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Philips AVENT Twin Pack Nipplette
Clinically proven to help with inverted or flat nipplesNon-surgical - uses gentle suction to stretch the lactiferous ductSimple and discreetUse with inverted or flat nipplesSimple and discreetClinically provenNon-surgical – uses gentle suction
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3 Reddit comments about Philips AVENT Twin Pack Nipplette:

u/SailorTits · 5 pointsr/askwomenadvice

If someone's having sex with you they are not going to suddenly stop and be like "oh my god, your nipple is doing a thing!" It's really a non issue.

However, if this is something you can't get over you have a few options. There are places that can pierce your nipple to make it not be inverted anymore, but make sure you do a lot of research and look for someone who knows how to do it, maybe ask your doctor if they know someone. You could also give something like this a try.

u/no_seam_stress · 1 pointr/askwomenadvice

I did the same thing when I breastfed. My lactation consultant also recommended using a nipple everter, which I bought, but never used because I didn't end up needing to. I can mail it to you if you like! Just PM me.