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u/hokie7373 · 6 pointsr/history
u/PrimeTimeJ · 4 pointsr/news

Read this then get back to me.

I don't take the Holocaust lightly. Violence is a plague, and thousands of men did not die in vain to protect the Western world.


u/camopdude · 3 pointsr/books

As always, American Heritage is a good reference and starting point. I also recommend their Civil War book if you're interested in that.

Stephen Ambrose has several good books including Band of Brothers.

I like John Keegan, so I'll recommend his book.

That's all I've got to start with, maybe someone else can pick up where I left of, there are a lot of books on WWII out there. Might be easier to pick a specific battle or theatre you're interested in and find a good book about it.

u/dodgerh8ter · 3 pointsr/WWII

I'd recommend The Second World War and World War Two Day by Day.

My first WW2 book was Rise and Fall of the Third Reich but it just covers Germany. Good book though add it to your list.

u/vade101 · 3 pointsr/AskHistorians

John Keegan's The First World War and The Second World War may well fit the bill for you. Both books do have a slightly British/Allied slant to them Keegan was a senior lecturer at RMA Sandhurst for many years and his relationship with the British Army does come accross strongly. Having said that, they are both excellent single volume introductions to the conflicts.

u/tigersharkwushen_ · 1 pointr/worldnews
u/zeugma25 · 1 pointr/ProgrammerHumor

About The Author, for those using find

u/_ferz · -3 pointsr/ProgrammerHumor

Instead of making meowing ducks Amazon should get on this bug and fix it. Reported it a year ago. Scroll to 'about author'