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ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 4x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem -Retail Packaging-Black
Compatible with Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox, Cablevision, and moreNot compatible with Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-verse, no longer approved by Comcast XfinityRequires Cable Iternet Service, if not sure your provider is CABLE call them to confirmBROWN BOX models NOT VALID for this item when sold as New, should report to Amazon immediately and RETURN to SellerWired modem only, does NOT include WIFI Router or VOIP Telephone adapter. Gigabit Ethernet port to connect to computer or Router for fast downloads.Internet speeds based on your Cable providers service - up to 172 Mbps download and 131 Mbps upload. 4 Download and 4 Upload Channels.
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227 Reddit comments about ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 4x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem -Retail Packaging-Black:

u/havoc3d · 221 pointsr/news

Well it's not like you can purchase your own for much less than that. Oh, wait, yeah you can

u/Two_Coins · 143 pointsr/news

This is why I purchase my own modem, one without wifi capability.

For anyone wishing to do the same here is the modem I use, and is compatible with most standards.

70 dollars may seem like a lot, but if you're renting a modem from your provider for 7 dollars it begins to pay for it self in under a year.

But then you'll have to go through the incredibly painful experience of returning the modem, them saying you never returned it even though you did, and them charging you the cost of the device. I'd recommend sending in your modem via certified mail and then keep the receipt for when they demand you pay because they never got it.

EDIT: Changed URL to latest model, thanks goes to /u/Dark_Shroud. Old link is preserved for those who want a cheaper model that will still work with their connection.

u/armada127 · 70 pointsr/buildapc

Currently in a house with 5 gamers total

I live in house with 3 other guys and a buddy of ours has been crashing on our couch for the past month (long story, but he's cool and contributes to cooking, cleaning, and utilities) We all play League of Legends, a handful of us play BF3, a few others play Tera, and then various other games such as CS:GO and TF2, and other console games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.

We have been here for about 1.5 months, below are some issues that we encountered:

  • Bandwidth: we have a 105Mbps down/ 20Mbps up pipe provided by Comcast. The Router that comcast provided sucked, constant latency spikes, no QOS, terrible admin console. I ended up going out and buying my own modem and Router. I got the Motorola SB6121 and an Asus-RT-N66U Router (I could have paid an additional $30 and got an AC router, but honetly, none of us use the wireless for our computers, and any wireless device we do use which include phones, tablets, laptops, Apple TV, Ouya, PS3 etc, do not support 802.11AC and even if they did, none of them even saturate 802.11N) This completely solved our issues with lag spikes, and by far was the most frustrating issue we dealt with thus far.

  • Electricity: I don't know where you guys are living, but being in Texas the A/C was on constantly, so be prepared for a large electric bill. Our last bill was ~$270, but that is pretty much as high as it will go.

  • NAS: Currently I have 3 1TB drives in my computer and I am using Windows to share the content, we are currently using XBMC to play media across our computers as well as the Ouya and the Apple TV which are both hooked up to TVs. (1 in the living room, the other in the breakfast room/nook) I want to eventually build/buy a NAS, but I have been way too busy at work and I've been spending too much money on going and eating out.. so that needs to change.

  • Last bit of advice I'd have to give, is make everyone do chores or something, it gets dirty very fast at our place with 5 guys living there, 2 dogs, 1 cat(although she is mostly outside), plus friends, girlfriends, and parties also all happening at our place.
u/xtelosx · 26 pointsr/IAmA

This one is only $83 and I haven't had a single problem with it and it has 4.5 stars. I can replace it every year and break even. Everything beyond that is savings.

Edit... messed up the link :

u/Asch3nd · 13 pointsr/personalfinance

One huge thing for me was stopping myself (and my parents) from spending ~$10/month on a cable internet modem rental through Comcast. If anyone has comcast I highly recommend you just get one of these (they are very highly rated):

For internet speeds less than ~150mbps:

For internet speeds greater than ~150mbps:

NOTE: If they are close in price whenever you look at these amazon links, get the sb6141. It'll future proof you for a few years at least.

u/Dark_Shroud · 13 pointsr/news

I would suggest the latest model 8 downstream channel model. Just so you won't have to upgrade agian for several years to a decade.

Edit 1;

Well I just found an even newer model not listed in my search for some reason.

Here is the full list to make is simple for everyone:

4 channel

8 channel

Here is the latest 16 channel now available good for up to 700 Mbps or a couple hundred if they are capping channels.

Edit 2;

Fixed my links that weren't working and updated to the smile charity option.

If you have a digital phone service through your cable company you'll need this unit. Just make sure your company supports this unit before buying it. Check out the comments, questions, & reviews on the page for more information.

Arris TM822G Touchstone® DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Ultra-High Speed Telephony Modem:

u/roo-ster · 11 pointsr/WarOnComcast

The solution to this is simple. Buy a $70 DOCSIS 3.0 modem and a $120 or less wireless router. Return your equipment to Comcast and KEEP THE RECEIPT.

u/DickLunchBox · 11 pointsr/technology

I bought this one

It has worked flawlessly for me.

u/rem87062597 · 9 pointsr/weekendgunnit



Don't pay Comcast for modem rental, just buy your own and break even in under a year. Setup is easy. Rentals are a ripoff.

u/brna767 · 9 pointsr/technology

It is as simple as screwing in the coax cable into the modem and picking up the phone and reading comcast the "MAC" number on the back of the router.

Here is a good one comcast accepts -

If you want to go a step further, pick up a router that accepts tomato firmware and get that going.

u/funtervention · 8 pointsr/Seattle

You ran that test to comcast. That's not even across the internet. You have a serious problem that is not directly related to comcast sucking. Shitty speeds like that have Three sources: Bad wifi or ethernet connection to your PC, bad modem, bad wiring in your house (almost always splitters).

Assuming you have a laptop, and your cable isn't fished through the wall, but mostly runs along baseboards (as comcast does), you can take yourself, your laptop, and your modem trace the cable down to the first splitter that you have in the house after the cable comes inside, detach the cable from the input side of the splitter, attach the modem, plug your PC DIRECTLY into the modem via ethernet (be sure to turn off wifi) and run the test again.

(note: if you have one of those wifi modems shitbags that comcast rents, you shouldn't.)

If your speed improves dramatically and your ping times become reasonable, it is the wiring. Remove your splitters and either buy your own from amazon (make sure to match the specs. you want a splitter that can handle the frequencies the docsis 3 require), or take them down to the comcast store and ask for replacements (best if you not explain, they usually don't care and will throw them right at you no matter what). If after you apply those splitters back into the system, your speeds at your preferred modem location do not improve, repeat again at each splitter and replace the faulty length of coaxial cable.
Chance this will fix the problem: 80-90%

If your speeds do not improve, try a different ethernet cable. If that doesn't fix it, take your Modem (Assuming you lease) back to comcast (the store. do not bother calling support) and either ask for a replacement, or ask that they stop charging you a rental fee of $6 a month and go buy your own for the cost of 6-10 months of rental fees.
Chance that this or the previous steps will resolve your issue: 99.99%

Should your speeds be shit even after all of this, you need to call Comcast. At this point you are either in a really old apartment building with shit wiring throughout the building (Cocmast / your landlord's problem), there's something wrong in your neighborhood infrastructure (comcast's problem) or you live in a formerly segregated neighborhood that has irreparably bad infrastructure (society's problem)

u/agent-wonderbread · 8 pointsr/technology

I just ordered a Surfboard 6121 and its a really great modem. Pair it with an ASUS router like this and you have a wonderful combination. The range is extremely far, you can customize a lot of settings and you don't have to pay the monthly price. Comcast was charging me $8 a month for my modem, so after 6 months ill have paid for it already (picked mine up on sale).

u/99levtt · 8 pointsr/chicago

Our installation fee was 59.95. I signed up for the 29.99 25mbs for 12 months promo. My first bill was right around $90 and the rest of my bills for the next 11 months should be at or around $34. The installation really was necessary though as there was no cable line running to our house from the main line.

I bought my own modem from Amazon, $68.99, and noted as such when I signed up for Comcast. It is a no-brainer to buy your own modem-- Comcast charges $6 or so a month for a rental so after the first year it's $72 down the drain versus a modem you can use forever.

As soon as the tech left, I plugged the modem into my WiFi router no problems (I might have cloned the MAC address of my laptop but I don't think I did-- I don't think they care about that anymore).

The service has been very consistent, fast, and reliable. No complaints.

Good luck.

u/wilsonics · 7 pointsr/ipv6

You may want to contact them and have them check the signal levels at your modem; you'll have to have a cable guy come out usually for no charge. I used to work for TWC/RoadRunner, this was a common problem. Also, make sure your modem is not attached to multiple (usually the tech will give you a special one that will only degrade the signal by -1.5db) splitters so it gets the best signal possible. You basically want it to be the first device connected directly to the cable trunk outside. This is very important. Cable modems are very picky. If Charter supports it, and you can afford it, pick up this cable modem (just call them and ask.) It improved my speeds on Comcast. As and added bonus, you won't be renting a modem from them for ~$10/mo so it will pay for itself pretty soon.

u/sickbeard2 · 7 pointsr/cordcutters

For comparison:

7 x 12 = $84

Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 Modem = $86

u/Return_The_Yeti · 7 pointsr/sanfrancisco

I just bought this from Amazon:

My speed went from 50mbs to 120mbps. Thats worth $80. Also, for that much speed, make sure your firewall has a gig interface on it.

u/maccabeus · 6 pointsr/boston

Buy this modem and the router/wireless access point of your choice. I like this one but you can go cheaper or more fancy if you like. Connect the modem to the cable line and the router to the modem. Write down the MAC address and serial number for each thing.

Next, take a shot, and call comcast. Tell them you want their $35/month internet-only plan and you have your own modem. Connect the modem to the cable line before calling to make things easier. They will try to sell you some stuff and get some info, but just be patient and stay on target.

This is where it gets fun. If you've been graced by heaven, you'll be done in 5 minutes but I've never seen this happen. Most likely you will be transferred around to several people, having to repeat the same info while they struggle to activate your modem. They will claim there's no signal, they'll say "maybe it's not supported," and they'll very likely drop the call at least once. Keep calling and eventually, probably within 45 minutes to an hour, they will miraculously succeed.

It will end up costing $40/month, because there's some retarded $5 fee on top of the subscription. If they try to charge you for a modem rental or installation, challenge it immediately.

Yes, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get internet in this city. Fortunately, setting up gas/electric is about a 5 minute phone call with the lovely folks at national grid.

u/blueboybob · 6 pointsr/Roku
u/Darkofday · 6 pointsr/UCDavis

It's also wise to buy a cable modem yourself since you won't get charged to rent theirs.

If you buy your own it will pay itself off in about a year (7$/mo) and anything after that is pure savings.

u/GamingWithBilly · 5 pointsr/Comcast

Those messages about speeds being inadequate is done because owners of modems with the DOCSIS 2.0 or lessor are not going to get the speeds they pay for. Those messages do not come through on modems DOCSIS 3.0 or higher because you can get the full speeds.

