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u/caseyographer · 122 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Whitmor Supreme Sink Shelf - Multiuse Organizer - Wood and Chrome

u/d_ippy · 44 pointsr/makeuporganization

I prefer having things out in the open rather than in a drawer or hidden in cabinets.

edit: in case anyone is interested in this shelf : link

u/SasquatchAstronaut · 27 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn
u/Doctah_Love · 14 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I got the same one, I believe it’s on amazon. Edit:

u/daria-morgendorfffer · 10 pointsr/castiron

We ordered this from Wayfair for $119. Then found out that amazon has the exact same one for $60 😳
Amazon Basics Baker’s Rack

u/2-22-15 · 9 pointsr/xxketo

Morning, ladies! It's Monday, let us arm ourselves with steak and knowledge as we storm the work week! Personally, I'd like to just go back to sleep, but I can sleep again when the cohabitant dies I live alone. I was spoiled by a silent house and the chance to sleep without a constant podcast babbling in the background. The pendulum of joy really swung the other way on that one.

I'm delighted with my new plant shelf- it's fairly small, about 36" x 9", but it adds that much surface to my best-lit kitchen windowsill. Now I have room to properly attend to all these little propagates as they grow, without crowding out my collection. I'm really glad that this is the way I'm turning into my mother, although I could do with her aversion to eating.

Beef short ribs last night were delicious (all I did was salt, sear, and slow cook dry), and I look forward to making them again, but tonight will be a grass fed ribeye. I'm noticing that when I eat really high quality (expensive) meat, I feel a hell of a lot better than after regular ole' grocery store meat, so I'll need to work on sourcing those ribs.

I was feeling profoundly defeated that the cohabitant came home to profess his undying love for our boring life, after a weekend partying with strippers and high school friends. Before I knew what I was doing, I finished a jar of coconut butter that I'd hidden from myself. I'm only mentioning it because of how profoundly shameful it feels to rant and rave about zero carb solving my problems, and then shovel down my personal equivalent of frosting. It's gone now, and I won't be buying any more nuts or butters for quite a while. Sometimes, I can't handle my own disappointment in myself, even when I do so much that I'm really proud of.

I have to get to work, but I'll be surreptitiously checking the Daily, I'm sure. Everyone remember your big goals for the future, your little goals for today, and remember that keeping calm and ketoing on is probably part of getting there <3

u/themooer1 · 5 pointsr/homelab

I just checked and Target doesn't sell this exact one anymore :( It's a microwave cart like this one on Amazon, and it cost about $40. The castor wheels work great and it's got enough height to protect against (minor) floods. Would definitely want to buy in store to make sure stuff fits though.

u/MalachiteHorns · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

The kitchen rack I got here on Amazon, and the schematics are from PatentPrints.

u/nycjv321 · 2 pointsr/castiron

The two on the right are And the smaller one on the left is I thought they discontinued the amazon basics one and bought this other one that has slightly different dimension.. :\

u/TheHollowedHunter · 2 pointsr/coffeestations

Thank you!
I'll look into it, we have this one but it's just getting a little too small for us

u/IMIndyJones · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

I'm late to the party, but I think this floating shelf would look great in the corner. Having them off the countertop will make it easier to clean, and you won't have to worry about water damaging wooden shelf legs.

With this in mind, I would try something like these sink shelves under each window, if you are planning to keep the plants in that area.

u/shortlivedlife · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

You need one or two of these

Plus whatever you want to cook in, slow cooker, panini press, indoor grill, air fryer, hot plate with easy to wash non stick pans, Nespresso machine, Vitamix, French press, tea kettle, etc.

Pick your most used three and then get s hooks to hang utensils, pot holders, pans, etc.

Put your plates on the shelf below, and spices etc on top plus cereal etc can go on top too.

You can also use the wood top as a cutting board.

u/PizzaNomnomnom · 2 pointsr/castiron

Looks exactly like this bakers rack I bought

u/c0lin46and2 · 2 pointsr/castiron

I'll just list everything that I can, how's that?

The bakers rack on the left is This

The left most skillet is an AUS-ION
They're made in Australia and so smooth. Some nice touches of the piece are the very detailed cut-out of Australia on the handle and another nice engraving on the bottom.

