for $90 with Free Shipping.