I own a DOCSIS 3.0 modem - this is the one I purchased:

Here is also the list of DOCSIS 3.0 modems approved by comcast based on speed tiers, just select what speed you're getting and it'll show you the compatible modems:

u/m_it · 5 pointsr/Pitt

Couldn't agree more. Had issues last year, then got this modem and this router and have been flying ever since. Spending $90 may seem steep, but you pay monthly to rent it anyways.

u/aboardthegravyboat · 5 pointsr/technology

Make sure it's DOCSIS 3.0 and also look at the number of channels up and down.
That one is 4 channels up and 4 channels down. It says on the box that it'll max out at 172Mbps. If you're paying for more than that, you're going to need a better one.

u/MaybeImNaked · 5 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

So the first thing you should decide is what type of internet to get. The vast majority of people get cable or fiber (if they can afford it and if it's available). Both of those options give you good reliable internet. The cheap option is to get DSL which works over telephone lines. DSL usually has low speeds and isn't as reliable but only costs like $30 a month compared to $60-100 for better internet. If you like to stream movies or do anything outside of very basic browsing, I would say to get cable if you can afford it. What you do then is find a provider for that internet (internet service provider - ISP). Comcast, Cox, AT&T, Verizon, and many local companies are ISPs but you're probably limited to only one or two in whatever region you live (assuming USA). You should also know that these companies have random naming conventions for their services (Comcast calls their cable Xfinity while AT&T calls theirs Uverse) So you go to their web sites and compare plans and find something that works for you (if you don't know what speed you need, I would recommend 20 Mbps or more for streaming and normal use, 50 Mbps if you're a really heavy user). You can use this to find out what providers even have wiring in your area (if the top speed for a certain provider only shows as 10-25 mbps, then it's likely only DSL).

If you go with cable, you'll need both a modem (which receives the internet connection from the cable built into your apartment) and a router (which takes that wired connection and turns it into wireless - wifi). I would recommend buying your own hardware because companies like Comcast charge you something like $7-10 a month per modem/router that you get from them, which ends up being more expensive than buying your own to start with. If you buy your own modem, make sure it will work with whatever cable provider you select (something like this is standard). After that, you hook up your router. There are many to choose from. You can get one for as little as $10-30, but I would recommend getting a better one like this if you can as it performs exceptionally well and is easy to set up as well.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.

u/boshaus · 5 pointsr/houston

Yeah, getting your own pays off in less than a year. Everyone should do this. can handle up to 160mbps can handle up to 320mbps

Not that it matters right now, but the 6141 has a little more futureproofing.

u/shuebacca · 5 pointsr/SanJose

I got the "Motorola SB6121"

Also the "Motorola SB6141" is a good one too. It's technically "better" since it has an more down stream channels then the 6121. I bought the lower model since it was cheaper.

I got it on amazon and made sure it was new in retail box, direct from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.

u/davrax · 5 pointsr/cordcutters

There are a few options out there, Motorola's are consistently rated very highly. I've linked to one here that supports up to a 172 mbps downstream, but doesn't have a built in wireless router (you would have to plug in a wireless router to access the internet wirelessly). There are also a few options to pick from that include wireless routers, and/or support faster speeds if you need it (it won't make your existing connection faster though, it just supports a higher level of bandwidth).

This would be a good option if you want a built-in wifi router:

You will have to call Comcast to provision the modem (basically just read them the MAC Address on the bottom of the modem and wait a few minutes). I've done this twice, and it's been straightforward. You can always just tell them that you don't like the idea of hosting a public hotspot (which you do if you have a Comcast modem with built in wifi-- it broadcasts on SSID "xfinitywifi" and is accessible by anyone that has a Comcast subscription).

u/mbz321 · 4 pointsr/Comcast

Do you currently rent a modem? If so, you can buy your own for $ have probably 'bought' your current modem a dozen times over in rental fees.

There are benefits to a new modem if you are on a higher-speed package. That being said, the ones provided by Comcast now let you 'share' your connection with other Comcast users (which can be disabled, but it isn't well documented).
Comcast will eventually stop supporting Doscis 2.0 modems (which you likely have if you have not upgraded for a while), but you can simply buy one like this and be okay.

u/thelocalmoron · 4 pointsr/techsupport

I'll suggest that you get them separate, mainly for two big reasons in my head:

  1. As /u/wft_gamer pointed out below somewhere around here, combo units typically aren't as reliable (in my experience as well) and will lack features.
  2. Separation allows you to only replace one of two devices, instead of one whole device in case. You'll want a reliable modem and a separate router also because you can replace just the router if you are so inclined to, such as when you're looking for some shiny new features, like 802.11ac or Gigabit Ethernet.

    I suggest getting the SB6121, which supports DOCSIS 3.0, something important that you'll need to keep in mind when purchasing modems so that you'll get the most bandwidth out of your connection. Then pick out a router that you like.

    If you are set on picking out a combined router/modem combo (again, not advised), here are key words you'll want to find (they're usually promoted somewhere on the box in big letters):

  • DOCSIS (that's the cable modem standard)
  • Wireless-N (That's a home router feature)
  • 4-port (Router)
  • Router/Modem (Okay, this one is sorta obvious.)
u/MithrilKnight · 4 pointsr/SiouxFalls

They use DOCSIS 3.0. Here is a modem that would suit you very well:

Midco is very fast and reliable.

u/ugknite · 4 pointsr/cordcutters

I have the Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. There is a newer version SB6141. I am not sure what do you get with the newer version though.

u/BallsDeepInYou · 4 pointsr/Bellingham

I have had Comcast in bellingham for the last 3 years and have only had an outage or slowdowns twice. The first outage was out for about 5 hours when there was a windstorm and then just last week I believe when there was another. The downside reason for these is that we up here in bham do not have under the ground fiber in a lot of areas as they are on the power lines in most cases.

Now, I am not defending comcast, but I also used to do networking for companies and 90% of the time people were having slowdown issues (not service issues) was because they were using an old/really bad router/modem. What I would recommend is not using the modem and router that they give you (they give you a combo now), they are complete shit.

  1. They have xfinity wifi which if a bunch of people connect to will slow your connection down a lot.
  2. a router is just like a computer. I could turn the computer you are reading this on into a router if I wanted to.

    Now with this in mind slow downs are all about connections. Connections are the bane of shitty hardware routers. Let's say that every time you go to a website you make 1 connection. well if you have 200 people on your router that is 200 connections per website. But that isn't really the case. Every time you go to a website you are going to be making at least 5-8 different connections, because of all the ads and other things that have been coded into the website. so lets say you have 4 people on your router and that is now 32 connections. Well now lets say you have 8 different tabs open per 4 people with 8 connections per tab now you have 256 connections. For a bad router that is getting up there and add to the fact that it is probably the modem router combo. It is going to be even worse in its ability to handle connections. This is even worse if you have xfinity wifi as while it may not affect your "speed" like they say it will overwhelm the router. My friend had one in the UW area in seattle. It was incredibly slow and we upgraded the router/modem to ones that I had them buy and now they have no issues what so ever.

    If you want to have less issues with slow downs you really need your own router and modem. here is what I would recommend.

    Motorola SB6121

    D-link DIR-655

    These are the best for the price and they get the job done better than everything else I have tried without getting into really expensive business hardware. That modem is rock solid. Also the benefit of owning your own is that it pays for itself. You don't have the 8$ equipment rental fee anymore.

    TL;DR buy that stuff I linked above and 90% of your issues will go away. I can handle over 800 different connections at once on that router. AND IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN.
u/everlong · 4 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Welcome, /r/cordcutters! Dropping TV is really the best way to diminish the money and influence of corporate media, even if you're stuck paying your cable company because it's the only decent internet provider in your area. Whether or not you drop cable, you can save a further $8-10/mo by buying your own cable modem instead of renting from your ISP.

Excellent modems are just $50 or $70, or cheaper secondhand. I'd recommend retaining your return receipt long-term, as cable companies frequently continue charging for stuff you canceled/returned, and you'll want some evidence down-the-line to shut down their fraudulent fuckery.

Lists of Compatible Modems for Different ISPs: Comcast, TimeWarner Cable, Cox, Charter, MediaCom, Bright House

The following modems all have exceptional ratings:

  • Motorola SB6141 ($69) (pretty future-proof, and necessary for speeds over 150Mbps)
  • Motorola SB6183 ($99) (only necessary if you have top-tier speeds of 300Mbps+)
  • Motorola SB6121 ($49) (fastest payback, and good enough for most plans)

    Any DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 modem will do, but I'd recommend against getting a combined modem/router (also called a "gateway"). Wireless standards get updated a lot more frequently than internet speeds, and if there's ever a problem with your internet, it's much easier to isolate the problem if you have separate devices.
u/evilcheerio · 4 pointsr/personalfinance

Motorla surfboard has been working well for me on comcast.

u/fizzlebottom · 4 pointsr/Seattle

Here are the suggestions:

Motorola SB5101u if you just want to keep service and essentially tread water. This modem is old, but still supported. It won't take advantage of the newer DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 technologies, but neither will your Comcast service.

Motorola SB6121 or SB6141 will allow you to keep service, be supported for a longer time than the older SB5101, and take advantage of DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 technologies

u/dfernandes · 3 pointsr/UIUC

You can see which devices are approved from this list.

This one is popular:
There is a newer version with more downstream channels, but unless you have bought >172 Mbps internet, there will be no difference.

u/A_Water_Fountain · 3 pointsr/techsupport

You really don't want a modem router combo. Neither will be a very good quality device when combined.

  1. Only devices that support a 5GHz network connection can connect to the 5GHz network. If you have no devices that can do so, there is no point in buying a dual band router (unless future proofing).

  2. You are better off connecting via ethernet instead of wirelessly on all devices. Wireless is inherently slower and less reliable than wired.

  3. The Lenovo B750 supports 802.11n at 2.4GHz. You can tell by looking up your laptops datasheet or googling the make of your wireless adapter.

  4. This is the recommended modem, I can't really speak to routers because I either use the equipment Verizon gave me or Cisco business line equipment.
u/Ubuntaur · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

I just did the same thing a few months ago; ditched Comcast cable services and kept my Comcast internet. I've rarely had issues with Comcast's internet service so I've been quite happy. I only pay $30 instead of $110! If you haven't purchased your own modem, I highly recommend this one. That way you have no more $7 a month rental fee for a Comcast modem.

u/DBolUSAF · 3 pointsr/techsupport

It could be several things, but if you have a shitty modem and/or a shitty router that could be the issue. I had the same problem when I was using the modem provided by my ISP. I bought my own and I haven't had a problem since.

Here is my modem and router:



They might not be the best, but I wasn't looking for the best, I was looking for something reliable and affordable. Hope this helps.

u/NancyGracesTesticles · 3 pointsr/raleigh

When ours died, we bought this one

Setup was a breeze.

u/Goldentongue · 3 pointsr/AskSF

It's really simple to just order the service online. I recently signed up for 50 mbps at $39.99 a month(I think it's called "Performance Internet"), did a home installation, and my speed tests are all showing me I'm getting about 60 mbps.
You can rent a modem/router through them for $10 a month, but I just bought this modem and this router instead and they started working without any problems right out of the box. Figured after 9 months I'll have saved money compared to renting, plus I get to keep them.

