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u/Willie_Mays_Hayes · 3 pointsr/AliceInChains

Amazon is your friend, if you can't find it anywhere else. I tend to avoid places like FYE because the prices are high, but Best Buy may have it.

u/Zenosparadox1 · 7 pointsr/AliceInChains

There is no good documentary on Layne.

The closest thing/most comprehensive source right now is probably David DeSola's book Alice in Chains: The Untold Story.

If you don't mind reading instead of watching, I also put links to some of my favorite longreads on Layne together in a post on this sub a week or so ago. Unfortunately, there is still not a lot of good/credible biographical information on Layne, other than DeSola's book and these articles.

u/StephenG7287 · 2 pointsr/AliceInChains

I think these are the same ones. Maybe you'll have a better chance of finding the name now

u/WigBilly_ · -1 pointsr/AliceInChains

Perhaps from this book ? One of the quotes websites links to a search on amazon and this is the first result

u/FirstWorldAnarchist · 1 pointr/AliceInChains

YouTube only has a few videos and the quality isn't that good but this is where you can buy it.

u/Tourettes2400 · 1 pointr/AliceInChains

I have been listening to that audio book and it is really well documented. I still get the feeling that I want more though. I also read Angry Chair

It wasn't that great though

u/weirdmountain · 1 pointr/AliceInChains

Alice In Chains are phenomenal live. I’ve seen them three times in the past 10 years, and they always impress the hell out of me.

Always wear earplugs. These are my brand of choice