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u/throwhooawayyfoe · 3 pointsr/2cb

This is definitely the recommended way to do it!

Also a related tip - for more portable dosing you can dissolve it into much smaller volumes (ie 10mg / mL), measure it out precisely with a 1mL/1cc syringe and store it in capped plastic centrifuge tubes.

That makes it easier you can hand out volumetric doses to friends, store them in your pocket for easy consumption later in the day, etc. I find 2c-b is one of the easier psychedelics to handle in social/public/crowded environments and it’s very redoseable, so it’s particularly useful to have a convenient way to take more on the go.

It’s also worth noting that 2c-b is a very hardy compound (like most phenethylamines) - it’s not as necessary to use any special water for it, it’ll stay potent dissolved in regular tap water for years. If you’re doing volumetric measuring with something more delicate like LSD then it’s very important to use water without any chloride, which will degrade it over time.

u/illicitguavocado · 5 pointsr/2cb
  • "20MG+" means that each dose has at least 20 milligrams of active substance. Because it's difficult to weight out exactly 20.000mg of powder into hundreds of capsules at a time, the vendor is saying that there's about 20mg in each, but they would rather err on the heavy side so as to not short their customers.
  • "2C-B HCl Capsules" means that the active substance inside the gelatin capsule is the hydrochloride salt of 2C-B. There is one other type of salt, which is hydrobromide. One is about 15% lighter than the other by molecular weight, but without knowing the purity of your product, that number may be pretty negligible. As a beginner, don't pay too much attention to which 2C-B salt you receive. That's terminology for connoisseurs.
  • 0.07 grams is equal to 70 milligrams. So when you set your capsule on the scale and it reads that, it is taking into account both the mass of the active substance inside (allegedly ~20mg) and the mass of the gelatin capsule itself. That would mean that given the contents of the capsule are indeed ~20mg, the capsule itself must weigh ~50mg. You could definitely open up the capsule and dump the contents out onto the scale to weigh it out if you'd like.
  • You can put the powder on your tongue, but it would taste nasty. I've only had trace amounts touch my tongue, and it wasn't great, so I would assume that a full dose would taste bad.
  • If your scale only reads two decimal places (0.00), then your scale is not precise enough to weigh out drugs with doses in the milligram range accurately (in my opinion). 2C-B is very forgiving with dosage, meaning that if you end up taking a few milligrams more than intended, it won't compound the intensity of your experience too bad, so it's definitely not the worst drug to use an imprecise scale with, but don't expect to actually be taking what your scale reads! The sidebar gives an example of a relatively inexpensive scale that many users swear by.
  • I would recommend dissolving your powder into distilled water, a process known as volumetric dosing. For example, if you dissolve the contents of one of your ~20mg capsules into 100ml of water, then you know that each ml of water contains ~1/5mg of 2C-B. Knowing this, you could consume 15mg of 2C-B by drinking ~75ml of your solution, which is far easier to measure than when using powder on a scale.
  • Put your dose of volumetric solution in a cup of orange juice or something to try to mask the taste.
  • Please hit me up with any more questions.
u/YourOriginalFace · 2 pointsr/2cb

My 2c-b solutions have stayed fresh and effective for up to five months when kept in the fridge.

Also wanted to mention the Snoot sprayers which make a fine mist with 0.1 ml per dose.

u/Kwada · 2 pointsr/2cb



Or anything similar. Scales cheap as 15$ are good too since it's just Rebranding from China. Don't mesure anything less than 7/10mg and you should have accurate results.

u/osef897 · 3 pointsr/2cb

Buy several nasal spray bottles.

example on amazon

Give each user his own top part of the bottle(it clips onto the screwed-on cap). Works fine.

u/calforhelp · 2 pointsr/2cb

I bought this one and it has always worked well for me.

u/marshmallow1108 · 1 pointr/2cb

you can get 1000 for 8 bucks on amazon

u/GurningDownTheHouse · 5 pointsr/2cb

That's a tough one. Most of the crew over on the MDMA sub go with the [Gemini 20] ( but it's only REALLY accurate to 5-10mg, which is less of an issue with MDMA than 2CB.

u/prodifysas · 1 pointr/2cb

Happen to me also, I am wondering if this could be related to :

TLDR: Your mind is hurting you to protect you from being scared, stressed or angered by your though.