This time around I never even had to make a single phone call to Comcast, where as two years ago when I lived in Alabama I spent 8 hours on the phone with them to get stuff set up. It's hit or miss if you have a problem starting off, but once it's running it's usually very reliable.

u/darknight7884 · 3 pointsr/VirginiaTech

Yea it looks like there are other responses, but I'll mirror. A Docsis 3.0 modem if you buy one (link below) helps amazingly. I get consistent 25Mbps down and 4 Mbps up. When I had the modem they gave me it was very sporadic. Sometimes there are latency issues, but the speed is always spot on. Also if you are on wireless in Blacksburg, it sucks, radio interference and all from everyones wireless devices in apartment buildings, it kind of goes the way of cell phone signals on game day. Try plugging a ethernet cord straight into your router when its slow and see if that isn't the issue. If it is, there are ways to deal with that, but its always good to figure out if it truly is Comcast or not.


u/VoodooIdol · 3 pointsr/hardware


  1. Buy DOCSIS 3.0 if your cable company supports it

  2. Buy one with a minimum of a 100Mbps ethernet port - 1Gbps is better.

  3. You will lose connection a lot less frequently with a quality self-purchased modem (as long as the physical cable in your house isn't crap)

  4. I have had phenomenal luck with Motorola Surfboard modems over the past 10 years or so (before that, back in the beginning of DOCSIS 2.0 days, Surfboards were absolute cack).

    This one right here is a beast:
u/BeartronBanana · 3 pointsr/Tucson

Your primary options are Century Link for DSL and Cox or Comcast (depending on location) for Cable. Century Link offers slower speeds at a lower price point. Cox has higher speeds at a slightly higher price point. Both companies offer deals that will get you a discounted service for a while. For example, Cox is offering their Preferred plan for $20 a month for 6 months.

From personal experience and from what others have told me, Century Link can often times be difficult to work with, have unreliable speeds and spotty service. I haven't dealt with Comcast in Tucson yet, but from previous experiences they are alright. Right now I'm using Cox and their service has been very reliable and I don't have any real complaints. One thing I absolutely recommend if you go with Cox is to purchase a DOCSIS 3.0 modem (example). If you use a DOCSIS 2.0 modem chances are you will receive low speeds at most points of the day if you live in more populated areas of Tucson. DOCSIS 3.0 gets around this issue since it is capable of connecting to multiple downstreams instead of just one.

There really isn't a "best" since ISP's in general can be a pain to work with. If you want the best in terms of reliability (personal opinion here), speed and data cap I would pick Cox and pickup a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, just realize you will end up paying a bit more.

u/CivilatWork · 3 pointsr/news

The Motorola SB modems are great! I can confirm they work for both Comcast and TWC. (Parents have comcast and a 6121, I have TWC and have used a 6141 and 6183). Here are a few links to them:



For routers I use an Asus RT68CU, but I have a lot going on in my apartment. You could get away using any name brand, cheaper one really.

u/twistedcain · 3 pointsr/entertainment

$420 - 1 year 30/5 cable Internet

$80 - Cable modem

$90 - 1 year Netflix gift certificate to myself

$100 - 1 year Hulu gift certificate to myself

$70 - Over the air antenna

$180 - Prepaid CallCentric

$46 - Cisco ATA for CallCentric

$986 for one year of high speed Internet, 1 year of Netflix, 1 year of Hulu, all the over the air HD broadcast stations, near unlimited telephone calls, and all the equipment needed to make it run. No monthly payments or bills for one year. Accessible from my smart phone, smart TV, and computer.

u/tfcommanderbob · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

I suppose it depends on the service provider, but I've always used Motorola Surfboard modems with my Comcast service. I recently purchased this sb6121, but would probably just recommend saving the money and getting a basic one like this sb5101u.

I purchased the former with the hope of future proofing and maximum performance for gaming, but I doubt it will ever make a serious difference. My gain was 1mb as per over the one I had been renting. $7 savings a month, it will be paid off in ~1yr.

u/Enlightenment777 · 3 pointsr/Atlanta

$70 Motorola SB6121 (supports up to 170Mbps downstream)

$88 Motorola SB6141 (supports up to 343Mbps downstream)

u/C41n · 3 pointsr/Portland
u/calderon501 · 3 pointsr/newjersey

FiOS in Middletown. Don't bother with DSL if you can avoid it, Comcast or Cablevision will give you better speeds for the money. If you don't need a home phone, grab one of these modems so you don't have to pay the shitty rental fee.

I had a fantastic experience with Cablevision during my time with them, so if you can get their service go for it.

u/Afatassninja · 3 pointsr/technology

My isp blew my modem while I was at their offices complaining about their shit tier service. I know this because during the time that I was at their office my buddys were chatting on skype and my internet magically went out at the exact time that I was up there, it stayed out for a week because we didn't know what was wrong and it took them a week to actually show up to tell us we needed a new modem This was only a month old before it just suddenly stopped working. They tried to tell me that it wouldn't handle their 50mbps internet because he had no fucking clue what the hell he was talking about.

u/SaiyanOfDarkness · 3 pointsr/Comcast

If you wanna save a little extra each month, and have some cash.. get one of these.. ... since u are only around 90mbps it should have no problems keeping your max speed.

All you have to do is give them the MAC ID off the box and tell them you own it, and just have to return the rental box to them and if the rental fee is like mine u should save $10 a month.

u/TravisLabs · 3 pointsr/Atlanta

A few months ago I got rid of my residential service and replaced it with an Internet only business service and I'm getting a little over 100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up.

Even if you don't want to do that make sure you have a decent cable modem. The SB6121 is DOCSIS 3. You can check you own signal levels and logs easily. It gives you ammo when calling tech support. If you see T3 and T4 timeouts in your log, a tech should come out and check the cables.

u/notnarb · 3 pointsr/UCSantaBarbara

Get the same kind of modem you would for any cable ISP and buy your modem and router separate (trust me)

List of cable modems on amazon as sorted by popularity

My recommendation for a modem is either a Motorola
6121 or a 5101 Both will easily last you 4 years with the 5101 being cheaper but using older technology that 1) Limits you to ~35mbps actual speed and 2) slightly worse connection quality in some scenarios.

This is probably a better question for a tech subreddit since there is probably nothing specific to Cox in IV that should influence what modem or router to buy.

u/Dr_Ben_Dover · 3 pointsr/aggies

When I had their 15 meg service, my DOCSIS 2 modem worked well. They required me to upgrade when i switched to 30 meg service.

Be sure to buy your modem, though, if you plan on using it for longer than 6 months. Here's one like the one I have. The rental fees are a joke when considering the cost of owning outright.

u/shstmo · 3 pointsr/aggies

Buy your own wireless router + modem on amazon & save on the rental fees. I bought this modem and it works great. Six months renting is the same price as buying your own.

u/antihexe · 3 pointsr/Comcast

Nooooo. The gateways are notoriously bad.

Go buy your own docsys 3 modem.

These are good safe bets:

u/ekno · 3 pointsr/technology

You might need them to get you a new modem. Sometimes they give you old hardware if you didn't opt for a 30mbps+ package that uses a newer modem. My mom has a similar problem right now, she had 20mbps upgraded to 30mbps and they never upgraded her to a docsis 3 modem. Also I think you can get the correct modem for about $60 at Amazon and save on the modem subscription fee until Google Fibre rolls out for you.

u/chris480 · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

Do you only have internet or combo phone as well? What speeds do you have or planning to have?

This list ( gives you a ton of different usable modems. If you need telephone, pick one that says telephony like the TG862G.

I know the Costco near my house sells modems at ~$80, that's 8 months at current rental fee. They also sell top notch routers. The slight increase in cost is offset by the return policy.

If that does not apply to you. Lowest Doc 3.0 tier (semi-future proof) is at $70. Modems are up to you to get, that's a whole separate discussion of needs and wants.

u/jtrage · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

This one to be exact: ARRIS SB6121

I am in Mckinney, TX

u/CoffeeandTV · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

Also, with Comcast you can save a small sum by purchasing your own modem.

Like New from Amazon Warehouse for $60

u/the_crawfather · 2 pointsr/houston

I got this on Amazon: Arris SURFboard. I got it for ~$70 but they just bumped the price to ~$90. Watch it and the price may dip again.

It is smaller and more reliable and I stopped paying the $10/mo rental fee.

u/mrfoof82 · 2 pointsr/business

Where in the heck do you live? I know everywhere has either Comcast or RCN. Time to switch off of DSL. You'll never hear me rave about RCN, but the bandwidth will make you quickly forget about the occasional hiccups.

Regarding Comcast, although SpeedTest is a contrived test (I find MSDN to be a better real-world test), they at least deliver:

If you go to cable, get a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I recommend the Motorola Surfboard SB6121 (it's a 6120 in a different housing). I think Comcast still provisions them as 6120s, but it's one of the few that 3-stars their tests, and the 6-to-4 and IPv6 works great. Not sure what RCN supports, but if they support a 6120 or 6121, get a 6121. The modem pays for itself in a year by avoiding the ridiculous modem lease rate ($7/mo @ Comcast).

u/UseWhatName · 2 pointsr/Portland

I have a used docsis 3 modem that I'd be willing to part with for $35 (you come get it) or $40 (I come your way). I switched to fiber and don't have a use for it anymore. It works fine, but it is a modem-only (no built-in wifi).

u/TheEdgeOfTheInternet · 2 pointsr/technology

This is the cable modem I bought and it's worked flawlessly for me:

If you do purchase your own modem I'd recommend getting one that is DOCSIS3. DOCSIS2 modems should still work but you may not get full upload/download speeds.

As for the VPN there are a few things to take into account. For example, the VPN I use allows me to use it simultaneously for 2 devices, however, 1 of those devices can be my home router so all devices in my home go through the single vpn connection and I still have that second device slot available to run my cellphone through.

Feel free to message me and I will try to offer more advice if you'd like.

u/vitamincheme · 2 pointsr/houston

I have this modem: ARRIS / Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

and this router: Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router with the firmware swapped out for Tomato.

The router shouldn't have anything to do with limiting the connection speed until that connection speed is amazing (i.e. never).

u/acooln · 2 pointsr/houston

Are you paying their equipment leasing fees? Or do you own your modem and/or DVR box? There are some upfront costs if you buy your own equipment, but it's cheaper in the long run. For instance, [Comcast compatible modem] ( is only $70 bucks, and if you're paying $7/month to lease their modem, that's 10months for roi.

There are also DVR's that take a cablecard instead of using their cable boxes. I'd have to research current boxes, but I know Tivo units are compatible with a cablecard from comcast (although I'm not sure if you would still get showtime/hbo).

Personally, I haven't had cable for years, and only pay for internet and tivo service. As someone else mentioned, once you've gone a month or two without it, you really don't miss it. You can buy an indoor HDTV antenna for under $50 that'll pick up all the local channels, and if your tv is under 3-4 years old, it's got a tuner built in, free HDTV over the air (but no DVR).

