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Julius-K9 Powerharness, size 1, Black
Chest circumference: 66-85 cm, weight of the dog: 23-30 kgThe closable handle allows the dog to be held firmly and lifted securelyHeavy duty buckle for safety and comfortWater repellent surfaceInterchangeable hook and loop patches - your dog may wear the patches of your choice
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2 Reddit comments about Julius-K9 Powerharness, size 1, Black:

u/Long_Dong_Swan_Song · 5 pointsr/Bulldogs

Amazon has them

Julius-K9 Powerharness, size 1, Black

u/hatchetations · 2 pointsr/Bulldogs

My bully is also 7! We use Earthbath shampoo. I'd recommend these Keto-C Antiseptic wipes if he has any skin fold irritation. You might want to try a fish oil to add to his food; that should help his hair and they just love it. My pup has some arthritis and hip dysplasia, so we give him a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. He has a bit of a grain sensitivity so he eats Rachel Ray Just Six. I keep Benadryl on hand (vet approved) because it helps when he gets seasonal allergies. Get some dog toothpaste and a brush; it really does help. My pup loves any kind of dental bones, also. Keep an eye out for a head tilt or unusual ear wax/discharge as bullies can be prone to ear infections. Make sure he wears a harness (we've used a cheap roman harness for years but recently got this harness) and take good care of his neck- my boy has recently been dealing with a prolapsed intervertebral disk, which is caused by normal play like tug of war and fetch, jumping off the couch, going up and down stairs, and generally having a huge head. So now we play very carefully, carry him on stairs, and have him on an anti-inflammatory. He uses a raised feeding dish to prevent strain. We also put a little tennis ball in his food to make him eat slowly (he has a tendency to eat too fast and throw up). I use Argan oil and petroleum jelly on his nose when it gets dry.
I'm sure he'll let you know his taste in treats and toys soon, but my buddy likes antler chews, Busy Bones, and all stuffed animals. Rawhides make him throw up. Congratulations and good luck!