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TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Crème 7.27 Oz
It is a fantastic styling creme that adds body and volume to fine or thin hairIt promote impeccable fullness with amazing manageability and shinemaking it feel thicker and healthier.
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3 Reddit comments about TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Crème 7.27 Oz:

u/Butt-cheese · 3 pointsr/FancyFollicles

The right gel is great! I use this. It's also my HG gel. I have super thick hair but it works wonderfully anyway! And yes the most critical: no touching! I have to let all my hair hang in front of my face the way it wants to, like Cousin It, while it dries otherwise I get a lame cowlick around my forehead. Haha.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/FancyFollicles

Well, if you have a hair dresser friend and a store like CosmoProf, you can have her pick some up for you at about half price you would find it elsewhere. I live in New England and CosmoProf is a store only licensed hair dressers can shop at for supplies. It's a pretty fabulous option!

Or, if you can't find one of those or the supplies at a salon near you, you can try online, which has pretty decent pricing. Here are some links:ème-Ounce/dp/B002TYF8XE

I normally don't like gel, and I have thicccck hair but this stuff really is fab.

And this. This is my Holy Grail hair product. It's so much more than just argan oil.... Every woman I've known who uses it swears by it. Probably at least 30 I know personally, haha. It smells fantastic. It will make your hair luscious and lustrous. If I only do one thing before heading out the door, it's use this. I add a quarter size (sometimes more but my hair drinks moisture, wouldn't recommend too much) smear to my hand, rub palms together, and scrunch through my hair. Tried to look for a picture of it in action but failed... If you ever only take one piece of advice from me, it's this.

I'm not affiliated with those products don't worry; I just really like 'em :)

I don't think you NEED hair advice at all though!!! You are so gorgeous, srsly. It just might be fun to try it out <3

u/Musicianly_Man · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I like the way you think! What thickening gel/creme would you suggest?

I googled thickening gel and got this, if you don't have any other suggestions, how does this one look?

I'm assuming how often I shampoo should be judged by how fast my hair gets gross (even with showering)?