I have a Tivo unit, that I bought a couple years ago and I pay $15/month for guide/dvr service, and I have that plugged into my antenna. $15 is much better than whatever cable companies are charging for basic channels and HD and DVR service. Their new boxes are pretty much the same thing as what I've got, and I personally think the interface is much better than cable DVR's. Granted, I only get locals, but I have Netflix, Hulu, Tivo and 45Mbs internet for under $90/month.

I also managed to get AT&T to match comcasts new pricing when they doubled their speeds recently. Check AT&T's prices, and see if they're any lower. Don't be afraid to tell comcast that AT&T is offering the same package for $xx cheaper a month, and ask them to price match. Unfortunately, if you're under contract, they're less likely to renegotiate with you, since they know you're locked to an early termination fee if you want to switch.

u/st1tchy · 2 pointsr/dayton

I don't know for sure, but I can tell you that I use this one. I have a separate wireless router to go with it, but the router doesn't matter. Any router should work, no matter which modem you have. You can even get a modem/router all in one, and save some money.

My recommendation would be to do some research and find a modem that you like, and then call TWC and ask if it will work for you.

u/kingrpriddick · 2 pointsr/wireless

The META solution:

Buy a Motorola Surfboard, SB6121, SB6141, or SB6183 (in order, from least to most desirable) they are considered to be equally reliable, the only important difference is maximum supported speed. All three support speeds FASTER than you will be paying for. Source

Buy whatever Wireless Router meets your needs

Edit: More links

u/fdjsakl · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Do NOT get comcast's shitty modem/router combo.

link to some cable modems. You want a Docsis 3.0 modem. Motorola surfboard are popular and compatible with comcast.

Amazon link to motorola surfboard 6121 which is on the comcast compatibility list.

this is comcast's list of compatible modems.

u/Hubbardd · 2 pointsr/nashville

I''m on UVerse so I'm forced to use their shitty gateway.

My friends haven't had any issues with Motorola Surfboards like this:

(I'm assuming you already have a router as well for wireless.)

u/robot_steve · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Just buy a modem, its what I did. Even if you need a new modem in 2 years they turn a profit even if they paid full retail for the modem, its nothing more then a profit generator.

u/enzomtrx · 2 pointsr/HuntsvilleAlabama

What part of Owens crossroads? I thought that area was really limited.

I use a docsis 3 modem that I got on amazon: DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

I had drops in service as well, I was constantly on the support trying to figure the issue out. Essentially Comcast's equipment tends to shutdown/reboot for unknown reasons, maybe MTU overload, I don't known. The docsis 3 I got seems to have fixed my problem as well as given me a boost in speed.

u/Meat_Confetti · 2 pointsr/baltimore

I just bought this one. Though, after receiving it, I learned that they make a version that has a wireless router built in. But it's not cheap.

u/ram-rom · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Newer Motorola Arris SURFboard's are probably the best modems out there. DOCSIS 3.0, compatible with pretty much every ISP (Comcast).

Link to Modem

u/donkeedong · 2 pointsr/Omaha

I have a 6121 and it works perfectly. I also want to confirm the thing about getting Ultimate speeds with the Premier plan. I'm getting speeds of 70-100Mbps on the Premier plan with that modem. It rocks. Bought the modem on Amazon for about $90.

u/Gunny123 · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Don't rent a modem. Get a dedicated router and modem. If you can afford it, go with the SB6121 and a better router.

u/gregdawgz · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

dang! i was hoping it wasn't a promotion but oh well, still saving $180 on the year...

My only problem now is that I am doing the speed tests and not getting to i did some looking at the modem i bought back in april 2011 and it says it can only max at 38mbs! DAMMIT!!

Any recommendations on modems you can make? I was looking this one but shit $68 is cutting into my $180 savings for the year....blahh i guess i shouldn't be upset but it is lame...

what modem are you using?

u/klubsanwich · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

This is what I use. It works great, but there are also cheaper options.

u/kpurdon · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

This one will work. It sounds like you have a modem/router combo. In that case you'll either need to get a separate router or this

u/dd4tasty · 2 pointsr/techsupport

50 Mbps is a great connection, congrats.

Modem: Motorola:

Your two TVs: connect them with ethernet cables if you can. Wired is better.

You don't give a budget but, if you can afford the Apple Airport Extreme (either the new Gen 6, or the recent Generation 5), that will fill your needs nicely.

If not apple: Asus, and get the RT n56U at a minumum.

A lot of IT professionals use the Apple Airport Extreme at home, the reason being they don't want to have to deal with network hassles. It just works.

None of these routers is cheap, but, with a 50Mbps connection, a cheap router is not going to be able to keep up.

u/callan752 · 2 pointsr/aggies

You do need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem to use the higher speeds. You DO NOT have to buy it or rent it from Suddenlink though.

I would suggest the Arris/Motorola SURFBoard 6121, it is what I use and it is a well reviewed device.


Best Buy

Remember, this is only a cable modem and is not a wireless router, if you want wireless and want to connect more than one device, you will need to buy a wireless router. If you have a wireless router now, you could probably reuse it.

These are my suggestions, not a definitive guide.

u/ravdav · 2 pointsr/news

Someone was just saying that TWC actually restricts their channel speeds making it impossible to do without better modems. But here are three different levels.

4 channel

8 channel

And there is a 16 channel now available good for up to 700 Mbps or a couple hundred if they are capping channels.

Edit, some white space in there.

u/Daveed84 · 2 pointsr/news

I use this one, and it's one of the most popular choices available:

u/the_dude_upvotes · 2 pointsr/Seattle

Motorola/Arris Surfboard SB6121 for $60 right now on Amazon

u/uv0001 · 2 pointsr/technology

Purchase any standard cable modem. If you want the same capability as what you currently have, make sure it has wifi built in as well.

Cable Modem only

Cable Modem with wifi built in.

The two I listed are just examples, you can shop around and find other brands for different prices. Just make sure on the specifications it says it's "DOCSIS 3.0" or something like that and it'll be compatible with Comcast.

DO NOT CALL COMCAST RIGHT AWAY! Only do that as a last resort since it's a pain. In most cases you can activate the new modem without calling. Take it home, disconnect your old modem and connect the new one to the cable line and hook it up to your computer. Plug it in and give it 10 mins to connect to Comcast. Open a web browser and the Comcast activation screen should come up. In put your account info, click activate and give it a good 30 mins to complete. Once you have working internet, return your old modem to the Comcast store (GO IN PERSON AND HAND IT TO A PERSON) and make sure you get a receipt.

If you have trouble activated and have to call, before calling take down the Serial Number and the Cable Mac Address on the bottom of the modem. You're gonna need to give that info to the rep so they can add it to your account.

Either way, you won't have to pay that stupid rental fee any more and you'll probably have better performance with your own modem.

u/pasimp44 · 2 pointsr/lexington
u/wisaaka · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I just did a quick and dirty install of wired internet. I didn't really have a great option for a central location to set up my modem and router. What I ended up doing was keeping my router and modem in a bedroom I use as a home office.

I took each wall outlet for my coaxial cable and replaced them with ethernet/coax combo outlets to keep from needing to add extra outlet covers/boxes in the walls. The exception was at my router. I used a 4-port outlet like this in that room.

From there, I used my attic (and the help of my brother-in-law) to fish the ethernet cables down the walls in each room I wanted to wire (living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom), then each of those to the home office to connect to the 4-port outlet. Once I connected the outlets in each room, I labeled the ports in the office for convenience and plugged cables into the router for each room.

As far as the hardware, I have a Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem since I'm currently stuck with Comcast. I use a Netgear router with a USB port for connecting a hard drive.

My primary reason for setting all this up was to be able to access the full bandwidth of my internet connection and not need to be concerned with any wireless interference (granted, I probably wouldn't notice where I live). I also like the idea of minimal buffering with my home media server setup to multiple devices. I have a couple of gaming consoles and a PC all wired and I enjoy not dealing with wireless except on tablets, phones, or laptops.

u/Its_Always_420 · 2 pointsr/HomeNetworking

Get rid of it and buy a new router. Worse still, Verizon is likely still charging you for that router. You need to hand it back ASAP and make sure you get a receipt so you can dispute it when a year from now they say you never gave it back.

As for your setup, you need a DOCSIS 3.0 capable cable modem like this one. Any wireless router will work with it.

u/uzuhl · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

Yes, it's a great idea!

  1. Yes, you sure can. Just make sure it's compatible with the new ISP. Generally any modem you pick up at a store (Best Buy, WalMart, Amazon, wherever) is gonna be compatible with the giant telecoms like Comcast, ATT, Cox, etc.

  2. That depends on what package you're getting, but generally the Motorola modems are rock solid. The 6121 and 6141 are really highly regarded modems.

  3. The main advantage is that you won't be paying a modem rental fee to your ISP (comcast is horrible about this). And what you mentioned about being able to take it with you when you move.
u/Cal_From_Cali · 2 pointsr/networking

Surfboard modem, they were on sale on Woot a couple days ago.

u/blablahblah · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

A DOCSIS 3 modem (the latest cable Internet standard) is a bit more expensive than $30, but not by much. Motorola's Surfboard modems, which are the standard if you're going to buy a modem yourself, is $70 on Amazon. You can get an older DOCSIS 2.0 modem for around $40. So yes, it will pay for itself in less a year if you buy it yourself instead of renting it from Time Warner.

u/jjmiller1980 · 2 pointsr/jacksonville

I'm paying for the 50 Mbps internet from Comcast, and I've had no problems. When I do speed tests online, I generally score around 55 Mbps down.

One thing to look at is your modem. My brother had this problem where he was paying for the fast internet, but was using a DOCSIS 2 modem. To get the high speeds, you really need a DOCSIS 3 modem. It took him from around 8 Mbps to 50+. You can get them for around $60 (This is the one I use)

u/argyle_nqr · 2 pointsr/techsupport

i checked that modem, and it actually supports docsis 2. That being said, regardless of whether Comcast is moving your area to docsis 3.0 or not, i would say your trusty old modem is reaching end of life.

I would suggest calling them, and asking if they sent the notification because they're moving to docsis 3.0... if they are moving I'd say get a motorola surfboard and see what happends from there.

If you are still not getting proper speeds, then you KNOW your modem is good, and you will have a better time harassing them, and perhaps there is an issue with the wiring to your house.

NOTE: it could also be the wiring IN your house.. to figure this out, I would try finding the cable (coax) connection that is closest to the comcast entry point of your house, and boot the modem up there and run a speed test. I've had this trouble before with comcast, and ended up needing to have my modem in a different room, because the signal was too weak at the original location.

u/RansomOfThulcandra · 2 pointsr/techsupport

You can buy your own modem, if you'd like. If you'll use it for a least a year you probably break even versus the lease costs for the one they "gave" you.

The modem I have is an SB6141. I've had zero issues with it.

The SB6121 is a little cheaper and quite similar; it has a lower (but still high) speed cap.

