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u/AngularSpecter · 16 pointsr/ATBGE

She did....but she's a pro and her recipes are trade secrets. I don't even know what they are.

I can tell you how she made it though.

The cake was four layers, so she baked 2 9 inch cakes of each of the three types. One was a dark chocolate cake, one was a white chocolate cake that was dyed bright red, and the third was red velvet.

While her recipes are secret, I can tell you she uses the cake bible as a reference quite frequently. I don't doubt that you would find what you are looking for in there. One of the big tricks is that these cakes are more dense and firm than box mixes, which lets you cut and handle them without them falling appart. She also chills the cakes in the refrigerator before cutting and stacking to help keep them together.

So she baked all 6 cakes, then took a paper template I created of the concentric rings in inkscape and used it to cut each cake apart. Then it was just a matter of reassembling the rings in the right order to get the color pattern right.

For the bark, it's a chocolate butter creme with stout in it. I can't tell you much more than that because I'm not sure what she did. She just gets these ideas, wings it, and good stuff happens.

So she coated the outside with the butter cream, then added chocolate bark she made by tempering chocolate, pouring it onto wax paper, rolling it up and freezing it. It makes these chocolate curls that she broke apart to add the flaky bark texture.

The top was homemade marshmallow made with maple syrup. Again....not sure the process or the recepie. I know you can find general marshmallow recipes online or in candy making books. She started with one of those and modified it to use the maple. Anyway, she smoothed it over the top while it was soft, textured it a little, then torched it to add the color.

It sounds like a lot of work....and it kind of was....but it also wasn't too bad. Mainly just time consuming to make all the cakes, level and cut them. You also wind up with a ton of scraps from this method....enough rings to form into another full cake (but with a more boring pattern). So you will have A LOT of cake.

I hope that was helpful and I hope you have fun making it. And happy early birthday!!!

u/Nparallelopposite · 3 pointsr/ATBGE

I know it a weird piece. But i feel like this would've went well with the leg lamo from a Christmas story if you sat it on top.

u/Kalsifur · 2 pointsr/ATBGE

> Probably one of these. Or similar

Oh god. That reminds me of that Stephen King short story (The Moving Finger, there's a PDF version you can read if you Google it). That one freaked me out more than pretty much any of his stories for some reason.

u/Vinnyb1322 · 1 pointr/ATBGE

These would work, and they're designed to not damage walls. And generally, cable management is meant to hide the cables, not make them a design choice. It would have been reasonably easy to conceal these cables.

u/NathanLovesWoolf · 1 pointr/ATBGE
I bookmarked it because I was thinking of buying them for my friend for Christmas. I keep buying her weird footwear as gag gifts. I bought her some loafers that look like baguettes too

u/Azrai11e · 14 pointsr/ATBGE


Also, in case you're as weird as me, I'm saving up to buy the big plushy on Amazon. It's like $75 But I think I need it...

u/eskilla · 3 pointsr/ATBGE

they do sell it on Amazon!

...I may have googled it, looking to buy it.

u/norcaldan707 · 1 pointr/ATBGE

US Amazon.. steelplant Purple Kush Stash - Baggie of Cannabis Weed Pillowcase

u/Just_A_Sports_Guru · 17 pointsr/ATBGE

I live how this is one of the reccomendations for looking at this bogeyman.

u/jackster_ · 75 pointsr/ATBGE

Probably one of these. Or similar

u/PseudonymIncognito · 3 pointsr/ATBGE

Not quite what you're looking for, but this: The Tingleverse: The Official Chuck Tingle Role-Playing Game is a thing.

u/inspectoralex · 1 pointr/ATBGE

Coffin USB Flash Drive - 8GB - National Museum of Funeral History

Not as cool looking, but if you want a coffin ...

u/YTQED9x1x6 · 3 pointsr/ATBGE

I googled incense tits and it came up. Tits

u/Andunelen · 2 pointsr/ATBGE

I was curious too and did some google, finally found a youtube video with this information:

>The controller is apparently manufactured by Gemini, a subsidiary of Philips. The controller is part of the "Freaks" lineup of third party controllers released in 2004; my controller is the PS2 Berserker model. Freaks controllers were sculpted by Jeff Kokin, the renowned movie miniature and action figure artist. They are advertised as being "rare" on eBay but I'm uncertain of this.

So search for "Playstation 2 Philips Freak Game pad" and you'll find them, Here's a link for a Berserker on Amazon and another one on ebay.