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VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound and Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP02B)
COMPATIBILITY - Universal surround sound speaker stand system for satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers, and moreDIMENSIONS - Floor to top shelf measures 23”. Top shelf measures 8” x 8”, and the base measures 10” x 10”APPEARANCE - Premium aluminum and glass speaker stands (2 stands included) in sleek glossy black appearance2 FOUNDATION OPTIONS - Carpet spikes and rubber feet are provided to accommodate different floor types. Both options give a sturdy, reliable foundation that increases stability and protects your floor from scratchesCABLE MANAGEMENT - Integrated internally for keeping potentially messy cords clean and organized
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14 Reddit comments about VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound and Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP02B):

u/TheyCallMeKP · 8 pointsr/hometheater

Projector: BenQ HT2050A

Receiver: Denon AVR-X1400H (refurb)

Center: Elac C6.2

Fronts/Rears: Elac B6.2s

Sub: Elac S10.2

TV stand:

Speaker stands:


Blackout curtains:

Throw rug:

Fun stuff: Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and a Google Fiber modem/router.

Not shown: Some dope Halo posters, poor cable management, a cozy blanket

Up next: Silver Ticker 110in screen (currently throwing 117in), some sound tiles maybe, some small side tables... don’t think I’ll end up painting the room, but boy would it help.

Anywho! It’s been about 11mo, and it’s been great! I wish I could move it into my living room, but it’s far too bright (about 18 windows lol)

//photo taken with a wide angle iPhone 11!

Edit: don’t be confused by the perspective. My foot to the tv stand is about 4-5ft. Small room!

u/aloz1991 · 8 pointsr/hometheater

Got them on Amazon. Here's the link.

u/Protomize · 6 pointsr/HomePod

Here: VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound & Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP02B)

u/Sionnix · 3 pointsr/battlestations

I tried having the bookshelf speaker behind the monitors but the acoustics were terrible. So I used these stands to elevate them (not ideal but it is what I had) and these isolators used backwards from the intended orientation to angle them down towards the operator. The rubber isolation wedges are intended for smaller desktop speaker but they inspire enough confidence that I don't think they will topple my Swans :)

u/Kinaestheticsz · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Bring the AV stand forward from the wall a considerable amount. Then put the bookshelves on a stand like this (might not be the height you need, but gives you an idea): Vivo Bookshelf Speaker Stands

u/treehumger · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Another Q150 owner posted these, which look good, though I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet:

u/WelcomeToBoshwitz · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile
u/skitchbeatz · 2 pointsr/audiophile

I've been searching here on r/audiophile and I'm surprised there isn't more of a discussion on speaker stands.

I'm looking for some affordable (<$80/pair) speaker stands for my bookshelfs to get more stereo separation from my center channel. I've read that metal/steel stands that can be filled with sand or other material are going to give me the best experience. I'm looking to set a pair of Elac Uni-Fi UB5s on stands 7.87 x 10.75 x 12.75 in.

I've narrowed my purchase down to a few stands:

u/WhatsThatDooDad · 1 pointr/audiophile

Hello! I'm looking to pick up an entry level receiver and either floorstanding or bookshelf speakers + stands. I'm hoping to spend $500 total or less, but could go up to $700 total for a significant improvement.

I'm not very knowledgeable about the space, so currently eyeing a few of the basic Klipsch bookshelf speakers since I know they're decent and look nice. I'm even considering springing for these piano black ones since they look great and could be somewhat of an accent piece. I know that's trading form for what could be used to purchase better function, but I admit I do care a lot about the look of the speakers. Those piano black ones would leave almost no budget left for a decent receiver, stands (considering these), wires, etc. though.

I'll be using the system with my TV at about 6 feet away from the couch and should have about 6-10" of room behind the speakers. Not ideal unfortunately, but my apartment space is limited. Would a front ported speaker like this one help at all? From what I've read, it seems the bass would still be a problem.

I'll mostly be using it for gaming, movies, and music, but no genres in particular. I plan on connecting my ps4 and TV via the optical digital out port to minimize any potential input lag from running HDMI through the receiver while gaming.

I currently have a shitty system that is not salvageable, so will be starting fresh and plan to buy new. I'm living in NYC, though I'm guessing online will be cheaper in my case. Open to any and all recommendations or advice! Thank you!

u/someone31988 · 1 pointr/retrogaming

I'd get some stands for those L/R speakers if I were you. It should improve the sound quality. Like maybe something like these. Maybe they would be just short enough to raise the speakers enough while still keeping them under the shelves.