The router I have is an Asus RT-N66U. It's 802.11N, not AC, but I've been happy with it. I don't have devices that support AC yet anyway.

u/johnminusanh · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Since getting rid of the shitty modem Comcast leased to me, I get consistent speeds of ~55mbps. When I used Comcast's router, it fluctuated like crazy. Best investment I've made in 2014. Also the installation process is very easy. It was just plug n play for me. Worst case scenario is having to call your ISP and give them the modem's serial number to authenticate. Should be easy to find a list of compatible modems for your ISP.

For a modem I use: Motorola SB6121

And for a router I use: DLink DIR 655

u/jbiresq · 2 pointsr/chicago

Cancel the tech appointment and order this modem.

u/Tbrooks · 2 pointsr/AskTechnology

The motorola surfboard modem is fairly popular, I have one but it is a more expensive model than this.
Also, the asus RT-N66U router is fantastic and works like a dream for me.

I am sure with a little digging you can find them within your price range.

u/jonah214 · 2 pointsr/chicago

I just got the Motorola Surfboard SB6121, and it works fine (though I don't have Blast Plus). As far as I can tell Amazon has the cheapest price.

u/MrRollboto · 2 pointsr/Seattle

Here is a list of approved devices:

I got the Motorola SB6121 because it had all the little checkboxes and stars next to it. Amazon sells it for $67.99 here:

u/ben174 · 2 pointsr/SanJose

This is the correct answer. And this is important: Anyone who is renting their modem from Comcast is just throwing away money.

They're charging you $7/month to rent an inferior DIOCSIS 2 modem - when you could go buy a brand new 3.0 modem with better speeds for $50-65. If you shop around you can find them pretty cheap.

u/phr0ze · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

I have comcast for internet now. I had fios.

25mbps is plenty! What they are saying is Year 1 you pay 40, year two you pay 55, year 3 you pay their normal rate. But year 3 you can switch service or renegotiate a rate. Note that year 3 the rate doesn't shift month to month, its a static rate. The $42.95-$66.95 thing means in some areas they charge $42.95 and in others they charge up to $66.95. It just depends where you live.

Here is the gotcha with comcast. They are known to screw you with the modem. Here is what you do: Buy a modem, like this from amazon. Save the reciept for as long as you have comcast. When the guy comes to install have him write on whatever reciept he gives you that customer supplied the modem, get him to sign or initial that if you can. Save that too. After that your bill will be exactly $40 for 1 year not a penny more, no hidden fees or federal taxes. Just watch the bill for a modem charge and fight them if they try it.

The only other thing with comcast is they try to call you to add some plus package which adds HBO and local channels. It will only appear $5 more. But it has tons of hidden charges and taxes. Just say no.

FIOS is the other option. With FIOS you typically can't get your own modem so you have to pay their extra fees. and FIOS internet only tends to cost more than comcast. Your only objective is to get the cheapest internet you can find that is fast enough for your streaming needs.

u/StormyStarrySky · 2 pointsr/HuntsvilleAlabama

I have the same, $40 a month with my modem at the promised speed. I've had Knology for years and WOW seems to be trying to improve some things where Knology did not.

A tech I talked to recommended this pricier modem:

Edit: Ack, meant to reply to never_comment...

u/No_Velociraptors_Plz · 2 pointsr/technology


Ignore the folks telling you to buy a router that you can flash with Open-WRT, DD-WRT etc. That is almost never necessary and just causes additional headaches. Keep it simple.

Here's the cable modem you need for Comcast. This is a DOCSIS 3 modem so will support Comcast's fastest speeds that are available:

Here's a good wireless router that I use, never had any issues with it. Good range:

This nice thing with this one is if you have a large enough space that you are trying to cover and this wireless router doesn't do it, you can always pick up another one, run a network cable between them, and turn on "Repeater" mode on the new one. This allows it to act as a cheap wireless repeater without interfering with the addressing that your first router is doing.

Most other wireless routers can do this as well if you know how to set it up manually, but this is a nice "idiot proof" method.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I just moved out of a Comcast area so am still very familiar with what their requirements are :) I'll actually be posting my own cable modem up for sale on Amazon soon!

u/envriogis · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

You can rent their modem for $7 a month or buy one of your own. I have this one. It's a decent modem, keeps up with the speeds and it's pretty popular for people who are trying to avoid the rental fee. Keep in mind you will need a wireless router also if you want wifi. A lot of the modems Comcast gives out with their service have built in wifi/modem combos.

u/nuqqet9k · 2 pointsr/technology

It's strange. There's no right answer for "what router should I get?" there are so many options and every user is different. But for the question "what modem should I get?" there's basically one right answer:

u/Sonic_Steel · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Any DOCSIS 3.0 modem will do for 50Mbps service. I have this one and it works just fine for me (different provider, same speeds) and I don't have any issues.

I currently use this router and I have not had any issues with it. I've tried a few firmwares with it when trying to do different things but eventually I flashed it back to stock.

u/jesandma · 2 pointsr/cincinnati

I have this modem (surfboard sb6121) which looks like it is DOCSIS 3? I know very little ab this equipment - but i see it in the title!

u/boxsterguy · 2 pointsr/xbox

This is my router. My wireless access point is a Trendnet TEW-818DRU where I've disabled all of the routery stuff and just use it to connect wireless devices to my network. To be honest, that's probably expensive overkill for you. Instead, I'd just pick one of these, as dd-wrt is a fully capable firmware that will let you do everything we've discussed here way better than the Comcast one would.

Aside from that, you just need a modem.

u/legitfraudster · 1 pointr/technology

be ready for them to fight you on activating your modem.. see some of the reviews for this modem on Amazon:

dunno which model you purchased but if the tech isn't able to activate it be sure to look online for solutions other people found, just like folks did for this modem

u/bught42 · 1 pointr/SLO

You can use your own modem, they might give you shit for it, but you can buy much better modems than I've ever seen them give out. There are some minimum requirements (DOCIS 3.0) but any decent modem should work. This is what I'm running on my Charter connection

There is a configuration step to register the modem with their network, should just be a call or a tech will do it if you're a new install. They have to whitelist the modem's MAC address or something.

u/Shepards_Conscience · 1 pointr/YouShouldKnow

I'm a big fan of this DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Been using it for a long time. It definitely pays to own your own modem rather than renting from the cable company.

u/osujacob · 1 pointr/Ashland

> Do they rent out routers?

You never want to rent out a router, or a modem for that matter. Places like Comcast or Charter will screw you over on them, claiming you never returned them. In addition you'll end up paying a premium for them.

If you end up getting AFN get this modem: or this one: along with a standard Cisco/Linksys or Netgear router.

u/DivinityCycle · 1 pointr/technology

No big deal. I'm a Comcast subscriber. I prefer to have my various functions broken out in dedicated devices, so that if I change ISPs I don't have to get a new router.

I've been using this guy:

That modem should let you get online if you have Comcast cable, but you'll need a separate router for the stuff you want to do.

u/BrutalBrock · 1 pointr/xboxone

Make sure to get a docsis 3.0 modem. This is the one I purchased and recommend.

u/Shabbypenguin · 1 pointr/StPetersburgFL
u/fm87 · 1 pointr/IAmA

This will probably never be seen, but I was given a "reference number" and told my call would be forwarded to corporate, whom would call me back, after my business account had an extreme amount of outage time in a week for the internet (over 100 hours) which was completely unacceptable on my end and ended up costing me almost $600.

It's been about 3 weeks and I have not heard anything.

Did she just spit out some random numbers to me, or is this some bullshit they hope me to forget about?


Sidenote, is there a vendetta against 3rd party modems like this one?

The reviews and my experience seem to have problems with comcast, and only with comcast. During a "regional outage" the moment I plug in my old rented modem they never asked for back, suddenly the internet works, but plug in my own modem and it is stuck trying to get a signal.

I just found this extremely odd, and even moreso when I checked the amazon reviews (at first assuming a faulty modem) and saw all of that.

u/atcshane · 1 pointr/technology
u/randomuser43 · 1 pointr/ITPics
u/Chino1130 · 1 pointr/computers

Currently using;

I'm paying for 150mbps and am only getting 20-25mbps. 30 if I connected via hardwire to the modem.

u/wildsportsbets · 1 pointr/desmoines

1.5mbps for $48 a month? You're getting ripped off. I would immediately cancel. I'm at 20mbps for $50 a month through Mediacom, but their modems are total shit, so buy your own

u/pinotdazed · 1 pointr/Portland

I have this one:

(a slightly older version of the ARRIS) - worked great for me while i had comcast, but I've moved and now I'm stuck with DSL :(. You're welcome to it (for free) if 1) you want it, and 2) I can find it this weekend.

inbox me if you're interested. Oh, you'd need to pick it up in Beaverton - Cedar Hills area.

u/calexil · 1 pointr/technology

mine came uncapped... shhh dont tell comcast

u/Kerwin15 · 1 pointr/internetparents

Whoever you go with, I'd recommend buying your own cable modem if you need one. It's 5-10 dollars a month to rent one and you can buy a new one for $70 or used for $50. It will last you several years and save you some money on your bill in the long run.

u/ABadPhotoshop · 1 pointr/news

Can someone make a list of good cable modems (with and without wifi) that will work with comcast. So far I see this one, but it doesn't have wifi like my comcast modem does right now.

u/xavierfox42 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

actually the 6121 is also on Warehouse in "like new" condition for $32.95, so I'd only recommend the 6183 from woot. And most people don't need the 6183 unless they have a very high end internet plan.

u/crumcakes · 1 pointr/Rochester
u/nevalk · 1 pointr/phoenix

You can get a docsis 3 modem for under $70. I don't see the point in renting one for $7/month, even if the first 6 months are free.

u/uPaymeiFixit · 1 pointr/techsupport

I'll also recommend this. Either the SB6141 that /u/Demache linked to, which I've heard great things about, or the one I recently purchased and installed, the SB6121, which is currently $17.72 cheaper, but it only gets 172Mbps down vs 343Mbps on the SB6141.

As far as routers go, I've been using a WZR-D1800H that I bought refurbished last year with 0 problems. (other than bricking it myself. Note: DD-WRT is NOT stable on this router. I would highly recommend sticking with the stock firmware if you buy this.) When I did the research last year it seemed like this router was the best bang for your buck when it comes to being future proof, having high throughput, and reliability.

u/harrisonboll · 1 pointr/gadgets

I purchased Motorola SURFboard from Amazon and paired it with my Apple Time Capsule I got from eBay. It was super easy to set up and I havent had any issues with either. However, I use a Mac and an iPhone so the Time Capsule works well for me.

u/extremeelementz · 1 pointr/apple

Dang thank you for dumbing that down for me, it makes perfect sense when you explain it like that. So my weakest link is the truly the TW cable service... Well I still want to try it out and see how it goes with their "standard internet". If it seems not good enough I might just upgrade to turbo but from a financial reason I cannot get their "extreme service" internet as much as I would like to.

