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Wellden Medical Anatomical Human Skull Model, Classic, 3-Part, Life Size
brand new, high qualityCast from real adult specimenThe skull is 3 part: skull cap, base, and lower jaw.Anatomically accuratea perfect tool for medical professionals
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4 Reddit comments about Wellden Medical Anatomical Human Skull Model, Classic, 3-Part, Life Size:

u/ZombieButch · 3 pointsr/learnart

The best one is a mirror and a willingness to do lots of self-portraits and anyone else who you can convince to sit for you for a couple of hours.

A good replica skull, preferably one that's been cast from an actual human skull, is useful to have on hand for practice. Nowhere else in the body do the underlying bones have as much impact as what we see on the surface as in the head. (Well, maybe the hands, because of all the sticky-outy-finger bits.) One like this is what I'm talking about, not something you'd get at the Halloween store.

Plaster cast busts are a good source for a real-life model you can work from at any time and that won't move around on you. You miss out on the color, but they're still good for doing value studies. Just look for 'plaster cast bust' on Amazon, they've got tons of them. I used one of the Torino mini head of David ones for this painting the other day.

Steve Huston's lecture on head construction is excellent. It's a full, 3 hour lecture, including time for drawing.

When you have a good grasp of the basic Loomis and/or Huston style of head construction, it's worth digging into Reilly head abstractions; these two videos - part one and part two - break it down pretty well. I've not found a book yet that covers it as well as that; Reilly himself never wrote it down, so all the writing we have on it is based on things his students have written about it, so there's no one, definitive resource. People refer to it as being 'the gesture of the head', but personally I think that's a confusing way to describe it because it's not really the same sort of gesture that we mean when we're talking about gesture drawing of the figure. Personally I think a better way to think of Reilly is that it describes a) the way the parts of the head flow together and relate to one another and b) a more organic way of viewing the planes of the head than an Asaro head, though Asaro heads are pretty nifty!

u/nullvader · 2 pointsr/morbidlybeautiful

The piece is Ecce Animal by Dutch artist "Diddo". It was a commissioned piece, but he's unable to provide details about its worth or how much cocaine it required because he's under a non-disclosure agreement. Test results indicated it was between 15% and 20% pure.

Imagine you want to replace someone's skull with cocaine. Their skull suddenly disappears and they're left left with a cavity in their head for you to fill up with coke. But before you start pouring you want to know how big the cavity is to know how much it's gonna cost you.

You use this skull model as a reference. It's anatomically accurate, but it doesn't mention its volume, only its weight and that its made out of PVC. You know its weight is 2.1 lb (9.341 N) and the density of the material is [1.3g/cm^3](
PVC.Molded--), so you use that to find its mass, 952.52 g, and its volume, 733 cm^3.

Your friend Wolfram happens to know about Class A drugs and tells you the density of cocaine, 1.216 g/cm^3. You figure you need 891.328 g, which is very specific, but you eventually find a dealer who's okay with it. Your total is $160,439.04.

TLDR $160,439.04

^^Things ^^that ^^skewed ^^the ^^results: ^^I ^^couldn't ^^find ^^info ^^on ^^how ^^much ^^space ^^a ^^skull ^^takes ^^up ^^in ^^your ^^head ^^so ^^I ^^used ^^the ^^plastic ^^model ^^instead. ^^The ^^model ^^has ^^two ^^springs ^^and ^^the ^^weight ^^is ^^its ^^shipping ^^weight, ^^which ^^includes ^^any ^^wrapping ^^it ^^comes ^^with. ^^The ^^density ^^isn't ^^exact ^^since ^^the ^^coke ^^used ^^in ^^the ^^piece ^^was ^^cut ^^with ^^sugars ^^and ^^other ^^stuff. ^^And ^^I ^^used ^^the ^^price ^^/u/FUCKING_HATE_REDDIT ^^because ^^I ^^didn't ^^want ^^to ^^search ^^up ^^on ^^prices.

u/ghostdate · 1 pointr/ArtCrit

The responses you got were kind of dumb. Just buy a medical replica one off of amazon. I got mine for $40 and the only probably I have with it is that there's a dividing line where they stuck the top of the skull on. Not a big deal and it's easy to ignore when doing studies.

That one's not bad for the price. Mine doesn't have the pop off top, but is otherwise quite similar. I don't like the whiteness of the teeth either. I couldn't find the exact one I have,

If you're going to shop around for them a bit, just be wary of the ones that are meant for decoration. They barely resemble human skulls and lack all of the finer details. Also, amazon is selling some skulls from a retailer called Nose Desert or Desert Nose. They look okay, until you look at the teeth. They look nothing like real teeth, and look like they just made a cast of a skull and stuck some weirdly shaped pieces of wood in the tooth spots.

Anything from a scientific or medical resource is going to be pretty good, but probably a bit more expensive. I think the one I linked is a good balance of the two, and it avoids all the annoying things, like the medical ones that have numbers or colours all over the different parts of the skull.