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S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer S.O.L. 90% Reflective Lightweight Emergency Bivvy
Emergency bivvy measures 84 x 36 inches, and weighs approximately 3.8 ouncesReflects 90% of your body heat back to you to prevent heat loss and trap warm airSealed seams and waterproof, windproof material keeps you dry and warmFeatures a quiet, tear-resistant material that won’t shred to pieces if puncturedReusable bivvy can easily be used as an emergency sleeping bag or blanket for multiple adventures
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15 Reddit comments about S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer S.O.L. 90% Reflective Lightweight Emergency Bivvy:

u/droidhound · 7 pointsr/Survival

If you don't already have one, try an emergency bivy like this. Much better than the usual emergency blanket.

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/Survival

Also, you might consider tossing one of these in there.

I would toss the handkerchief and put in a shemagh. It's got a ton of uses.

u/lieslieslieslieslies · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

> Basically the only really important factors are that it weighs less than 24 oz, can go to 30 or anywhere below that(20 degrees would be preferable just in case) and I can compress it in a stuff suck to less than 12x7.

Here ya go.

Technically, it meets your criteria in spades.

On the other hand, if you want to be comfortable, listen to xixor.

u/Rocko9999 · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

I take one of these when I know it will be cold. This is for worst case scenario but putting this over your bag will keep you warm if your layering doesn't.

u/brzcory · 3 pointsr/preppers


I have 2 hammocks, a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater for camping, and an ultralight one that stays in my backpack/bob. The Skeeter Beater is definitely more comfortable, but takes longer to set up (due to the ridgeline that holds up the bugnet).

The cheap one is good for naps or hanging out at work. I'd spend a night in it if I had to. Mostly in my bag for napping though. I also have an inflatable hiking pillow that works really well.

There are many shortcomings to hammocks though. You have to find somewhere to hang them, which sounds easy but can be hard sometimes. You get a cold butt without really warm temperatures (or an underquilt, or a sleeping bag). It takes a night or two to get used to sleeping in one, but holy hell is it better than the ground! You also need a rain-fly if it's going to be wet (which is a whole 'nother bag).

They're also useful for keeping the creepy crawlies off you.

I wouldn't use it for a primary long-term arrangement, but with proper planning they can make an effective system. 9 times out of 10 I'll reach for the hammock while loading up for a backpacking trip, and like I said I do carry one with me pretty much everywhere I go.

Another option to look into for BOB's/GHB's are simple Bivvy Bags. Smaller/lighter than a sleeping bag or hammock system, but still provide protection from the elements. Not great for sleeping in, but much better for surviving.

u/zaxor0 · 3 pointsr/Survival

Space blanket, thats a good idea! They don't take up any space. Or you can get an emergency bivy, like this They are a bit bigger and work like a sleeping bag make out of a sleeping blanket.

Also headlamp is a really good idea too. Or a small led pocket light.

u/PaletoBayPlayboy · 2 pointsr/Bushcraft

Don't die. Take one of these so you have a plan B.

No one here is Les Stroud. If we were we'd have a show as well. Don't let Internet hubris get you hurt. Take an emergency bivy as a backup plan. If you don't need it, great but if you do you'll be around to send me a Christmas card thanking me...

u/Lurkndog · 2 pointsr/bugout

A basic tarp, some paracord, and an SOL Emergency Bivvy should fit your budget.

The $44 SOL Breathable Bivvy is better, but probably won't fit in your budget.

u/krex_ · 2 pointsr/MTB

To start, I would recommend looking into something like a bivvy bag:

They fold pretty small and are lightweight.

u/cascadegreen · 1 pointr/Ultralight

A couple questions:

  1. How much per night were the minshukus usually?

  2. If you wouldn't bring a tent next time, would you bring something like a bivvy or an emergency bivvy like this (to go over a sleeping bag) in case of bad weather? I'm worried about no tent but would love to not have to carry the weight.

u/RoscoesCheddar · 1 pointr/Survival

You might want to try something like this emergency bivvy. I have one but I've never used it in my hammock. It's amazing how warm it actually keeps you... I was sweating at about 10 F when I used it.

u/StrangerMind · 1 pointr/bugout

This is what I have.

u/nuclearbunnies · 0 pointsr/Survival

For the rehydration salts... I use RecoverORS. It's expensive for what it is.. but also the best I have found. More hydrating than even Pedialyte and more electrolytes than that and Gatorade or any sports drinks.

The SOL Bivvy weighs only 3.5 oz and packs pretty small. It looks bigger in pics then it is.

My favorite energy bars are Soldier Fuel - 3 year shelf life, ideal balance of protein, fat and carbs, give you TONS of energy, and also some of the best tasting out of all the energy bars (aside from maybe Clif, but those only have like a 6 month shelf life). They were designed originally for soldiers on the field that needed a quick boost (previously HOOAH bars), so you know they are loaded with nutrients, more so than the average bar.. and field tested by soldiers. They also have peanut butter flavor but I'm crazy for the chocolate. I have a problem saving them in my survival packs because I end up eating them as snacks. It's good they come by the case :). But then it's a good idea to actually LIKE the food you put in your survival kits. Nothing like food comfort in a bad situation. It's the little things.

Like I can suffer pretty bad from low blood sugar crashes. One of those things will keep me going for hours.