And to answer your question for right now I'm going to rent their modem for $5.99/month and see how it goes too. I was told by the time warner rep to purchase this modem if I wanted to eventually save $5.99/month. That way I could just swap out their modem and install that one in it's place. The rep told me if I ever move or get turbo or extreme internet from them it would be excellent. He also said they have about a 10 year life cycle. So it sounds like he was trying to help me out. But what is your opinion? You seem to have an amazing amount of knowledge thank you for taking some time out to reply and help me out with this topic, I appreciate it!

u/lolwatisdis · 1 pointr/personalfinance

you can get one straight off their compatible devices list for low enough to pay for itself in the first year of savings

I actually just had to go through the motions earlier today to set up internet at a new place, since fios' first available install date is mid april and asking $25 more per month for the same 50mbps service

u/Fullof_it · 1 pointr/Austin

Dammit!! I bought this and it's not getting the 100Mbs down like I'm supposed to have but the specs say it should.

Any ideas? On the approved modem list it doesn't show it as compatible though.

u/crimson117 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Which modem do you have?

If you rent a modem from time warner, you may have better luck with buying your own - it pays off after about a year.

This is a great one from motorola.

u/fghky · 1 pointr/UCSantaBarbara

Does paying for the pricier packages make a difference?

I have the cheapest package (Internet Essential $35/mo) and use ethernet with this modem. My peak throughput is 2Mbps and Cox claims it is 5Mbps down. I just got an email that my speeds have been upgraded to 15Mbps but there has been no difference. Is my math wrong or am I sensing a major discrepancy here?

u/Emmmmmmmmm · 1 pointr/Rochester

> I'm not really sure what the prices look like now.

$65; less if on sale or refurbished.

u/hizinfiz · 1 pointr/computers

Thanks for the info! I've got this router and modem. I'm assuming it's more than enough to handle the load, but just wanted to double check.

u/jbiz · 1 pointr/jacksonville

I have Comcast. Bought my own modem since their rental fee is like $7 or $8/month. I pay $65/month for the Blast package and it's plenty for our house (don't have TV service.)

u/jzollo · 1 pointr/technology

Guys, do yourself a favor and buy your own modem. Comcast obviously doesn't care about improving their reputation, this is nothing more than a cash grab.

Some Amazon links:

Motorola SB6141 ($88.24, for greater than 150mbps Service)

Motorola SB6121 ($69.99, for less than 150mbps)

They are both Comcast approved and DOCSIS 3.0. The SB6141 supports higher speeds but the 6121 should be enough for most people.

u/danekan · 1 pointr/chicago

I agree on getting your own cable modem... it'll pay for itself in under a year on comcast. I too actually have that one you linked to, but it's cheaper on Amazon . I had it on Comcast for about a year but now I just activated it on RCN.

u/Lewdiville_Tiger · 1 pointr/Louisville

I highly recommend the Motorola Surfboard they have 6121 and they have a 6141. I bought my Motorola Surfboard I would sell you it but we might need it in the future. I believe it is docsis 3.0 I also think the 121 is not what you are looking for either. link

Probably what you want

The website even says it is compatible with TWC, I know because when I had Internet only and got my own modem it was on the approved list. It's really nice I've had very little problems with this.

I only say this because I worked for ISP company that was the modem that gave me the least trouble. The symbols are easy to read. Also know this modem doesn't provide wifi- wireless you would have to get a router to do that or 3rd option that I don't like is modem/wifi combo.

Edit: I think I paid 70ish from local electronic store.

u/ACENet · 1 pointr/techsupport

Does the speed drop during certain parts of the day? For instance, the speed is fine in the morning, but in the evening it's extremely slow. This would most likely be because you're sharing a node with everyone in the apartment.

Next question is, do you have a Docsis 3.0 modem? Unless you also utilize a Concast phone system, I highly recommend you purchase your own modem and notify them of it. Then send back the one you're renting for $7 bucks a month.

u/Nussig · 1 pointr/raleigh

For Sale/Offer

Wireless N Router: Should work but not used for about 1.5 years

Monitor Like new. Only used for three weeks.

Cable Router: Should work but not used for about 1.5 years

Blu-ray Player: Should work but not used for about 2 years

HTC One X: Bought in Europe but works with AT&T sim card. Charger cable is included but sim card caddy is missing. Can probably be bought for a few bucks. Phone works fine.

Old Nokia Phone: No charger available, etc. Not used for years.

Digital picture frame with USB, SD/MS slots.

u/Immatix · 1 pointr/techsupport

Cox should give you a modem for a monthly rental fee, probably $5/month or something like that. You can still buy your own, though.

Unfortunately that link is not static so it doesn't work here. I'm not sure which modems Cox says are compatible, but as far as regular cable modems go, these are the two that what I would recommend if they're on the list.

For DOCSIS 2.0:

Motorola SB5101U: Amazon link

For DOCSIS 3.0:

Motorola SB6120: Amazon link

and, apparently there's the SB6121 as well: Amazon link

I'm not sure what the difference is.

Depending on what tier of service you have, Cox may require a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

Note that these are just modems, so unless you have one wired computer you'll need a router as well. However, having a separate modem + router is preferable to having a combination unit. The settings on modem/router combos are usually quite restricted and if you have a problem with say, wireless, there's nothing you can do except replace the whole thing.

u/bobobo1618 · 1 pointr/funny

They only do that if you're dumb enough to rent a modem/router from them. Comcast modem rental is $10/month these days. A decent (it'll run up to 150Mbit from memory) modem costs $88 and a decent router costs $92. You'll likely end up saving money (if they last longer than 2.5 years) and the speed and control is more than worth the trouble.

u/PhotonicDoctor · 1 pointr/news

Call csr and tell them modem mac address and nothing else. Make sure to have modem that is without custom firmware as those are reserved for a different plan like 50mbit connection. Amazon has motorola modem black and asus black router I suggest you buy it now its like 65USD on sale and install custom firmware called Merlin just google it and install correct router model and you are set.

u/clickwir · 1 pointr/hardware

Standard modem It's nearly universal for all cable companies I've seen. Great performer as well.

Great router For most people, this will be more than enough.

You can't do custom firmware on the modem. That's 1-illegal and 2-will get you kicked off their network for messing with things like that. Hook it up, make sure it works. Then never touch it again.

Router, do all the custom firmware you want. DD-WRT is great. Tomato is great. Each have Pros/Cons, search around because I can't list them all. My choice right now (flavor of the month if you will) is TomatoRAF.

u/Palivizumab · 1 pointr/Wilmington

If I have this modem and this router will I be good to go?

u/Stickfigs · 1 pointr/techsupport

Plug your PC straight to the modem, what do you get?

Also, what speeds are you paying for?

This one is nice

u/IDDQD-IDKFA · 1 pointr/cordcutters

You should be looking at the Arris/Motorola SB series.

SB6121 supports up to 172Mbps down 131Mbps up.
SB6141 steps up to 343Mbps max down.

Both are compatible with Comcast.

My recommended router is the Asus RT-N66U because it's pretty much the best bang for the buck router out there. It was a steal at $199 and with the AC routers pushing the price point down, this is the one you want at $120.

u/huge_dick_mcgee · 1 pointr/houston

It's really really easy to have them drop it back down to the lower price.
Call and select the option to downgrade or cancel service.

Those guys will hook you up.

I did it yesterday and got a 12 month extension.

Without question, buy your own cable modem. They are now charging $10/month for their modem. You save money in 7 months flat.

$69 for this:

u/gopherattack · 1 pointr/Columbus

This is the one I picked up:

But really any DOCSIS 3.0 modem will work.

u/willstick08 · 1 pointr/tuscaloosa

I have Comcast. As much as I hate them as a company they offer speeds that AT&T can't. I have been with them for about 5 years now and overall the service has been very reliable. Screenshot of my speeds over WiFi. I have not done a hard wired speed in a while but I would imagine it would be a little over 60 down and around the same up. If you do end up going with Comcast, buy your own modem as they charge you a monthly fee for renting their modem and in the long run you will save money by buying your own. I suggest this one. It's what I use and has performed very well for me.

u/howardrya · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

We need a little more info. Cable/internet company. Does you phone line get tied into your modem as well?

Without knowing anything else, my recommendation for a modem would be something like this

for a router, in your price range, I would recomend this pretty decent. lots of features. probably the best bang for your buck.

Taking one device off of the wifi probably wouldn't yield any noticeable changes.

u/bilbravo · 1 pointr/Frugal

Buy your own cable modem. It will reduce your bill by $5-8 a month. You'll recoup that cost in about 10 months. But that modem will last for many, many years.

u/the_method · 1 pointr/lexington

Buy your own modem and router. Seriously. When I moved to Lexington 2 summers ago, I lasted less than a month with the piece of electric dogshit modem they gave me before I broke down and bought my own, and it's a night and day difference. Before, I typically had to reset my modem no less than 4-6 times an evening if I was watching Netflix. Online gaming was out of the question. Typically got half of the speed I was paying for, less if it was during the evening.

After, all of that is gone. No lag spikes to speak of, no downtime. I get the full 50Mb down I pay for - I've occasionally seen it go a bit higher (55-60), but usually during off hours. I have zero complaints, and the new modem is really my only guess as to why it feels like my TWC and others are two completely different things.

For the modem, I recommend the Motorola SB6121 or Motorola SB6141. I personally own the second one, but both have fantastic reviews on Amazon.

For router, I recommend the Asus RT-N66U. Asus has a couple other cheaper options, but I can only personally vouch for this one.

If your internet is shit right now with TWC, give these a try and I'm willing to bet you'll be singing a different tune.

u/asexynerd · 1 pointr/orlando
u/salomoncascade · 1 pointr/Portland

Like hopstar said, if you're getting speeds that bad it's more likely the coaxial than the modem. That said, I rock the SB6121 the little brother to the one linked to above. And it's doing great. I don't pay for 50mbit service, but I get everything I pay for with brand new cable from the pole, to the house, to the modem.

u/TheJBW · 1 pointr/news

I have this one:

Which is the same one that people are talking about elsewhere in this thread. I think there may be a newer version, the SB6141, but again it's mentioned by others in this thread.

u/bpgt64 · 1 pointr/news

Tell them to shove it up there arse.

Buy a new modem every 7 weeks! Works on Business class(without static IPs) as well!

u/Nr_11 · 1 pointr/news

Motorola? Cisco? Netgear?

Top pic on Amazon is a Motorola modem for $67.12.

u/Walrus_Infestation · 1 pointr/news

After renting a modem from comcast for 2 years, I realized I paid about $160 for a shitty $50 dollar. I went out about bought a Surfboard SB6121.

Quit throwing money away at Comcast. Also, make sure you CALL the main customer service center and let them know you returned it. Even After I returned my equipment, I was still billed. They are sneaky little shits.

u/OnNom · 1 pointr/news

This modem and this modem are particularly good.

u/jooronimo · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

Edit: buy used and save even more. Also, Target and Best Buy sell this item so if you don't want to wait a day or two, price match.

u/Dr_Bishop · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Never, not even once. I have COX, I've offered to pay more... doesn't matter.

