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u/32lbSlug · 11 pointsr/Cooking

Couldn't you just use a double boiler (like this)? Since it's steam heated it won't go above 100°C, you'll just have to watch the water level in the bottom part.

u/Inigo93 · 7 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's a glass double boiler. Primary purpose is controlled/even heating. Useful for anything that scalds/burns very easily.

edit: Here is a more contemporary version

u/gobbledigoook · 6 pointsr/trees

I can suggest using coconut oil, preferably something organic such as this. I've made vaporized-weed infused coconut oil before, while still living in college dorms, so I can relate to being concerned about lingering smells. I'd recommend possibly using a crock-pot or a similar slow-type-cooker and putting the ABV straight into the jar of coconut oil, which then goes into the cooker that's filled with water and set on medium-high for overnight. The sealed jar, inside of the cooker will also help mask the smell. Shaking every hour or so.

A sneaky look into the jar after a few hours of sitting in the hot water will give off a lovely smell of coconut with that familiar slightly-overcooked popcorn tinge.

Having moved into a new house on my own, where privacy is a non-issue, i've experimented with various cannabutter and oil/hash recipes, but have not been vaping as much as I used to, resulting in no leftovers for goodies. If you have a small burner, look into a bain marie / double boiler such as this for the best end-result in whatever creations you come up with. :)

I will definitely be trying out your recipe once I've vaped through this next ounce, or if I get impatient, simply with fresh green.

u/TortusW · 3 pointsr/whatisthisthing

I believe it's a double boiler, or a chocolate melting pot. Essentially you boil water in a regular pot and place this one on top. The second pot allows you to heat more delicate things while making it harder to burn them.


u/bircs235 · 2 pointsr/CBDhempBuds

Ok, understood so no decarb is needed, also do you know the difference between the two methods you posted ? 30 second shake then strain or just strain after freezing overnight? what is the point of the overnight freeze?

this is the double boiler im looking at so im just straining into this with either method, and then boiling off then repeating? (I will prefer a cleaner run then a 2nd run)

edit im not gonna get that double boiler lol the reviews are kinda bad

u/Turdsworth · 1 pointr/trees

use a double boiler and you don't have to worry about over heating it.
you can buy one get a drop in, but I'd recommend looking at salvation armies and goodwills. Crock pots work as well, but I have a double boiler because I live with a pastry chef. I use a fine mesh strainer to get out all the butter at the end. I've also used cheese cloth for the same purpose.

Fudge is my favorite edible.

u/sparkfist · 1 pointr/ketochow

I bought a 12 qt bain marie and a hand blender. I mix 12 shakes at a time. I will either clean all 12 of my bottles or store the mixing container in the fridge and pour a shake out as needed.

u/sean_incali · 1 pointr/Cooking

7 potatoes and mutiple quartz of veggies will not work with any of the stuff you linked. those are for steaming smaller quanities. you want an actual steamer with trays, not much unlike this.

u/MrEmouse · 0 pointsr/personalfinance

Right now, my favorite cooking pot is actually a pot, on top of another pot. It's called a double boiler, and inside of it, I literally CANNOT burn foods.

So if I'm getting hungry, I get a lipton rice side, cut up a hot dog, put it all in the double boiler (plus the 2 cups of water), and set the stove burner to a low boil.
Then I go back to whatever I was doing, and an hour later (whenever I remember I was cooking) I go back to the stove, turn off the burner, and spoon out the perfectly cooked food. Take it back to my couch, computer desk, roof... whatever.... and enjoy a nice hot meal.

Example of a double boiler (the one in the link has a steamer insert... as does my own.)