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Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cu.Ft. Full Size Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser
5.1 cubic foot capacitySpring-loaded tap for easy pull and release dispensingIncludes one American Sankey "D" Double Tap SystemDouble meter regulator2.5 lb. CO2 tank (unfilled)13-inch chrome beer tap tower ad guardrailStainless steel removable drip tray1 large wire shelfAdjustable thermostatCasters for easy mobility (locking front wheels)Holds the following keg sizes: 1/6 Barrel (5.23 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Short (7.75 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Slim (7.75 Gallons), 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons)
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12 Reddit comments about Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cu.Ft. Full Size Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser:

u/KulpDontCare · 6 pointsr/Frat

If you want to install a tap, you'll need to be able to refrigerate it somehow. You could invest in one like this. As far as the bar goes, Adding a lower shelf for the inside would make it look pretty professional. The upper left part of the bar in this picture is what I'm talking about. Also, you should look into using a router on the edges to make a neat border rather than just sanding it. That gives it more character. As for the top, the resin idea is cool if you're going to put stuff into the surface. If not, I'd recommend a stain and then a couple coats of polyurethane. And trim underneath the counter top would look great along with a base on the bottom.

u/petekill · 2 pointsr/beer

I don't know what your definition of "cheap" is, but I bought this one a couple months ago, and I've been happy with it. Free shipping with a Prime membership and it comes almost completely set up, assembly was a breeze. Hardest part was finding a place in town to fill up the CO2 bottle.

The only modification I have made was the addition of a tower cooler. The tower does not stay cold otherwise, which can lead to some foaming issues.

u/feralkitten · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I already have one. It contains:

  • a kegorator. (currently with a Yin Ling keg, though i rotate the beers)
  • Wrap-around cherry wood desk, and all the computer/gaming/battle-station fixin's
  • Blackout curtains in deep red. Medium grey walls. Black electronics. And Cherry Wood frames for any artwork hung on the walls.
  • Projector and respective screen
  • Two bookshelves full of books, both fantasy and non-fiction (tech manuals and economics books)

    If we ever buy a bigger house, i'm taking the basement and adding a pool table to the above list and building a small bar.
u/MakeAmericaGreat9 · 1 pointr/smoking

I have it in silver. This thing gets so damn cold. I love it.

I would upgrade the regulator like i did tho. I wasn't able to use the stock one with a 5 pound co2 bottle.

u/Dondarian · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Aaaand ordered. But now, I think I've ran into another problem. The tap that came with the kegerator I ordered, doesn't appear to want to come unscrewed. Maybe I'm just being a little ignorant to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if this thing came with some foolish proprietary tap that is permanent.

Ever dealt with one of these?

u/orngejaket · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I had looked into getting a small fridge a while back but could not find any at the local stores that fit the bill. But I'll look back into it.

Sorry about the link not working, try this link:

u/Mr_Swarm · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

You probably won't. I don't know if there are any manufacturers that put the compressor elsewhere, but every minifridge I've ever seen has it in the bottom there. If there's enough vertical clearance you can install a shelf to level out the bottom, but you're going to have to evaluate fridges on a case by case basis.

My ferm chamber was a kegerator in its past life, designed to hold 15 gallon sanke kegs that I managed to find used on Craigslist for $100. It holds my largest carboy (7.5 gallon I think) with an airlock and still has about an inch of vertical clearance:

Edit: I should mention that the door on my chamber is curved to facilitate the aforementioned sanke kegs, so I did not need to install a shelf. 5.1 cu ft is probably a good place to start looking, but you're not going to be able to tell without measuring if the bucket will fit unless they specify completely the inner dimensions, which is pretty rare in my experience.

u/yooston · 1 pointr/kegerators

thanks for the info.. man i did not think this was gonna be so complicated to get a normal consistent pour.. its a commercial keg with this kegerator

u/D0risMurphy · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I'm beginning to plan the switch to kegging. I've been looking into buying a kegerator that comes with an "American Sankey "D" Tap System". What type of keg will I have to get to work with that or will I have to covert it? Will this type of keg work with that system?

u/blumpkincarving · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

The kegs are set to around 10-12 psi (which I believe is actually higher than we want long term but we were trying to quick carb and we wanted to test his since it is brand new)

We are using ball locks (if that is what you mean, if not please let me know.)
His kegerator is with upgraded lines and the connectors above and mine seems the same in terms of parts and pieces but was from Craigslist

We cleaned the kegs with liquid dish soap and sanitized with star San so no powder involved

u/wandercitrus · 1 pointr/Spokane

How much are you willing to spend? I know someone who bought a keggerator on amazon for $400 and it's pretty nice. It's nice enough to have at a home bar and not some nasty ass old freezer box with jagged sawsall cuts lol.

But that's just my opinion!

Edit: Found it