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u/trashy_kitty · 7 pointsr/ABDL

Although not perfect, the Abena Abri-let Maximum "Big Ass"^(TM) stuffers that are 22" long and don't have an adhesive strip are one of my favorites. They're surprisingly cheap (~50 cents each)for the size and absorbancy, they're soft, and they add mondo bulk. It's perfect for when I want to take my above average but not super premium diaper, like an Abena M4 or Seni Super Plus or NSC Supreme Lite, and get silly with it. Since they have no adhesive, you can also replace a soaked one (They are all pulp fluff so they swell a LOT) from your diaper. It's much easier to do this in a cloth diaper of course, but a disposable where you can refasten the tapes is easy enough. That way you never have to leave your fave diaper🙃

In general, my go-to is North Shore Care large. A little pricey (~75 cents each) but all-around quality. I like the dimensions of these because they're big enough (at 16") to provide good coverage but no too wide (5.75") to fit between the leg gatherers of almost any diaper I like. That may seem petty but if the booster is too big, you're gonna leaks as it swells. Also available through Amazon.

I haven't tried ABU power ups but I hear nothing but good things and look forward to checking them out.

God I love diapers, is it obvious?

u/BobSpacey · 9 pointsr/ABDL

I providing her research pointers as a good, small first step.

Penny Barber's book is an excellent reference for things related to adult babies.

I would stay away from Rosalie Bent's "There's a Baby in My Bed." It's a very prescriptive and one-true-way approach to the topic that I find to be disempowering and sex-negative. If you decide to get it, I HIGHLY recommend reading it first before sharing it with your partner.

Bitter Grey's Understanding Infantilism site is pretty good. Though it may be a bit advanced depending on the roles you would like her to take on.

And, I promise not to plug our show at EVERY opportunity. But I think listening and talking about some episodes of the Big Little Podcast could open up some interesting discussion.

Other great, simple practices can be:

  • Picking out clothing for the day.
  • Reading a story together
  • Using terms like "little one"
  • Even just snuggling and watching cartoons.
  • Gifting a special stuffed animal.

    The most important thing you can do is keep talking about it. When you do these things, talk about what you enjoyed and why. Really seek to understand what the experience was like for her and focus in on those things that particularly call to her.

    Good luck,
  • snuggles *
u/uftone1 · 3 pointsr/ABDL

I'm an ABDL but definitely no stranger to bedwetting. Honestly I do spring for high quality diapers for night. I am thrifty in other areas of my life and I enjoy wearing, so to me it's worth it.

However, if cost was a big concern I would go with Depend with Tabs, or even a cheaper diaper from Abena. Some people swear by Tranquility ATN. Sometimes you can find them online for as low as $0.70 / diaper which is really good. I like them for days (and am actually wearing one right now) however for me they don't work superb at night.

Another option is to buy diaper boosters to use with cheaper diapers, like this one. You can get smaller boosters for cheaper, but I've had good experience with these.

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad Medium Diaper Inserts Pk/25

u/9400301 · 7 pointsr/ABDL

I hear you, but he’s right, and I can say, as someone who also doesn’t love plastic pants either, that I’m finding I really like the PUL ‘plastic’ pants that I’ve tried from GaryWear:

I tried one pair and liked them enough that I’ve gone ahead and bought a couple more. They really do help a lot with smell, and they come in various colors to suit either of you as needed. I like them both for when I’m concerned with possible leaks, but mainly if I’m going to be wearing outside and I’m worried about having to bend over or if my shirt may come up above my waist line. I’d much rather they see a pair of these in black or blue than see an ABU diaper. :)

u/WearingClouds · 3 pointsr/ABDL


Here is the best deal I can find on the Abena M4.

It's under $60, has free shipping, and will arrive to you quick! It's sold from a great seller and I can't recommend these enough!

u/TheLittlestCoyote · 2 pointsr/ABDL

Just say no to the department store brands! Even if you're considering them for solely cost purposes, there are so many better options on Amazon for practically the same price. I recommend starting with something like Abena and possibly upgrading from there.

As far as wearing in public, only wearing super thick padding or tight pants over it will give it away visually, assuming you can conceal any potential waddle. Wearing undies over diapers to compress them can help, but may take away from their absorbency.

If you're wetting, both smells and leaks can be a concern. While plastic pants may seem like a steep investment for someone just dabbling in the kink, they're the best insurance that neither will become obvious in public. Along the same lines, I find plastic-backed padding will keep the smell of pee contained far better than cloth-backed can.

u/arctickit · 1 pointr/ABDL

I personally don't use my diapers for their intents and purposes often enough to merit buying a diaper genie so I use a couple different methods. I used to double bag them in plastic grocery bags and put them out in the trash immediately. They don't smell that bad as long as they're not disturbed but I live in a house with other DLs so I don't have to worry about questions. However, the best method I've found was using these guys I bought locally once. They are the coolest thing since sliced bread! Any diaper I dispose of in one of those bags smells like baby powder. I can only imagine combining those with a diaper genie (if its possible) will leave you with an odor free life after you change or get changed!

u/caseystrom · 14 pointsr/ABDL

It sounds like his brain is mapped differently than yours. I think this is something to talk about with him in a non-confrontational way, as he isn't going to change that dipswitch in his brain that enjoys that aspect of regression and being around others who do the same.

