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u/CitizenTed · 1 pointr/Bellingham

I gave up on rentals and bought one. This Bissell works really well - actually, a bit better - compared to those Rug Doctors you can rent at grocery stores. It cost about as much as two one-day rentals so it paid for itself in the first year.

If you need a bomber deep-clean, I recommend Grant from Bellingham Carpet. You have to move all your furniture, of course. But he uses non-chemically "green" products that won't stink up the place or leave you feeling icky. He's also a pretty nice guy and easy to work with.

u/spikefu · 1 pointr/Bellingham

I've heard good things about General Chain Saw, but you could also pop down to lowes/home depot/hardware sales and pick up one of these:

That's what I use when I need to sharpen mine and it seems to work well enough.

Edit: Oh heheh, I'm assuming you mean flat rotating lawnmower blades, not reel mower blades. I would definitely take a reel mower to someone like General Chain Saw. Hitting reel mower blades with a hand grinder really wouldn't be a good idea.

u/BallsDeepInYou · 4 pointsr/Bellingham

I have had Comcast in bellingham for the last 3 years and have only had an outage or slowdowns twice. The first outage was out for about 5 hours when there was a windstorm and then just last week I believe when there was another. The downside reason for these is that we up here in bham do not have under the ground fiber in a lot of areas as they are on the power lines in most cases.

Now, I am not defending comcast, but I also used to do networking for companies and 90% of the time people were having slowdown issues (not service issues) was because they were using an old/really bad router/modem. What I would recommend is not using the modem and router that they give you (they give you a combo now), they are complete shit.

  1. They have xfinity wifi which if a bunch of people connect to will slow your connection down a lot.
  2. a router is just like a computer. I could turn the computer you are reading this on into a router if I wanted to.

    Now with this in mind slow downs are all about connections. Connections are the bane of shitty hardware routers. Let's say that every time you go to a website you make 1 connection. well if you have 200 people on your router that is 200 connections per website. But that isn't really the case. Every time you go to a website you are going to be making at least 5-8 different connections, because of all the ads and other things that have been coded into the website. so lets say you have 4 people on your router and that is now 32 connections. Well now lets say you have 8 different tabs open per 4 people with 8 connections per tab now you have 256 connections. For a bad router that is getting up there and add to the fact that it is probably the modem router combo. It is going to be even worse in its ability to handle connections. This is even worse if you have xfinity wifi as while it may not affect your "speed" like they say it will overwhelm the router. My friend had one in the UW area in seattle. It was incredibly slow and we upgraded the router/modem to ones that I had them buy and now they have no issues what so ever.

    If you want to have less issues with slow downs you really need your own router and modem. here is what I would recommend.

    Motorola SB6121

    D-link DIR-655

    These are the best for the price and they get the job done better than everything else I have tried without getting into really expensive business hardware. That modem is rock solid. Also the benefit of owning your own is that it pays for itself. You don't have the 8$ equipment rental fee anymore.

    TL;DR buy that stuff I linked above and 90% of your issues will go away. I can handle over 800 different connections at once on that router. AND IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN.
u/neoblog · 2 pointsr/Bellingham

/r/treedibles/ is a great resource, I started there, and have tested through trial and error. Here's a quick recipe for CBD caps.

  • Buy some Sour Tsunami (Usually the highest CBD we can get in Whatcom County - with the lowest THC%) I typically get .05% THC and 12-14% CBD
  • Break it up (the flower) into popcorn size chunks, put it into a pie plate / dish, cover with aluminum foil, preheat oven to 240, and bake for 40-45mins
  • Remove from oven and let rest for 15-20 mins - This is Decarboxilation
  • Grab your handy electric coffee grinder - and grind the crap out of your decarb'd flower
  • In your crockpot (for 1/2oz of flower use 1/2 a bottle of organic coconut oil and a full bottle for a full oz of flower... you can play around with the amounts and find what works best for you). Start warming coconut oil with 1 - 2 TBsp's of Lecithin... stir until occasionally until the Lecithin is almost completely dissolved.
  • Add ground flower from coffee grinder and set your crockpot to Low - for 3hrs, stir every 20-30mins.
  • Now your house should smell AMAZING ;) and you have a liquid that you can either strain through a tight mesh or cheesecloth, or just leave it - again your call, experiment, find what works best for you.
  • Head over to Amazon and pick up 1k empty 00 capsules and a Walgreens True Easy Oral Syringe
  • Use the syringe to fill the long side of an empty 00 cap, pop the lid on, wait to hear the 'click' - Then I put them into a ramekin and into the freezer so that the coconut oil will reconstitute.

