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OLFA 9911 CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter
Designed for variety of craft projectsCuts circles up to 6" in diameterFor right and left-handed usersIncludes 6 extra blades stored in hangle
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9 Reddit comments about OLFA 9911 CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter:

u/windupmonkeys · 4 pointsr/modelmakers

Honestly, I rarely bother with masks, even on tanks.

For tanks, you can also use either purpose designed or architectural/drafting circle templates like these as a spraying stencil.

But honestly, in most instances I just spray the center/hub and then finish off with a brush. Faster, even if more tedious.

A summary of most of the above is further provided here.

u/Dains84 · 4 pointsr/foamcore

What shape of hole? I typically just cut through it with my knife like any other cut and pop it out like a token, but for circles that probably isn't doable.

I'd try something like this, but I've never used one myself.

u/rock_hard_member · 3 pointsr/foamcore

This is the one I got that /u/chasem13 had for his foamcore the other week. It definitely takes multiple passes, easiest if the last one is from the back side but it works well.

u/coolcool23 · 3 pointsr/drums

Really not hard at all with a compass cutter or something similar. I think on my old kit I actually used a legit drawing compas with a razor blade clamped into it or something. Just measure out the diameter/radius, pick your center and go. You can buy rings that snap in to make it look nice and give it strength:

u/Rbotguy · 2 pointsr/pipetobaccomarket

Photoshop template, printed on normal paper and cut out with a circle cutter.

Circle cutter:

u/crystalmerchant · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Measure and draw would work too! Actually that's what I did for the roundels -- found comparable sized circle shapes around the bench (bottle cap, pencil eraser, etc) and used them to trace circles onto the tape to cut out the roundel stencils. Figured out later that a compass cutter probably would have saved a lot of time and been more precise.

u/winstonsdog · 2 pointsr/foamcore

I used this. Took a few tries on scrap foamcore to get the hang of it, but really happy in the end.

OLFA 9911 CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter

u/frostytheclownman · 1 pointr/Ultralight

The glue would probably be overdoing it a bit, though it'd depend on the thickness/rigidity of the sheet.

Laser cutters are pretty special bits of equipment. A cheaper option may be to use a circle cutter like this one: