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u/IamABot_v01 · 1 pointr/AMAAggregator


Hey, I'm Bobby Warshaw, former MLSer and recently new author of When the Dream Became Reality, come AMA about the book, MLS, or life in general.


ebarycki :

Do the LA Galaxy have the ability to turn things around this season? Was the

dos Santos signing a good one for LA Galaxy?

: bobby_warshaw :


: One thing I think we've failed to dicuss around the Galaxy is that they've

: basically fielded a USL team due to injuries for a lot of their games. That

: first XI is still potentially really good. All of their top players have

: missed time. If you put that Xi onto paper, you'll think "wow, yeah, maybe

: this team can run off a bunch of wins in a row"



poncebotherer :

As someone who creates a lot of MLS, NASL and USL Wikipedia articles, do

players get excited when someone creates one for them?

: bobby_warshaw :


: You're awesome for doing it, but I've never heard of a player discuss it.

: Quick Wiki story. When I was in college, I went to Norway to train. I didn't

: plan to sign, I just wanted to travel and play soccer at the same time. I

: trained with Mjondalen (people who read that book will recognize the name and

: realize the painful irony) and Stabaek. The Norwegian agent who sent me over

: created the Wikipedia page before he asked the teams because he wanted me to

: look important. I'd never met the guy but he wanted to make a couple dollars

: off me so he put it together.



Quake-N-Bake :

Worst chant you wver heard from a SG

: bobby_warshaw :


: "I believe."



bobby_warshaw :

Thanks to everyone who joined today. It was fun. Hope you enjoyed it as much as

I did. I'll check in throughout the day if you have any more questions or

comments (I see you west coasters). My DMs on twitter are open (@bwarshaw14),

as well, if you have anything else you want to talk about.


DarCam7 :

If you have the strings to pull player acquisitions for a team to win the CCL,

how do you create that team? What in your opinion is the ideal make up of the

team and style?

: bobby_warshaw :


: I don't have a particularly developed answer for this, but I think it's

: important to note that, while MLS has gotten really lucky in a lot of ways

: over the last twenty years, I actually think the CCL is one way theyve been

: unlucky. We consider the CCL record to be a disaster, but RSL should have won

: and Dallas probably should have won last year. Both were dependent on single,

: somewhat fluke performances. If we have two trophies, we view it differently.

: It's important to look at those somewhat random moments and think about how

: we interpret the overall idea. I realize those moments matter and history is

: written by winners and all that, but before teams make drastic decisions,

: it's something to consider. As far as the specifics to build the right team

: to win it, I'm not sure. It's a good question. In ECL, it clearly takes a

: specific/different team to win it. I've never thought about that being true

: in CCL, but it probably is. Good point. I'll need to think about that more.



dustyl259 :

The 2009-2010 Stanford women's team was ridiculous. Did you get to play and

train with O'Hara and Press and are they as awesome in training as they are on

game day?

: bobby_warshaw :


: yes and yes. Kelley is the most ruthless competitor I've ever been around,

: and Christen is the best shooter I've ever seen in real life.


:: bobby_warshaw :


:: Kelley is the only other person in my life who will put any friendship or

:: emotion aside and do anything she needs to win.



MLS_Analyst :

How much of a thrill is it to work with Matt Doyle?

: bobby_warshaw :


: Words cannot express.



Pakaru :

  1. Have you been following along with the Crowley/Silva efforts to reform US

    Soccer's infrastructure (and possibly chart a path to pro-rel)? Or maybe you

    read Peter wilt's "manifesto" in Howler? What did you think? 2) I know you've

    mentioned listening to Total Soccer Show; did you catch their interview with

    Dennis Crowley? What was your take on what was said? 3) As a player in MLS, a

    player for a relegated team, and then as a player for Harrisburg, what do you

    think of the current state of US Soccer as a whole? Would MLS players be able

    to "cope" with relegation? Do you think that infrastructure in non-MLS regions

    might actually improve from folks that want to take teams up? Or do you think

    teams like Harrisburg are content being second-division? What is lower-division

    US soccer like compared to your experiences in MLS and Europe? Would you have

    rather been a "premier" player in division 2, or a bench player in MLS?

    : bobby_warshaw :


    : Here's my one thought on the current pro/rel situation. The conversation has

    : been hijacked. We can't have intelligent conversation about it because

    : pro/rel people won't allow it. It feels like very pro/rel comment I see is

    : hateful and mean. I don't understand their gripe. Most fans would be okay

    : with pro/rel. But we will never get to a suitable solution as long as the

    : people dominating the discussion refuse to have reasonable conversations.



    DerbyTho :

    Who's the best player you've ever played against? Who's the best player you've

    ever trained with? What separated them from other talented players? (Also - I

    want to say that you and George are incredible on the Dummy podcast. You have

    my absolute favorite discussions about the USMNT)

    : bobby_warshaw :


    : The biggest names are Beckham and Henry. The player who dominated me the most

    : was Beckerman. He was just relentless, emotionally and physically. It felt

    : like he was doing everything at every second: finding the ball, tackling,

    : talking shit. Best player I've trained with (who's name you'd know) is

    : Andrew Jacobson. I know he hasn't always looked brilliant in games - largely

    : because he's probably been played out of his optimal spot - but he's unreal.

    : Way more athletic than you'd expect; crazy good feet. Any possession or small

    : sided game he can dominate.



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