I would keep the conversation focussed around: "I enjoy our relationship, and I want to make this work - but it's clear we need to define some boundaries around when it's okay to engage in this and when it isn't. Can we agree that during eating times is off limits, and that if I am not in a mental space where I can deal with the smell that I can politely ask you to go elsewhere? It's not my intention to make you feel shame for what you enjoy, but we just are not on the same level of enjoyment on this."

Also, maybe get him some Devrom to help his mess stink less (

u/Throwawaymink · 2 pointsr/ABDL

One dollar per diaper, discreet Amazon shipping (box literally just says "Amazon" on it), $3.99 shipping sans Prime / free shipping with Prime, great quality for the price, bill shows up as "AMAZON MKTPLACE" on your card statements. These + stuffers are my go-to diapers.

Since you're in college, you can sign up for Amazon Student, which gives you Prime-level shipping without the other benefits (occasional free e-book, movies, and TV shows).

Twice-the-price-tier diapers include:

u/sospir · 7 pointsr/ABDL

Sounds like you want some Gary Active wear briefs:

They're not so much 'plastic' pants as rubber, but they're the best I've used. The interior fabric is a soft stretchy rubber material, while the outside is cloth. Very discreet as they essentially make no noise, and the outside fabric works well under other clothing. I use them if I know I'm going to go #2 in the diaper I'm wearing (helps keep smells limited), or if I sleep in a diaper overnight. I know I've had instances where I've flooded my diaper while sleeping and these contained the leak really well.

They come in pretty neutral colors and aren't easily distinguished from other laundry.

u/throwaway48159 · 2 pointsr/ABDL

Pullups are tough for lying down, they work best for standing/sitting. You might have to experiment a bit to get the right product and size. The two pullups I like are Abena Abri Flex and Tranquility Overnight Underwear, both are comfortable and pretty effective for me (although I'm not actually a bedwetter, I just pretend sometimes). Kind of expensive but not as bad as some premium diapers, and both should hold up for a few nights without wetting which helps. Abena is a bit better in that regard, but they're more expensive to start with so it probably evens out.

u/Anonguy313 · 4 pointsr/ABDL

The Age Play And Diaper Fetish Handbook

I bought this book abut a year ago to give to any of my future girl friends. It does a good job explaining things and even giving tips on how couples can participate in the fetish together.

I recently gave it to my new GF, I'll let you guys know how she liked the book from an outside perspective

u/insan3guy · 7 pointsr/ABDL

Pint size mason jar (*regular/small mouth) with one of these tops. Usually juice, but occasionally wine. If you haven't tried the comotomo bottle tops you totally should, they're great

u/cuddlezee · 6 pointsr/ABDL

If you wax it will be a little painful at first but so smooth and wonderful for weeks and weeks. Surgi-wax is your friend!

u/MrSiltStrider · 1 pointr/ABDL

That depends on if you want to use both, or if you just want the outer one for the look/bulk.

Personally, I like to run a single slit down the entire length of the diaper, then put a couple of Abena stuffers inside it (one in front, one in back). This gives you a lot of flow-through, and the stuffers both add bulk/capacity and help keep the gel in. When taking it off, to avoid having the gel/crystals go everywhere, I only undo the top tapes, then pull down both diapers at once. Other methods I've seen suggested are numerous, shorter vertical slits, or making diagonal cuts in alternating directions.

One that seems to come highly recommended (although I haven't tried it myself) is using a pinwheel to make lots of tiny holes quickly, which is supposed to give lots of flow-through without any risk of spillage; if you're in the US you can get one for under $6, delivered.

Also, regardless of which method you use, it's best to stay away from the edges when making cuts/holes, since that's a recipe for leaks.

u/johnjohn1867 · 3 pointsr/ABDL

There is some good history in Paul Rulof's, Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas. He pretty much traces Abdl with the rise of what we consider to be "childhood". Back in the day, without child labor laws, children weren't really treated that differently than adults. With the start of child labor laws, mandatory public education, things designed specifically for children etc.. childhood became its own sacred time in a persons life, free from all the stresses of adulthood. :)

u/DLJeep · 1 pointr/ABDL

Disclaimer: from the states...
I'd suggest you save up your hard earned $ and buy abena m4s... I've tried a variety of plastic backed and cloth backed attends (but not recently or the style you mention) and i found that if you want a good quality plastic backed diaper that can absorb more than one flood, for a decent price, (yes over twice the price as the attends in CAD). I couldn't recommend, a case or bag of, abena m4's more!!! Great starter diaper that is plastic backed (if you're into that kind of thing) and they have standing leak lead guards that help prevent leaks that attends don't seem to think are important, but they are!

u/lionstories · 4 pointsr/ABDL

Abenas are these:

You order them online. If you're concerned about getting them in the mail and your wife is like, "Honey, what the heck is this?" get a P.O. Box and have them shipped there.

