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Industrial Education
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u/CrossXhunteR ยท 3 pointsr/giantbomb

I'm curious what floppies Max has in his comic collection. Surprised me that it wasn't softcover or hardcover trades instead.

Also, on the subject of taping comic book bags, I saw this advice from a comic retailer.

I wonder just how many times The Maxx has been name dropped on the Beastcast.

Jeff mentioned wanting a Paper Girls TV show, and he might be in luck. One was announced last week or so to be in development at Amazon.

The Walking Dead probably ended at issue 193 so it could end at the fourth compendium, since the prior ones were collecting 48 issues apiece.

The existence of the Switch Lite and its dockless nature to me says that the Switch is a handheld that can be hooked up to a TV, not a console that can be taken on the go.

Didn't the PSVR get some sort of internal component upgrade that was only denoted to consumers by a new model number on the box, with no new name for branding purposes?