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u/metaphysicalbacon · 1 pointr/BHOInfo

These are much nicer tubes for about the same price. They come with a three pack of micron screens and a clamp. The one you linked to those are all extra.

I would not get anything cheaper or smaller than the provac you linked to. It's a great starter chamber and a good value.

That pump is not ideal. It is rated at 500u. Not enough for proper extracts. You really don't want to skimp out on the vac. It's extremely important to ensure properly purged oil. IMHO the minimum you want to be looking at is the Robinair 15300 but if it were me I'd spend a couple extra bucks and get the Robinair 15500. I own the 15550 and it works great! It's also probably the best value on the market right now at the price amazon is selling them.

I'd also advise picking up a roll of Oil Slick Sheet. You can blast right on to it. It works well for small runs.

As far as your tek, watch this video and do it just like shown and you'll be golden!

u/neeee1 · 2 pointsr/BHOInfo

How did you come to that conclusion? Did you put it under a microscope? Was there no smell on the material pre-blast? Smell would be a major indicator to me, I mean terpenes are boiling off at room temp and you get smell, no terps =nothing to extract.
A buddy of mine suggested picking up one of these to inspect material before bringing it home to run, haven't done it yet but it seems like a good idea.

u/orimathath · 1 pointr/BHOInfo


pump This works for me but honestly you'll want to get a two stage pump as mentioned in the below article.

Useful reading

u/bolognasilencer · 1 pointr/BHOInfo

I've read that post by GreyWolf, I'm fully aware of the Silicone in the Oil Slick Pad. In his BHO Extraction article he lists Polytetrafluorethylene as an acceptable material. I use pyrex, I'm just trying to clarify for you.

This is the product I'm talking about. Teflon is made from PTFE.

PTFE is also safe for Butane exposure: source

u/bungolio · 1 pointr/BHOInfo

$480 total both in Amazon. It’s 45g capacity

ABLAZE Mini Closed Loop Extractor with Splatter Platter and Sight Window

u/623JR · 0 pointsr/BHOInfo

I have some cheaper temp controllers I have used for brewing beer, I wonder if these would work? They are accurate down to the degree.

u/WhoopyKush · 1 pointr/BHOInfo

I've seen a guy use a pressure cooker bottom he got from a thrift store for $3.50. He drilled a hole into the side and epoxied a copper tube to hook to the vacuum. He went to a plastics place and ordered a 3/4" thick acrylic circle that covers the top of the pressure cooker. I think that cost $30. He said he wiped dish soap on one side of the acrylic and let it dry. Then he placed the acrylic on a bead of silicone aquarium goop around the rim of the pressure cooker. The soap allowed him to peel the acrylic plate off the silicone after it hardened.

Anyway, he sprays into a pyrex bowl that fits nicely in the vacuum chamber. Once the obvious butane has boiled off, (he leaves it overnight), he covers the top with the acrylic and purges, using a single-vane vacuum pump. Total cost was about $115.

u/SideLoadedShackle · 1 pointr/BHOInfo

Anderson Metals Brass Compression Hose Fitting, Connector, Barb x NPT Female

Not sure your size exactly it this should point you in the right direction.