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WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series
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6 Reddit comments about WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series:

u/Amadeus3000 · 8 pointsr/television

And the complete series is on DVD for those with some money to splurge. The music has been well restored, too.

u/LatkaGravas · 3 pointsr/Music

> "Dogs" is the greatest song ever written, fucking fight me if you disagree, you heathen.

Fave TV show of mine from when I was a kid:

This clip is pretty dark, so it's hard to see that on Johnny Fever's closeup his eyes are following Mr. Carlson behind his dark glasses. :)

WKRP featured a lot of what was then contemporary rock music that later reached classic or even legendary status. It's too bad that Shout Factory's DVD effort fell short due to exorbitant music licensing, and some songs they couldn't get clearance for at any cost, including this one. Notice that Pink Floyd isn't on the list. Commendable effort, though, and the set is still well worth getting, IMO.

WKRP was a fucking great show. Still holds up today if you ask me.

u/drfuzzphd · 2 pointsr/cincinnati

Did you know it was recently released with 90% of the original music included? $90 on Amazon for 13 DVDs worth of WKRP goodness.

u/wut44 · 1 pointr/WatchItForThePlot

> remaster the old shows and release them on video.

They did, last month. The series was done on video, not film, so the quality isn't spectacular, but still better than the vhs rips floating around the internet.