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SIERRA WIRELESS module MC7455 LTE 4G module
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2 Reddit comments about SIERRA WIRELESS module MC7455 LTE 4G module:

u/t2flip · 2 pointsr/Visible

mc7455, I purchased a used one from Amazon -

And a USB enclosure -

No idea if this is the best enclosure, but seems to work fine. I really need to get some antennas to get more out of my setup. Note that I would have gotten an em7565 for Cat12 and better carrier aggregation (which would need a different enclosure) but I figured I wouldn't be on the best towers traveling around in my RV to make use of it, so it would have probably been overkill for my use case.

I have this plugged into a Raspberry Pi 4, which runs the modem and acts as a wifi access point for my laptops/etc, in addition to running Plex and other things. Check out the Facebook group LTE Hacks, or you can also let me know if you need help with any of it.

Edit to add: Shameless Visible referral code if this is helpful: zvNhb

u/rockker60 · 2 pointsr/HomeNetworking

I posted a few days ago about using an LTE modem....Here

So far I like it, but it's definitely a YMMV.

/u/dangerusty, replied to my post and pointed out an interesting solution to the "unlimited" data cost dilemma. You would pair the Mobley with one of the different flavors of AT&T SIM which are "unlimited". It's available used on Ebay as well is the OBDII power adapters. (The Mobley was originally designed to plug into the OBDII plug in your car for power.) I don't know if it's a problem or not but it doesn't seem to have external antenna. I also don't think it will erase the depriortization issue, although I'm not sure of all the details.

Another inriguing option I've been toying with (in my mind) is a 4G LTE module in a USB adapter, Sierra Wireless has Windows 10 drivers for the device, and maybe another OS. This would only work on a W10. For my situation (single laptop) this would be nearly prefect. The 4G LTE module is a Category 6 device (Cat 6 uses band aggregation so it's faster than the Netgear I'm testing).

If your into tinkering, another thing I've been toying with (in my mind) is building a modem/router using this Mikrotik motherboard. Install the Sierra Wireless 4G LTE module (along with your SIM) and appropriate Routerboard OS.

Near turnkey solutions might be a Mofi or one of the Cradlepoints.

Whatever device you decide to try, compare the bands it receives with the bands your desired carrier offers. Here is a tool to find out what frequency/bands your carrier supports, but that band may not be available in your area. AT&T (and other GSM carriers) seem to be the most versatile, Verizon is not very friendly to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), unless it's a former Verizon device in good standing.