The best you can buy at the store are the Depend Protection w/ Tabs or Walgreens ( I recommend neither, really, unless you're drip incontinence. If you're a "flooder," you're going to leak.

u/DefconPeyote · 4 pointsr/ABDL

It's pretty damn easy for the most part. Generally no one is going to notice if you are padded if you don't smell. So you will probably be fine just wearing around the house. Unless it's deathly quiet and you crinkle loudly no one is gonna notice. Keep a trash bin in your room to start. Get those smell proof bags lined with like baby powder and put used diapers in those. ( ) take them out to the garbage in a larger bag with other normal garbage in the bag. Just don't let them sit for more than a day the smell is pretty obvious. Also don't forget to shower immediately after waking up if you slept in a wet diaper. I wear around people I don't want knowing and no one has noticed in like 5 years.

u/Ny00m · 6 pointsr/ABDL

I make and sell mason jar baby bottles that can hold 32oz of liquid, and it's just a standard quart size regular mouth mason jar, and a comotomo y cut/variable flow nipple.

They work so well, can't recommend this bottle combination enough. (And, if you'd like... The rope nets I make for them protect the jars fairly well from breakage :) )

u/zonkerz · 3 pointsr/ABDL

That's a pretty high price for ATNs.

$65 Case of 72 Large from Amazon.

$39 Case of 48 Medium from Amazon.

u/AccountForABDL · 2 pointsr/ABDL

The closest I would say is either the Always Discreet which are available at most stores (at least here in Florida), or the Abena pullup. Might be a good idea to use stuffers or boosters, as both are on the thin side since they're made to be discreet (hence the name of the first product.)

Try searching the sub for pullup, as this is asked all the time and will give better answers.

u/rileyk · 1 pointr/ABDL

wow, I didn't know they were discontinued ~ they came through Amazon - Link:

u/autieab · 6 pointsr/ABDL

> 2. In the US, I think the only place to buy Plastic Backed Abena M4's would be XP Medical?

XP, Amazon (plus several Marketplace sellers), Northshore, KCK and I'm sure others carry them too. You can still get the plastic backed M4s in large part because of the efforts of the owner of XPMedical who campaigned directly to Abena to keep making them but you can buy them in lots of places still...

u/youksdpr · 9 pointsr/ABDL

I managed to find Molicare Super Plus Larges for $80 for a case of 56. However, if you want some other options that might be better, I got a few recommendations.

First thing that comes to mind is Abena L4s. They generally sell for about $1.40 a diaper. They don't sell them in quantities large enough (only 36 in a "case").

Next in my mind would by Dry 24/7s. They sell for $107 a case, but that is for 72 diapers.

There's also NorthShore Supreme that sell for $65 in a case of 45 and Absorbency Plus (A+) which sell for $90 in a case of 64.

The cheapest, while still being decent quality, would have to Tranquility ATN. You can get a case of 72 for $59.

u/_John_Doe · 2 pointsr/ABDL

I would suggest a tranquility Premium pull up style diaper. I've worn these in public and I found them to be very quiet. As for absorbency, two medium-heavy wettings are the most I could manage before these start to leak. That said, I'd go ahead and stand for the second wetting to minimize the chance of leaks. Plus it's like $17 for 18 diapers.
Amazon linkage;

u/abdl-newb · 3 pointsr/ABDL

try waxing! The hair will take longer to grow back and it will get easier the more you do it.

u/Diapernicus · 2 pointsr/ABDL

The best bottles I've tried are Comotomo bottles with Y cut modifications required. I've never liked any of the adult bottles. I prefer adult pacifiers, however...

u/DolphinSupreme · 2 pointsr/ABDL

Abena Abri-Form Comfort Briefs, Medium, M4, 42 Count (3 Packs of 14)

These are the ones I order.

u/CynicalSoup · 1 pointr/ABDL

I know what you mean. I was 18 or so when I started wetting again. Now I'm 25. I'm not going to tell you that it gets better with age but I hope it does. Without diapers, my life would be an absolute wreck! That's where it factors in my absolute love for them. It's become another part of me.

Im not sure what kind you wear but when I was switching between cloth and disposable, I wore this one for a while. I really don't care for cloth diapers but this one was absolutely awesome. Bulky and expensive as hell but extremely absorbent.

u/JonnehxD · 1 pointr/ABDL

If you want any use out of the second layer, then yes cut slits / holes / etc in the first one.

Here's the pinwheel tool /u/PaddedCthulhu was talking about

u/abdlogin · 0 pointsr/ABDL

Have you tried waxing? You are totes ardorbs! #cuddlez

u/bethwuvz · 7 pointsr/ABDL

The Abena Abri-Let Maxi #4035 has not been discontinued according to our Abena rep; they have, however been rebranded.

They are now being branded as Abena Boost and the Abri-Let name will no longer be included in any packaging.

All the specifics of the 4035 will stay the same including: Product, corrugate and case dimensions/weight, EAN/UPS numbers, bags and case count. The only change/update is the new packaging and brand name.