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MEDca Pill Cutter/Splitter
REVOLUTIONARY PILL CUTTER: This unique pill splitter allows you to cut pills for right dose without wasting any. It has adaptable wings that can hold even the biggest pills for an equal cut.SHARP EDGE: The cutter has a sharp stainless steel blade that slices the pills in a snap. With moderate pressure it will cut the tablet precisely into half. You don't have to fear about hurting your fingers.SMOOTH OUTLINE: This tablet cutter has a special outline that delivers a smooth, neat and tidy tablet. Even if you use the pill splitter for infinite times, its edge won't become blunt.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The cutter is made from high quality materials and it won't break or wear out easily. It has been designed to cut all types of tablets.CONVENIENT AND SAFE: Our cutter is BPA Free and totally safe. The splitter has a convenient construction for easy use and also has a tiny compartment for storing pills.
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u/HeatherInProgress ยท 3 pointsr/TransDIY

I just use a razor blade. I cut them in half, and then cut the two halves in half. sometimes the doses aren't completely even but its not that big of a deal. Supposedly pill cutters work even better but i've never had any issues with just a good old razor blade