I live in Phoenix... I pay for 25 this is what I get. But hey I'm still getting about half of what I pay for... which in my experience with COX should be counted as a win. I say it should be counted as a win because I moved before, terminated service, they acknowledged I'd terminated service by phone.... but, but, but something didn't quite go as planned on their end so I get to pay for an extra 6 months of "service" to an empty apartment that didn't consume a single byte of data during that time.

Anybody from COX who wants to contact me about actually providing me with what I pay for I'd be more than happy to talk with you. 10 service calls to my house has never been able to improve this whatsoever so if you think you're up to fixing it my hat's off to you. For now I'll just say that I feel like I've been financially raped by this corporation & hearing that they are one of the good ones is pretty disheartening.

I'm hoping that the telecom corporations break apart into a million little pieces and that competition drives prices down. To me looking for a good provider is like trying to find an honest Bail Bondsman... I mean there's a certain culture in this industry where looking for the good guys in the mix seems like a fools errand to me, but hey some people weren't fucked over by COX which is great. Glad to hear other people had a better experience.

EDIT: this is the modem I use... just thought I'd throw that out there before anyone pointed out how modems can slow everything down, yeah I know, first thing I tried before I starting asking for outside help.

u/SkitScout · 1 pointr/orlando

I've got a slightly different model and have had no issues either with Brighthouse. I've got the 30 Mb/s plan as well and just did a speedtest at 34.4Mbs down 2.3 up

u/Daikamar · 1 pointr/techsupport

Stuff like this is why I like to purchase my own router. Cable companies either want to charge you a rental fee or force you to be a hotspot to pay for the router.
Good routers are very reasonably priced. For example:
SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0

Edit: Well that was a cable modem. Let's post some routers instead. Thanks /u/A_Water_Fountain


or something cheaper:


u/AdonisChrist · 1 pointr/rva

I am selling a few electronic items that are in like new condition for good prices.

I've got:

  • A Model YHT-497 Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theater in a Box System. Comparable model new for $430, selling for $350. 100W per channel and the sub has a satisfying kick, discrete receiver, sub, and speakers so they can be upgraded separately down the road. Comes with a decent roll of cheap speaker cable.

  • An ARRIS/Motorola SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Model SB6121. New for $69, selling for $50. This has a three star certification for use with XFINITY internet services which is the highest and most thorough level of testing they do.

  • A Netgear Wireless Router w/ Dual Band Gigabit, Model R6300-100NAS. New for $150, selling for $120. This thing's just fucking great. I've never had any complaints about Comcast's service, and I think this guy (recently paired with the SURFboard) is the main guy to thank for that. I think I've had to reset it maybe once or twice ever.

  • Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset w/ USB Wireless Receiver, Model CECHYA-0080. New for $100, selling for $75. These are big bulky headphones with a microphone attached. Nice sound quality, though I'm sure audiophiles would disagree.

  • Monoprice speaker stands, set of 2. New for $15-20, selling for $10. These things are flimsy but they'll hold your small speakers off the ground just the same.

    Now, you're probably wondering why I'm willing to part for such like new items at such discounts. The reason is that there was a fire a month and a half ago in my old building and these were affected by the humidity and/or smoke to varying degrees. But they're all back from the Electronics Restoration Service, who tested, restored, cleaned, and deoderized each individual component before testing them again to ensure proper function. I then tested each item when I resumed possession of them.

    But, because of a gap in communication between the ERS guys and my insurance claim rep, getting these things back took over a month, and in the meantime I had replaced my sound system and internet devices. I'd hoped to be able to return them within the Best Buy returns timeframe but things dragged on too long. The speaker stands I don't need because in my new place I've mounted my rear speakers on the walls. The PS3 headset I don't need because my PS3 didn't make it through the ordeal. The 360 below it and the TV above it did, though, and both work fine as a testament to these guy's abilities.

    Related to that I guess I also have a couple other things for sale:

  • A slew of PS3 games. No PS3 anymore and I'm not sure I'll replace it so these are for sale. All barely affected by the incident but still individually cleaned by the guys at ERS. Let me know if you're interested in something and I'll figure a price.

  • 2 PS3 Controllers, one black and one white. Note that they did not try to restore or clean these at all since the system was shot. You can test them and we can figure out a fair price if you're interested.

    So yeah. Like new, restored items for good prices. Who's interested?
u/Elm_Street · 1 pointr/phoenix

I picked up the Motorola SB6121 at Walmart about two weeks ago. I have had no problems with it at all. I'm currently at the 50MB tier of service from COX, and it has been very smooth.
It was about a dollar less than what Amazon is charging for the same device. [Here:] (

Yes, it's an older model, and it maxes out at 150Mb/s, but since that is the very top speed that COX is offering right now, it's not bad. The SB6141, has a higher top speed, and will cost about $10-$15 more, and that will get you to about 300Mb/s.

I had been renting a modem from COX, but got sick of getting disconnect errors while playing Destiny, so I went out and bought the new modem. I've had 2 disconnects in a two week period, whereas with the old one, I could get 3-4 disconnects per hour.

u/iammagicmike · 1 pointr/cordcutters

this is ABSOLUTELY the best way to go. I've listed my cable modem and router below. The router is pretty heavy duty, you could absolutely get a cheaper Wireless-N Router without sacraficing much, or any, quality. Just understand that you need to router because the cable modem is JUST a modem.

u/daedalus114 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Netgear is a decent brand, so that's too bad it went out. I always use my own wireless routers because I'd rather spend the money on something good, and typically the routers or modem/router combos issued by the service provider are cheap.

Also if you're using the service provider's router and modem, you're probably paying for it. For example, with my Comcast service I would have paid $7/mo for their modem the entire time I had it. But I bought my own on Amazon for $70, and after the first year it's paid for its self.

I'm not sure what your buying options are in AU, but what I'd look for is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem from Motorola like this one. I have heard people say that, even if you're only getting speeds that would need DOCSIS 2.0, the newer modems perform a little better and they're not much more expensive.

As for routers, I just look for one with good reviews and good features. You'll probably want one that's capable of dual-band, with at least one antenna supporting 5Ghz. This article reviews some good ones, and is pretty recent. They get expensive, but the nice thing about owning your own router is you usually have more options with it, and again if you're not paying a monthly fee to lease one from the service provider you'll earn that money back in the first year or two.

(The reason why that's helpful is because, unlike a regular LAN switch, wifi can't support multiple speeds on one network. So if you have 5 802.11N devices and 1 802.11G like an old wifi printer the entire network will default to that lower speed. When you see routers advertising dual-band with 5Ghz, it's because one antenna can do Wireless-N on 5Ghz which only newer devices capable of N can connect to. That way older devices can connect to the regular network if needed, and your 5Ghz N network will always be fast.)

u/SysAtMN · 1 pointr/wireless

SB6121 - $70.00:

u/bbsittrr · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

Comcast has a list of approved modems, check that first.

Then, looking at that list, remove any that use the Puma6 chipset:

The ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 has been around for a few hundred years, seems it's pretty good and reliable:

You don't say what speed you are getting, but I assume 100/10?

u/koick · 1 pointr/Denver

Similar to /u/seant117, I'm rocking on Comcast with Motorola SB6121 and ASUS RT-N16. Be sure to get a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

u/vgf89 · 1 pointr/phoenix

I think it's this one, maybe this one, but I'll have to check when I get home. Definitely a Motorola Surfboard series docsis modem at the very least though.

Now that you mention it, I also had Rocket League issues on Comcast with that modem back in new mexico so it could very well be a modem issue. Looking up the surfboard chipset, it seems like it is likely a puma 6 chipset so that would make sense. Could be the wifi router too, idk, haven't messed with that myself.

u/beansjawns · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Ah, yes. Meant to say if you don't buy your own modem/router. Also, u/beep41 -- I have an ARRIS Surfboard SB-6121 rated for up to 172 Mbps if you want it. You'd still need a wifi router to complete your setup, but it's a solid little modem in perfect condition.

u/JustPlainTed · 1 pointr/cordcutters

DSL / U-Verse is just behind on speeds and has other limitations that cable does not. If you can afford the $20/mo get cable. If you can't, 16Mbps will do fine for most people.

Wireless routers have a lot of issues with penetration in the 2.5GHz (especially 5GHz) frequencies. Expect to pay ~70-$120 for a wireless router that might be sufficient for your needs. I just replaced my wireless access point/router with this: and it's amazing imo. I don't need Wireless-AC until the prices are lower and the technology is better. Just a good Wireless-N 2.4GHz router.

Modem, for cable, the tried and used for multiple family members is: it just works and works up to 172/131 speeds.

This is the newer model for faster speed potential.

u/patatoeswizard · 1 pointr/Austin

78754 here. Was renting TWC's DOCSIS 2.0 surfboard modem to use with our own router, getting ~15/1.5. Last week we took them up on their free modemswap service to upgrade to a 3.0. Didn't realize they'd send us a modem/router combo (Arris), but we entertained it for a few hours. It was garbage. Purchased our own SB6121, now we're getting ~50/5. Highly recommend purchasing your own equipment.
edit: formatting

u/DaNPrS · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

I'm not familiar with Comcast's set up, but it sounds like what you have is an IP phone. This would connect to an ethernet port. If that's the case just get a modem and a router, nothing special about that. Then, just plug the phone to the router, router to the modem.

I've read somewhere that Comcast can bitch about the modems people use. So I'd call them up or look on their website for supported devices. Technically speaking, I can't see why they'd bitch about one device over another, but I may be wrong or Comcast might just want to be Comcast.

So for router, check out the AC66U. When (if) you get it, install Merlin on it (stupid easy, like upgrading the firmware) and that will give you a few extra configuration options.

I'm not as familiar with modems but Motorola I think has some good offerings. The SB6121 being the popular option.

Post what your home network looks like and budget for more detail.

u/blac9570 · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

It's a few years old so I don't believe so. Here are the specific models:


Wireless Router

u/ohhowexciting · 1 pointr/boston

Got this one and using an asus router. It's worth shelling out the cash for the Motorola...I had one that cost half as much, which died after a couple months.

u/ERIFNOMI · 1 pointr/technology

[Motorola SB6141 $69] (

That's 4 bound download channels. At the rate ISPs move, that thing will die before you need more than that. Motorola makes great modems.

u/tdk1007 · 1 pointr/UCDavis

I've heard that AT&T is really inconsistent and drops all the time.

Comcast has been pretty good for me this last year. If you just want internet, they have a 50mbps plan for $35/month for the first 9 months. This isn't really written anywhere, but you can call or walk in. Ask if they offer student discounts too.

If you are going to be living in Davis for a while, you might want to buy your own cable modem for $70-90. ISPs charge something like $6-8/month to rent one from them, so the cost cancels out eventually. Both of these are approved by Comcast. The black one maxes out at 170mbps, the white on tops out at 300mbps (not that Comcast will give you anything close to those speeds, its just future proofing).

