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RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Bird Food, Crumbles, 44-Ounce
No Added Sugars Or Colors100-Percent Edible And No Animal By ProductsScientifically FormulatedContains 11-Percent Protein, 7-Percent FatIdeal For Birds 3 Inches And Taller Such As Cockatiels, Quakers, Lovebirds, Budgerigars (Parakeets), Conures, Ringecks, Parrotlets, Canaries And Neophemas
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5 Reddit comments about RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Bird Food, Crumbles, 44-Ounce:

u/painesgrey · 4 pointsr/parrots

Don't buy food from your local supermarket. Most of them are lower quality and lacking in a lot of nutrients to keep your bird healthy.

here are some of the more frequently recommended bird foods:


Harrisons - tons of different choices as far as type and size.

Zupreem - again, tons of different types, but most people suggest avoiding the coloured pellets and going for the natural diets.

Most of these can be found in local pet stores. I know larger chains, such as Petsmart, carry Roudybush and Zupreem. Harrison's can sometimes be harder to find.

As for the size, anything suitable for a small parrots such as cockatiels should be fine.

Try to avoid seed diets, as they're really not the most nutritionally balanced.

Hope this helps!

u/Nantosuelta · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

Pellets are fairly easy to find online. Here are some examples:

Harrison's pellets

Roudybush Crumbles and the smaller Roudybush Nibbles

Zupreem Natural pellets and Zupreem Fruit Blend

There are many more, but these are the one's I've looked at for my own cockatiel. My bird is not a big fan of pellets, but he will occasionally eat Zupreem Fruit Blend for budgies and the Roudybush Nibbles. He ignored the larger, "cockatiel" versions of the pellets.

My cockatiel is also not a huge fan of veggies. Like your bird, he'll eat the broccoli bits that look like seeds. I found out that he'll eat anything that looks like that, which includes cauliflower (especially purple cauliflower) and broccolini. He likes crunchy stuff, so he'll nibble on the stems of kale, spinach, and other greens (not the leafy part). Try as many crunchy vegetables as you can: green cabbage, red cabbage, snow peas, green beans, pea pods, etc. If I make a big show of eating sweet peppers and carrots ("mmm, yum yum, these peppers are sooooo good!"), my bird will get interested and try a bit. If you can, make yourself a little salad with lots of different vegetables and pretend to keep it away from your bird. When she comes up to steal a bite, let her get away with it. My bird will eat more vegetables if he thinks he's sneaking "people food!"

u/uncannybuzzard · 2 pointsr/bird

his wing feathers will grow back. clipping isn't such a big deal and is sometimes necessary for the safety of the bird.

for diet, feed him a sunflower seed free cockatiel mix, something like this mixed with a pellet like roundybush maintenance crumble size or roundybush california mini size

u/freckled_porcelain · 1 pointr/cockatiel

Harrison's, mixed with
Roudybush, topped with mixed human grade freeze dried veggies (broccoli, spinach, peas, corn, tomato, bell pepper, and carrots). He gets a couple nutriberries in his hanging treat ball. Plus he eats his share of whatever we're eating.

It sounds like a lot, but I mix the pellets in one container, and the veggies in another. In the morning I put half a shot glass scoop of each in his bowl, plus a couple nutriberries in his treat thing.

He is a healthy weight, and recovering from a blood infection. If I could get him to eat fresh veggies instead of dried, it would be great, but he refuses. Loves the dried. It would cost a lot to get everything at once, but buying over time wasnt that bad.

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