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The Future Capitalist: A Guide to Success
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9 Reddit comments about The Future Capitalist: A Guide to Success:

u/reactantt · 18 pointsr/cringe

He becomes a sound cloud rapper and a uber driver last i checked

He self published a book: The Future Capitalist: A Guide to Success

u/NOTorAND · 14 pointsr/wallstreetbets

For the uninformed. Time Stamp is 38:53 if it doesn't work automatically.

The reviews for this guy's book are also worth a read.

u/ekolo · 9 pointsr/cringe

i watched all his videos before he took them off youtube, there were only like 7 total or something, but some of them were ~30min long. they seemed to be from several years before his notoriety, because he had a lot more hair.

there were a few called "college truth" about how college doesn't really help young people, and i think at least one about his business ideas.

there was also one of him as a young man, thinner and bearded, dancing in front of a green screen (i think with city scenes projected onto it) to hip hop.

here's some of his writing.

u/Captain_Albern · 6 pointsr/ChoosingBeggars

That guy still thinks he's a big shot.

u/DonKanailleSC · 5 pointsr/cringe

Some Bonus material for you guys:

Dudes name is Roy Philipose and this is the book he wrote. The comments are hilarious.

u/dreadnought303 · 4 pointsr/humblebrag

He's definitely not trolling. He describes himself as a self-proclaimed rapper and philosopher (apart from being a supergenius of course) in his bio. Dude's got a soundcloud page with his raps! Here's the hilarious customer reviews of his book.

u/sinofis · 1 pointr/reckful

super genius dude has a book on Amazon with interesting reviews

u/arthurrusselliscool · 1 pointr/cringe