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Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf
Contents include: Golf MedicineLooking UpThe Three Most Important ClubsThe WaggleHole Them All
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10 Reddit comments about Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf:

u/itsonlyastrongbuzz · 7 pointsr/NavyBlazer

Harvey Pennick's Little Red Book.

Can't wait for the Masters and the warm weather.

I don't even care about "WARM" warm, just give me mid fifties so the fairways dry up and I can hit the links.

u/buzzthecat · 7 pointsr/golf

[Henry Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf] (

A wonderful book full of wisdom on golf and life.

u/BUTTHOLE_DELETER · 6 pointsr/AskMen

You can usually snag a good set of clubs from a thrift store. Even just getting a few clubs, like a 5 wood, a putter, pitching wedge, and a few irons (5 and an 8) from the random bucket at a clubhouse. Garage sales are another fantastic way of getting good clubs for cheap. Especially if you've got a nice neighborhood around, I've snagged $200 clubs for $15 from rich people yard sales.

Once you've got a set of clubs, even if they're loaners, check out your local public golf course. There's almost always a course pro who teaches lessons, and they're pretty affordable. Take some to get a good idea on your form. If that's not on option, find a friend who's a decent golfer. Once you've got an understanding of form, start hitting the range often, and end on the practice green. I wouldn't touch a course until you're pretty comfortable hitting the ball consistently. Then go out with a friend, or someone who can play and just go for it.

Getting some research on, youtube videos are always fantastic, and the Harvey Penick's Little Red Book is fantastic.

Source: Golfing for 15 years.

u/ABillyGoat · 2 pointsr/golf

Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons-great for fundamentals
Tiger Woods: How I Play Golf -great for teaching you different shots
Harvey Penick's Little Red Book-great for learning fundamentals and interesting little stories

You should be able to find all 3 for >$50

u/cchillur · 2 pointsr/golf

Ben Hogans 5 Lessons - Solid foundations from one of the games legends. Great for beginners or those with funky swings, grips, stances, etc (which your <10 handicap dad likely doesn't need) but it's a classic golf instruction book with fundamentals in mind and the first golf book i read. Best part is it's full of really cool old illustrations to describe what he's talking about in each segment.

Next is Harvey Penicks Little Red Book - It's a good coffee table or bathroom book. Each "chapter" is a page or two usually. Harvey Penick was a legendary instructor and he famously had a small red book full of one-liner lessons that he finally published late in life. Another classic golf instruction book that keeps it super simple.

Then we have Golf is not a game of perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella It's written by a sports psychologist who specializes in "the mental game". Ideal for the weekend warrior that wants to have more fun while shooting better scores. I read this when i felt like i had all the skills but was getting in my own way mentally. Helped me work on consistency, course management, and managing expectations for those hot-head moments.

After that i read Dave Pelz' Short Game Bible Written by a now short-game guru and former actual nasa rocket scientist, this book is thicker than most bibles and is super (exhaustingly) detailed. Honestly it is solid science that would work for everyone if they had the time and discipline to practice and implement. But it burned me out before i could finish it. I'm just not at the level where i need to know all of the "how's" and "whys" to every shot ever imaginable inside 150 from every lie to every landing.

Next up is Zen Golf: mastering the mental game by Dr. Joe Parent Another sports psychologist who specializes in thinking smarter/better. A very interesting read. Lots of tips that helped and i plan to re-read very soon. It actually has many lessons that translate well to everyday life, not just golf.

Finally, Lowest Score Wins This last one is a more modern approach to the game. Very simple and straight forward. Very data driven. Kind of like a fundamentals book but more aggressive and concerned with one thing, lowering your score. There's some great chapters on "seeing the course differently" that really helped my course management and it's great for drills on every aspect of the game.

I think the last two are the best all-around.

u/Dougsevier54 · 2 pointsr/golf

Get this book and put his teachings to use!!

It's my golf bible. I read it a couple of times a year, especially if I'm in a funk on the course.

u/Kronis1 · 2 pointsr/golf

All of Harvey Penick's books. It's much more mental than technique, but mental is a big part of the game many people ignore. I'm sure he wrote much more than what I linked below, but it would be a good start.

Little Red Book
And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend
The Game for a Lifetime

u/HereForTheGolf · 1 pointr/golf

This book changed everything for me. Its highly recommended that every golfer has a copy of this and reads it at least once a season. When you're stuck at a 10-15 handicap the club you really need to work on most is the one sitting between your ears. Your brain! This book is filled with some of the greatest mental tips you'll ever get.

u/entrelac · 1 pointr/TalesFromRetail

When I had my first bookstore job, I had a lot of requests for "you know, that red book." Fortunately, this book had just come out and was the correct answer 90% of the time.