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Star Wars Science - Force Trainer
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13 Reddit comments about Star Wars Science - Force Trainer:

u/manocheese · 32 pointsr/IAmA


You can buy simple versions as toys. And more expensive versions work better.

I have no idea why that was downvoted either. People are odd.

u/FreemanHagbardCeline · 29 pointsr/AskReddit

As of right now you can buy a toy that uses your brain waves to make a ball rise

This branch of science is called Electroencephalography and I sincerely believe that this technology is going to get better and better as time goes on. With this technology being refined and enhanced every day I believe that we will soon be able to interface with our devices, machines and computers using our minds.

u/wintersdark · 12 pointsr/pics

As I said above:

> Not at all. You can do a basic setup simply by gutting a child's toy. That's just getting you a single input, but it's inexpensive and simple to set up.

I mean, I still think this is fake, but getting brainwave input into a project (not necessarily reading desired arm movement, but rather just looking for alpha wave spikes) can be done trivially with junk like this.

u/AutumnalDawn · 3 pointsr/outside

Meditation is not a prerequisite for telepathy, despite popular misconception. This is actually unlocked via the Neurotechnology tree, and the Science guilds have already released tech that lets ordinary players use the similar skill of telekinesis without having to grind any exp. While we haven't had any such breakthroughs with telepathy, it's a sure bet that this too will be unlocked via Neurotechnology and not Meditation (or the other Mysticism-related talents).

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue
u/goofydylan8 · 2 pointsr/Games

There was a Star Wars toy that did essentially this same thing as a Pong paddle moving up and down in 2009.

u/Jltoolin · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Honestly I'm amazed by these things.

u/infourdimensions · 1 pointr/BetterEveryLoop

It is nice to see Redditors caring for people who use their head. Coming soon... two people play a game of Pong with attached brain-wave scanners made from these:

u/BlackSpidy · 1 pointr/funny

Story of my life. I once got laughed at when I said something involving brain-to-computer interface, three years later, everyone wanted one of those "brain reading" toys. Fucking assholes...

u/skeletalmonkey · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Jedi Force Trainer or other move impressive devices that read brainwaves to preform actions.

u/Gonzobot · 1 pointr/pics

Also, there are literally mind-reading Star Wars toys. I was gonna post as a reply to the guy saying it's "clearly fake" - with a dash of optimism that looks like it could easily be scavenged parts for a basic servo setup, triggered with toy parts, to help move his arm.

u/JEMSKU · 1 pointr/Posture

Sounds cool

In all seriousness it sounds like it would be pretty beneficial. Thanks.

u/arealegg · 1 pointr/CoolGamesInc

a game you control with the star wars force trainer