Motorola SB121 - 170mbps - $70

Motorola SB141 - 300mbps - $90

u/NYKyle610 · 1 pointr/AskNYC
u/CapsUnlocker · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

> I haven't looked at that netgear overview but hopefully they mention that not all DOCSIS 3.0 modems are created equal.

No it doesn't. It is a really simple overview and doesn't even go into speeds or anything. But you make some very good points. I remember when I got my first upgrade to 100 Mbps (I was on 15 Mbps previously because that's what was available) I was looking at some DOCSIS 3 modems and was surprised there's still modems that are in-fact sold with just 2 channels for example and are around the same price point as 8 channel modems.

Example: On Amazon this Motorola SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 "eXtreme" cable modem only has 4 channels and is $91.29

On Amazon this ARRIS SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 modem has 8 channels and is only $68.75.

Also of note, the ARRIS SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 modem has 4 channels and is $69.85.

So you've got to be careful. I chose the SURFBoard series because there are a bunch of them and if you go by just the branding or price point alone, you could get something you don't want.

u/BanzaiTree · 1 pointr/santacruz

No, not a terrible speed but a lot less than what the OP was getting. It's this Motorola modem, recommended by Comcast:

It is capable of handling up to 21.5 MBps (172 Mbps), almost twice as much as what I'm getting.

u/Liger_Zero · 1 pointr/youngstown

No problem. This is the modem I have. Its rock solid and I honestly have never had to restart it. Granted, its a bit of an investment up front, but its better than giving TWC 6 bucks a month for there shitty modem that WILL freeze up a bunch. I used to have theirs and it was garbage. Plus if you have your own modem, if TWC ever tries to pull Comcast shit and open Wifi connections in your house, they wont be able to since its not their modem.

u/Boneyard78 · 1 pointr/hometheater
u/remmiz · 1 pointr/milwaukee

A modem is device which connects to your ISP and decodes/encodes the data being transferred. A router handles the data and serves it to your home via WiFi or wired ethernet.

A lot of ISPs sell 2-in-1 devices which contain both the modem and router in the same device. These work good for small basic networks but are very limited if you have higher bandwidth or more devices in your home.

I've been using an ARRIS SURFBoard SB6121 modem for about a year with Time Warner with no problems.

I also have my own wireless router which you will need to get if you buy the above modem. The router I have is a Linksys WRT1900ACS which is probably overkill for what you would need. I would suggest something along the lines of a TP-LINK AC1200.

u/Sheylan · 1 pointr/techsupport


Will leave you plenty of room for adding more devices, has crazy good range (we have one on the 2nd floor, and get full reception in the basement), and will nicely futureproof you in case you happen to get gigabit service at some point in the future.

u/7oby · 1 pointr/Atlanta

Go for it, there's no contract with that plan. If it sucks, just leave them.

I don't remember if they charge extra for a cable modem or if they moved it to free. If it's extra just buy one from Staples with a $25 coupon from eBay and price match to their cheapest competitor:

>Which competitors will Staples price match?

>Staples retail stores will price match prices at competitors’ brick-n- mortar retail stores and at

> will price match select competitors’ websites as well as Staples’ retail stores. These select competitors are: Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Office Depot, Office Max, Quill, Medical Arts Press, Reliable, Sam’s Club, Wal–mart, WB Mason and Xerox. Items must be sold and shipped by one of these competitors.

Usually one of these (Amazon often) will be really cheap but with that coupon (example) it'll be less.

They might not let you use the coupon and price match because the coupon is $25 off $75, but it's $61 on amazon.

The main benefit: you have a modem that works everywhere.

u/grovertheclover · 1 pointr/triangle

I frequently download large Linux ISOs, so the 300Mbps makes it nice. I was just considering price in those modems - why buy an Arris 6121 for $84 when you can get an SMC D3CM1604 for $15 cheaper? You may want to upgrade your speed one day and would have to buy a whole new modem if you have a 6121.

Arris 6121 -

SMC D3CM1604 -

u/TheOozyMan · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Yea if you have comcast its a good idea to get a separate modem anyway because they charge you monthly to use theirs. So I go the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 Arris. It works really well and when Comcast doubled the speeds in my area, I already had the compatible modem.

u/yur_mom · 1 pointr/technology

I ended up with this one:

It was good enough for my needs and pays for itself in 8 months.

I was just pointing out the benefits of both. For my parents I have them rent because if it stops working they call Comcast and if Comcast cannot get it working they send someone out to replace it. This has already happened twice for them over a 5 year period.

u/anonforbacon · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I'm more then happy to lend a hand to someone having issues with stuff I know. I'm hesitant to tell you to buy X & Y to solve it because I cannot be certain of what the issue might be without doing a site visit & survey.

If your paying for close to the 21/3 then a normal DOCIS 2.0 modem should be sufficient so I'd hold off on buying the modem just yet (if your paying for >50MBps then you do need a 3.0).

Do you see many other WiFi networks nearby? I wouldn't believe so off what you've stated so far.

Are you comfortable potentially having to mount the router near a window with a view of the property line? While its well within the realm of being feasible, trying to stream anything at 200ft will be a bit iffy. If you can put it near a window & aim an antenna out it you should greatly increase your odds. There's also ways to boost your broadcast strength but that requires more power, heat dissipation & no one to complain if you knock them off the spectrum.

Are your devices losing connection to the WiFi hotspot or is it just failing to download anything? The other possibility for the issue is a power imbalance on your line coming to your house if you can stay connected but lose data access. Have you ever had a tech come from TW to make sure its not a bad run for cable from the main drop?

Do you know what your walls are lined with? I've done numerous installs that due to the rebar in the concrete, equipment room location & duct locations interfering with the connection to make Netflix stutter but is 100% to surf on.

Are you comfortable setting up a WiFi router that isn't always the most intuitive & will bury you in options? Once they are up, SMB routers are very stable but can be finicky to config 100%.

Do you know what wireless standard your computers have or are you willing to upgrade a desktop/laptop? It'd be preferable of you use the higher channel numbers & also have it in both the 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz spectrums. Unfortunately a lot of older wireless cards from the 802.11G days don't support 5Ghz or the really high channel numbers.

If your comfortable with all that then I'd wholeheartedly recommend the ASUS RT-AC66U (, if you don't have anything with AC, can't upgrade your existing or are not planning to replace your existing there's also the ASUS RT-N66U (

If you do want a DOCSIS 3.0 modem I recommend the Motorola SB6121 ( if not the Motorola SB5101U ( is a good DOCSIS 2 modem.

Note: Double check that TW has those modems on their approved list otherwise look for the best reviewed ones they do allow

u/JHoNNy1OoO · 1 pointr/PS4

Had Comcast for over a year. I used ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem as my modem and NETGEAR WNDR4500 N900 Dual Band Gigabit Wifi Router which I flashed with DD-WRT as my router.

Never had an issue but of course YMMV.

u/IFKonfig · 1 pointr/techsupport

My guess is that they dont have a config file for docs is 3 modems. They are backwards compatable. But the ISP needs have them configured to work on their network. I'm assuming they don't/ don't support it >I recently moved into a new apartment and I'm about to get a new modem so that I can connect to the internet. I was reading through my move in packet and came across the Internet connection page where it stated, "A DOCSIS 3 modem will NOT work with our system". Now, why in the world would a DOCSIS 3.0 modem not work with the system, aren't the majority of them backwards compatible to 2/1??
If I purchased this modem do you think I would run into problems?

u/mumrah · 1 pointr/technology

What you can do is limit your dependence on them. Cancel TV, get Netflix. Buy your own DOCSIS3 modem, return that rental garbage. Cancel phone, get a your own number and a VoIP bridge. The internet service from TWC (my provider) is reasonably priced for the speed and quality IMO. TV and Phone are highway robbery


u/zourn · 1 pointr/aggies

Yes, you should buy your own modem, this one since it will pay for itself within 6 months as Suddenlink charges $12/month for modem rental.

u/Stingray88 · 1 pointr/technology

Split it with your room mates… when someone moves out before 15 months is up, give them the amount they could have saved back. If someone moves out after 15 months is up, just deal with it then.

They're $21 bucks a person (plus tax/shipping… or free if one of you have Prime). That's really not a lot of money to ask from your room mates.

What is your modem rental fee? 4$?

For someone who's concerned about the money… you don't seem very concerned about saving more money.

u/abyssea · 1 pointr/batonrouge

Compatible DOCSIS 3 modem for COX At that price, after 7 months of internet from Cox, you'll be saving money compared to renting the mode. You will still need to call Cox when you get the modem to register the MAC address to get on the network.

u/Delbitter · 1 pointr/chicago

Yes it is this one.

Maybe it is something to do with the line!

u/TonySki · 0 pointsr/xbox360

First off, Don't be a bitch and stop using wireless, wire your fucking Xbox to the modem. WiFi isn't reliable enough Especially with the shittastic Arris modems we get from Comcast.

Cat 6 Cable can go up to 100 meters without packet loss so 100 Feet is just fine. Grab a Drill and lead that line through the floors to the basement or run along the walls under some carpet. No carpet? get some cable that looks the same color of the wall and keep it flush against the corners, people will barely notice.

Another move is to buy your own modem and router. The Motorola SB6121 looks Good but read the reviews for when you're setting it up. Router I recommend THIS BEAST. I've been using that Aris router for over a year now and it's still holding up better than the 50$-75$ Linksys routers I used to get.

Also, it's not Xfinity, it's Comcast. Their service is still so bad that that they don't deserve to be called something different.

u/davesss · 0 pointsr/nova

On FiOS I just used whatever router they gave me because you can't bring your own, but now on Comcast I use this modem and router combo:

u/3ringbout · 0 pointsr/toledo

You might also want to look up the serial number on your MODEM (not router) and see what kind you have. Most of the time the one given to you by the cable company is a shitty one that does not conform to the newest standards out there.

For example...

I have Time Warner and used the modem they gave me for many years. I recently bought a modem on Amazon and almost doubled my download and tripled my upload because the modem they gave me was old and could not "keep up" with the plan I had. Now I am much closer to the 50 down 10 up that I pay for.

Basically you are looking for a modem that is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Basically DOCSIS 1.0 and 2.0 are limited as to how much upload/download they can handle, so your speeds might be throttled. Buckeye offers you faster speeds but may give you a modem that can't handle it.

This is the one I bought.

Modem on Amazon

The price is offset by the fact that most cable companies charge a rental fee for using their modem, buy your own and they take that off the bill. Time Warner was charging me $7/month for using their shitty modem.

Its worth checking out, I am by no means an IT expert but I know this worked for me and depending on your plan and modem, it can work for you as well.

Also, always check to see that the modem is compatible with your service. Time warner had a list of modems that would work so I would imagine that Buckeye has one as well.

u/sheepcat87 · 0 pointsr/UIUC

Rental modem is 100% the issue, it's most likely not DOCSIS 3.0.

Get this. It'll save you money over time by not paying rental fees anyway, and it'll actually work for the speeds you have.

u/Zxccxz2 · -1 pointsr/HomeNetworking

I'm working with

  • this modem


  • this router

    I'd like a recommendation for a modem and router that can get me 200Mbps via WiFi.