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4 Reddit comments about On the Night You Were Born:

u/i_eat_vetkoeks · 5 pointsr/TFABGrads

The reveal last night went way better than expected. I had started having serious doubts and misgivings about going through with it starting midday. Panorama results weren't and wouldn't be back, and I had this fear that FIL would be a jerk and a half (long story, but he has opinions about just about everything, especially if it's related to money). But I'm glad I did, even though now I'm afraid I've jinxed it.

We had already planned to have dinner at my parents' house with my brother, my parents, DH's brother, and his parents (his sister lives way out of town now) as a kind of celebratory dinner for being done with the bar exam. I had taken the reveal gifts over during the day while my mom was picking stuff up for dinner. I wrapped them in large-ish kraft bags with yellow tissue paper and green ribbon. They looked quite nice! I should've taken a picture lol.

We got there fashionably late, but it was right after DH's family got there, so it was decent timing. We picked up a black and white cake from Whole Foods on the way there, and you should all get one because it was AMAZING. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and there was a chocolate ganache on the top. So. Good. Anyway, I figured out a way to sneak the last two gifts in, and things were under way.

Everyone sat down in the den, and naturally we got on the topic of Disney World. So I used the opportunity to get the bags from upstairs, and I told them all that it was a surcee from WDW as a thanks for dealing with me for the past two months/three years. Everyone was convinced except my mom--she had sleuthed it out. MIL and FIL got these mugs, BIL got this mug (they're big coffee drinkers), my dad got an antique book (Tales of a Grandfather) from this store, my brother got the books Goodnight Moon and Night Night Little Tiger, and my mom got a board book of On the Night You Were Born (she's given that to my brother and me several times) and a little soft bunny.

BIL was the first to say something. He said, nonchalantly, "Uncle BIL." Then he got it. "Uncle BIL?" My brother saw his books and figured it out, but waited for the other responses. Mom knew immediately and was practically jumping out of her seat. MIL read her mug but thought we were giving it in advance (like we weren't pregnant yet). Then my mom told MIL, then she got it, then FIL got it. My dad was the last one to get it, though admittedly his was really subtle. But everyone was so sweet and so excited, and I'm really happy about it.

We're asking them to keep it quiet until after our next appointment, and then they can tell extended family and friends. We're also asking that nothing at all be posted to social media because we want to keep this as private as possible. I'm pretty sure they'll respect that, which makes me feel good. Only really worried about my dad blabbing when he's had too much to drink 😒

And now I realize this is longer than a birth story, but I felt like I wanted to write it all out to help me remember :)

u/loubric · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

On the night you were born. Love this book, makes me cry every single time.

u/TheRealBigLou · 1 pointr/pics

This reminds me of the children's book,
"On the Night You Were Born."