    Also, if you don't mind higher THC in your CBD med's - check out the Girl Scout Cookies CBD as it's about 5% THC but a whopping 23% CBD!!! When I'm making my own personal batches I add some high % Keif and what not too. And last but not least, start with 1 cap, and wait at LEAST 2hrs before trying more... once you figure out what works for you and your pain levels... it's pretty freaking awesome! Oh, and I get about 150 caps per 1/2oz - compared to what they're selling in the stores 10 caps for $40 - it's much more bang for your buck if you DIY!

    (Tools needed: Crockpot, grinder, Lecithin, 00 caps, syringe, some good CBD flower, and a bit of patience)

    TL;DR - This is how I make my pain meds at home.
u/mister_anagram · 1 pointr/Bellingham

Get one of these. They are very effective, easy to use, and will save you lots of money.

u/chrisbenson · 11 pointsr/Bellingham

Slip on cleats like these have worked really well for me through the years. Really gives me confidence when walking on ice.

u/amarsaudon · 1 pointr/Bellingham

My setup consists of 5 different cameras.
1x Raspberry Pi B+s running MotionPie with 2x 1080p webcams, 1x Foscam FI8910E POE Camera, 1x Zyxel 720p Camera, and 1x Trendnet IP Camera . All cameras dump footage into iSpy, a windows based free surveillance software. It runs on my server (Windows Server 2008r2 running inside ESXi on a Dell Poweredge R210), saving videos into my Google Drive (uploading them very quickly to "the cloud" for safe keeping, and allowing me to view them remotely or share the storage with neighbors interested in viewing footage). After ~ 2 weeks videos are archived from my google drive onto my 3U SGI Rackable SE3016 (16x2TB Hard drives in RAID6 attached to an LSI 8888ELP passed through to my 2008r2 VM via VT-d) . Everything is powered by a UPS to keep it rolling in the event of a power outage which is why I needed cameras with built in POE or that could use a ghetto POE Splitter with, and my "router" (Zentyal VM) is configured with WAN failover to FreedomPop 4G in case I lose my Comcast.
TLDR: I wouldn't bother trying to mirror my setup, epic amounts of nerdery has gone into it. Instead, I would probably get a Preconfigured Surveillance DVR kit . They offer some rad features without needing the amount of time I put into my setup.

u/jmarita1 · 2 pointsr/Bellingham

I think the age/gender span is kind of awesome so far! Will be interesting to get such varied perspectives, and see what a ragtag band of book readers have to say to each other haha.

I didn't know Hugh Laurie was a writer, but that book sounds great.

u/swearcrow · 1 pointr/Bellingham

There is a book that you can get cheap. It's a good directory.

u/Islandgnome · -11 pointsr/Bellingham

Was Raekwon. Check out Ice Cream [Explicit] by Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Cappadonna on Amazon Music

u/frankus · 6 pointsr/Bellingham

It's a pretty straightforward housing shortage, pretty much what you see in bigger cities on the West Coast (SF, Seattle). Vacancy rates are at historic lows (~1%), and with the improving economy more people are moving out of their parents' basements and forming new households.

Meanwhile new construction hasn't kept up, partially just due to the overall lag between deciding there's a market for more housing and actually finishing construction, and partially because various regulations make building new housing in Bellingham expensive (impact fees, parking minimums, caps on density, low income housing fees, etc.).

And econ 101 says raising the minimum wage has exactly the effect you describe: more dollars chasing the same amount of housing just makes prices go up (that's not to say it doesn't help people in other ways, but it doesn't help make housing more affordable).