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Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty
Be brave and enjoy a fun bull-riding experience on water with Intex Inflatable! Host competitions with family and friends and see how long you can stay mounted on the bullDesigned with innovative photo-realistic printing technology. Great accessory for pools, lakes, or riversProvides families and friends with hours of challenging wet funFeaturing: durable 17.5 gauge vinyl, 3 air chambers, durable grab handlesDimensions: 96" x 77" x 32". Comes with a repair patch
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4 Reddit comments about Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty:

u/MrCoolguy80 · 3 pointsr/AdvancedRunning

Nice! We're going to have so much fun. Get ready to ride the bull. Seriously though, I think we're going to get it.

u/diadexus · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

It's the Inflat-A-Bull!