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FJC (6909) 3.0 CFM Vacuum Pump
Single stage pump using Twin Port Technology for performance like a 2 stage performance1/2" ACME x 1/4" MFL inlet fitting.Motor: 115 VoltLightweight, durable construction for easy handling and long-life use.
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4 Reddit comments about FJC (6909) 3.0 CFM Vacuum Pump:

u/sun_tzuber · 8 pointsr/mycology

Interesting idea! I went on a hunt and this is the coolest thing I've found:


    It's done with a process called plastination:

    > The water and fat are replaced by certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not smell or decay, and even retain most properties of the original sample.

    They're been doing this since 1970s so I figure there's probably a guide online. Next logical step was a search for "DIY plastination":


    I do not have any evidence that the same procedure would work on mushroom flesh, other than the flickr link above.


    Per the plastination patent by Gunther von Hagens:

    >EXAMPLE 3

    >A globular cactus having a diameter of approximately 15 cm was partly hollowed out from its root end by means of a curette, and it was then immersed sequentially for three hours each in 50% aqueous acetone, pure acetone, and dichloromethane. Thereafter it was immersed in a solution of a commercial epoxy resin prepolymer stable at low temperature, but curing at elevated temperature. The vat holding the prepolymer and the immersed cactus was stored in a vacuum at 10° C. for eight hours, whereby all volatile solvent was extracted. When drained of excess prepolymer and held in an oven at 40° C. for six hours, the cactus hardened, but otherwise retained its original appearance and color.

    Just curious how much a DIY setup would cost so I made a shopping list:

  • vacuum chamber

  • dichloromethane

  • acetone

  • epoxy resin

  • vacuum pump

  • vacuum safe container to act as dry ice acetone trap

  • dry ice
u/orimathath · 1 pointr/BHOInfo


pump This works for me but honestly you'll want to get a two stage pump as mentioned in the below article.

Useful reading

u/SnugglyTeddy · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

careful with designs like this, horror stories of jars popping should lead you to get the correct equipment. This and this