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u/drpastry · 2 pointsr/pipetobaccomarket

Cool, yeah. I think you're on the money. He's not much for aromatics either and I think smokes them mostly for the room note, which is likely related to my enthusiasm for smoking in the house. I heard someone say the Holiday Spirit has notes of bourbon and pecan pie which I have to say I can quite easily get behind.

I like the idea of the jars but am a little confused about why I'd want the 8 oz jars compared the 5 oz ones I posted, which strike me as the exact same thing, except smaller, which would be desirable in promoting humidity? Maybe I'm not understanding correctly. Thanks again for your help!

u/somewherein72 · 1 pointr/pipetobaccomarket

I've been considering this one for a while, just haven't pulled the trigger on it since my pipe smoking has been waning lately.