Then there's the Stargazer. My first expensive piece. It's also very smooth. It's had a hard time keeping its seasoning, and I've admittedly been babying it by seasoning and seasoning it with flaxseed oil and a Crisbee puck.

Then there is the Finex group. It starts with the 10" grill pan. Then there's the 12" and 8". I just love the different geometric shapes of them.

All the way to the right is the Lodge Sauce Pot

I haven't used it a whole lot other than to make a few dips.

Between the big hanging skillets are some Lodge 4" and 5" skillets that I thought just looked cool and rounded out my collection.

The griddle is just a double sided griddle from world market. It's my go to pancake tool.

Then there is an A1 Chef pizza pan that I honestly don't use very much. I tend to just use some cheap aluminum pans with holes on the bottom because they're easier to form the crust on.

On the middle shelf from left to right are my 10" and 12" lodges. The 10" was my very first cast iron skillet. They've both been stripped and reseasoned and are much smoother than factory. I don't see myself giving up my first two skillets. I still use them a lot.

In the middle is the 10" grill pan from Lodge. I honestly hate cleaning the grill pans and have found that the lines in the meat aren't really worth the scraping. There's also some cheap fajita skillet that I don't think I've ever used.

And on the right is the Lodge enameled dutch oven but in the light grey. I love this thing, and got it for a song on Amazon one day.

On the bottom shelf on the left is the Lodge Wok I have definintely not used it. It seems like it would be better on a gas range, which I don't have. This was an impulse buy, and I don't know how to really cook any asian food, so who knows.

Then last but not least is the regular Lodge Dutch Oven
Many a roast has been made in this. The drip spikes on top does the basting for you. I just got a sous vide setup, so I'll probably be using it less and less, but sometimes I know I'll want the smell of a roast wafting through the air all day on a cold Autumn day.

Bonus pieces Kitchenaid Stainless Steel cookware set on top with All clad non-stick pans to the right of those.

Then there are some Lodge Stonewear on the other bakers rack

u/__Why · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

On most refrigerators, it is a reasonably simple operation to reverse the opening. Get a friend and a couple of hours and you could resolve at least this piece of the puzzle.

Otherwise, I would say that perhaps getting a rolling cart like this: could be helpful. You could move it around as needed and tuck it into the least inconvenient corner when not in use.

Another alternative (especially if you reverse the fridge doors) would be to replace the existing appliance shelf with a baker's rack like this: It is 3' wide and you could put the appliances on the lower shelves.

u/KaizokuShojo · 2 pointsr/castiron

Amazon, it's pretty nice but won't hold a ton... I mean, it'll hold more depending on if you buy extra S-hooks or not!

u/AdamDe27 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

When you are dealing with such small space, the key is to condense as many things as possible, and really do away with things that aren't needed.

Instead of a toaster oven and a microwave, I would consider upgrading to a better unit that incorporates both functions. It will cost you about $200 but a microwave is putting you almost halfway there already.

If you put that shelving on the left wall it's going to be in your face whenever you try to wash a dish. And as far as the drying rack on the right hand side, I guess my question is...why? Just lay a towel out on the counter when you wash dishes and put them away when you're done. You're cluttering an already small area with a non-essential.

Ultimately; I think this or something like this depending on the dimensions would solve a lot of issues with this space...

You'd place it under the cabinets to the left of the window so it flows down and that whole wall is where things are and the table top can hold whatever small appliances you go with. Then you could get rid of the mission table and keep everything against the wall which gives you a lot more workable space.

PS: I'm not sure what country you're in, but those outlets against the wall on your sink should absolutely be GFIC. It's a code violation and super unsafe. I think code says any outlet within 3 feet of a water source needs to be GFCI and the one on the left wall literally over the sink is idiotic. I'd tie it off and cover that shit up if I were you.

u/_TheOtherWoman_ · 2 pointsr/declutter

I have this bakers rack in my kitchen. I had the same problem as you. It now holds my mixer, crock pot, rice cooker and other kitchen items.

u/picklechip5 · 1 pointr/tea

I found it on Amazon, here's the link

u/thoughtbubbles · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I have a tiny kitchen too and these items have helped immensely:

Whitmor Supreme Kitchen Bakers Rack, Wood & Chrome

[Winsome Wood Table Drop Leaf Square Stool, Natural] (