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u/uncannybuzzard · 2 pointsr/bird

his wing feathers will grow back. clipping isn't such a big deal and is sometimes necessary for the safety of the bird.

for diet, feed him a sunflower seed free cockatiel mix, something like this mixed with a pellet like roundybush maintenance crumble size or roundybush california mini size

u/papalaponape · 20 pointsr/bird

Migration season. Put up decals on your window to break up the reflection. Bird can't see glass, so when they hit, it can cause some pretty severe damage. Imagine getting hit by a line backer in football and then falling 3 stories. Another method to protect them is put up screens, it helps them from hitting the window and only leaves them startled.


here's is some more information about birds and windows

The two biggest killers in birds is windows and cats, so putting up some simple decals is a great way to help birds stay safe.

hope this helps.

u/iwontrememberanyway · 1 pointr/bird

Planting a garden where birds can find the things they need (food, water and shelter) is the best way to get birds to come to your garden. Here's a book on the subject: There are a lot of good books on the subject at your local library, too.

A bird bath next to a large shrub for protection is a big hit in my garden.

u/birb_gal · 1 pointr/bird

Agree about the cage size!
The one linked is a good starter size, and is the SMALLEST that I would reccomend. Bigger is always better, but as stated, watch the bar spacing!

u/Erisouls · 4 pointsr/bird

It runs a little large though! They suggest a large for a 30 in waist and it’s a little big on me. Lots of fun patterns!

u/discreetTrex · 4 pointsr/bird

I use these to prevent birds from hitting the windows. So far so good! Though they need to be replaced every 6 months or so.

WindowAlert Leaf Medley Decals

They have a few different shape options.